April News: Wallace on China’s Running Man & more recognition

Updated by peanuts on 7th May: My Sunshine is leading now !!! Chewywon must have voted daily with her phone, laptop & desktop 😛

Well, it’s the end of the month and here are the news wrap-up:

Hurry, Up Brother

After many false news, it’s now official, Wallace will be on China’s version of the popular Korean reality show Running Man called “Hurry Up, Brother.” In preparation for the upcoming big budget movie “Monster Hunt.” The 2 leads along with Wallace (who plays a supporting cast member in the movie) is making their first promo stop by appearing on Hurry Up, Brother. The basic concept of the reality show is to complete missions in order to have advantages in wining the race. Last year, Hurry Up, Bother was consistently rated on top of the chart. The episode that Wallace will be featured in is a part of season 2.Wallace Chung 5

Wallace Chung 4Wallace Chung 2Wallace Chung 3

Filming has already been concluded and it is expected to be aired on Zhejiang TV sometime around June. “Monster Hunt” is scheduled to be released on July 17th 2015.

Seoul International Drama Awards 3

My Sunshine may have been nominated for best melodrama along with other international shows at the Rockie Awards, but Wallace’s other drama,The Stand In, is also getting some love overseas at the Seoul International Drama Awards (SDA). So far The Stand In has been leading by a large margin,even though both The Stand In and My Sunshine are seen in the same category.

I have watched the SDA awards, but have never participated in the voting process, so if anyone knows more about it, feel free to enlighten us.

Catagory :  ” 2015 Entry Status”2

If you want to gave more support. Here’s how to increase the vote:

Award ceremony will take place on Thursday, September 10th, 2015.4

Someone please explain to me how The Stand-In  manages to out-like My Sunshine. 


19 thoughts on “April News: Wallace on China’s Running Man & more recognition”

  1. I’m not surprised about the result tho. I mean The Stand-in is an absolutely fantastic show…Unlike My sunshine, it has a more sophisticated (and interesting of course) plot and Wallace’s acting was beyond words…I really cried and laughed with Ah Si!!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. On my way haha so far I got 1- 37 and 58, 59, 60 ~ my bad habit…it’s been so good that i couldn’t help but jumping to the ending …..


      2. Lol I hope Peanut is not like that. I really don’t like skipping ep in drama. No intense feel after knowing the spoiler.
        But it’s just me 😛


      3. I feel you tho ~ for me it’s more like I literally cannot concentrate on anything if i don’t finish the drama or at least know the ending >”< I remembered I started The Stand In on a Saturday morning ~ and kept watching till 3 am the next day. The reason why I could go to bed at 3 was that I decided to watch the last three episodes coz I really needed my sleep….


      4. Lol so addicted, but yeah once you start a drama and especially it’s so intense you just can’t stop. I remember my best record was til 5 am. But that is I started watching at the evening. You are more terrific.


  2. Thanks for the article and I already voted 🙂 but does anyone know where the stands-in is subtitled? I would love to watch it, just don’t know where 🙂 thanks in advance


    1. No English sub for The Stand-In. Can you understand Chinese, either Mandarin or Cantonese? If yes, there is the Canto version available which I am watching now, Go & vote more, if it wins the Seoul Award, you may get English subs 😛


      1. Lol peanuts, I’ll definitely vote more then. Because unfortunately I don’t understand neither languages. So I’ll have to be patient until someone be kind enough to sub 🙂


  3. im wondering, how many dramas can be voted by one person?? hehe.. there’s also my fave k-drama, kill me heal me..lols.. if i could vote for more than one dramas, then i’ll vote for KMHM, but now only vote for my sunshine 🙂


    1. You are WC’s unfaithful fan 😛 No, you can only pick one so either Chinese or Korean 😛

      Haha, you can click as many as you like. I think they even have Indo drama there 😛 But I don’t think the winner is determined by your clicks.


      1. haha.. im super faithful la.. he came 2nd when people asked who’s my fave actors/singers.. my number one is Indonesian vocalist, Ariel.. lols..

        i saw that wallace’s dramas got many likes, daebak!
        while KMHM only got 300-something likes..

        The stand in got many likes, why?? is it better than my sunshine?? 😀


      2. Plot wise, yes. 😛 and all the female leads can act very well 😛 or should I say all the actors in The Stand In gave their great performance except maybe one or two actors.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Peanuts, I think you could vote for a couple shows at a time. Actually, I should be more devoted to My Sunshine, but I’ve been voting for both Wallace’s drama, that’s why they’ve been so close in numbers. ;p

    To be honest, I don’t want to sound like I’m the only one voting, because I’ve probably voted 10x the max. Wallace definitely has many devoted fans.


  5. Couldn’t believe my eyes. Yesterday I saw My Sunshine was leading and this morning I tried to vote but the votes doesnt increased.

    Now leading is Gunman in Joseon (88,558). My Sunshine is second (88,448).

    Do u all know when is the voting closed.

    Thank you.


  6. Peanuts, referred to 10th Seoul International drama Awards on coming 10th Sept 2015. My Sunshine and Stand-in had been nominated, and looking at the votes both are leading while there is a drama Line Walker from HK and their votes is just behind stand-in and they are coming on very aggressively recently.

    Wonder if these votes played a role in the wining process? I have been voting in daily to show my support for Wallace.

    I saw there is a award category open for Asian Stars (China/Japan/Taiwan), I am just being ambitious here, hoping Wallace’s dramas stand a good chance!


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