Media field day at Wallace’s “Three” movie set

Wallace took a little break from filming his movie “Three” to record his appearance in the reality show I Go to School two weeks ago. He will soon wrap up his screen portion of the reality show, but for now he has been back on the movie set.  For the first time, on June 9, 2015, the production team behind “Three” had invited the media for an on-set press conference in Guangzhou.7006752cgw1esxznvqtctj21kw13ytjcWallace Chung louis Koo Vicki Zhao

“Three” is director Johnnie To’s latest gangster film. Previously, he had also cast both Louis Koo and Wallace in the movie “Drug War.” This time Wallace’s plays a more pivotal role. For the synopsis of “Three,” click here for Himmy’s previous post on the movie press conference back in April.


Vicki Zhao stated during the interview that there would be no romance as the film explores more of the relationships between the three greedy individuals who are trying to do their job ( a cop trying to bring a group of gangster down, a gangster trying to buy more time to accomplish his shady business, and a doctor trying to save a gangster who refused to be helped).

Wallace Chung Three Wallace Chung Three Wallace Chung Three

Look at every bit of the super bad guy—he was certainly styled appropriately from head to toe.


If you do not wear glasses like Peanuts, then “Yes,” Himmy and I can confirm that he does have scars on his beautiful face.

Peanuts: I didn’t notice the scar because he still looks so handsome lol.

Wallace Chung Three3

Chung Han Leung said that most of his scenes would be in bed. Basically his feet never touched the ground so he was very bored. His character has some scars on his face. It took him only 30 minutes to put on the makeup. Did he have more jobs after being named a “god” in the Mainland? Zhao Wei chimed in and said that many Mainland girls liked him. He said that he has always had a lot of jobs, but he could only work on one at a time.


67fcc3b9jw1esy2g3xdwfj20h70qutd055dc8681jw1esy55kkajuj20et0m8diqWallace Chung53e23acagw1esxylikjh7j21kw18fth3 (1)

0065bmxrjw1esy0jjq8hsj30tn18g7deWho says you can’t look cute just because you’re playing the bad guy?

Look like Wallace’s fans sure have a sense of humor just like him:

Wallace Chung's Lamas

Wallace Chung
YiChen: Your Hair?


20 thoughts on “Media field day at Wallace’s “Three” movie set”

  1. I really like Wallace’s gangster look, so cool, especially his outfit, it fit his tall figure. It’s good to step out of those romance drama to do some changes, Wallace like to try new things so it’s good for him.
    I’m really looking forward to this movie!


  2. I am looking forward to it too. But not sure if there will be Viet or English sub. Was trying to find Warriors of the City with English sub yesterday without success, so sad.

    Wow even with the scars and the awful looking hair, Wallace still looks smoking HOT.


  3. Except the hairs, i like this outfit the most. :D. Maybe b/c he only could work on one at a time, he does that one with best efforts and so, receives the best results. Sounds i should learn from..


      1. Do you read my coment a man no need to have clean face and clean look.then now he doit for me.ha ha…even his scare is real ..i will always suport him


  4. Korean actor, kyung ho (Falling for innocence) posted the animal pics resemble to his hair style, and now, wallace and his same hair style buddy, lols..

    he looks bad yet attractive, lols


      1. I’m very picky with my female lead. No matter how much I like the male lead, if I’m not a fan of the female lead, I just can’t force myself to watch it. Same thing applies to Wallace.


  5. “Chung Han Leung said that most of his scenes would be in bed. Basically his feet never touched the ground so he was very bored.” Really? Is this a good role for him? Will he have a chance to get some award?


    1. Yeah he said that. I think this is a challenging role for him, since his movement is limited he can only express his emotions in limited ways. But this will be a good opportunity for him to further prove himself.


  6. I trust Wallace will delivered fantastic bed scenes! Ahrr! It is not that kind of BED scenes if that what you are thinking…I am referring to the hospital bed-ridden bed scenes in Imminent crisis, Stand-in, Warriors of the City and My Sunshine where Mo Sheng visited him at the hospital, don’t he look good on or off bed! Lol! Anyway, nothing sexual or romantic coming from this movie”Three”. But I am excited to see the different side of Wallace acting as a baddie! Strange that I not the least upset at all instead feeling sexy about that ideas! Ha! Ha! Ha! 😂😘😍Guessed there are some truth when they said Girls like bad Boys! Lol!


    1. Same here, when watching the new sneak peek my mom asked is he playing a villain? I only answered with ‘yes’ but had the widest grin/smile on my face. I’m pleased and excited for the fact that Wallace is finally playing a baddie again 😎


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