Bounty Hunters Press Conference

It’s official—Wallace has signed on to costar alongside Lee Min Ho in the next Korean-China big budget action comedy movie “Bounty Hunters.” It’s budget was at $16 million but it kept climbing and it is now estimated at $31 million (in America, we still call it an Indie film but not in Asia).  If Wallace gets sidelined, I won’t cry because Lee Min Ho’s agency is one of the investors. The production brought on board a Chinese writer Edmond Wong (“Ip Man”) and a Korean director Shin Tae Ra (“7th Level Civil Servant”, “Runway Cop”).Bountry Hunter The female lead has not been announced yet.  However Karena Ng (ex TVB Raymond Lam’s girlfriend) who belongs to Pegasus Entertainment, another of the investors in the film is the supporting female lead. Hence, so far, Wallace is the only one with no connection to the investors and got the role based on his own merit. Production will go in full swing this August with filming expect to take place in Korea, Hong Kong, and Thailand. The movie is gearing toward a 2016 summer release.

Updated: Tiffany Tang has been chosen as the female lead and will be pair with Lee Min Ho, not Wallace.

CHECK OUT THE PRESS CONFERENCE PHOTOS OF THESE 2 GORGEOUS MEN HELD JUNE 14, 2015 DURING THE SHANGHAI INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL:  61e7f4aajw1et42yjorqyj20qe0hzdnw61e7f4aajw1et42ycsjc6j20jo0qe0ye 61e7f4aajw1et42yjhvrrj20qe0j2dnw61e7f4aajw1et42ygdmsfj20qe0ijgrgac69849fgw1et3yg7aburj20et0m8781 3

Peanuts: Both guys are trying to sell “meng” (cuteness) in the press conference so it brought a lot of laughter and cuteness overload 😛 Min Ho called Wallace “oppa” (elder brother addressed by a female)  in the press conference? Shouldn’t it be hyeong (elder brother addressed by a male)? Wallace pretended to be shocked but he didn’t look like he really minds that. Then the presenter told him that he will be able to bully Min Ho when they film in Korea because of the strong culture to respect the elders over there. Wallace jokingly asked if they would be filming in Korea for long lol.

Wallace also said he should have no problem cooperating with Min Ho in spite of the language barrier because he has worked with many Koreans before namely his latest reality program I am Going to School. The Koreans are very professional and have strong work ethics. Furthermore Wallace tried to demonstrate his influent Korean when welcoming Min Ho to China 😛


Wallace Chung Lee min Ho


Fashion-wise, both have failed me.  Wallace went for safe but boring and Lee Min Ho chose comfort but the ensemble looked wonky: LMH’ s jacket is ill-fitting for his figure and his pants are always tooooooo short (sometimes it works but I’m not a fan).

LMH is considered one of the taller actors in the Asia acting circle standing at 6′ 2″.  I expected him to be towering over Wallace, but “Nope.”  Wallace is standing his ground at 6 ft.

Looks wise? My lips are sealed!!  It’s a personal preference.

PRAYING FOR A SUCCESSFUL AND SAFE PRODUCTION61e7f4aajw1et42y8mybsj20qe0hwdkg 64669ba2jw1et3ojuzxv3j20zk0k0wl6

LMH about Wallace:  “I did not feel there is a generation gap between the two of us. Today is the first time we met, but I found that he looks very young. People can get very comfortable around him. “

Lee Min Ho

All around, the vibe was lively at the press conference. Both Wallace and Min Ho had such a dorky laugh, but I sense no awkwardness.


More translated news on the press conference. News from

FAN ART:9e8c14c3gw1et40dbcgzgj20gl0sq0zv 6d7e9956jw1et3p58dy8rj20h80momzc9bc26a49jw1et3rbduv51j20zk0zkn3gWith this project announcement, it looks like Wallace’s schedule is full for this year.  It’s gonna be a while until we see him in drama land. We will have to settle for his reality show appearances  (I am Going to School, Run Brother).

Peanuts: I think after finishing this movie, Wallace will film a drama. Thus, he’ll only film one drama this year and it won’t get released until at least next year 😦

English subtitles by gtLmh0622  in soompi.

English subtitles by gtLmh0622 in soompi.

27 thoughts on “Bounty Hunters Press Conference”

  1. Wow…..!!!!.they are maked happen.wallace vs lee min ho.i can’ t wait to watch the top of the top actor play in a movie.lee min ho is a good actor but i just don’t like korean except wonbin .this is will be a big jump for wallace .


      1. U r also Won Bin’s fan? I tut it is bcos of your love for the Won currency lol. I used to like him in Autumn’s Tales & Friends. Ship him like mad instead of SSH. Unfortunately he longer films drama & he has not been maintaining himself well judging fr his wedding photos 😦

        Liked by 1 person

      2. If that is true, then I’ll be called “Dallors” instead!
        Everything about Autumn’s Tale is just wrong. Wonbin was just too adorable in “Friends” (the one where he acted w/ a Japanese actress) that I couldn’t resist. Unfortunately, fame is not his thing and he had abandoned me.


  2. weeeehhh.. minho and wallace?? ught.. definitely not a fan of lee min ho even he’s handsome lols. just like chewywon and iin, im also a huge fan of wonbin, but since my heart has so many rooms, so.. wonbin isn’t the only one 😛

    i love wallace’s cuteness more, this minho oppa isn’t my style hyahaha..


  3. This cuteness overload is too much to take in. I don’t really like LMH, he does have that cosmetic surgery look (in my opinion). But I will watch anything will Wallace on lol. I need his new dramas so that I can stare at him longer.

    I really like Won Bin in the movie Taegukgi – about the Korean War. His Autumn Heart performance was just so so for me. Agreed with Peanuts that he aged so much in his wedding photos. Unlike our WC…

    Eventually Wallace will start looking older, but that day is not coming anytime soon…


    1. You are more honest than me.actualy that is my reason why i dosn’t like korean.because almost of them do plastic surgery


    2. LOLs, Minho puts too much makeup, so sometimes he looks plastic and pretty, lols.. mianhe minho’s fans.. just my thought tho!

      Wallace is lucky for having that baby face.Wonbin is still my crush, no matter how much he changed or aged, i still like him..

      agree with you! Wallace needs to make a drama comeback! but the modern one. i dont really like him in ancient dramas.

      @iin : hahaha.. not only koreans go under the knife, others too, lols.. so you arent a fan of any korean celeb??


      1. Yui..iam to old to think to many actor.just wallace and rezky aditya enough for me.ha ha ha


  4. Thank you for the article, I couldn’t help but grin looking at all of Wallace Chung’s pics. Sooo adorable, and I can’t wait to see this movie. I haven’t looked lee min ho since city hunter, so hopefully he does something amazing along with our wallace to make me appreciate him again 🙂


  5. LMH is only 27? He looks like he is in his mid 30s, while WC looks mid 30s, also. In that fan art of both actors pointing guns, Wallace definitely looks more suave and handsome. WC’s intense, clean cut appearance in that photo has me swooning. I have never seen LMH before, but the guy liner on his eyes in that gun-pointing pic ruined his coolness. 😦


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