Wallace sings OST for “Hollywood Adventures”

Wallace returns to his other side job as a singer by singing for the upcoming big screen movie Hollywood Adventures starring Vicky Zhao and Huang Xiaoming. A press conference was in full swing June 10 for the release of the song. A while back, the production team behind the movie teased fans and released a back head shot of the singer who will be singing for the OST. Wallace’s fans were surprised, but they have already guessed it couldn’t be anybody else but Wallace.

Peanuts has translated the lyrics into English and I’ve encoded them into the MV for your enjoyment.

If you see this would you have guessed it was Wallace as well?wallace chung - A Simple Man

Days later, these images confirmed that it was indeed Wallace.005Oc6aejw1eszwhyhdlrj30m80m8b2b7249ff45jw1eszeq7dnmhj218g18g7wh e574ade5gw1estlt8t12wj20c80h540a e574ade5gw1estlti7pw2j20c80b50tw b56144f9gw1esy46xq8s5j20a70famyiWallace Chung

All the promotional materials for Hollywood Adventures have been upbeat and comedic.  The OST, however, is quite melo-down.  There’s a disconnection there somehow, but I’m not complaining because do we really need an excuse to see more of Wallace? It’s not a catchy song, but after a few listens, it’s growing on me now. I quite like it.

Wallace Chung钟汉良, Hollywood Adventures/横冲直撞好莱坞-A Simple Man普通人

Wallace Chung Song123 Song1234 Song123456

Both Wallace and Vicky Zhao were on hands at the theme song press conference.

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Recreating the movie poster:005Oc6aejw1eszx9jbrsbj30xc0go7wh 005Oc6aejw1eszx8oqzmrj316o0w0e82 7077dc1dgw1eszwiodci3j20qe0hlafp 7077dc1dgw1eszwipufz8j20qe0hln3g7006752cgw1esziewzy4xj21kw2dg1jm


11 thoughts on “Wallace sings OST for “Hollywood Adventures””

  1. wow you girls worked so hard two posts in two days. thank you so much.

    Wallace is so delicious in the MV, he makes the 2 male leads old and rusty ha ha.


  2. yattaaa.. so happy hearing his voice and seeing him in that mv.. those pics.. he looks adorable and handsome at the same time.. i like vicky but now i envy her so much for being close to my wallace 😛


    1. Me too..vicky vicky every where..she just came to promote her new drama and now she with wallace .yui don’t forget to our local artist


      1. haha, which local artist? my forever favorite are ariel from noah band and vino g bastian only. hihi.. will never change.
        but dont ask me to choose between ariel/vino and wallace.. i just love them all haha..


  3. Wow, thanks for the news but when do u find the time??? Good job…

    Wallace is hot but I hate this hair style right now. Haha


  4. To be honest, I didn’t like this song at first. But it gets into my head after a couple playbacks. I really enjoy this song now, peace and calm and touching lyrics <3.
    Thanks your gals for keep updating the news! Spread the love for Wallace XXXXDDDDD


    1. By the way, it seems better to feel the song with audio only. Whenever I watch the MV, all my concentration seems gone to his handsome face and elegant neck, haha.


      1. I feel the same too, but I like it when I listen for second time, when I listen the 3rd time I already downloaded the song.
        Lol just close your eyes, ‘elegant neck’ haha.


  5. The production team seems has a smart PR la. Normally I would not continue listening to this song after few seconds but since that’s WC and that’s his voice, I tried to “feel” it and now it’s growing on me also.


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