Obviously I can’t let Himmy post all those Best Time pictures and not counter with My Sunshine‘s pictures 😛 As you can see, Wallace Chung looks the best in My Sunshine, be it front, back or side profiles. I am supplying you with all the proof that you need and you can compare them with Best Time‘s pictures. Anyone disagrees with me?

Today is the commencement of this blog which falls on Lantern Festival (the last day of Lunar New Year). Of course I have to pick a good day to make it even more memorable 😛 Hence we have no time to stock up yet 😦 Be patient with us and we’ll bring you up-to-date news, awesome pictures as well as other goodies on Wallace Chung. I also want to thank bongsd and Won for the nice banners.

For those who have been following My Sunshine‘s recap in Fanatical, my apology for the delay in the last episode because I am suffering from a bad case of writer’s block and also the lack of time as I have to set up this blog and also translate novels for those impatient readers 🙂 I’ll get right down to it and finish it by this weekend for Wallace’s sake and before those angry readers blow my blog down 😛

You look good with or without color


You are truly a player, I mean pool/snooker/billiard player 😛




The most handsome lawyer in the world?



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Looking good even while sleeping !



Looking good even while drinking !



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Who wants to sit next to Wallace in the plane 😛 ?


Who are you thinking of?


Wallace, you are such a dork but you look good in white 🙂


Looking sad and crying like a baby 😦


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A disappointed looking Wallace, better luck next time 😛


Talking in style on the mobile phone !



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God of Cooking lol?

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Why look so melancholic?

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My Sunshine !!!

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Sun bathing with his clothes on 😛


Looking good even while eating !!!











Tell me, how Lu Li Cheng can beat He Yi Chen when he can’t even get the girl 😛 ?


47 thoughts on “MY SUNSHINE PICTORIAL”

  1. Haha, oh Peanuts. I was wondering why you invited me to be an author on this blog but it all makes sense now! Wallace Chun photo shrine, how can I not partake?

    I watched the first 18 episodes of My Sunshine but haven’t had time to finish. It’s definitely one of Wallace’s better dramas recently. Plus, I had a huge crush on the Shanghai gangster Tan Kai portrayed in Feng Chuan Mu Dan. I guess I have a thing for mature guys!


    1. Long time no hear, glad to see u dropping by. Hey, u still have not accepted my invitation 🙂 U can contribute in any capacity, we are easy.

      Yaya, WC looks very handsome in My Sunshine, better than Best Time right :P? Huh? I thought you don’t like Tan Kai bcos of his role in TLTSILY?


    1. Did you watch Best Time?
      I must say, I did fangirl at Wallace eating and drinking, & the more mature he get the more attrative he is, but LLC is cooler and younger 😛
      I hope Yui is here.


  2. Hi, Peanuts and Himmy. Congrats on starting this blog to worship the ground that Wallace Chung walks on. Sorry ladies but I’m afraid I can’t contribute anything as I’m a Chinese cum PC-illiterate. While I can understand some Mandarin but it’s still not good enough for me to translate Chinese materials into English even with the help of Google Translate.

    Here’s my take on He Yi Chen vs Lu Li Cheng:-
    1) HYC might get the girl but LLC will not envy him for marrying someone like MS coz LLC has better taste in women(Su Man notwithstanding). 😛
    2) HYC looks like he’ll balk at the idea of dancing while LLC can dance as well as Wallace Chung.
    3) HYC might look classier than LLC but that’s because he gets to wear Wallace Chung’s expensive ‘haute couture’ designer suits. LLC only gets to wear ‘Made-In-China suits’ but he ends up making them look like ‘haute couture’ without having to pay an arm and a leg for them.
    4) HYC might look leaner and sexier but he looks like 30 going on to 40 while LLC shows us what ‘reverse aging’ is all about by looking like 38 going on to 28.
    5) And I save the best for last – HYC commits the biggest ‘faux pas’ by sporting a hairstyle that makes his head look like an Easter egg(albeit a delicious one) while LLC’s hairstyle makes him look like a million bucks.
    And my verdict is – LLC wins hands down. Enough said. Muahahaha!!! 😛 😀 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. See see, that analysis can be made into a post for this blog with some pics from both dramas 😛 You can contribute in any capacity, no need to translate articles. You can write abt why you like him, reviews on his drama, movie or music etc. There is also no deadline. This is just a blog to fangirl WC, free & easy. Hence do drop by often to chat with us or to contribute an article or 2. Btw it is not confirmed yet but WC may be taking part in season 2 of TAR towards the end of the yr. If this is true, it’ll be great !!!! But I hope he’ll be competing with 7 brand new teams.

      Hey Melanie, where are you??? You are needed to counter anon’s arguments so waiting for your strike back lol.


      1. Huh? Why? He should move on from “TAR China” and concentrate on carving a successful film career for himself. I really think this is the best time for him to make that transition from the small screen to the big one. After all, he’s not getting any younger. 😉 But, I’ll watch “TAR China 2” if his partner is his rumoured other half. Haha! Don’t clobber me now. LOL! 😛


      2. I’ll admit I’m not even close to Jackie’s level, but I can help him eat all those disgusting food.
        But yeah… we won’t win lol.


      3. Pls dun sink the boat, lol. Lidge is even worse. She is hoping that WH will also take part in TAR2 so he can compete with WC. I told her I welcome WH bcos I m pretty confident WC will beat that tofu hands down lol.


      1. Aiyo, l’m just a sssmmaalll WC fan unlike you ladies. While I like and admire him, I’m just not committed enough to him to take up blogging which really is not my cup of tea. Hahaha! 😉 Having said that, I’ll drop by to say hello and partake in WC-related discussions any time I can. Who knows, I might just drop an article or two if and when WC makes it big in the movie world. Until that day, keep up the good work, ladies. “Jia You!”


      2. I was thinking to invite you to write a review for The Stand In 😦
        Since you can always read my mind, and can write better than me… want to consider it?


      3. “The Stand In”? Haha, Himmy. You think too highly of me. I could barely understand what was said in that drama as the Mandarin used was simply too much for me.


  3. im grinning nonstop here.. oh my God.. speechless.. where to find a man like this??

    TOTALLY WITH ANON ANALYSIS!!! I LOVE LLC!!!! (i also love HYC, but.. look at Anon’s analysis.. indeed true) 😀


  4. I love all the pictures!!! And the comments cracked me up!!! I don’t like Tan Kai…probably because his acting was so brilliant in My Sunshine that I frowned every time I saw him in later episodes and screamed “Get out!” in my heart when he gave Yichen and Mosheng a hard time.

    I actually like Yichen’s hairstyle. It looks like Kazuhiko Hanawa’s in Chibi Maruko-chan: Especially when Yichen flew to Hong Kong to Mosheng’s rescue.


      1. Peanuts! I just discovered that I came across your site last year when I fell in love with My Sunshine! I searched Silent Separation (probably when I did research for translating the songs in My Sunshine). I was super impressed by the novel translations and wondered who were the translators. And this year I e-met you on Our Sunshine! What a pleasant surprise!!! 😀


      2. Haha, such a small world. It is all fated like how I ended up translating Silent. Initially I didn’t wanna do it but my partner insisted & made me set up a poll for the readers to vote. Bcos the readers voted for Silent, I had no choice. I was reluctant bcos I didn’t really fancy that novel. But while I was translating, I started to fall in love with it lol. Then when WC was confirmed for the role, I’ve become obsessed with it 😛

        Himmy & I found you while searching for song translations of WC’s songs bcos we were too lazy to translate them 😛

        If u dun know my history, I think I started to like WC abt 20 yrs ago when I saw him in a TVB drama. But that love was short lived bcos he moved to Taiwan. Then I met him again in China’s Treacherous Water which rekindled my love for him and the rest is history lol. But I didn’t watch all of his dramas like Himmy bcos I either don’t like the plot, his co-star or his ending 😦 Hence, u r indeed rather late lol.


    1. BT was fantastic. Don’t be sad Himmy. 😉 I was only upset that LLC was not with SM in one of the endings…but the director said that ending would best manifest L’s love for S.


      1. I need to ‘tucao’ a bit on this. I read some comments saying they felt sorry for the 2nd male lead WC. Urgh, this drama/novel was so badly written to make ppl think that WC is the 2nd male lead. This is bcos the female lead is obsessed with that Alex 😦


      2. WTH… Although Wallace always outshine the 1st male lead in his early dramas as 2nd male lead. But in BT, once LLC appears on scenes that Alex basically is not way to be seen (or is that just me?) LLC is like shining everywhere he go, while Alex just sulking in his own world 😛 how can ppl think LLC is the 2nd lead?


  5. I don’t find this drama interesting at all. I watched some episodes only because of LLC – Wallace. I think LLC is really 2nd male lead but he outshined the 1st male lead, thats why we felt pity for him.


    1. No, no, u go & check the credits, WC is definitely the 1st male lead. Come on, he is more famous than that Alex. Bcos of the plot, like a lot of ppl, u also mistaken him to be the 2nd male lead.


  6. Im agree with peanut..LLC is the main lead.not Alex..his scenes more than Alex and suman tough She obsessed with Alex but he always with LLC all the time..i just cant understand why she too blind..if she with LLC,i gurantted she is the happiest women in the world..Alex was too weak and slow man,LLC is so smart and faster thinking to solve the won said in real life i want this too…!!


    1. @Lin: because this happened in novels only lol. I still prefer the dramas with realistic stories. But I don’t really like LLC either, he looks so arrogant (although his heart was dedicated to Suman). The actor who plays Alex did not act well.


      1. Huong pham..LLC look arrogant only when at work.bcos he is a people respect him..but when he at home..he just very ordinary.. I have saw his scene he wearing big glasses and too big pijama/sleping wear when he want to bed..


      2. Because he actually ordinary person.thats why he only love a women.. Even that women very noisy..


  7. I guessed that because all along the hero(main lead) always get the girl. In this drama the main lead(Wallace) did not get the girl that make audience confused. Either the writer had a problem with her personal life or the drama had been badly scripted or directed! Lol! What a waste! Otherwise it would be best drama of all drama! ☹️


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