Which drama made you start to pay attention to Wallace and decide to find out more about him and watch more of his drama? Tell us your story of what made you fell in love at first sight with him.

Placings are in random order.

He Yi Chen

He Yi Chen – My Sunshine

Lu Li Cheng1

Lu Li Cheng – Best Time

Murong Feng1

Murong Feng – Too Late To Say I Love You

Xiao Feng1

Qiao Feng – The Demi-Gods And Semi-Devils


Wang Ah Si / Lee Chong Guang – The Stand-In

He Ping An1

He Ping An – The City Of Warriors

Gu Xi Zhao

Gu Xi Zhao – Treacherous Waters

Fu Hong Xue

Fu Hong Xue – The Magic Blade

Yang Mu Chu1

Yang Mu Chu – Imminent Crisis

Yang Mu Ci

Yang Mu Ci – Imminent Crisis


Chaser – The Four Detective Guards


Yu You He – Midnight Sunlight

Yu Qi Yang1

Yu Qi Yang – King of Shanghai

Emperor Kangxi2

Emperor Kangxi – Royal Tramp

Nalan Xingde

Nalan Xing De – Secret History of Kangxi

Cheung Ka Keong

Cheung Ka Keung – Journey of Love

Lu Yi

Lu Yi – Devildom

Mu Sheng

Mu Sheng – Rose Martial World

Li Nan Xing

Li Nan Xing – The Patriotic Knights

Liang Dong Ge

Liang Dong Ge – Undercover

Guan Hou Pu

Guan Hou Pu – Under the Bodhi Tree

Qi Tianbai

Qi Tian Bai – No Choice

Luo Peng1

Luo Peng – Let’s Dance


Han Yun Tian – Linked in Countless Ways

(gif unavailable because can’t find any video in YouTube at all 😦 Apparently He Yi Chen is not Wallace’s first lawyer role and he actually attended court in this drama.)

Bao Wang Chun1

Bao Wang Chun – Dancing Girls at Wartime


Chiang Cheng Fei – Secretly Loving You

Kenny Bee

Kenny Bee – The Chord to Victory

Chu Yun

Chu Yun – Windstorm


  1. firs i know about wallace because his character as qiaofeng.his face like very familiar to me.just like iknow him long time ago.because the last chinese drama i like is meteor garden.so is ten years ago i have idol with chinese aktor.after DMSD.i want to know more about him.and the more you know him the more you will love.that is true

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    1. My story with Wallace 🙂

      I’m actually a huge fan of Ji Chang wook after his last drama HEALER. So there was a Chinese poll online about the best male gods or something, and I noticed that number 2 was someone by the name of Wallace Chung.

      I looked him up to see what the hype was about. And I found BEST TIMES subtitled on YouTube, marathoned it in 2 days, and I fell in love with him and his character, but I didn’t like the drama, since he was technically the second lead the whole time 😦

      So, I tried to find more dramas about him, stumbled upon MY SUNSHINE, AND I ABSOLUTELY fell so in LOVE with him to the point that I would search him up every morning when I woke up lol. Yes I became obsessed with the guy. Phenomenal actor, and his smile is contagious. His charisma is off the roof 🙂 but it was hard looking him up, when there was nothing in English on the guy 😦

      Then, thanks to himmy I discovered this astounding blog, when I was on koalasplayground. She had written down the link of this blog in an article about Wallace. I was so overjoyed lol

      Thank you guys for all the English news and updates about our favorite Wallace Chung 🙂

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      1. Hey, you are still a newbie so you should watch The Amazing Race. Although it is not subbed in English, they do speak some English. U get to hear WC’s real voice & occasionally speaking in English. You get to meet WC’s sister Jackie. Most importantly u get to know the real WC. It is a reality show so a lot of actions so u dun really need subbing. Himmy & I did a recap which focus exclusively on WC in hui3r. With that you should be able to enjoy it.


  2. I started noticing Wallace Chung after watching the drama, “Too Late to Say I Love you”. I became his fan after “Best Time” and then I fell in love with him in the recent drama, “My Sunshine”.

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  3. I see someone voted Linked in Countless Ways, I honestly haven’t heard of that drama before I write this post. Can someone tell me how was it? Was it good? Wallace has many screen time?


  4. My family was watching Royal Tramp and I notice Emperor Kang Xi but I don know his name. I find his acting good but at that time I was more on Kdrama. Then saw from a forum which recommend Best Time and when I saw the actor I find him familiar and was googling his profile and only realize is the same actor from Royal Tramp.

    Now I have finished watching Best Time, Silent Separation and The Amazing Race.

    Now falling in love with Wallace Chung, haha.

    Thank you so much for the english translation. I can listen to mandarin and cantonese but cant write.

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    1. Royal Tramp make me feel guilty, I watched it from start to finish but didn’t notice Wallace… After finished the drama I even forgot about him, don’t remember his face 😦
      Until I watched The Stand In and look for his other dramas, only then I found out he was in Royal Tramp and I watched his scenes on YouTube again to confirm lol. 😛


  5. I fell in love with WC when I watched My Sunshine (am a big fan of the novel). Now I am going through all his dramas/series lol, starting with TLTSILY, Demi Gods, Magic Blade, TAR China, Best Time. I really enjoy TAR (with WC being himself) and Demi Gods. I think he tried really hard for being Qiao Feng, although some of press reviews of him being Qiao Feng are not very positive. Qiao Feng is a difficult role and so different from his other roles, which makes it unique.

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    1. I never w.atch other version of Qiao Feng, to me Wallace was perfect as Qiao Feng. He’s so manly and kind hearted, he make QF become my favourite Jing Yong character.
      Like Jia Qing once said, if Wallace played the first version of QF other actors won’t be able to pull off same role anymore. Which I agree, WC can always make his character a classic that make me think no one else can play that same character after him.


  6. i watched one or two other dramas before Best Time. but i deeply fell in love with him bcuz of Lu Li Cheng. He was perfect as LLC. not only me, my friends also love LLC (until now).

    as a hardcore fan of Best Time, LLC is perfect yet imperfect.. aaaahh i love you LLC oops, Wallace 😛

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    1. What drama are those b4 BT?

      Well, I guess I am your senior lol. I saw WC as a kid in TVB Journey of Love. He left a deep impression on me but I was busy studying hard & he didn’t stay with TVB so I forgot abt him. Then FF a few yrs, I saw him in Meteor Garden. I was not impressed so didn’t bother to follow his news until my mum’s fren lend us Treacherous Water DVD. Initially I didn’t want to watch bcos the trailer looks so dark & boring but I was bored one day so I watched that for Chilam. I ended up FF nearly all Chilam’s parts & only watched WC lol. But his hairstyle is really ugly in there so I didn’t fall in love with him haha……FF to TLTSILY & I fell for the man in uniform even though his character & his female co-stars are not my cup of tea. Sorry, I didn’t watch Blade bcos his hairstyle too ugly & I don’t like DGSD so didn’t support him 😦 Then BT & TAR increased my liking for him & ultimately My Sunshine cemented his position in my heart to make me set up this blog. Wah, my life story with WC in less than 10 sentences lol. Our love story sounds like a drama, right Yui lol? The only thing left is for me to meet him in person to give the story a happy ending 😛

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      1. i get speechless reading your story with WC, sunbaenim 😛 that’s sooo drama-like. wow.. you’re really my senior then.
        me watching him for the first time in MG1.. i thought he was lunatic and i didnt pay any attention on him (of course, my eyes only looked at Tao Ming Tse lols).
        Then i watched his drama with Hawick Lau. Then i saw him in a movie, but i forgot the title la.. UNTIL… (thriller drama backsound lols).. until i watched him as LLC. i fell head over heals in love with him… LLC had a great impact in my heart and mind.. then i started watching his another drama, like the ancient dramas.. but still LLC was my fave. Even im a big fan of Silent Separation (you know that), but WC as LLC was moreeeeeeee lovely in my eyes..

        waaaaahhh, you should make your own story with you and WC as the main characters. like seriously. and you can put your own so called happy ending haha, it seems like a sad ending for me tho! 😛

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      2. Eeee Yui, u got questionable taste 😛 I prefer Zai Zai over Jerry in MG !!!!

        U go & fight with Himmy over LLC so that I can keep YC all to myself lol.

        When I meet WC, you gonna cry 😛 Did I tell u I met Godfrey Gao in person b4 lol?


      3. I prefer Zai Zai over Jerry too!! *high 5*
        No need fight, LLC is mine. 😛
        I agree with Yui, I can only see sad ending for your story. You will get the ending like LLC 😛

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      4. really, ladies??? omo..
        after Mars, i chose Zai-zai over Jerry. But in MG, i loved Tao Ming Tse more than Hua Che Lei la.. Now, i’ll say i love both of them.. but not as much as i love WC haha 😛

        agree, no need fight la.. LLC belongs to me 😛

        hey peanuts, you met godfrey? where? when? no pic = hoax 😛


      5. I’m a total newbie fan because I got to know of Wallace Chung after “General & I.” Since then I marathoned-watch most of his works even though I don’t speak or read Mandarin. I realized how talented he is; a true artist in every sense of the word. Please inform me on where I can watch his dramas & movies with English subtitles. Last but not least, thank you so much for updating us WC fans. You are awesome 👏.

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      1. aiyooo.. who should i pick la.. i cant take my eyes over him, LLC. even Yi Chen couldnt make me ‘stuck’ lols.. btw himmy, i watched his movie which the link you gave to me last time, even without engsub.. i watched it to end. but.. still LLC in my heart 😛


  7. I have watched all other versions of Qiao Feng and I think WC’s version is the best. However the female lead’s performance was a bit weak next to him. Or maybe I was so focused on WC lol.

    OMG, I did watch WC in Journey of Love when I was, you know, in my teenager years. That role was impressive. He looked so innocent back then… I prefer a mature WC.

    You girls can fight, Qiao Feng is mine.

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  8. I was googling for Wallace Chung news and saw a video of him in Zhang XiaoYan variety show.

    Can hear him singing hokkien song with Peng Jia Hui @35.05.

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      1. Ooh Himmy, you shouldn’t have said that! I was actually eating and after your comments, I throw my food in the frig. If you don’t hear from me, I have gone on strike for a month.

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    1. Just watched that show on youtube. Heart breaking hearing he has a girlfriend.
      Just kidding. I would be very happy knowing he is happy with someone.


  9. I first knew of WC from Treacherous Waters. I think I watched it with my mom or smt. I had a huge crush on Gu Xi Zhao. But that’s it. Then I grew up, moved out and stopped watching Asian dramas hahah. One day, i traveled with my younger sister and we had to transit for 12 hours at CDG airport….My sister started watching (rewatching) TLTSILU on her computer (Btw my younger sis is a big WC fan since forever). So I recognized my childhood crush…and the rest is history.
    One interesting thing: I and my sis are not very close. We hardly talked to each other coz we have different personality, dominant culture and language (yeah my family is sorta strange). Now we’ve found one thing in common: WALLACE CHUNG. We got much closer than we were before. LOL

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    1. Same with me and my sister, well we’re not that much different but we’re not very close like other sisters, I think. But having the same crush on Wallace does bring us closer, most of our topics are about Wallace lol.

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  10. I don’t have an epic long affair with Wallace like Ms. Peanuts (Thank Goodness, because his projects are horrible and I would have stop caring already).

    But to get to my first impression of Wallace, I just happened to watch TLTSILY’s MVs and thought he was very good looking. However, instead of finding more about Wallace, I was more in love with the theme song. TLTSILY seen at the time like such an epic love story, but I didn’t care for the female lead, so it was not meant to be at the time. Then “Best Time” came with Eng Sub and I ran away just as fast, because of the review of the book (Yes, even his good looks wearing suit could not make me care). For the record, due to Yui & Himmy obsession and I do like Janine Chang, I gave it a second try but I ended up not liking Janine and realized I will never ever care for a male lead who like someone who clearly will never get over their crush.

    Fast forward 1/2 a year later, and Peanuts kept recommending Wallace for the role of YiChen for “My Sunshine.” So, I decide to google him finally. As a result, after the broadcast of My Sunshine, Wallace have officially made a permanent stamp in my heart ( the power of Yichen).

    If you haven’t notice already, now you know why this blog is full of Wallace as Yichen (it’s because I do most of the graphics here).

    BTY: Himmy, good job on the gif, but why did you chose that gif for Lu Yi? (tsk tsk tsk)

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    1. Lol I didn’t watch Devildom, and that scene come across my mind because I saw that picture in Happy Camp. It’s a very memorable scene and I think Peanut like it. 😛
      Go fight with Peanut for Yi Chen


    2. Aiya Won & I don’t fight, not like u & Yui. We share Yi Chen lol.

      Ya, I can see Himmy put in a lot of effort to do WC’s stuff. I hope she is also giving equal effort to her study 😛 I was admiring her gifs then puahahahaha, that Lu Yi’s one is the most funny one. I’ve never seen WC with a pig’s mouth lol.

      Won also works very hard for the blog & My Sunshine should be the dominant graphics bcos it is winning all the polls & WC got a lot more fans bcos of this. This is his career best role. Hence listening to peanuts will get u somewhere lol.

      Hey Won, go & watch TAR 🙂

      Lastly, any Viet website has Chord of Victory bcos I can’t find it in youtube & all the Chinese websites 😦 As long as I can hear WC’s real voice, I dun mind the Viet subbing.


      1. Smart response!!! I couldn’t say it better!

        I think watching Wallace’s goofiness on TAR’s MVs are enough. I should skip the full eps. I’m not really a fan of my actors doing reality shows.


  11. I know this comment doesn’t relate to the post but I’ve just discover this blog and I’m so happy bz it’s hard to find English articles about Wallace Chung. Thank you so much for your hard work and your love to Wallace Chung!

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  12. Although I can access to WC’s info through Viet channels, I’ve still read all articles/comments related to WC in your two blogs since your writing is great and there are various comments on his photos, his roles, etc. So, thanks so much for your efforts. Only reading your compliments to him also makes me happy :).

    About our WC, I’ve first known him through My Sunshine, I’ve found him handsome but that’s it, handsome is not s.th that can last long in my mind and films are not my favorite as well. But, I started being obsessed with this man after watching the AMR and his dancing available on youtube, omg!. Right now, I’m even planning to come back with mandarin just because of him. Wanna understand his films, his interviews,…everything abt him.

    Fans are shipping him with Tang Yan. Dont know if they are in love but always wishing him to find out a true partner for his life.

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    1. I’m glad that you fell for him because of TAR, for me his good looking and great acting caught my attention but what make me truly fell for him was his personality and attitude towards life. As there’s many ppl out there with good looking and acceptable acting skill but no one is like Wallace, always bring smile to my face.

      I don’t ship him with anyone, I think he and Tang Yan are just friends.

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    2. That’s funny that you said that, my friend is convinced there’s something going on between them. She said, they are too comfortable with each other in the drama and Tang Yan acts too shy around Wallace during their public outings.


      1. I don’t think so, at least not on WC’s part. He is a faithful hubby 😛 WC is always comfortable with his female co-stars. As for Tiffany, I won’t be surprised if she has a crush on WC since she likes handsome guy, judging from her ex-bf Roy Qiu. I feel WC is even better looking than Roy bcos Roy looks a bit too feminine/sissy. WC is more manly. Hence, who can resist WC’s charm lol?

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      2. It’s just interesting that I hear others find no chemistry between them and then there are others who loved their chemistry in the drama. My friend just happen to be the later. I always say when fans starts shipping the 2 leads together, then they have made it. That’s were all the crazy fans are.

        Wallace has been really unlucky with his female leads. None has been compatible with him in terms of popularity and looks (with the exception of Tang Yan and Janine Chang ). Since his last drama with those two, his int’l fan have increase by a large margin.


      3. Actually their chemistry improved towards the end of their filming especially the uni parts. It is the director’s fault for getting them to film the angst parts at the beginning when they’ve not warmed up to each other yet.

        Aiya, who asked WC not to pick his projects & female co-stars properly :(? Look at the newly-wed HXM who obtained success largely by riding at the cocktail of his female co-stars such as Liu Yi Fei, Yang Mi, Vicki Zhao, Joe Chen, Fan Bing Bing etc. Janine & Tiffany are still not as popular as those.


      4. I am guilty, but having a compatible female is must. Wallace’s acting saved that drama, but I wouldn’t have care so much if he didn’t look good with the female lead.

        I have to agree on HXM. I am a fan of HXM first, because he looks good with his leading ladies and hence I was able to finish his dramas (even when his acting was horrible then). I am going off topic here. 🙂


  13. (I’ve been chastised by Peanuts for not supporting WC, so here I am, several weeks late.) :p

    Li Nanxing! He stole the show in Patriotic Knights and made the mediocre drama bearable.

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      1. Haha, I am an admirer of his talent, like his personality, and think that he is conscientious, and professional and appears to be fun in RL. Not necessarily a fan in the same sense as the rest of you, but I support him. 😉

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    1. I’m watching it now, LNX is so naive it hurt sometimes…. I don’t like the female lead, I think I don’t like tsundere female lead in general. But Wallace definitely stole the show although he had so little scene time in the first half.


      1. How far are you into the show? LNX gets more screen time and is even more attractive in the second half. I like to rewatch the later parts of the drama but only for him. Pity they didn’t spend too much time on their romance because the little they did show was pretty cute.


      2. I understand. I watched that show only for him. Tell me if you like his little romance side story. 🙂


      3. Just finished watching Patriotic Knights. That drama was a meh for me. Too melodrama in the male and female lead story line and too little scene time for Wallace. His romance with that little girl was TOO SHORT, I wanna see more of it than the main leads’ romance. Many plot holes too…
        If not for Wallace I really can’t finish it.


  14. Haha. Then we are in agreement. I told you I only watched for Wallace, and wished they spent more time on his romance. It had potential to be developed into so much more. Made me seek out the original novel to read more about Li Nan Xing. Wallace’s scruffy hero really stole my heart.


      1. I’m really vague on the book now since it was years ago that I read it. But if I recall correctly, yes, their romance is better developed and the girl has a more interesting back story. I may need to go flip through it again.


      2. Not that i know of. Liang Yu Sheng was the least popular one out of the “big 3” wuxia authors to translate, probably because of his poetic tendencies. Nowadays, everyone is translating the new internet authors.


  15. Ladies, if u are seriously wanted to catch a good view at Wallace sexy legs, try watching the movie Secret Garden, you can catch him wearing a short and cute little pink pyjamas. but you have to bear with a so-so production quality and other actors with limited acting skill (most of them first time experience in acting) sigh!!!😞😞😞I decided to watch this so-so movie because I came across Kanta’s comment on Wallace acting skill, during an interview: Kanta said Wallace acting was so mesmerising that even after work, Wallace ‘s facial expression and acting as girl still linger in his mind! So I went back to this movie and I just focus on Wallace, and was so hilarious 😂😂😂watching him acting as a Girl and the acting was so naturally good. This is movie vision of secret garden, adaption of K-drama secret garden. Starring Wallace, Tan Wei Wei and Korean singer-actor Kangta. About a rich guy fall for tomboy stunt woman and due to mystic reason their soul got switch. But could not find any with English subtitles. So maybe just go for the sake of his sexy legs! HaHa!😜


    1. Here’s the BTS of the movie, I laugh every time I watch it.
      钟汉良- NG 秘密花园:

      This movie was funny on Wallace’s part, and that’s all about it. Really, it’s not a great movie but I enjoyed it because of Wallace 🙂 (recalling Wallace’s girly screams)


  16. I watched recently amazing race 2014 and saw many real characters of him. he has such a gentle soul yet innocent. I wonder what kind of woman to be his half and make him so faithful


  17. thankyou himmy for the link.i remember this post are the first time I give comment.
    wallace look dashing in whatever characters.but still qiao feng still have special space in my heart.


  18. i started to pay attention to Wallace and decided to find out more about him after i watched my sunshine, frankly i watched the series because of the movie hehe… and i crafted for him more after i watched three… oh my goddess his acting is so good!!!! i started to search for more his movies and dramas, i have watched the continent ( should i apologize? i watched it because of feng shao feng) bounty hunter, monster hunt, secret garden, drug war (forgive me!!! i want to see him being shooted and dead), war of love (he s really a good dancer, after that i searched for his “dancing with the star” videos), night rose and now i am searching for tik tok… for his dramas i’d watched best time and too late to say i love you… hum…honestly for best time i prefer shu man with lu li cheng (absolutely no doubt) but i love wallace’s acting more in the special ep 48…. his deep emotion in the last scene lingering in my head quite long… and murong feng give me perfect sentimental character…hooray for wallace he is an excellent actor and i will keep an eye for his future projects… ah because he is cameo in meteor garden i re-watched it for him and his voice was not dubbed hihi… hum… could someone tell me where i can find the four (2002 hongkong ver.) with english subtitle and i heard wallace ever played an autistic boy what drama is that? i am very sorry for too long message ^^


    1. Glad that you watched all those movies for someone else but discovered WC 😛

      WC played an autistic boy in a TVB drama called Journey of Love. It is one of his earliest drama & he looked really young because he was really young lol. It is fr this drama that I started to like him. Ya, we went back a long way, haha……Even then his acting was good & touching making me teary 😦 Below is the link of a review done by my friend.



  19. Well…our(wallace&me) love story begin not long ago.At first,i’m bored bcoz i just finished watching my thai drama..then i wanted to change my mood to watch cdrama..i watch the trailer of cdrama on youtube to try a new one..then i found the trailer of Siege of Fog..i watched the trailer and falling in love with the story,casts and the song(Shi Wo Zai Zuo Duo Qing Zhong,by Hu Yang Lin)..i thought that the song was the theme of Siege in Fog but there also a video that play the sama song(Too Late To Say I Love You)..i felt dissapointed bcoz i thought the song is for Siege of Fog..then i log out..after a few days i still waiting for 1st episode of Siege of Fog but there no ep 1 airing yet…so i just watching the trailer..but everytime i ended up to watching TLTSILY video that play the song..and i started to thinking why should i try to watch this drama since i have no drama to watch and also waiting for Siege Of Fog to start..so firstly i google the story of TLTSILY and found the story is interisting..then i try ep 1 without subtitle but still watch it on youtube..though i dont understand,i finished ep 1..and there i started to want it more..ep2..ep3..ep4…until ep 36…i finally fall in love with him😍😍😍😍..but what i regreted is there is no subtitle..i dont really get the story..but i dont give up..i google…and found the Dailymotion have sub this drama..im watching again from ep 1 to ep 36..finally i knew the hold story..thats my love story began with my lover Wallace..btw my name also start with W..and it make me love W so much..i said tq to my mom bcoz give me name start with W..😁😁😁😁..from that day,i always google him,follow his ig,dload his song and to know everything about him (forget all my celebrity crush)..only him..my routine,wake up in the morning..on my hp watching him in screen (bcoz he is my wallpaper)..while at night before sleep i enjoi ur songs😁😁😁😁..i will always love you Wallace..😍😍😍..i hope you read this and reply me.. ( what im thinking)..hihi😁😁😁..will always supported you my love..hihi…. (sorry for my bad English)

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  20. Noticed Wallace Chung frm his dramas, General and I, My Sunshine, Too late to say I love You, Best Time, Imminent Crisis, Under the Bodhi Tree, Stand, Magic Blade


  21. I remember him n song when he appear in a Taiwanese singing variety show where he sang OREA many years ago. It was this year that thru the drama Silent Separation that I was mersmerised by his acting that I start reading news and article about him. I grew to be his fan watching his dramas n interview . He is sincere n true to his work which make me grew fonder in him n listen to all his songs now.
    Waiting for his new drama n watching all the drama he acted in the meantime. Will love to watch him in person or concert if opportunity arise. Whenever I listen to the song 有一天我们都会老 🎶🎶🎶 grew to like him more.
    I listen to his song daily n my heart grew fonder . His vocal is not great but his frankness n hardwork won me over to be his fan.
    Love you Wallace Chung n will always support you n be a faithful fan 😊😊😊😊💕💕💕

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  22. I learned to enjoy and love Wallace Chung’s dramas after “Stand-In” . I wanted to watch “imminent crises” with English sub so bad as I do not understand mandarin. I watched TLTSILY three times with English sub and My sunshine twice (English sub). I amazed with his expressions of strong love with deep pain. I can feel his expressions. Amazing actor.

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  23. Actually … i meet him at General and I
    But I start loving his drama when I watch My Sunshine … and from now Iam still looking for all his drama and wishes his drama will available at drama cool / you tube.

    And I wish Someday He will acting re-mark of Decendant of the Sun ( korean drama ) as Yoo Jin … I wish He will become the Best Actor

    Hopefully my comment will be read by him . And the produser at HongKong

    But please dont match him with married woman actress

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  24. 2019 era! I just watched Bounty Hunters… I will never watch Wallace Chung in a comedy. It is hard for me to have seen him in General and I then saw him in a comedy movie. Nope, it doesn’t fit his persona. I was trying to find a playlist of his movies because Viki doesn’t have that he has done. I marked this page to my favorites. I love Wallace Chung and have been following his music. My favorite song is… “Hello How Are You”. I heard this song in the U.S.A.


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