My Sunshine Gets Rebroadcast While Movie Version’s Promotion Begins


Just when I was all ready to put away my My Sunshine, the production team decided that they have more stuff to release. This week, 3 brand new lovely posters along with some new BTS stills were seen floating around the net.  The posters were to showcase YiChen and MoSheng’s happily ever after the 2 years of marriage; hence, all the sweet and tenderness on display. Now my question is, “Why didn’t they release these when the drama was first broadcast?” Seriously, Tiffany and Wallace has the nicest genuine smiles. They have such beautiful smiles, there’s no fakeness what so ever.


When the drama aired back in January, the ratings were decent (averaging around 1.2 or higher). Tiffany’s other 2 dramas (Lady & the Lair and Legend of Fragrancecame out after My Sunshine and did even better on national broadcast. However, on the internet, no other dramas came close to all the buzz My Sunshine had generated. Now comes out word that the drama will be rebroadcast again on Shenzhen Satellite TV during prime time (starting on March 27) and hence all the promo recently. Even the super busy Tiffany and Wallace manage to make an appearance together at the recent Louis Vuitton’s event. I don’t think I’ve seen an OTP couple do so much press together for one drama before.


On the big screen is the movie adaptation starring Huang XiaoMing and Yang Mi called You Are My Sunshine. It is expected to be released May 1st of this year. I have been very neutral and have come to accept HXM and YM as another alternative version of YC & MS . Lately, everything  is becoming a joke starting with the casting. I really wanted to see a genuine love story between MS & YC. However, it’s kind of hard to believe their love when HXM’s real life girlfriend is cast as YiMei. There’s apparently Hawick Lau (YM’s husband) and Vicki Zhao (HXM’s bestie) making a cameo.

Promotion stuff are not looking good as well. The recently released stills are apparently back when MS and YC are in their college’s days. What tha…?!!! Did they not read the book? When did MS have short hair? Should I be happy instead knowing I’ll be watching a completely new & different version of the drama? I kind of understand Gu Man’s frustration with this movie production now.



If you are like me, you’ll need to take a look down your memory lane with these newer stills of My Sunshine to calm down:

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24 thoughts on “My Sunshine Gets Rebroadcast While Movie Version’s Promotion Begins”

  1. she’s beautiful in those pics, but.. i dislike her in drama,, huft..

    i like wallace-tiff’s pic more than hxm-ym.. ym is too pretty for being mo sheng hehe


    1. There’s so much I dislike about “My Sunshine” and yet I watch it endlessly. Tiffany is a decent actress, so I’m not going to be tough on her. Normally, I don’t complaint about the Directors so much, but this time the director really lose credibility. How could he give an OK for some of the scenes on the final cut. Some earlier scenes of Tiffany were awkward as well some some prominent scene. Take for example that famous force kiss scene by the stair case. It should have never been given an OK. Wallace’s misses the kiss and landed on an awkward position. I don’t know why at the press conference, they brag about it being a one shot deal, clearly it needs to be re shot.


  2. Eventhough Tang Yan dramas was broadcast back-to-back, I noticed that My sunshine got subbed completely in a very fast pace (which explained the internet traffic) compared to the other 2 dramas which is still less than 10 episodes being subbed so far.

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  3. If Tiff had this hair in the drama it’ll improve the rating as well as her chemistry with WC. Her wig is awful. Also, should trim it down to 30 epi to make it more fast pace.

    Eeeeeeee, the movie gives a totally diff vibe compared with the novel. It is so bright, happy & youthful but HXM is no spring chicken 😛 You might as well write your own script and don’t ride on the success of the novel since you had a fallout with Gu Man. Ya, you get plus point for having the money to film in US but I’ll wait for GM’s version then compare them.


      1. i love himmy’s comment!! AURA! haha.. i love HXM and i watched his drama with CHen Qiao En, but i found him old while Wallace, he was still young in My Sunshine.. perhaps, i just lost my 100% love for HXM after knowing he dates baby, hahaha..


      2. U watched Cruel Romance just to see HXM taking off his clothes ever so often 😛 WC doesn’t need to take off his clothes to sell his drama 😛

        Aiya even without baby, u also won’t have a chance 😛 Hence go & continue to memorize your Best Time 😛


      3. i know la i have no chance, if i have to choose to marry an actor, i’ll choose wallace of course 😛 😛
        but i used to ship HXM with vicky or shu qi la.. but then he ends up dating baby.. 😦

        but seriously, even he took off his clothes many times, i still dont think he has a great body.. eddie peng has a better body 😛


    1. Actually I think most of us had already seen the movie trailer. We are WC’s fans so we are not angry when another version is worse than WC’s version.

      Can’t they sell movie tickets with HXM & YM’s big names? Why still need to ride on GM’s novel popular name since they had a fallout with her? How faithful to the novel can the movie be since it didn’t have the seal of approval fr the author?

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      1. I must confess that I am a fan of the book (and of course I am more than satisfied with his superb performance). My Sunshine is my first web romance. I read it when I was 13, so… That is why I was kinda angry when I saw the two trailers.

        But you are right. I am happy to see that most of the netizens like WC’s version more. WC is the best~


    2. Surprisingly, I wasn’t angry at all. I was instead laughing so hard at the last scene. OMG…what did they do to my MoSheng!!!! Why!!!!


      1. XDDDD In fact I kinda like YM in the trailer. Maybe it’s because I can’t relate her with MoSheng at all, so I can treat her like a character from a totally different story.

        But HXM is a different story. He doesn’t look or act like YiChen at all, but he “steals” YiChen’s lines LOL…


      2. I just saw some new stills, what happened to YM?! OMG she also doesn’t has ZMS feel.
        I agree with you, so I’ll just pretend it’s a different story and don’t relate it to My Sunshine.


      3. I’m with Won, I also laughing at it. I didn’t read the book but I can tell that they are going to a totally different direction.


      1. I think those posters are giveaways in competition in China but I suspect they are on sale in taobao so go & take a look. If u r Vietnamese, I think they are also on sale in Viet. But anything that is not from the production coy is not original but reprint.


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