My Sunshine’s First Award Nomination

My Sunshine’s fever is not over yet! There’s more good news coming our way.

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On April 18th, the Banff World  Media Festival announced its 36th annual Rockie Award nominations. The festival aims toward the creation and development of international television and its digital content. In general it’s like a market place for international TV and digital media to promote its programs (in hopes to get more buyers and investors).banner1

My Sunshine is nominated in the “Melodrama” category along with other shows such as : 30 Vies (30 Lives)EastEndersGrey’s AnatomyMysterious SummerDiscovery of Love (a K-drama starring Eric Mun). It is also worth mentioning that My Sunshine is the only mainland China independently produced production that’s nominated this year. The winners are expected to be announced in a few months (maybe June?). Whether My Sunshine wins or loses, it does not matter because being recognized along with other international shows is a great accomplishment in itself.

Peanuts: I think the drama got the nomination because most of the judges were mesmerized by Wallace Chung’s fine acting.


Let’s see what happened when MoSheng told Yichen about the good news:1YiChen would certainly not be happy knowing his life is too melo, but Wallace and Tiffany will be celebrating instead!!!




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