As you can see, this is an Asian Male God poll where mainly artistes from Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland are candidates. Of course Wallace Chung is also one of the candidates!

The poll had closed, Wallace placed 2nd 😦 , there’s just a few hundreds votes difference with Lee Min Ho’s 1st place. Come on, our Wallace is better than those oppa 😛
Anyway, thanks a lot to everyone that participated in the poll!

1st Round: 25 Jan – 8 Feb, 100 males gods will be chosen out of 140 according to fans’ voting

2nd Round: 8 Feb – 15 Feb 70 males gods will be chosen out of 100 according to fans’ voting

3rd Round: 15 Feb – 22 Feb 40 males gods will be chosen out of 70 according to fans’ voting

4th Round: 22 Feb – 8 Mar, 11 males gods will be chosen out of 40 according to online voting

5th Round: 8 Mar – 5 Apr, highest votes by fans will be the Best Asian Male God. Votes placing in top 10 will be Top Ten Asian Male Gods. The one who is placed 11th in the voting will be eliminated. 

Male God should fulfill the following criteria:

  • A perfect face that attracts people’s attention
  • An enviable perfect body shape
  • A heart that makes others feel love and warmth
  • An outstanding talent which makes people obsessed with
  • Endowed with male god aura

(What are you waiting for? Go vote for Wallace Chung! You don’t need to know Chinese to vote, just press on the button below his picture and key in some verification code, that’s it. After voting, you need to wait for 30 minutes to vote again. He is easy to find because he is always on the top. Lol)

The online voting will end on 8 March, and I will update the final result here once it’s announced.


16 thoughts on “ASIAN MALE GOD POLL”

  1. wow.. new blog about our Wallace. i’ll go vote for wallace, even i have some biases from korea but i think wallace is my bias number 1 (even my pic doesnt show it but my heart does!) lols


    1. Don’t want to vote bcos dun need this kind of ‘mo liu’ redundant poll to give Wallace the title since he is already that in our heart. Moreover this poll has this scandalous Korean star in the top 11?????? I don’t think a wolf should be ranked so highly.


      1. Aiya it’s a popularity test, just to show a little support mah. Don’t want vote is fine, since I’m pretty sure he’ll win anyway 😛


      2. The poll haven’t end yet, you can still vote til 5th April.
        The previous one was to choose the top 11, now is final. I dono why they say online vote til 8 March only, but I still can vote now


  2. Ahaha. I voted a bunch during the time period it was open and then even when it was closed…because I didn’t know it had. I just kept thinking, “oh the candidates seem to have stopped moving”. Go WC! To #1! And I didn’t realize until three days later. e.e;;


    1. Lol I experienced that too, they didn’t make a new page after it was closed which is a little bit confusing ppl might think it is still open.
      Thanks for your votes, although he get 2nd place 😦


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