I Want To Fly Over the World’s English Lyrics 想飞,飞过世界


This song was originally written to promote Taiwan’s charity group Make-A-Wish Foundation of which Wallace was the ambassador. He did not only sing the song but also wrote the lyrics so you better pay extra attention to the lyrics.  From this, it can be seen that Wallace is also a talented lyricist, as well as his compassionate and charitable nature.

Later, the song  was also used by Shaanxi Chunshan Education Foundation (CEF) as its public welfare advertising song. Furthermore the MV  was filmed in a primary school in Lantian county, Xi’an, Shaanxi on November 5, 2011.

The song is quite nice but a bit short. This is understandable since this is an advertising jingle. This is a special request from iin suci mulyani so I hope she will enjoy this song even more after knowing the touching lyrics.


* 轻轻的风 慢慢的吹
* Qīng qīng de fēng man man de chuī
* The soft breeze slowly blowing
小小野草 自在的飞
Xiǎo xiǎo yěcǎo zìzài de fēi
Little weeds flying freely
 天真的脸 渐渐展开 迷人笑嬮
tiānzhēn de liǎn jiànjiàn zhǎnkāi mírén xiào yān
Your innocent face gradually reveals a charming smile
 和你一样 跌跌撞撞 这样长大
Céng hé nǐ yīyàng diédiézhuàngzhuàng zhèyàng zhǎng dà
Once like you, I staggered along to grow up
 和你一样 起起落落 永不退缩
hé nǐ yīyàng qǐ qǐ luòluò yǒng bù tuìsuō
Also like you, I went through thick and thin but never gave in

Mèng bùguǎn duō yáoyuǎn cái shíxiàn
Dreams, no matter how long it takes to realize them
Ai shǐzhōng dōu zài nǐ shēnbiān
Love is all along by your side
Ràng wǒmen xiāngyuē míngtiān
Let’s agree to meet tomorrow

想飞 飞过世界
Xiǎng fēi fēiguò shìjiè
Want to fly, I want to fly over the world
纯真的甜蜜的 将永远不变
Chúnzhēn de tiánmì de jiāng yǒngyuǎn bù biàn
Innocence and sweetness will eternally stay unchanged
想飞 飞过世界
Xiǎng fēi fēiguò shìjiè
Want to fly, I want to fly over the world
发现了你的笑 是那么耀眼#
Fāxiànle nǐ de xiào shì nàme yàoyǎn#
I discovered your smile. It is so dazzling#




14 thoughts on “I Want To Fly Over the World’s English Lyrics 想飞,飞过世界”

  1. Peanuts…
    tankyou,xie xie ni,terimakasih..for your hardwork to fullfill my request..iam so happy and enjoy the song and lyric.if you infront of me now i will jump and huge you.he he he.i like wallace in dark skin in mv..his eyes and the smile is so so sexy..like italian football player.hi hi hi..if in holywood i will call wallace is asian bratpitt…


  2. ha ha i like that Asian Brat Pitt thing. i was lucky cause there is Vietsub for the song. the lyrics are beautifully written.


  3. Wow! Now I know he is also a lyricist. He can act, dance, sing and do many sports. He is tall and good looking. Kind and funny, this is better than Brad Pitt! Glad to discover Wallace! He is a Treasure, more people should know about him!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes agree with you.wallace more talented and skill than bratpitt..the same thing wallace and bratpitt is , in their age they still glowing and charming and more atractive..and hansome hihihi….


      1. I also think WC is aging better and more versatile than Brad Pitt.I watched a Chinese program comparing him with Leo from Titanic. The commentator said WC still looks the same & is fit as a fiddle whereas Leo is a fatty now lol.


      1. A new project started so my schedule has been quite tight! 😛 But I’m so glad to come back and see so many newbies! This blog is getting popular among Wallace E-speaking fans! So happy ~

        Liked by 2 people

  4. I happened to see Tang Yan photo posted on the internet for The 18th Shanghai international film festival opening. But could not find Wallace photo there! Did he not attend the event? Anyone know?


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