Besides reading, Wallace’s other hobby is photography. This year, to celebrate his 20th year anniversary in the entertainment industry, Wallace held a photography exhibition called In The Shadow of Love in Taiwan from 1st Jan to 22th March 2015, which had just ended.

On the acting front, Wallace is currently busy filming the movie Three On the Road with Louis Koo and Vicky Zhao. The movie is directed by respectable Hong Kong director, Johnnie To. There is also an unconfirmed news that he’ll be acting in a drama after that.



Wallace’s sister, Jackie managed to pay a visit to the exhibition on the last day. Below are pictures from her weibo.






LOL. Jackie is doing something that normally fans a.k.a me would do. (However, I have not got a chance to pose with his blown-up poster 😦 since he’s not that popular YET in my country.) It’s cute to see their relationship has deepen since The Amazing Race.

Nowadays, Jackie seems to know Wallace’s schedule pretty well. She even promoted his work on weibo such as My Sunshine and Three On The Road. 🙂 Awww I miss the Chung siblings.

Peanuts: There is unconfirmed news that Wallace will take part in The Amazing Race again in the third quarter of this year. Indeed this will be amazing to see him going to U.S., Brazil, Turkey, Italy, Namibia and Hong Kong with Jackie to strengthen their relationship further.


In the movie, Three on the Road, Wallace will act as a smart criminal which is a departure from his usual heroic role. This is a big break through for him since he can now be considered the 2nd lead in the movie and not merely a ‘kalefe’ (minor supporting roles). This will also allow him to showcase his refined acting skill and increase his popularity in HK, his hometown. Hence he is currently working very hard filming it. The press conference was held on 24th March in Hong Kong and Himmy will have a post on it very soon so stay tune.


Rumor has been floating around that Wallace’s next drama will be with Tong Li Ya and the name of the drama is called The Tycoon. Please wait for official announcement since this is unconfirmed. If this is true, then it’ll be great since Ya Ya’s appearance and acting will complement Wallace very well. I hope they will have more sparks than his last drama female co-star.

5 thoughts on “MARCH 2015 NEWS UPDATE”

  1. all the news about him are my fave, haha.. too much biased..

    i cant wait for his movie and drama. Tong Lia is such a beautiful actress, even i really hate watching her with jerry in their drama, her character, uuuggghh.. annoyed me so much 😀

    btw anyone (especially himmy or peanuts) knows where to watch/download Wallace’s movie called Fall in love with you, or something like that.. ??? please inform me, thank you 🙂


      1. pleaseee dear himmy.. i and my friends looked for it on viki, youtube, etc.. but still couldnt find it.. i successfully made my friends becoming Wallace fans, and now they are more so into him than me.. aigoo.. ahaha..

        thank you himmy 🙂


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