This is one of my favorite dramas featuring Wallace even though I seldom mention it. I really love the story line. It’s fast paced, exciting and there are two Wallaces!! The reason why I didn’t write a review for it until now is because this drama involves a lot of political and military plots that I think are really hard to understand without English subtitles. However, since someone has started to sub this drama on Youtube, I thought I can write a review on it now.

This drama is based on a novel with the same name and the script writer is also the author of the book. But from what I heard, the story line in the drama is quite different from that of the book.

It might be confusing at the beginning so it’s normal to feel lost in the first few episodes. But eventually the mysteries will be resolved one by one and you’ll get hooked on it! I highly recommend this drama to everyone! Whether you’re a Wallace fan or not (of course you are, or else why are you here?), this is a really great drama which you will enjoy. 🙂


Synopsis from Drama Wiki:

Yang Mu Chu and Yang Mu Ci were twin brothers separated at a young age who grew up under very different circumstances during chaotic times in the 1930s Shanghai. Overcoming initial misunderstandings and other obstacles, the two eventually join forces to expose and foil a dangerous Japanese military conspiracy.

My synopsis:

Due to growing up under very different circumstances, they are twin brothers with different backgrounds and personalities. They were never aware of each other’s existence, but fate has them reunite in adulthood. There is also a big secret hidden in the cause of their separation awaiting them to uncover.

13158_890334820985343_2914299769961377022_n - Copy

Yang Mu Chu/Rong Chu (Ah Chu), the older brother, was adopted as a  godson by the fourth mistress of the Rong family, a rich family in Shanghai. He became the butler of young master Rong Sheng and accompanied him to further his study in England. He also completed his MD/PhD in the Royal English Academy of Medicine, sponsored by the Rong family. When he came back to Shanghai, he continued to serve the Rong family. Later, he decided to take revenge when his godmother Yang Mu Lian was killed.


Wallace Chung as Yang Mu Chu/Rong Chu

The younger brother, Yang Mu Ci (Ah Ci), is the young master of the Yang family, also a rich family in Shanghai. Although he’s from a wealthy background, he did not want to receive any kind of  help from his family, whether financially or anyway else. He joined the Nationalist Party as an undercover for the Communists.


Wallace Chung as Yang Mu Ci


Yang Rui as He Ya Shu (Yang Mu Ci’s fiance, but later fell in love with Yang Mu Chu)


Li Yue as Rong Hua (Mistress of the Rong family who is actually a Communist secret agent)


Liu Da Wei as Rong Sheng (Does he look familiar? How about a different angle?)


Yup, he’s Shen Jia Ping in Too Late To Say I love You, that loyal subordinate who always followed Murong Feng around. The funny thing is in TLTSILY he was Wallace’s subordinate but in Imminent Crisis, it’s the other way around.


Xu Cui Cui as Li Xin Hong (Nationalist commander who is known as Killing Monster by the Communists)


Ding Zi Ling as Yu Xiao Jiang


Li Li Qun as Yang Yu Hua (Yang Mu Ci’s father)

download (1)

Li Ying as Xu Yu Zhen (Yang Mu Ci’s mother, later discovered to be an impostor and a Japanses secret agent)

73914afbjw1epp3uoauy9j211q0l2dik 11032773_1808153956075566_95925790_n b8a85407gw1ergkptm1hrj20c8096jsm


double wallace part1 double wallace part2

Double Wallace, double the hotness, double the fangirling for me! XD

10153944_890335120985313_1924241140876946115_n - Copy

Although they are identical twins and equally handsome, I like the older brother Ah Chu better.

Ah Ci appeared to be the cool and strict type who seldom smiles and quite a loner given his lonely childhood. He actually longed to receive love and attention from his family. He may appear to be tough and strong but is actually rather vulnerable inside.




Oh, Ah Ci is good at drawing portrait too.

Ah Chu is warmer, more playful, romantic and a smooth talker. Thus he is good with women (but Ah Ci actually has more admirers in the drama). He also won’t hesitate to fight back when being pushed to the wall and can be evil when he wanted to. He is the smarter twin—at least that’s what he claimed himself to be.


You can see the hatred and anger in his eyes, Ah Chu is now being driven by revenge!

t013c29c4882c0014b5 20140102115709_v5EUn

Yang Mu Chu

Ah Chu will show no mercy for his enemy.

Excluding his fiance, Ah Ci still has 3 admirers around him.


Admirer no. 1


Admirer no. 2


Admirer no. 3


While his fiance has Ah Chu all for herself.


Way to go Ah Chu, what are you doing with your brother’s fiance?


Hey, Ah Chu what are you suggesting to your master? (If you can’t see clearly, click on the picture for a larger image lol)


Poor Ah Chu… it’s pay back time for running around for you in Too Late To Say I Love You!


“Every time I look into the mirror, I would still be stunned by my own handsome appearance.”

1982138_890340587651433_6021558271430022461_n - Copy

No mirror? No worries! I still have the camera! Ahhh~ so handsome~

10731021_890340670984758_298245335190382843_n - Copy

Can you feel Ah Ci’s loneliness from his back view?


You can clearly see the personality difference here.


In this drama, Wallace was in the three piece suit, the military uniform or the leather coat. What more can you ask for except with nothing on lol?

naughty little hand

I admit, I’m very jealous of this naughty little hand over there. How I wish I am able to touch Wallace’s sexy lips even if it is with my hand only  😉


Wetness? Torn open clothes? Do you need any more reason to watch this drama?


Why Wallace wasn’t the one naked? 😦

10151376_890333834318775_8544240855205573352_n - Copy

201501126355667655936702226559681  07d02976f26c1e0a92f79e548a1dea0c 20128101229164492l20128101229247402l13642418418000513016201501126355667662430994568855157  20128101228457244

The opening song “Black” was sung by Wallace and Jimmy Lin

Full MV of the song:

Youtube playlist with English subtitles (currently up to episode 8):

I had a lot of fun reading the Spcnet discussion, but my advice is to read them AFTER you have finished watching the drama because there are a lot of spoilers.

10632628_890335094318649_9040956150790690700_n - Copy 10520518_890335037651988_1127840188866002027_n - Copy  10407151_890340607651431_6855008679396846860_n - Copy 10418230_890334757652016_6325313732086606644_n - Copy10377147_890334960985329_911811128818089767_n - Copy

39 thoughts on “DRAMA REVIEW: IMMINENT CRISIS (一触即发)”

  1. ouh.. without engsub, it’s just like eating without salt 😛 not delicious la haha

    he looks smexy in every single pic! aiyooo.. i wish i found one like this lols


  2. Wow, finally it appeares here. I like A Chi more due to his vulnerable inside, you can feel his hurt when he cries :(. sometime they changes clothes with each other and that’s when you should try to ask who is who…:). For me, this one is better than My Sunshine.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. But you seldom get confused because WC acting is so good, you’ll know who is who instantly. But I also having fun trying to guess it. But Ah Chu is like WC in real life, naughty but kind 😉 I love a man that can make me laugh.
      This is definitely better than Sunshine 😛
      I mean, it has two WC! Everything is double!

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Hmm..I already watch the whole complete drama. Wallace is very good, both roles he act very well. I like both Ah Chu and Ah Chi, maybe because both are Wallace. He appear in almost every episode and I think it caused a lot of envy with the other actors on the set.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah since he play both male leads, he’s everywhere. This is also one of the most tiring drama he ever filmed, because he has so many scenes he has very limited rest and there’s many difficult shoot when filming the twin scenes.
      Therefore we should really appreciate this amazing piece of work by the production team and actors 🙂
      Really, it’s better than most idol drama out there 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh Himmy, you never fail to crack me up with your crappy analysis, but I can’t blame you.

    Wallace does look super good here, but I don’t like the 2 female leads. Why? why? All this drama needed is a good female lead that complements well w/ Wallace. We’re they all busy. They can’t expect me to believe that some as good looking as Wallace would fall for those two female counter parts right?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. He could have requested a better/more famous female lead or else he won’t take the job. But he didn’t. This shows he is pretty easy going & didn’t make any demand. Also, he probably wanted to give those girls a chance, since he was an unknown once. But he forgot his fans wanting a female lead that is compatible with him 😦

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Oops!! “Creepy” not crappy, I blame it on auto- correct. If i’m not a Wallace fan, I’ll say this fan here is a little overly creepy obsessive.

      Obviously, I love your recaps!!! What are we going to do without you!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol not sure which one is worse, a crappy recap or a being a creepy obsessive fan. XD
        For your information, my ‘creepy ness’ is influenced by Peanuts 😛


      2. If they go read my TAR recap, they will know that I’m still normal back then. Then I started to get involved with you more and more, and this is what happened.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Most of Wallace’s leading ladies do find them irritating but Rong Hua (Li yue) seems Ok to me. She maybe not famous but she is pretty and can act better than some “who are called popular actress!Lol!”

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Jona: Yes I agree most of leading ladies for Wallace are irritating such as in My sunshine, Best times, the stand in,…. so Rong Hua (Li Yue) is one of the few are very ok to me.

        I can not believe this great drama is not popular as the others.


  5. The dubbing! The dubbing! The dubbing! Whyyyyyyy? Why cant thet just use their real voices. I understand Wallace has a bit of the Canto accent, but who cares? Fine, I might accept dubbing him, but dubbing the whole freaking cast is pathetic. Ive avoided so many cdramas because my ears cant stand so many bad dubbing!!


    1. Well not all dub are bad, most of them are good and suitable for the character. Sometimes the character need a strong voice but the actor doesn’t has that kind of voice so dub might be better. As much as I love Wallace and want to listen to his own voice in drama, his Cantonese accent is too strong, imagine if Wallace use his own voice as Qiao Feng…. lol. But the downfall is dub will take away the emotion in his voice which might be better than dub version and we won’t be able to listen to it.
      Yes, he was dubbed in My Sunshine too…


    1. You make me wnna to review this post..i notice now..alot of good pic here..and himmy..this post are the bestmi quess you have good mood when you write this.hi hi hi


  6. Hey guys, I want to e sub for this drama. I heard you subbed it till episode 8 but they were deleted from youtube. Why? Could you send me Esub text for 8 episodes? I will continue from episode 9. Any idea please?


    1. If you read Himmy’s review properly, she did not write we sub anything. We just attach whatever link we can find in Youtube. Hence we can’t help u on this. FYI, this blog doesn’t have the time to sub anything except WC’s MVs.


    2. Hello Huong Pham – I find only episodes 1 & 2 with English sub – can you link me to the rest of drama in English sub. Want to be able to understand and enjoy this drama. Thx/ Hoang

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Tks peanuts. Yes I did not notice she said “someone has started to sub”. I thought you here subbed it. You might misunderstand, I did not ask this blog to sub anything, I just asked if you subbed and had the text, I would ask for the text and continue myself from episode 8. I am so surpprised nobody cares about subbing English for this.


  8. There is anybody in here who can tell me where I can find this drama with the English sub please, i only find 2 episodes (1&2), I ‘m really frustrated looking for all of his drama since I was a big fan of WC’s


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