Wallace is currently busy filming a new movie directed by Johnnie To called “Three.” The other cast members include Louis Koo and Vicki Zhao. This is his second collaboration with Director To (To Sir) and Louis Koo after “Drug War.” Judging from the poster, he has been promoted to the male lead in this movie together with Louis.

Brief synopsis of the movie:

Da Yi (Wallace Chung) has just been released from prison and he re-encountered brother Le whom he worked with eight years ago. They decided to work together to do an assignment again. Meanwhile, in order to trace the mastermind behind the crime from eight years ago, policeman Yong (Louis Koo), has been tracking down Da Yi. After Da Yi and his gang managed to seize some narcotics, the police began to chase after them. Vicki Zhao’s role is a doctor who finds herself in a crossfire between the police and gangsters. Currently it is still  unknown how her character will play out in the story. (Vicki was rumoured to be an assassin before the official conference. Guess they’ve changed the script? Because even now the script is still in the process of being finalised.)

Alternate synopsis from filmcatalogue:

Realizing that he will be defeated in no time during a police showdown, a thug shoots himself to force the cops to cease fire and take him to the hospital. In the hospital, he claims human rights to refuse immediate treatment in order to buy time for his underlings to rescue him. The detective in charge sees through his scheme but decides to play along so as to capture his whole gang once and for all.

Peanut thinks that Vicki will pair up with Louis, but I have faith in Wallace! Romance between a police and a doctor is too boring. A thug and a doctor romance is more appetizing to me 😉

I hope Wallace won’t die this time. 😦 But I’m excited to see Wallace playing a different character from his usual righteous roles. 🙂 The movie might come out in early 2016 if we’re lucky. Thus keeping our fingers crossed.


They held a press conference on 24th March in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, where Wallace received the Excellent Artist Award (英藝獎) (to commend Hong Kong artists who have excellent performance overseas) from TV World 2014.

Clips of Wallace from TV World 2014:

Video from the press conference:

When the host asked Wallace to talk about his role, he said he’s a smart criminal and that’s all he knew lol. Did Vicki say there’s no romance in the movie?  😦 They still don’t have the final script yet. Vicki told director To she’s not suitable to act as the boss’s woman when he first approached her for the role. (Vicki thinks To Sir’s movie is all about gangsters? lol.) Then Wallace said she’ll be the boss. They’re filming the movie in Guangzhou and Xiamen, so whoever is nearby can go and stalk them. Just go and eat at every restaurant there–I am sure you will meet them lol. Vicki, Ruby Lin and Fan Bing Bing wish to embark on a project together. When the reporter asked whether they will invite Wallace, Vicki turned to him and said ‘That will be great, you must come oh’ Haha Wallace said he’ll act as the boss’s man. Wallace, be careful with what you said 😀

Wallace had filmed some action scenes in the hospital, where he was wearing a hospital gown during those scenes. Since he can’t use any visible cushion protection, it left him bruised and battered  He jokingly said afterward he had to find a tit tar doctor (traditional chinese bone setting specialist) for massage.

Wallace, Vicki and Louis have been grouped as ‘The Three food-hunters’ since they’ve always been spotted having meals together. Actually it’s because To Sir likes to treat them to a meal after the successful completion of filming for the day. Vicki complained that they will gain weight if they keep eating like this. However To Sir assures her not to worry too much since they have good acting skills lol.


All of them are Wallace’s fans! 😀

Some details and comments from a fan that went to the press conference:

  • ‘After going onto the stage, other celebrities all posed for the camera. Only Wallace kept looking everywhere, his hands and feet moving here and there like a hyperactive child lol.’
  • ‘When everyone was on stage to take group photos, there were a lot of people. Hence, Wallace got lost, as the crew was at the right side of the stage but Wallace was at the left side. Then he secretly slipped away and went back to his crew.’
  • ‘When the group photo session finished, others stayed back on the stage to greet and socialize with each other. But Wallace walked down from the stage immediately and went backstage. lol Wallace, do you still want to be a well-liked celebrity? Or maybe he went to the washroom? haha….’
  • ‘There were many Wallace fans waiting outside of the exhibition hall. They didn’t make any noise, just holding their banners. We heard a lot of reporters asking bitterly “How come so many people like Wallace Chung ah?”






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Wallace is looking sooooooo hot! Can’t wait to watch the full movie. 😀 He doesn’t seem dirty at all and has no mustache, so Peanuts you should watch it. 😛

For Gu Xi Zhao’s fans such as Hana and Melanie, you definitely can’t miss this movie as you can see Wallace on screen as a smart and sexy bad guy again.



Sorry Louis, but I don’t like your pants. 😛 Therefore Wallace has the better outfit.



Ugh, we need to wait for at least 10 months before the movie will be shown in the cinema. For the time being, here are some pictures of Wallace having meals with his co-stars.


The cast demonstrated their appetite before their acting because they were caught at a Chaozhou restaurant in Guangzhou. They even posed for a photo with the boss lady. It was already the early morning so they were described as the “food junkie trio” online. (Source:HKtopten)


Vicki celebrated her 39th birthday with her co-stars. Those two still look so young!

22 thoughts on “NEWS ON WALLACE’S NEW MOVIE ‘THREE’ (三人行)”

  1. yeeeesss.. those two still look super young.. i ship them! i mean, friend-SHIP! lols.. but how old is Louis Koo? im sorry but he looks old here 😦
    he once was my childhood crush, hehe.. omg, i already had a crush since young lol


    1. Why we always have the same childhood crush lol? Louis is too dark which makes him look old 😦 He shouldn’t have used the sun-tan lamp, so unnatural & can cause cancer.


      1. hahaha.. youthful aura.. aiyoo im lol-ing here at office la himmy.. are you serious, he’s 4 years older only?? but he looks a decade older la.. no offense 😀

        aiyooo.. we do have the same ‘taste’ peanuts, we like the same ‘favor’ haha.. but indeed, when i was young, he wasnt that dark, but now.. he’s like someone from other country la.. he looks different.. he’s too obsessed being dark..


      2. If you look closely his skin also not as good as Wallace 😛 Wallace’s skin is like baby. Maybe the lamp is not good for his skin and make him look older.


  2. haha I miss the good old day when Louis Koo was young and pale in The Return of the Condor Heroes…I’m actually very amused by the picture tho. Wallace has become tanned enough after Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils…and in this picture, he suddenly looks so pale thanks to Louis Koo hahah. Louis Koo is much more popular in HK than Wallace tho. I just met two HK girls in Rome this Easter…and they have no idea about Wallace…and they said “Well HK actors who are not famous in HK just need to go to mainland and TW then they become popular…” I’m so offended!!!! ~


    1. Maybe they are referring to Hawick Lau? But hey, Wallace (and others) need to worked very hard in foreign country to be recognised too. They obviously don’t know what they are talking, just because HK ppl don’t know how to appreciate them doesn’t mean others ppl won’t too.


      1. Exactly!!! Those girls are just too proud….they really thought HKers are top of the top…like failures in HK can easily make it to the top somewhere else…anw. I was so mad but didn’t even bother to argue with them. There is no point….


      2. I agree with you, there’s no point arguing. I just pity them, they don’t see the light 😛 by the time they see it (if they’re fortunate enough) they will regret it themselves. 😛


    2. I mean I know that Wallace is not popular in HK =] but still… those comments are unacceptable… >”< fangirl mode is on lol. Anw I wish I could go to the movie theater to support Wallace and watch san ren xing tho…


    3. What a joke?!! HK’s future entertainment industry aren’t looking good. Once know as the dominance in exporting their dramas/movies, now it’s unheard of. Their popular actors are still the same (Aaron, Andy, ect). There are no known young actors carrying their torch. Their dramas are on the decline. They are starting to buy rights to mainland’s drama. The list of last years highest paid actors/entertainers are mainly mainland. Now tell me, why would any actors care to be well known in HK?


    4. indeed.. im also so pissed off right now.. but it also happens in some other countries. It’s okay, since Mainland market is more bigger than HK market.. no offense, but honestly, when i recommend a drama to my friends, they would ask me “where it comes from? Korea? Japan? or China?”.. Im living in southeast asia so most of people here aren’t familiar with HK dramas. But for movies, okay la.. HK movies are popular since Andy Lau era 😀

      i feel so offended reading that comment 😦


  3. I’m Cantonese…so I assure you guys that not all HKers are like that. Heck…Though I’m a HKer who lives abroad since young so I cant exactly say anything about the rest who lives in HK. But I guess it’ s true that we are really proud to be Cantonese. Well, the main thing I want to say is…I’m a HKer and I love Wallace to the death


  4. Don’t care for any negative comments. For me, Wallace Chung is the only actor in Asia who I like (and being a fan of) – I often watched American movies and TV series, and Chinese and HK movies/dramas just long time ago. What I like about his acting is his facial expressions, so refined.


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