All Out Of Love: Cheng Tian You’s Fashion Show Part 1

Are you dazzled by Cheng Tian You’s extensive wardrobe on All Out of Love? While waiting for more episodes of the drama, I’ve compiled some pictures (not all) from Weibo of those clothes he wore in the first 20 episodes. A fashion blogger on Weibo calculated that he has 35 sets of clothes in the first 10 episodes but the number of his outfits dropped to 34 sets in the next 10 episodes. Thus in total, he wore 69 sets of clothes for 20 episodes. It is rumored that he’ll have 300 sets in total.  So, let’s start counting.

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From All Out of Love, to We Are On The Way, to his “Sing for Life” concert tour, and to the new version of Memories of Love, Wallace bombarded his Sweet Grapefruit Girls with plenty of exciting news. Oh yes—Sweet Grapefruit Girls is your new nickname, fangirls! Why? Read on…

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All Out of Love – Beijing Press Conference

The press conference for Wallace’s new drama, All Out of Love was held in autumn on Saturday, 15th September 2018 in Beijing. All four leads, Wallace, Sun Yi, Ray Ma and Alan Yu, plus director Liu Jun Jie were in attendance to promote the screening of the drama which is due to air on Monday, 17th September 2018 on Hunan TV, iQiyi, PPTV, Tencent and Youku. For those who need English subtitles, Viki will provide it.

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July 2018 NEWS UPDATE: English Subbed Happy Camp Edition

It’s another quiet month for Wallace’s news, but these English subbed Happy Camp  videos (from his 2017 appearance) should be very entertaining.


Wallace joined Instagram on July 9th by posting a video of himself promoting his Chic magazine cover. He followed it up the next day with another video playing the piano and poking fun at himself saying Chopin would be disappointed (or specifically “Chopin is……crying😂”).

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This June was filled with so much news. I think that’s one for the record books.

Magazine Covers

The last time Wallace had a major photo-shoot was probably back in 2015 with Elle magazine. It is such a rare case since Wallace was everywhere and his endorsements sky-rocketed after My Sunshine (2015), so the three-year absence from major magazine covers is not typical for an entertainer. However, starting this June (and onward to July), Wallace will be featured on four different magazine covers ( this led me to believe that it was his choice in opting out of doing magazine shoot). Continue reading JUNE 2018 NEWS UPDATE

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