Wallace on Forbes Celebrities Powerhouse List 2015

Every year, Forbes (China edition) releases it’s annual 100 most influential celebrities. The outcomes are based of their activities in the previous year, which are a combination of income and news exposure (such as search engine hits, features in newspaper, drama, movies, etc.).

In 2013, Wallace made his position at #68 due to two of his highly publicized 2012 dramas Best Time and The Demi-Gods and Semi Devils. I don’t believe he was ever featured any year prior to that. The following year he was nearly dropped out of the top 100 at position #94 in 2014 mostly due to him opting to do more critically acclaimed dramas like The Stand-in and The City of Warriors.  However, this year, he made a huge leap back up to #45 all due to winning The Amazing Race (China) alongside his real life sister Jackie Chung and playing Yichen in My Sunshine certainly did not hurt either. His reported income is estimated $4.8 millions (30.2 million RMB). I must confess, My Sunshine is probably Wallace’s most commercially successful drama to date.

There were many celebrities that were too overrated and deserved lower rankings. However, in the case of Wallace, I would have bump him up to 30.

Anybody care to argue?

2015 China Celeb rank- 12015 China Celeb rank- 22015 China Celeb rank- 32015 China Celeb rank- 4

Ranking Source: 


2014 – http://www.forbes.com/sites/russellflannery/2014/05/06/2014-forbes-china-celebrity-list-full-list/7/

2013 http://www.forbeschina.com/review/list/002055.shtml#jump


7 thoughts on “Wallace on Forbes Celebrities Powerhouse List 2015”

  1. Won, u r so hardworking lol. I’ve been busy lately & only saw your post today. I wanna complain abt the ranking. Generally I don’t like the 44 people b4 WC except Fatt Gor, ZLY & Andy. Why is that Taiwan pig & so-called Koreans ranking higher than WC? I am most annoyed with HL ranking 10 steps ahead of WC 😦 Although I don’t really fancy WH, I still think if anyone deserves to beat WC, it should be WH & not Mr Yang Mi 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. tw pig and so-called koreans?? i dunno bout tw pig but i know those so called-koreans, haha.. i just laughed so hard reading your comment..

      No Mr. Yang Mi aka Hawick.. i wonder why?? btw my Eddie and HXM are on the list.. but Angelababy really made it.. is she that popular??


      1. U really out, only know the Koreans 😛 TW pig is Xiao Zhu aka Shawn Luo.

        Open your eyes big big, Hawick is 10 steps ahead of WC 😦

        I wonder why is Eddie so low? Baby is not really popular but she has plenty of CF, projects & exposure with HXM.


      2. why you called shawn luo pig la?? he’s handsome actually.. and i follow his IG, lols..

        oh really?? aaahh.. so many names la.. but wonder, i think he would be on top 10 at least.. cuz he’s everywhere, like in every drama.. and he only got on number 30 something? emm..

        ikr. my eddy deserves more, just like my wallace chung 😀


      3. Then u r the pig lol. Bcos Shawn Luo’s nickname is Xiao Zhu which means Little Pig 😛

        Pls la, HL can never make it to top 10 with all the crappy drama he has been filming. Yes, I m not his fan & will never be.

        I think Eddie doesn’t have enough ads or news even though all his movies did well.


  2. Congrats to our Mr.Sunshine! That’s a huge jump from the previous years. I’m a fan of Wallace Huo as well, so I’m glad to see him tailing close behind. I also noticed that this is the first year Liu Shi Shi ranked higher than YangMi, and the first time Tang Yang ranked higher than the both of them. And I must say that, although I may be a little bias, I’m surprised at how far down Eddie Peng was on the list. You couldn’t escape him in the second half of 2014 even if you wanted to. Sound of the Desert was a huge hit, his portrayal of WongFeiHong-although receiving mixed reviews was highly publicized, and his “Fleet of Time” dominated at the box office. The only person who had more back to back projects was Tang Yang. Perhaps it’ll show next year?

    Thank you for the hard work!

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