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Wallace is a good mix of cute, funny, hot and shy. (In my eyes, Wallace is made up of: 40% cute; 25% funny; 25% hot & 10% shy)

Emoticon literally

Although he’s often considered hot by fans, most of the time he’s cute to me. His cuteness just flows naturally without even trying, which is one of his attractiveness. 🙂


Without further ado, I present you with the Wallace that you’ve never seen before (not really). I hope Hana didn’t pass out due to this post lol.[1][1]005ADa5tjw1eom4ut3m6pg307805kb29[1]tumblr_mxle79bt0j1t0extqo2_400 8jms23q1348a


Okay, this one is plain childish lol.



When he was told by a host that he needed to stay in his place because there were more fans waiting to take picture with him, he literally stayed still. Like a kid who went to a store and was not allowed to touch anything lol.




Yummy! And I’m not talking about the cupcake 😉




Look at his face, even when dancing he still looks so cute. 😀


They really look like high school students here lol.



Peanuts: He Yi Chen goofing around on the filming set. Yi Chen, you are the cutest 😛


Peanuts: Yi Chen, you are also the best !!!

The silliest Wallace is in The Stand In.[1][1]tumblr_n85h9qqrbW1qk5azjo6_250tumblr_n85h9qqrbW1qk5azjo4_250

He’s enjoying this too much XD

Peanuts: Sorry la but WC doesn’t look good bald 😦


Nobody can be cute as well as hot at the same time like him.



His face made me wanna pat him. hehe





I’m glad that this is one of the things that will never change about him. 🙂

Peanuts: Very dangerous as he can easily swallow a fly lol.




  1. Himmy, thank you for sharing these. With a fan like you, he is indeed a very lucky guy… this aunty here am now officially a fan as well…. he is so cute…


    1. Awww, thanks! That’s the best compliment I ever had. ❤
      Cos he's so wonderful, that's why fans are willing to do many things for him. 🙂 Including Peanut, although she doesn't post much but she's working very hard in the background. So I think I should share with her your compliment, Peanut, you better be grateful 😛


  2. OMG OMG OMG OMG he is indeed the most adorable man on earth! Well I would leave out the middle age part….coz i really dont wanna admit that he’s already in his 40s….Actually I don’t mind his age that much coz he’s getting much much more attractive as he ages lol but recently my Asian friends told me if i knew “being interested in old man is a sign of becoming shengnu”….lol

    Anw today I felt very nervous coz I had this important presentation to WTO econ boss but I saw this post before heading there…..and it definitely made me become so happy and confident =]]] I guess I should print out some pictures of Wallace and carry them around…(creepy enough) lol


    1. Haha I never heard of that, it must be not true then cos I’m still very young. 😛
      I’m great it helped you, WC does have the charm of making ppl to be at ease 🙂
      I would like to do that! As luck charm hehe


      1. You have no idea how much I love this blog…I literally have to check it at least once a day. Thanks so much Himmy and Peanuts. I can’t help but keep going back to this post to see Wallace’s silly (cute) face…Btw the silly Wallace in the Stand in makes me feel like watching it sometime…but he’s so bald tho :(((( I prefer him with hair coz the more hair he has the better he looks lol


      2. We have fun too! 😀 thanks for your support. 😘
        You should, it’s a great drama. You will see a Wallace you never see before lol. Did you watch Iminent Crises? If you like it, you would like The Stand In too. It have politic, romance, family, friendship, & silly Wallace all in one!
        Lol I don’t know if he’ll look good with hair like Pocahontas XD


      3. I started The Stand in this morning and I really like it!!!! It was so sad in the first two episodes tho, which made me cry all the way. After the whole day watching it, now the Stand in officially becomes my most favorite drama of Wallace’s. Thanks for recommending it!


      4. IKR! Seriously this drama is so underrated. Some drama critics watched it to rant on it, but turn out liking it and even recommended it lol.
        You are very welcome 😉 I’m happy that you like it too, this is the drama that brought me to Wallace. It is one of my favorite and will always has a special place in my heart. 🙂


  3. Sweet ❤ I love Imminent Crisis though I only watched 15 eps so far. Need to find time….It's so funny how none of my friends/colleagues believed that I've been super busy till I told them I haven't watched/ rewatched Wallace's dramas for weeks. lol. Such a fangirl 😛

    Btw I love the new blog theme 😛


  4. I actually think Wallace can look good in bald if he wants. My favorite is Nalan and I believe he is one of the rare man can be look good in bald with his round head. Wallace can control, uhm, the aura, the feeling of the character very well when he is active. A Xi in Stand In doesnt look good when he move, but I can sense his beauty when he is calm. I dont remember which episode but I think he especially looks good in while and blue. I really think he is handsome when he wears blue traditional clothes and the white one in ep 33.


    1. WC wearing Chinese traditional blue suit in TLTSILY (the scene when he was waiting for the girl in the middle of no where) – divine!


  5. Just have to share with you my favourite fan made video of Wallace in The Amazing Race, if you haven’t watch the show this video is all the reasons you should.


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