imageJust want to share some information I know about Wallace through his interviews and other fan groups. (No, I’m not talking about the fact that he’s an angel. Everyone knows that 😛 ) If you’ve anything else to share, please leave a comment.

1. Wallace is a cat lover, especially fat cats. He once had a cat and has always thought that cats can take care of themselves well. However, one time when he went home from work, he found his cat was stuck between chairs for god knows how long. He felt sad and guilty about it, so he gave the cat away to his friend.


2. Wallace likes to observe people around him. He said it helps him to improve his acting skills.

3. Wallace has an imaginary daughter called Hei Hua (black flower), who is a panda. For those who watched Best Time, Lu Li Cheng’s black dog is also called Hei Hua. Some kind of inside joke? 😀

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4. Wallace can’t eat spicy food. I am a bit shocked, since I was under the impression that most Hong Kong people can eat spicy food.

Peanuts: If you watched The Amazing Race,  you’ll know WC also doesn’t like to eat fried stuff.


5. Wallace plays a lot of sports. He plays soccer, tennis, table tennis, squash, cricket, pool, swim, surf, baseball, volleyball, basketball, golf, featherball (jianzi), ice skating and many more that haven’t been found out by fans 😛

He plays soccer with Jackie.


An accomplished tennis player.


Also, skillful at table tennis. Look at the way he smashed the balls!


Wah, so handsome in his white cricket attire.


He holds his pool cue like a professional 😛


Clap, clap, a three point shot !!!


His pose in hitting the golf ball is so stylish.


He is also good at a little known sport called feather ball (jianzi)


Who is WC skating with? I want to be his partner 🙂

Wallace_Chung_Chung_H_n_L_ng_1Wallace_Chung_Chung_H_n_L_ng_1 (1)

He is also into car racing with his good friend Jimmy Lin. Unfortunately, he is always beaten by him 😦


If you watched My Sunshine, you will also notice that Wallace can cycle well.


If you watched The Amazing Race, you will also see that WC can snowboard.


He is also brave enough to do sky diving. I would probably have fainted on the plane 😛


Animal riding is also a piece of cake for him which is why he filmed so many ancient dramas. He can ride on a horse, a camel and maybe even a bird.


Last but not least, he also can do water sports.


Our Wallace is so talented and cool to be able to do all kind of sports, be it on air, land or water!

6. Wallace has been a vegetarian for more than 6 years.

Peanuts: He does eat fish, right?

Yes, he does eat fish and maybe some other seafood too. Since he became a vegetarian for health reasons and not for religious purposes, he’s not that strict in his diet.

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Yeah… I just want to post gifs of him eating.

7. His own recording studio is called Cornucopia Music (花花草草音樂工作室) literally means Flora Music Studio. It had produced his single ‘One Fine Day’ and an album All Eyes on Me.

Below are the translated articles about Cornucopia Music from KKBox. Thanks a lot to Vicky for her translation!

Wallace set up his recording studio (Cornucopia Music) in 2005 with some of his like-minded friends. Then in 2006, Cornucopia released its first EP called ‘One Fine Day’ (風和日麗) which has a MV directed personally by Wallace filmed in London. With a brand new image as a singer, Wallace set out again in 2010. He released All Eyes on Me (視覺動物) which was Cornucopia’s first album after its establishment.

As the ambassador of Make-A-Wish, Wallace wrote a song for it. The lyrics of the song ‘Want to Fly, Fly Over The World’ (想飛, 飛過世界) tell us that the flowers that are dancing in the contrary wind still have their own way and the sky they belongs to. When Wallace sang the song to the sick children to encourage them, the kids smiled happily. Wallace hopes that when listening to his songs, listeners will smile knowingly as if seeing the scene where fascinating flowers waft gracefully along with the wind.


That’s the reason why he makes music and albums. Hence, his studio was specially named Cornucopia. After the studio released its first album All Eyes on Me (視覺動物) in 2010, as a boss, Wallace began to look for talented people and singers to join his team. Wallace smiled and said, “I hope Cornucopia can grow strongly and become a big garden.”

In Chinese, the studio is called 花花草草 (flowers and plants). Thus, the Chinese name and the English name are a bit different. However the spirit is consistent. Cornucopia has the meaning of “horn of plenty, associated with the harvest and spiritual abundance”. On the farm, because “the horn of plenty” is wrapped in flowers, leaves and delicate fruits, both names are consistent. On the spiritual aspect, “the horn of plenty” is with the cultural meaning of giving people the flow of creation and spiritual abundance. Hence, the Chinese name 花花草草  (flowers and plants) and the English name Cornucopia convey the message of positive power and spiritual abundance.

8. Peanuts: Below is a picture of Wallace’s mum and dad. Can you see any resemblance? Jackie looks like the mum but WC doesn’t really look like his dad. He is a lot more handsome lol.


Peanuts: Guess who is that lol? It is our Wallace’s childhood picture. I am sorry to say this but he didn’t look that cute then. He is like fine wine–he gets better as he ages 😛


9. Peanuts: Wallace loves watches and he has plenty of them. You’ll notice he wore that Santos watch while filming My Sunshine. Mind you, they don’t come cheap. I guess he spent most of his money on clothes and watches so he doesn’t own any property in mainland China.




10. Some other information:

  • In Best Time, did anyone notice Su Man’s house has a pot of sunflowers? I noticed it when Su Man was trying to throw Lu Li Cheng out of her house lol.

image imageimage

  • In My Sunshine, Zhao Mo Sheng told He Zhao, he’s He Yi Chen’s sunshine just like her. In Mandarin, it literally means little sun (xiao tai yang) which is Wallace’s nickname since 20 years ago.



  1. love it!!!! waaaahh our wallace is super talented in sport.. he should have a sport academy, or at least sport club! and for marketing, lemme handle it haha..

    he has no property in Mainlad?? why oh why??? he spent his money in Taiwan and HK, right?

    jacky looks like her mom, haha.. and wallace, maybe ‘the younger’ dad.. 😀


      1. No need to spy. You already tell me everything, usually more than I want to know. I’ve tons of email spam from you as evidence :P.


  2. About his cat: it was a stray cat, but WC took it in, and fed it so well that it became a big fat cat. So fat that WC thought it was pregnant, and became worried when it didn’t give birth to any kittens. He took it to the vet, and the vet told him that it was a BOY so it is impossible for HIM to deliver babies LOL


  3. Hey, do you happen to know whether does he smoke or does he have any tattoos? And also, did he have any bad/negative scandals in the past before? xD


    1. Our Wallace is a good boy, of course he doesn’t has any tattoo. I do believe he knew how to smoke but he’s not a smoker, even in drama he seldom smoke. Wallace is well known for his zero scandal, and he always get praise by his co-stars because he’s very nice and hard working.
      He definitely worth our love lol.


  4. Oh ya, there are certain rumors(?) going around saying that he is married and has a child..? :O Is this true?


      1. Thank you so much for answering my questions~ I just got to know about this actor recently through his dramas and he seems too perfect to be true! Haha! 😀


  5. I’ve been Wallace’s fan for almost 10 years now…so I also know quite a bit about him. So I’ll add some more
    1. Wallace is a busy man, but also a very lazy man. He said he liked cats because they were similar to him. More likely the reason he likes cats is because he’s too lazy to play with pets keep them company. Cats are independent so yeah…
    2. Wallace loves challenging himself and tends to choose the harder but more interesting road (we all know this), but the majority of that is due to him being stubborn.
    3. Wallace is somewhat a clean-freak. he likes cleaning and arranging stuff
    4. Wallace is forgetful (could be…nobody really knows what exactly he is thinking in that head of his)
    5. Wallace doesnt manage his money. His mom does.
    6. Wallace looks that young because he eats preservatives and sleeps in the freezer every night (Well just kidding)
    Cant think of anything else at the moment

    Liked by 1 person

    1. One more thing I noticed, Wallace’s singing voice now is more matured and sexy compared to when he first debuted as singer. Guess looks is not the only thing he aged well. And I like it.


    2. Actually we do know what you wrote abt WC & we assumed all his fans already knew 🙂

      But we don’t know his address in HK so do you know lol? Or any idea he lives in which part of HK eg HK island, Kowloon or New Territories? That will help me to narrow down where to stalk him lol.


  6. Ah yes…there are more
    7. Even though he’s a vegetarian, Wallace eats a lot, and all the time. Most of them are snacks.
    8. Wallace tends to dress in black, white, gray…or something of the same tone of color. That should come from his personal favorite colors and he isn’t really fond of bright colors. His clothing is usually pretty formal and he does not seem to like wearing tight clothes. In short, he’s really different from Korean actors/ male singers, which is a BIG plus for me.
    9. He can’t exactly lie. I’m not sure if that’s what we are made to see, but i prefer to think that is how he really is in real life.
    10. He’s old-fashioned and very traditional, not that big a fan of social network and new technology (this is no big news. Most of his fans know this already)
    11. Dislikes selfie
    12. A bookworm, but too lazy to read a lot of books. (how does that even work out anyway?)
    13. He used to have serious stomach problem, much like He Yi Chen huh?
    14. People say he doesnt age. WRONG!!! He does age, but he ages gracefully. Suppose what he said about no cosmetic use and surgery was true (which i believe), then age has made his eyes somewhat narrower than before, still beautiful, but narrower. His face shape and his eyebrows also changed. However, I think age makes him look more attractive. Before he looked handsome, like a pretty boy. But now, he has more than enough charms to kill girls and women alike with his eyes alone.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. *clap clap clap* 👏 very detailed information, although most of it already known to the Chinese fans. But many English speaking fans here don’t know about it.
      I do noticed the little change in his eyes. Eyebrows wise, it’s just make up, sometimes his eyebrows are very high and sharp sometimes it’s more curve. His cheekbones are more defined with age.


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