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Fans who started to like Wallace after watching My Sunshine might still be not very familiar with him. Thus here are the 11 things you (probably) don’t know about Wallace Chung translated from this article. Thanks a lot to Peanuts for editing my post, as well as advising me to translate this article. 🙂

1. Why is he called Xiao Wa (Little Wa)

Wallace’s nickname in mainland China is Xiao Wa because of the pronunciation of the first two letters of his English name. However some fans interpret it as a visceral reaction because when one sees Wallace for the first time, one will cry out “Wa.”

I’m a rational fan, so I think the second explanation is a bit exaggerated. 😛

2. He entered the entertainment industry due to his family’s poor financial condition

When he was 16 years old, his family’s business faced difficulties. Thus he started to work part-time as a newspaper delivery boy. Once reaching 19 years old, he did not want to be a burden to his parents so he gave up on going to college and applied to be trained as a dancer at TVB. Because of his talent, he was accepted with 29 others, out of hundreds of applicants. He also survived 1 year of hellish training to become one of the six finalists.

Another source reported it was out of thousands of applicants so I don’t know which one is true. Either way, It means he’s very talented and TVB has an eye for talent lol.

Haha: Wallace said later that he did not give up on going to college due to poor family financial situation but because he really loved dancing. He chose dancing against his parents’ objection.

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When Wallace reminiscenced about the past, he said ‘Since my childhood, my dream has been simple, which is to be a successful artist: To dance and sing to the best of my ability to satisfy the audience as well as my own interest. This dream has been with me all along and has become my only pursuit in life.”

Wallace was born and debuted in Hong Kong, but became popular in Taiwan. At that time, he was still a dancer but was arranged to film dramas by TVB. His very first drama with TVB was Chord of Victory which is about a famous band in HK called Wynners. He portrayed Kenny Bee who is the most handsome one in the drama. Producer Samuel Tai noticed his performance and asked him to develop his career in Taiwan where he could sing and dance on stage. This was a big inducement for Wallace. Hence he just packed up and went there courageously.

image (1)
Wallace’s OREA album cover

As it turned out, his first album was a hit. He continued to make 6 more albums in a row. He also received the Best New Artist award and the nickname “Little Sun.” Since then he started to earn money for his family, such as changing to a bigger house and financing his sisters to complete their education abroad.

4. Wallace was ‘frozen’ twice

When he was 20 years old, Wallace acted in two TVB dramas. His acting talent was noticed and he was asked to sign a five-year contract but he refused due to the length of the contract. Thus he was frozen for 6 months and can only host a weekly TV program.


At the age of 25, his career was flourishing in Taiwan. He was thinking whether to go back to Hong Kong or enter the Mainland China market. However due to contractual issues, he disappeared for 5 years, without any song to record. New faces kept turning up, slowly eroding his popularity …

From age 25 to 30, such a golden period in one’s life.

All these information was disclosed by his friend. Although he had some hard times before, he has never talked or complained about them.

Wallace: ‘When I fall, I’ll feel pain but I won’t speak of it.’

5. He likes to read books in the studio, because it can help to improve acting skills

Wallace doesn’t like to use smartphones in the studio. He always feels it would ruin the atmosphere on the set. He has memorized many Tang dynasty poems and read a lot of Chinese classics in order to act well in costume dramas. He believes that reading is a useful way to improve one’s acting skill especially when you need to play a character that’s very far away from your life or from another era.

6. That’s more to his attractiveness besides good look and good fashion sense

Wallace doesn’t have his own stylist. Thus everything he wears for promotional events are arranged by him personally.

He can speak English fluently, but insists on speaking Mandarin in his daily conversation. Although his pronunciation is rather poor, he rarely uses English to express himself. It was such little things that make his attractive.

7. After playing many roles in costume dramas, he admires Nalan Xingde the most

Wallace: I admire Nalan Xingde because he never socialized with other nobles, he liked to discuss poetry with people of similar interests, he had high moral character and a noble upbringing, but he disregarded his fame and fortune. I admire that very much. I really hope that one day I can become that kind of person too.’

Wallace as Nalan Xingde in Secret History of Kangxi
8. He has a special relationship with his mother

On one of his birthdays, his mother drew a Minna No Tabo for him. Wallace would always draw some weird doll for his mother. They give verbal confessions to each other and he will send voice recordings to his mother. He likes to use this method to record everything he wants to say, to compose songs or lyrics.


Minna No Tabo, Wallace used to like to watch this anime.

9. He won’t talk much in his first meeting. Usually, he likes to stay at home and watch Doraemon

Wallace: Every time people met me for the first time, they would think I’m very different from what they saw on television. I might appear very boring at first, as it takes me a long time to warm up to others.’

When asked what he does at home, he said, “I’m very busy at home, jogging my memory to think about things that I haven’t figured out yet, reading, making phone calls, doing the laundry, daydreaming, tryinging to compose, reading Doraemon comics, Fumi Saimon’s or Haruki Murakami’s novels, and watching Doraemon.

If he looks like that at home, I would really want to stalk him.

10. He will give himself some special birthday gifts, such as this:

In white on blue sky: Gentle Breeze, Beautiful Sunshine. Fine Day. Wallace Chung In black on the bottom: Line 1: Wallace Chung’s “Gentle Breeze, Beautiful Sunshine. Fine Day” challenges him and pushes him to a new level. Line 2: All-new music, all-new vision, all-new attitude.

(Thanks to hoju for the translation of the picture)

On his 32th birthday, he set up his own production team, used his own money to make an album, and directed the MV himself. They went all the way to London to shoot the MV. He knew very well that this album was doomed to lose money. The album’s name is ‘Fine Day’, just like his state of mind, even though he went through a lot of ups and downs in life.

The sad thing is, this song wasn’t even popular with his fans except maybe some Taiwanese fans.

11. How he sees himself

‘I’m not very gentle, I’m forgetful. I’m not like a noble at all. I’m actually a little bad on the inside.’

‘I always say many righteous things. But I actually want to be bad, like those boys in ‘Trainspotting’. I think boys should be like that. Be cool, don’t always follow the rules, don’t be so clean and stay a little out of your comfort zone. Of course, I do not mean to be like them to smoke marijuana. It is to live in accordance with one’s wishes, so that life is not wasted. It would be very fun.’

Sound like YOLO to me.

‘Everyone seems to think that I’m very friendly, but in fact I am a bit stubborn.’

‘There are a lot of souls inside of me.’

This is our Wallace, so real, with no scandal and doesn’t regret being frozen before.

Wallace: ‘If I become a very successful artist because you like my acting and my music, not because I am highly exposed, then I’d think that’s amazing.’

image (2)

Wallace has walked so far to reach where he is now which is the pinnacle of his career. However his success did not come easy. Someone commented that he was lucky to get a good role like He Yi Chen, but I disagree. It’s his own hard work in the past that brought him to this character. Not everyone can be He Yi Chen.

The more you know him, the more you will love him. He’s so cheerful yet shy, so generous yet naughty. If I start praising him, it’ll be hard to stop so I better end here. 😀

Initially I wanted to translate the main points only, but I ended up translating almost everything. I can’t help myself because I feel everything is important. I hope this helps you to get to know him better and fall deeper in love with him. 🙂


      1. he’s such a perfecto, not perfect actually cuz somewhat selfish and soo childish, but i love him so much, but in real life, he’s soooo low profile.. i wonder, who is his wife? how many children he has? hahaha..im curious about him, even he’s married, i dont care, i love him!


      2. How come childish is not perfect? I like him being childish 😀
        No need wonder, he won’t tell us anyway. But I love the idea of him become a dad, XD that would be more attractive to me!

        Liked by 2 people

    1. You are welcome 🙂 I do planning to translate more articles in the future but pls be patient since we are currently short of helper. 😉
      I totally agree with you, til now I haven’t come across anyone that dislike him, which is very rare for celebrities since I always thought that no matter how good you are there’s gonna be someone that don’t agree. It shows how wonderful he really is that you just can’t hate him.


      1. I knowwww!! He is so amazingly inspiring as well. Whenever I wanna give up, I just think of Wallace and all the hardship that he went through and feel energized again.
        Btw if you come across any interesting (and easy to read) articles about Wallace, I would love to help out with the translation 😛 My (mandarin) reading skill sucks but I have trust in Peco dictionary 😛


      2. Great to hear that! Whenever I’m feeling down I would also think of his silly smile and I’ll feel every is ok. 🙂
        That’s great! we’ll get in touch soon. 😉


  1. thanks for this translation. Found out a lot. The entertainment business is so dirty. I can’t believe they frozed someone just because they refuse to sign a contract with them. A person has a right to choose whether to sign a contract or not. Reading books during free time on sets. That’s such a nice quality!!!


  2. Hhmmm, I don’t think I agree with Point No. 2 – he probably loved dancing more than anything at that age so much so that he was willing to give up his studies for it.


    1. What it actually means here was Wallace can actually go to a art/dance university but he ended up choosing TVB instead because trainee will get paid 🙂


      1. i read somewhere that before best time, he was earning at about 3k per episode, after that drama, his earning increase 24 fold to roughly 70k per episode. but i don’t think this is the correct figure as of 2015.


      2. hmmm, but before Best Time he already popular with TLTSILY but still earning only 3k?
        I think read it somewhere before too, but forgot lol. The 70k was for 2014?


  3. Himmy sorry just read this now. Wallace has some many sides of him that we can see in TAR. That’s why I like TAR so much as there are things (good and bad) about him that I would never have learnt if not for that show. Yes he is quite childish but what’s wrong with that. It’s the childish that keep people young (at heart and appearance). Like I am thinking I am still in my teenager years ha ha.


  4. Yi Chen is definitely the most commercially successful role of WC. However I think from an art point of view, Qiao Feng is the best as he had to step outside of his comfort zone for the role – being dark skin, hairy (messy). But people love him more for being Yi Chen (I like Yi Chen but Qiao Feng won my heart).I guess many people are more into pretty faces (YC, LLC) unlike us who want to see WC being different characters so that we can experience his amazing acting.

    PS: My hubby officially complained that I have been watching WC non-stop (when I have time) for the last 4-5 months ha ha.


    1. I love it when Wallace play evil characters, it shows us how good his acting is. Therefore I’m excited for The Three. Wallace’s Qiao Feng is HOT! He’s so manly, I can’t help but keep staring at him.
      Ignore your hubby, don’t stop lol.


    2. hahaha I thought I was the only one, like crazy watching him every nite from youtube in the last 6 months. My sisters wondered I can still be fancy of same actor that long given normally max 1 month after favourite drama, I’ve already moved on. With WC, he has something more interesting in his personality that made me never get bored of, at least until now:), and keep waiting for new things about him. I think I like his sense of art, in any forms, dancing, singing, acting, photography.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. You are definitely not alone 😉 even now I still can’t pass a day without thinking of him. You should hang out here more. I love his everything hehe.


    3. Actually, I like Qiao Feng Too than Yi Chen. The only thing that movie didn’t perform in, is the love part; maybe that’s why Yi Chen stays the best for many.But definitely, he is a great actor which still works on his skills. I love his responsability and dignity personnality. He’s so lovely with his blessing body!!! lol
      His best movie for me, it’s ”TLTSILY” beside Li XiaoRan.
      I believe that, he still has a lot of good things to show us because it is not just an actor/singer, it’s also a teacher who teaches his students (fans) good manners through his actions, and what to do and how to do it in harmony with the heaven laws.
      Thank you dear for translation. May God help you and your team to perform in it. And I’m sorry, I can’t help because my mandarin is bad!!! lol


  5. Many Hongkong people are good at English because previously Hongkong belonged to the UK (United Kingdom). Wallace Chung was born and raised in Hongkong, thus his English ability is no doubt good.


      1. I had visit to Hong Kong a few times, mostly short and for work. Not all Young to middle age Hong Kong people can speak good english. And for Wallace who only completed Form5, I am proud to say Wallace english is considered pretty good. If he has the opportunity to speak in a english environment and given his talent, I believed he will do extremely well.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. If you watch School, I find Calvin’s English accent sound weird even though he went to an oversea university (it was Canada If not mistaken) compared to Wallace that never study aboard.


      3. Hmm! Form 5, I think should be 17 years old. Himmy mentioned and wrote in this blog on Wallace’s profile that did not do college or university.

        I always like British English, sound very sexy and crystal clear. I don’t fancy Texas, Canada, Australia, Scotland accents, have a hard time trying to understand what are they trying to say, Indian accents is hard too but I already used to it, I had many Indian IT colleagues, neighbours … they are everywhere!

        Canadian came from all over the world, Canada has this complicated International + American accents, I think that why Calvin’s English sound weird.

        Anyway, Wallace’s English sound sexy to me. Ha! Ha!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Jona sorry I ask you here.how about my English? He he..I think you also find very hard to understand me..


      5. he can speak English much better than most Chinese mainland (no offense pls), better than the English teacher (cant recall at which school she was), I cant help but burst out lout when i heard the teacher speaks, omg. i almost failed to understand any words. In this latter case, WC’s English is much better than the English teacher. Maybe I’m wrong, but i catch a glimpse of WC’s “funny” look when the teacher spoke


  6. Wow! This actor is too good to be true with the character he has, his hobbies, his talents, his acting skills. I admire his being manly, easiily smiles but at the same time cool and courageous. I wish him good luck and more dramas or movies.


  7. I’ve loved WC since 2002 when he played in The Four. He acted as a childish man and then I met him again in 2004. He played as Gu Xi Zhao. That’s when I love his cool and reserved character. Since then, I’m his fan.


  8. New fan here. I have never watched any of his other dramas . But Im gobbling up everything about him right now. Silly but I really love it that he likes to liken himself with none of those holier than thou people- In fact he admitted to being a bit bad.. I love that he read Murakami and loves Doraemon..lol He llikes movies like trainspotting.. Im sure there are many more interesting facts about him..


  9. Hello, can we use some of the translated wallace facts for our ig? We will be sure to link the source here. Wallac chung interfc. Thank you for the translation! We love reading and sharing news about him!


    1. We can’t control what’s being distribute on what we share on our blog, but please do kindly link your source, so that our hard working authors are encourage to continue.

      There’s a Wallace’s interfc? We do welcome any of his fans to guest blog here any days. 😉


  10. Thanks so much for translating. I love him more and more. Been trying to check out his earlier works, before My Sunshine, and I’m amazed that there were so many. But sadly for me, quite a number of his notable earlier dramas have no English subs 😦
    I am halfway through TLTSILY. I found only one site that has English subs. I am really thankful to fans like you who take time to translate so other fans like us can appreciate and love him more also. He is just amazing! 🙂


  11. I’ve been reading a lot of great comments and compliments about Wallace Chung. I finally got a chance to watch one of his drama The General and I just last week. Indeed, he’s acting is good and I’m looking forward to watch more. Can anybody (please) tell me where I can watch Too late to love you? Please, please, please! I read a very good review about it and I can’t wait to watch it. Thank you much! 😀


    1. I finally found “Too Late To Say I Love You” ineith English subtitles in DAILY MOTION. I marathoned-watch it for 2 days; all 36 episodes. The English translation is excellent. Happy watching😁


      1. OMG>> thanx for rgis info..i just got to know about wallace chung just this week end.. because of angelababy..i love her alot. and then have fallen in love with wallace … ive been searching thru youtube non stop for any videos with english subtitles of all wallace’s drama…just finished my sunshine…and im slowly dying because i cant find any more new videos with english subtitles… good thing i got to click on this website..


  12. Wallace Chung is an achiever, through films roles and music, he expressed himself. Wallace is an excellent actor and a romantic singer/composer.
    I love him, he inspired me!


  13. Yes so true, whatever is mentioned here about our idol Wallace Chung. He has such a special personality which is but one of many reasons his fans are growing in numbers and loves him dearly for all his great attributes. He is unique and one of a kind. (One who spreads happiness and influence goodness in many aspects of life) I have watched most of his MV, videos, interviews and he come across as very down to earth and humble. Very truthful, no airs about him and always very considerate to others given his popularity and fame exceeds many in the entertainment circle. He does not let fame get to his head and is always sincere in doing good. Wish for him to remain healthy, happy and continue to bring more dramas for our viewing pleasure. I am an ardent fan, matter of fact started only after watching “My Sunshine” and eventually following and looking out for any of his dramas/movies. I am stuck on him after watching “Best time and General & I” that said, now a loyal fan for life. 😍😄


  14. Thank you so much for translation. You make my day this article. I love Wallace.. I’ve hookk by Chinese drama. One thing I noticed that Wallace the only actor can pull it off for all kind of acting. Wallace you have been blessed.


  15. Thank-you for your translation, I enjoy it. I know more about him now, thanks to you. I tried to watch some of his interview but it is all in Mandarin and not in cantonese so couldn’t understand it. Just wish he could do more interviews in cantonese. Just love to hear his voice. I wish I could get chance to see him.


  16. oh thank you so much for this site… im now an ardent and loyal fan FOR LIFE…. what is he doing now?? not much is known about his personal life, right> is he married now.. got kids? girlfriend?? any new videos of his latest drama???


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