Funny News: Police Officer Causing Traffic Jam for Looking Too Much Like Wallace

At a recent Chongqing Int’l Marathon, a traffic police officer caused a buzz. Instead of controlling traffic, he caused quite a jam.

Take a good look at the officer, does he resemble someone we know?

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There were over 35,000 marathoners from over 28  countries but the biggest story for the day was this traffic officer looking too similar to Wallace Chung.  Did they actually think that Wallace was in disguise doing a reality show?  (LOL)


People started requesting for photos and then words got out and he ended up being mobbed by Wallace’s fans. The situation got so bad that it caused a huge traffic chaos. Finally, other policemen had to step in and escort that poor traffic officer out (this is one of the funniest celeb indirectly related story I’ve heard).


According to his colleagues, he doesn’t just look good, he’s also kind, cheerful, and often helps out others (just like Wallace?)

Unfortunately, he’s married (just like Wallace too?). Don’t kill me for that last statement, it’s all in good fun.

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The power of looking like Wallace Chung. It’s totally understandable as Wallace is the it boy (man) at the moment.

Via ET Today News


19 thoughts on “Funny News: Police Officer Causing Traffic Jam for Looking Too Much Like Wallace”

  1. I actually don’t find much similarity between them. Only one pic I saw one weibo with three quarter view does make him look alike Wallace. :v Anyways He Di Chen really makes a big fuss, haha


  2. When he’s wearing the cap covering his eyes, he does resembles Wallace in some angle. But the height different is obvious.
    If I leave nearby that area, I would join in too, to confirm with my own eyes. haha can’t let go any chance to meet Wallace.


  3. Bongsd said he looks like TVB Edwin Siu.

    He is okay looking but definitely not as good looking as WC, not as sharp and fit as WC. If I live around him, I can’t be bothered to seek him out bcos I only want to see & touch the real thing, not imitation 😛


  4. This is totally hilarious hahahahha. But that guy does look like Wallace from certain angle. And of course he’s not as good looking as our dear Wallace! But I would still chase after him tho hahaha
    ~ btw himmy so Wallace is married? that girl must be super lucky then…


      1. hahah I don’t know I just have the feeling that you might know something lol. Just that Chewywon mentioned Wallace’s marital stt so that question just suddenly came to my mind =)) such a mixed feeling I do wanna see Wallace in Where are we going, daddy or Dad’s back but thinking of him married to someone makes my heart broken lol


    1. We are all mature fans here, so I’m going to be quite frank and say all signs point to “YES.” I happened to watch 2 different news clip on Wallace. There were 2 different time when the reporters asked him about the rumors and the way Wallace react was not the reaction of a single man. He did not give a direct response, but instead smile and laugh awkwardly until his manager tells the reporters to go on with next question. A single man would want to clearly states his stand. Wallace did not care to address those rumors (clearly afraid to hurt both sides?)

      I’m surprise that rumored wife actress never came out to say anything as well. She just disappeared away from the entertainment world and she was a good actress too (any sane women would come out and say they are not married w/ a child if that was the case).


      1. Ya, deep down I also feel WC is married but for many reason doesn’t wanna disclose it. He may look friendly but he is actually a very private person, something like Andy Lau. He doesn’t want to make the same mistake like Andy with a denial so is keeping quiet. Come on he is the only male in the family, so of course he has to continue the family line. More over he is such a filial son. The question is who is his wife? Are u sure she is an actress? I tut she is a bakery owner in Taiwan? Anyway, WC probably told her not to say anything. Unless she wants a divorce, she’ll continue to be the woman behind WC. Haha, if I get to marry WC, I also don’t mind keeping quiet abt it lol.


      2. I can hear many hearts broken sound lol. Same here, I just try to keep quiet about it but it’s so obvious that everyone can see it?

        Are you talking about Qi Fang? I think it’s not her, I heard she’s married to some rich guy. Honestly I hope it’s the Taiwanese fan that’s been rumoured. But the recent rumours said it’s his stylish?
        Anyway we still love him no matter what, we’re not kid with unrealistic fantasy anymore lol. Well maybe sometimes, but still rational haha.


      3. ~ tbh I rarely read articles (about Wallace) coz I read very slowly in Chinese. But I just looked up for interview videos and articles about Wallace’s marital stt…Yeah I think you are right…In one video when asked about his personal life, he said something like “I’ve been to busy to think about it but when I have time, definitely gonna share the good news with you guys”. So I think he’s married, he just hasn’t found the right time to share about his marriage?! There are so many rumors about his partner too. But I have a feeling that she’s from taiwan coz Wallace does spend a significant amount of time in Taiwan every year and it’s not like he has many big projects in Taiwan. No matter what I hope he’ll bring his kid(s)?! to participate in variety shows some day (don’t really care about the wife but Wallace plz don’t hide kids lolz)…but given his personality I really doubt it 😦


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