I want to see there are how many fans of each character that Wallace had played and who’s more popular, even though the answer is pretty obvious. Who knows, maybe I’ll be surprised. 😉

Feel free to discuss your choice in the comment.



  1. Hi, Finally there is blog for Wallace.
    first time I saw Wallace when he acted in Meteor Garden as Ah Song. He might look plain during that time but I just like him since then 😉


    1. He’s so funny as Ah Song 😀 Most people wont pay attention to him in that drama, you have really good eyes and taste! Don’t tell me you want to vote for Ah Song? lol You can add it in then haha.


      1. to be truth Ah Song really a minor character. During that time my classmate were discussing about F4 when Meteor Garden airing. But strangely, I grew interest of minor character whom the actor was so plain.
        Before My Sunshine, I like him as Lu Li cheng in best time but the script totally mess, LOLs
        So far his best still in My Sunshine XD


  2. Sorry Himmy, went back to watch ‘Best Time’ since I luv Wallace more now, but still can’t stand the female lead’s character. I happen to pick the ep where he was crying & drinking in the rain. As soon as the female lead pops up, my hand automatically clicks on a different link. I don’t like my male lead pinning over a female lead who is nuts over a second lead (plus they both love each other madly too). It is still HYC for me since he loved a girl who’s as madly in love with him.


    1. LOL go and find the one with only Wallace’s cut, it’s much more enjoyable.
      It ok, I understand how you feel. At least HYC found his happiness in the end. While for LLC although I keep saying that I’ll pretend the second ending never exist, but in my heart I think that’s the real ending, just like in the book. Maybe that’s why he’ll always have a special place in my heart, sad ending is more memorable haha.


  3. i chose lu li cheng!!! im sorry yi chen, but i just cant help. i love love love loveeeee lu li cheng so much.. cuz he didnt get the girl, while yi chen got that mo sheng, lols.. but however, silent separation is still my fave novel, no doubt!

    please update his activities dear himmy.. 🙂


  4. I voted for 4 Shao… cuz those were some hot kissing 😘 still not done with the series (can only take angst in small dosage) but I love all that intensity and passion he had in his character.


    1. Haha I wasn thinking why Si Shao has so little fans. He is the most aggressive one among all the other characters & his hotness would not lose to HYC & LLC too. But I don’t like him as much as HYC & LLC cos he’s very selfish doesn’t has a big heart like those male god 😛


      1. Yeah I’m at the part where even knowing she’s pregnant with his kid, he still wants to marry the othrer girl for politics and ordered to have his baby mama on house arrest. If ever there was crazy 😖 but still hot haha


      2. Hahaha Wallace + military uniform = major nosebleeds
        Well after you went through a few more episodes, it’s actually less angst towards the end 😉 go and finish it~

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  5. Ha, It seems like I am the only one who vote for his Qiao Feng in The Demi-Gods And Semi-Devils. I personally a big fan of The Demi Gods 1997 since I am a fan of Carman Lee and I also love Duen Yu character. But for Wallace version, I can’t keep my eyes out of Qiao Feng and his elegant long neck (even I don’t like his appearance in this serie). He did pretty good job in portraying the spirits and emotional parts. Thanks him, I understand more about the Qiao Feng characters than before. Qiao Feng is used to be too ideal hero for me.


    1. Wallace as Qiao Feng was very manly IMO, I never watch any other version. And Wallace is the one that made me fall in love with Qiao Feng, so for me he’s the best version.
      After finished The Stand In I straight away start watching DGSD, and I think he look really handsome! Even in his beggar look! Lol Maybe it’s because of his look in The Stand In was not so impressive, thus seeing him so cool as QF make me fall for him even more.
      Needless to say, QF is my favourite in DGSD.


  6. Bingo, himmy! I just voted for Gu Xi Zhao. Someone should just import all my long, long comments about Gu Xi Zhao and Murong Feng from spcnet in the past over here. I don’t have the time right now, but if someone wants to do it on my behalf, then please do so. I am very outspoken though and very opinionated, so please don’t take offense when you read my Murong Feng bashing. 😀


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