China’s Drama “My Sunshine” Hits Broadcast Next Month on Korea’s MBC Station

Korean station MBC announced on April 23th that it has bought the broadcasting rights of China’s explosive hit drama My Sunshine. The show will start airing at the beginning of May. As usual, the stations often make last-minute changes; however, If all goes according to the plan, the drama should starting airing on May 1st every Friday (in the a.m I believe).

mbc- Yichen Mosheng

This is quite an unusual news story, because Korean often export their dramas but hardly do they import foreign dramas especially during this time where even their homeland drama are not doing well in ratings. There was a time when Korean drama easily manage to captures 20% rating views. Now a days, if a show manages to go above 10% then they are considered a hit. Since this is the age of the Internet, the younger audiences often skip live viewing and instead watch them online. My Sunshine‘s main audiences are definitely on the younger side, so it’s interesting to see it broadcast in Korean. It is also good to mention that My Sunshine has about 7 billion online viewing hits the last I heard.


A quick reminder, the drama is based on the immensely popular novel “Silent Separation (하이생소묵, 何以笙箫默)” by Gu Man, which captures a pair of separated lovers who try to make it work the second time around after 7 years of being apart. To be honest the premise is nothing new to the Korean audience.

Here a few similar themed K-dramas:  Super daddy Yoel ’15, Discovery of Love ’14, Moon embraces the Sun, Cinderella’s Sister, Emergency Couple ’14, Level 7 Civil Servant ’13, Will It Snow For Christmas? ’10

similarI’m not sure if My Sunshine will fit with the Korean audience. All K-dramas dramatize everything with hype-up music, super melo ballad soundtracks, very nice cliff hangers, and overacting actors just to name a few. My Sunshine is an overall a calm drama with all its dramatic scenes at the beginning (even those scenes are pretty tame in comparison to their counterparts in K-drama). There are a total of 32 episodes and at the 20th episode, the show had already met its climax. After the forced kiss scene, YiChen realized his insecurity and he no longer takes his anger on MoSheng.  Instead, the story focused on the extent of YiChen’s love with no real conflict left because everything has been settled. Nonetheless, here’s to hoping My Sunshine shines brightly in Korea as well. Yichen Mosheng MBC

Is it too much to ask for both leads to go to Korean and do some promotion before its official airing date?

Peanuts: Not free to go to Korea since it is going to be shown at 2am !!! Give you 18 seconds of youtube promo lol.


Over my busy weekend, my friends and I got together and we discussed about what made Yichen’s love so special:

  • Yichen never gave Mosheng a chance to ever be jealous
  • YC never had a heart to heart talk with MS, but he makes himself super clear that he’s a taken man with all the people around him
  • He stands true to the quote “if there’s ever a person to break that calmness from YC, then it must be MS.”
  • YiMei tried to bring some sense into YC by telling him about MS’s previous marriage. She tells him, while he was waiting, MS was in another man’s embrace. How did YC reply? YC simply replied “I don’t care” and “I will be able to accept it eventually.
  •  Ying Hui’s secretary tells YC about MS and YH’s marriage life and the adoptive kid. YX tells her, he sees through all her lies.
  • YH tells YC that MS and he have not divorce yet and a righteous man would not interfere in someone’s else marriage. How did YC respond? YC didn’t even waste any energy to give a response. Instead he takes MS on a honeymoon.
  • YH pulls out his last straw by telling MS that her marriage with YC is invalid because she is still married to him. MS tells YC right away. How did YC respond? He finally proposed the right cards

These are just some examples. What are your favorites?

Official Korean title:  마이 선샤인   

MBC official site:


8 thoughts on “China’s Drama “My Sunshine” Hits Broadcast Next Month on Korea’s MBC Station”

  1. Thank you for your amazing blog about Wallace Chung. It’s nice to see news and articles updates about him, thank you 🙂


  2. Can you guys brief me with the golden eagle tv art award and the An Hui TV award pls? I googled but could not get a full picture abt these two. And it seems that in mainland China, they ‘discriminate’ mainland actors/actresses and the ones from HK, TW, MC. Well, it sounds strange to me, esp our WC has had to receive the ‘special’ awards for HK, TW, MC:(.


    1. I think An Hui TV Award is only for dramas that broadcast on An Hui TV Station, Golden Eagle Award is for all dramas broadcast in the year and more reputable and has higher competition as Wallace only got one award from Golden Eagle but five from An Hui. I don’t even know if their Best Actor Award are open for actors outside of mainland or not, because I have confident that Wallace can definitely be nominated this year.
      I definitely don’t like the way they discriminate it like that, they should be like Golden Horse Award where actors are judged equally base on their performance regardless of their nationality. But of course Golden Horse Award is a national chinese movie award but all those TV Award are within Mainland.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks so much 🙂 I’ve looking for this since I’ve seen a comment saying that WC’s acting is so so and he’s never got any award!!


    1. Well I doubt her judgement, but everyone has their own opinion. But I would like to know how many drama of Wallace did she watched.
      The saying that Wallace didn’t get any award is 200% wrong!! And I will prove how wrong that statement is later. She obviously know nothing about Wallace.


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