Press Conference for “I Go To School”

Wallace appeared at the Shanghai press conference for his new reality show I Go to School on May 29, 2015 along with his other members. He will be appearing for the first couple episodes only. The show is expected to be aired on the 16th of July every Thursday at 10 pm simultaneously on national television (Dragon TV) and online (IQIYI).

Wallace Chung

wallace Chung Wallace chung 2015Wallace chung 2Wallace Chung Wallace ChungWallace chung 7wallace chung


He’s been wearing a lot of sweaters for his recent press conferences hasn’t he?

Pictures are great but seeing him in action is even better!!!

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Theme Song:

Wallace did a short commentary at the beginning of the variety show’s theme song MV, but unfortunately he did not sing along with his other members.


Promotional Shots:

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Fans’ Artworks:

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16 thoughts on “Press Conference for “I Go To School””

  1. Wah so cute !!!! Won is such a good fan 😛

    Himmy said WC was wearing a head band to cover his bald patch. She is such a bad fan 😛 I told her it is fashion la.

    I think I read somewhere WC has no time to record the song so he was omitted 😦

    It is summer in China now so why is he still in sweater???? I should have guessed it is Paul Smith since Feng Teng has a few similar ones.


    1. am a bad fan too. I think the head band is for his expanding forehead…

      It’s a shame he didn’t participate in the theme song,

      Argggggggggg. He needs to change his hair-do. That hairstyle is only for the gangster role in “3 on the road” and definitely not for high schools.


      1. Lol you are more terrible than me XD At least I said his bald patch is for the movie, not like it can’t grow back.

        Although he only appear for a few seconds but he make a good example of hotness overload. I only saw him in the entire mv and nothing else 😛

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Omg, so he is a fixed member? He will be appearing on the show every week? I thought he was a guest! Omg, can’t contain my excitement! I’m so deprived of him ever since i watched finish his dramas and The Amazing Race. xD Glad to know i’ll be able to see him every week now~


    1. I initially thought he will only appear for a few episodes, but he’s still filming it today, the last 5 days was filmed in another school, today they went to a new school. (Means new uniform! Yay!) If not mistaken, they have 10 episodes, I think it gonna be 1 school day each episode. Wallace already filmed 6th day, so I really don’t know. Mayb we’ll see him in all 10 eps!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I heard he will only be filming 6 days for the shows. Also, there are 3 new stars joining the show, so maybe he’ll concludes his section soon.

        I didn’t watch the Korean version, so I really had no ideals of what to expect.


  3. not a fan of reality show, emm.. but i’ll watch one or two episodes, hahahah.. no no no, dont call me a bad fan 😛 😛

    i just cant wait for his new drama.. 😀


      1. he was wearing that black leather jacket in that MV, that is sooooo sexy and probably not cut out for high school. But I like it.

        Liked by 2 people

  4. tanks himmy.but i only think about Qiao feng here..qiao feng drama just finish 3 month ago.and i still have no idea about wallace chung other drama.


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