‘Sing For Life’ Concert

Wallace’s closing concert is in Beijing ( September 24). Tickets were in high demand as who knows when this boy will have another  concert.  Many fans even post up their frustration by hashtagging  ‘Wallace Chung’s ticket hard to get.‘  If you are one of those disappointing fans, remember everything will be a thing of the past (that did not help did it? …LO L).

In August though, Wallace had 2 concerts: One in Guangzhou on the 6th and the other one in Shenzhen on the 13th.  The weeks leading to the concerts, Wallace had posted on his weibo asking if fans prefer hearing one more song or listening to him talk more. Well, it looks like the fans have spoken up, because he sure did take his sweet time talking between performances. Continue reading AUGUST 2016 NEWS UPDATE


In July, Wallace wrapped up roadshows for his three movies, “Three,” “Bounty Hunters” and  “Tik Tok.” He also announced plans for his continuing “Sing for Life” concert tour in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Beijing, resulting in a swarm of fans vying for tickets online and off. Wallace confessed that he enjoyed “dating” fans via road shows, press conferences, and live streamed chat sessions. All his efforts for the various projects paid off, driving the total number of his Weibo followers up to 22 million.

 ‘Bounty Hunters’ Wrap-up

Wallace entertained the fans during his last ‘Bounty Hunter‘ road shows in Shanghai. Continue reading JULY 2016 NEWS UPDATE

2017 Drama: Blooming Flowers (一路繁花相送)

Get ready to know more about the characters from Wallace upcoming drama. The English title is not yet announced. I’ll be shortening it to “Blooming Flowers” until the official title is confirmed. The production team is still filming in Xiamen, China and these are the latest released stills of the cast members.

Jona did such an awesome job writing descriptions for each characters according to the novel, I decided to do a quick post for an easy read. Continue reading 2017 Drama: Blooming Flowers (一路繁花相送)


June was a month of unalloyed bliss for the Wallace Chung fans all over the world. If you got a little depressed earlier this year because you didn’t get to see Wallace in the news as often as you desired, you wish was granted in the month of “Zhong”—doesn’t Wallace’s last name in Mandarin Chinese sound a lot like “June”? Wallace won his first best male actor award at the Shanghai International Film Festival, graced the premieres and press conferences for his latest works, and turned dozens of road shows of “Three” into jovial fan meets. Plus, he caught up with the latest technology adored by China’s entertainment world, “live stream,” to connect with his beloved fans.

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image host

May has come to an end, Wallace spent most of his time filming ‘General and I’. June is coming with all the movies that Wallace had filmed last year. Are you ready to watch Wallace on the big screen? I sure am! (although some of us need to wait longer for the movies to reach our local cinema) Continue reading MAY 2016 NEWS UPDATE


It’s been a busy month for Wallace. He has been accepting projects left and right it seems and doing press back-to-back. As a result, this month marked a record-breaking blog posts for us with 13 posts (including this one, patting Rensi and myself on the back).

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