Wallace at the Guangzhou Dior Homme 2015/16 Fashion Show

Wallace Chung took some time off filming his next  movie “Three” (staring Louis Koo and Zhao Wei) on April 8th to attend the French brand Dior Homme‘s Autumn/Winter 2015/16 collection at the Opera House in Guangzhou, China. This was the second showing for the collection, it made its debut back in January at the Paris Fashion Week.

Wallace Chung Dioir 2016/159

When it comes to fashion, I like classic things because I hate the ideal of spending so much money on an item that I won’t be wearing next season. Hence, I really like this collection. Wallace  simply had on a cable sweater with a white dress shirt/pants/shoes; nonetheless, he still looks great here.Wallace Chung Dior 2015/1612

I feel like this collection was made for Wallace. He look good in everything he tried on.  The lead designer Kris Van Assche describe his 2015/16 Fall collection as the following:

“The collection is techno-tailoring. In other words, it’s formal tailoring but also dynamic. It’s romantic but realist, it’s tailored and technical, it’s formal wear and work wear. It’s something I would love to come across on the street, therefore I wanted a very strong idea of ‘night’, the idea of going to the opera-a very modern style, but with all the conventions of the past.”  (Yep, I see Wallace)4 Wallace Chung 2016/15 Dior wallace chung Dior 2016/15

Wallace made an appearance in the video, so check it out since it’s a Dior’s own video posted on their official YouTube channel.  The fashion show was well done along with the music.  This is a first I’ve seen a live band during a fashion show. It’s very interesting.

Beside Wallace, there were many local and international celebrities as well as style icons that attended the fashion show. It’s amazing how much these stars get paid just to attend fashion shows.  I have to admit though, all these stars do look better than the models. The clothes fit them perfectly.


Still riding the hype of “My Sunshine” and not to be outshined by her leading man, Tang Yan also made an appearance but for a different fashion brand (it’s too bad I wouldn’t mind them making an appearance again).  She looks beautiful from head to toe as well.

Tang Yan 2015

Bloggers can slack off however they want but not  in the case of fashion industry. They are always 2 or 3 seasons ahead. For example, we are just starting to get 2015 summer clothes in stores, while they are showcasing their 2016 winter collection, at the same time their 2016 Summer collection are in production, and they are already doing their fashion trend for their Fall 2017.

Alright Himmy, you have seen them already but here’s Wallace’s side profile just for you to have a second glance!

Wallace Chung dior 2015/16

That’s all folks, until next time.  For now, I’ll just let Wallace have the last word.

Wallace Chung Dior '15 fashion show


10 thoughts on “Wallace at the Guangzhou Dior Homme 2015/16 Fashion Show”

  1. HE LOOKS SO HANDSOME HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ _<

    By the way, he had an interview with a fashion reporter from Phoenix Satellite Television that day:

    He talked about his wardrobe essentials (in his opinion, men's white shirt = women's high heels) and his recent favourite fashion item (designer sports shoes). Of course they talked about Wallace's "favorite": his deep-v shirts.
    The reporter also asked questions about his opinions on the fashion sense of his female leads, especially Tang Yan because of My Sunshine.


    1. Yea?!!!! Tang Yan’s fashion in My Sunshine is for the most part a “NO! NO!” Did Wallace agree as well??

      Super Thanks for sharing the love!!!!


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