First of all, I’ll like to apologize in advance. I just want to show that Wallace is a very sentimental person, but I may have turned this into a gloomy post instead. I do believe that the sentimental aspect of him helps in his acting. Let us explore how sentimental he is………

Warning: There’s a lot of Wallace’s crying and sobbing in this post, so make sure you’ve prepared your heart well before scrolling down. 

The first one I want to show is from the 9th China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival in the year of 2012. Wallace became the first actor to receive the Audience’s Favorite TV Drama Actor Award from Hong Kong/Taiwan/Macau, with the drama Imminent Crisis where he played twins. (Note: That was the first time they offered an award and Wallace was the only actor nominated that year.)


Look how nervous and emotional he was about the special recognition. He was not calm like at other award ceremonies because this is a very reputable award. The scenario below happened right before Wallace received that award. They were watching a touching short video about parents and listening to a song called “Father” by Chopstick Brothers. The lyric is very touching, which made Wallace tear up.

TDT_Vietsub_Fancam_Cha_Kim_ng_2012_Chung_H_n_L_ngTDT_Vietsub_Fancam_Cha_Kim_ng_2012_Chung_H_n_L_ng (1)TDT_Vietsub_Fancam_Cha_Kim_ng_2012_Chung_H_n_L_ng (2)TDT_Vietsub_Fancam_Cha_Kim_ng_2012_Chung_H_n_L_ng (3) TDT_Vietsub_Fancam_Cha_Kim_ng_2012_Chung_H_n_L_ng (4)TDT_Vietsub_Fancam_Cha_Kim_ng_2012_Chung_H_n_L_ng (5)  wALLACE CRY

He tried very hard to hold back his tears, but failed. Wallace must be missing his family very much. Due to his work, he can’t always stay in his hometown and by his parents’ side.  😦 While Wallace was  desperately trying to hold back his tears, most male actors around him didn’t have much expression. Look at Wen Zhang’s cool face. Making those gifs had been pure torture for me….. I need to watch him crying so many times which made me feel really sad. You have no idea how depressed I was … 😦 If you also want to feel my  sorrow, watch the full video…it’s even worse in HD…


He cried when talking about a misfortunate kid whom he raised funds for.


Above is his first “S-Party” concert in Shanghai. He shed a tear while singing the last song “One Day We’ll All Grow Old” (有一天我們都會老). This is Wallace’s official fan club’s theme song. A song from him to his fans and also for himself.  Thus every time he sings it, his fans will also sing along with him.


Wallace was very touched by his little sister Jackie’s speech on The Amazing Race. This resulted in him laughing and crying at the same time. I swear I’m not a sadist but he looks really hot even when crying. XD Since Peanuts is not satisfied with so few gifs and pictures, I’ll include Wallace’s crying scenes from his dramas too. 😛


This is an advertisement shot especially to promote Demi-Gods and Semi -Devils and Best Time.

Luo Peng

Aiya, if I have Wallace’s pretty face in Let’s Dance but it’s all covered up, I’ll also cry. 😛

sJl8EGz besttimebesttime1

Peanuts: Crying out in Best Time for not getting the girl 😦


Peanuts: Tears of joy and sorrow in Too Late To Say I Love You.


Peanuts: A cry for your beloved country and comrades in The City  of  Warriors.

Imminent crisis2 Imminent crisis3 Imminent crisis4 Imminent crisis1 Imminent crisis   73914afbjw1epp3up9krpj211s0l9wgqFB_IMG_1430095880114

A cry for losing a loved one in Imminent Crisis.


A cry for losing a loved one in Undercover.


Peanuts: A cry of repentant in Treacherous Waters.


A cry of losing hope in The Magic Blade.


Peanuts: A heroic cry in The Demi-Gods And Semi-Devils.


A heart-broken cry for giving up his love in Midnight Sunlight.

The gifs below are specially for Craze 😉

nalan2 nalan1 emQz6Wa Kangxi misi

Only Wallace is capable to still look so noble while crying in Secret History of Kangxi 😛

the stand in1 FB_IMG_1430095906655

Peanuts: Crying over the death of his dad in The Stand-In.


Because He Yi Chen is always so cool and he gets the girl, he seldom cries. Thus these are the only pictures I got. 😛 Don’t say I’m biased lol.

Peanuts: Crying out in My Sunshine for getting the girl 😛



  1. Himmy, WC looks absolutely hot when he cries. The crying scene in TLTSILY when he points the gun at the girl he loves, looking at those eyes I know I can not be saved. It is quite amazing he has different “crying” styles in different scenes. The Crying scene of Qiao Feng – the tears only come out once he gave up hopes (that A Chu is dead).


  2. I have always wondered, was Qiao-Feng’s WC real voice? it does not sound much similar to TAR but I have a feeling that it might be his. although I don’t understand Chinese so I can be wrong.


    1. Lol definitely not his voice, Qiao Feng’s voice was rough and Wallace’s voice is soft. Wallace said he had to shout in the first few days of filming because his voice is not laud enough, but I would like to hear his real voice as Qiao Feng, I think it will be very funny XD

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know it’s wishful thinking lol. Cause I have seen interviews where he said he had to speak really loudly and hurt his throat trying to be the rough Qiao Feng so I thought why did he had to do that if they didn’t use his real voice. I know his voice is really soft.

        By the way, I don’t understand Chinese but I think his Mandarin is a bit weird compare to other actors. Doesn’t affect my love for him in anyway though.


  3. hi..iam coming..because both of you talk about Qiao feng..my heart is realy painfull when i read some coment in DMSD..episode 17 english subtitle..to me.,walllace have a softheart and sensitive feeling.


  4. I love youuuuu Himmmy my Nalannn.
    His tears are so beautiful. I remember the one who played The Blind girl in The Stand In once said Wallace is the fastest actor who can push himself to tears as she ever known in one interview.

    He is a very sweet guy, indeed 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Watching Nalan cry you could fall in love.
      I believe people that can easily cry would have a pure heart 😉 which I already knew Wallace does.


  5. I loved these gif!!! He must had a tough life to be able to expressed his emotion so beautifully and painfully at the same time.

    Also, I crack up so hard at LLC’s reason for crying. Other gif had Wallace crying because of some poor kid, someone dying, or some life difficulty but LLC’s cries because he didn’t get the girl ( Heeeheheh! )

    In the battle of YC vs LLC, I’ll give it to LLC when it comes to the crying round. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, thank u for your praise bcos I wrote that classic line 😛 You can confirm with Himmy 🙂

      Yes, WC had a tough life at the beginning of his career. He did not get overnight success like many current stars in China. He has to leave HK & his family to work his way up. I’ll also be able to cry instantly when I think of all the setbacks in his career 😦

      Hey, are u watching him in Going Back to School?

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Ya ya, Peanut was behind those classic line lol.
        He definitely did not come easy, he didn’t make rumours or always socialize with ppl in the industry to get headlines. But use his own talent and hardwork to reach where he is now one step by one step. I really adores and feel proud of him for that.


    1. You can understand Viet, right? Bcos I am 100% sure there will definitely be Viet subbing. We’ll probably do a recap like TAR but won’t sub bcos we don’t have time.

      WC’s Mandarin is fine but of course cannot compare to a native speaker. His Mandarin is definitely better than Louis Koo & Ekin Cheng, both also fr HK. WC is very professional one. Even though his voice will be dubbed, he still speaks his line in Mandarin while filming China drama/movie.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. yes i hope there will be Viet sub for Going back to school. have been doing a lot of thinking how can any girls at that school concentrate on studying lol knowing WC is around filming. i know i won’t be able to.

        by the way, just finished Best time and I remember you said if we want more of WC showing more skin, go watch TAR. i reckon he shows a lot more of his body in Best Time. he did show a bit in TLTSILY but i think he was a bit pale back then.

        having said that, i’ll go for anything that show more of his skin lol.


      2. Me too won’t be able to concentrate, especially those in the same class with Wallace, how the hell did they focus on study??!! Mayb they just pretend to focus but secretly take a lot of pictures. That’s why we have many pictures lol.

        Lol you are a wolf like me XD Go watch Midnight Sunlight ep 13, he swimming with only a short swimsuit. Yes, I remember what ep it is, bcos I gonna make a gif of it later lol.

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Himmy thank you for this beautiful article. This was so heart felt, because he has such a different look in wherever scene he is crying in. A truly magnificent actor, who never ceases to amaze me 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Himmy it is the long weekend where i live. finally got around to see WC listening to the song Father at Golden Eagle 2012, in HD, it made me so depressed. but i forgive you for ruining my good mood, cause you brought all these wonderful gifs to us.


  8. his ‘best time’ scene when he was crying in the rain.. daaaaammmnnn, it hurt me so much!! i could feel his pain.. ught.. i wish i were the girl he loved.. haha..

    ps : he’s a baby boy in a man’s body! trapped! lols..


      1. hahaha.. im laughing hard here at office reading your comment.. instead of crying, he might scream out loud.. lols..


  9. Himmy I am so sickly obsessed, I just found the S-party concert on youtube cause I had to watch him crying when singing One day we all grow old.

    I am gonna watch the whole thing. Do you know any links which have English sub? I couldn’t find Viet sub and I am keen to know what he said to the fan. Thank you.


  10. Wallace is an emotional guy I think, sometimes he can be very fun who always try to make people smile then he is also serious when he does something. Anw AiWa!!!


  11. WC is becoming director now, will miss him terribly. I don’t care how good the movie you’re directed (I believe with professionalism and detail and fine personality, WC can become a good director, but, I still miss his appearance. what should I do? 😦


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