In conjunction with the promotion of his upcoming movie “Monster Hunt” which will be released on 16th July, Wallace and  the other cast members, Bai Bai He and Jing Bo Ran, appeared on Run! Brothers as special guests.

Peanuts: I think the official title is Hurry Up, Brother as per Wikipedia but Run! Brothers is a more accurate translation of the Chinese title Bēnpǎo Ba Xiōngdì. Hence we will use the most appropriate one.


Wallace made his “unique” first appearance with the Wong Fei Hung theme song playing in the background. Why is he covering his face with a fan? How can our “little sun”+ be afraid of the sun lol?


The guests teamed up with Bao Bei’er and Chen He to form the Nanyang Merchants group. They were against the Xiyu Merchants comprising of Deng Chao, Angelababy, Jerry Li Chen, Zheng Kai and Wong Cho Lam. Their goal was to fight for keys in order to gain more clues in the final battle.

The first battle was the three-legged run along the Great Wall. In the first round, each team sent a group of 3 people which was increased to 5 people in the second round. The team with the least accumulative time of completion will win the first battle.

They tried to make fun of Wallace’s spoken mandarin by asking him to read out the mission card. Wallace read “3 people 4 groups.” Then he paused and continued, “The rest is meaningless. After finished reading it, I think the rest is meaningless.” XD The others burst out laughing…. hahaha….. What a good excuse after all. >.<

Xiyu Merchants won the first round of the first battle, even though Wong Cho Lam’s feet basically didn’t touch the ground (he is obviously too short!). Wallace kept shouting, “Cheating! cheating!” while Cho Lam was running. During the second round with the 5-people group, Nanyang Merchants used the chant of “one-two-one-two” to march in step. Xiyu Merchants thought it’s a good idea so they copied their opponents. But once they started to run, Nanyang Merchants purposely confused them by shouting out “one-two-one-two” quickly and repeatedly in the background. Thus, they got confused and fell down after just a few steps from the starting line. In the end, they managed to run really fast and won the second round as well.  Hence the Xiyu Merchants got the priority to choose their keys.


“One two! One two!”

Peanuts: Wallace was shouting so enthusiastically like a little kid 😛

Because the Nanyang Merchants lost the first battle, they needed to complete one extra run with diving fins in order to obtain the keys. All of them also needed to complete the run withthin 150 seconds.

wpid-fb_img_1434821927297.jpg wpid-image-1.gif.gif

Wallace’s Amazing Race spirit was back! He kept shouting “Faster! Faster!” to his teammates. They all succeeded and proceeded to choose their keys. Wallace selected Key No.6.

In the second battle, they needed to catch water with the bowl that was tied to their stomach. Then they will have to pour the water into the jar until it reached the stipulated line. The team that can collect most water will win the battle.

Just when Wallace started to get wet, this happened!



But Wallace still continued with the game until Li Chen came and covered him with a towel. Anyway, he was wearing a brief so nothing much can be seen. 😛

Peanuts: Himmy is very disappointed that she can’t see anything extraordinary lol.

MZ8dwOm (1)

They tricked Wallace into pouring the water into his opponent’s jar.

Deng Chao asked who prepared those clothes, and said the costume department must be doing it on purpose.



Wallace looks like a pregnant woman.

With Wallace’s strength and persistence, of course his team won. As it turned out, the winning team members needed to compete with each other because only two keys were won in the second battle.


This Chen He kept disturbing other people.

Wallace and Bai Bai He won and he picked Key No.4.

In the final battle, there was no more teams, but everyone was fighting individually to survive until the end.

Everyone was given one golden leaf. They needed to use their keys to open the boxes hidden in the village. Every box is sealed with two locks and the clue to open the second lock was written on the opened first lock. So, once they successfully opened either one of the locks, they needed to use the clue given to find another person with the matching key number to open the other lock.

They needed to collect at least 150 leaves to win and can start tearing other people’s name tag to get their leaves. Once the person’s name tag was torn, his/her key would disappear.



There are two pouches in each box. Each pouch has either a reward or nothing.

After Wallace knew Chen He had Key No. 4 which is same as his, he still told him his other key number…




He was laughing like an idiot after figuring out that he can open both locks. Awww Wallace, stop being so adorable!

Out of nowhere, Angelababy asked Wallace why he is called “Xiao Wa.” Wallace explained it’s because when people see him, they will shout “Wa!!”

She seemed stunted by his explanation and shouted “Waaaa!”


When knowing that they had started tearing off name tags, Wallace was rather nervous.

wpid-image-8.gif.gif wpid-image-9.gif.gif wpid-image-7.gif.gif

After he got 180 leaves, he tried to hide himself but didn’t succeed.


When he was asked whether he had the required 150 leaves, Wallace who is clearly a very bad liar said it was close enough. This failed to convince Deng Chao and Wong Cho Lam. Then he straight away said he had garnered enough leaves when they questioned him again! *face palm*

Then he ran away from Wong Cho Lam! Wong Cho Lam said he’s very happy that Wallace is scared of him but does not understand why. Me neither.

He said “let’s team up” to Wong Cho Lam, then ran away.


He said “let’s team up” to Chen He and then ran away. It seems like “let’s team up” means “let me go” for Wallace.

Everyone just ran past Chen He.


Chen He was planning to ask Wallace to help him to open a box and then tear off his name tag. But Wallace had already opened that box before. He still opened the lock for him and quickly left with a “bye- bye!”


Chen He said he’s couldn’t do it, because Wallace is too nice.

Wallace is really a naive kid.

After hiding for a while, Wallace decided to join the battle. He teamed up with Bai Bai He and Jing Bo Ran and went one on one with Wong Cho Lam.

Wallace said this game is hard for him because he will feel sorry for tearing off others’ name tags. Awww Wallace…. now is not the time to be nice! Where’s your TAR spirit??


Wallace tore off Wong Cho Lam’s name tag, but his own name tag also nearly got torn off.


“I am…I am here to..to serve you!”

When fighting off Li Chen, Wallace kept shouting “Bai Bai!!”, asking her rescue him.

The guest team were very strong, as Jing Bo Ran defeated Li Chen. Wallace said he couldn’t believe that the “Big Black Bull” was defeated. Then Angelababy immediately used her revival card to revive Li Chen to help him for 5 minutes.


Wallace, your wish has been granted!!! He came back and was coming after you.


I think this is the closest thing that I’ll ever get to see Wallace fighting in real life. Actually… was he being beaten up? Li Chen pushed him down near a small stair and immediately tore off his name tag. Wallace seemed lost and later I saw some staff went to check on him. Hey, Wallace was not hurt right?

It’s okay Wallace, you tried your best. 🙂

Peanuts: I think Wallace did not anticipate that Li Chen is so strong and brutish so he was momentarily lost. He is too nice to ever win a fight 🙂 Li Chen is such a big bully 😦

Wallace recalled later, “It’s like hitting a wall. I don’t know what’s happening and he already left after 2 seconds.”

Finally, only Bai Bai He and Angelababy were left. Angelababy managed to tear off Bai Bai He’s name tag and she thought it was too easy. Then she saw the “Reflect” on the back of Bai Bai He’s name tag, which means whoever tore off her name tag will ‘die’.

Hence, the winner is Bai Bai He! Well, she was very lucky and kept getting good pouches throughout the game. Whereas Angelababy got nothing most of the time.

I enjoyed watching this episode and had a good laugh. I hope it’s the same for you too. 🙂

(PS: The rating for this episode of Run! Brothers reached set a record for both Season 1 and Season 2. I guess we all know why 😉 )




  1. i know why.. cuz of my wallace! lols..

    aiyoo, angelababy is so lucky la. marrying to HXM and now in the same game with wallace, but she’s really pretty. is it her bareface?? since jihyo didnt wear much makeup when filming RM, so, i wonder about this baby? 😀



    1. I only focused on Wallace when watching RB so didn’t pay attention to her face. But I think she didn’t wear much make up, since she already had a porcelain face. 😏


      1. Yui likes everything plastic 😛

        Li Chen stepped on WH’s fans toes before and now WC’s fans but he has got strong backing in Fan Bing Bing 😦

        Go & watch The Empress, the episode where Li Chen got killed to seek our revenge lol.


    2. haha.. havent watched it yet, but baby wallace looks hilarious..

      peanuts, which plastic i like la? i prefer natural beauty such as wallace 😛
      aiyooo, li chen is fbb’s new boyfriend. i stopped watching the empress in ep 15, too drama and the actors weren’t good looking in my eyes except Aarif Rahman, haha..


      1. Lichen’s not only rough at Wallace but eanyone come his way. That us why he is known for the big black bull! But the way lets just enjoy it for fun lets not get aggressive and throw hate. Cause in the end they’re all actors were just fans.,,,love themm all! Wish wallace can be included as a cast permanently!!!


  2. Peanuts kept spamming me, complaining there’s a particular scene that made her very disappointed :P. I had to drop by to see what all the fuss is about.:D.


    1. see lidge here reminding me to go visit dorayakiz! i just watched 4 episodes of your Mr. Huo’s drama and so curious. i better read the novel asap cuz im super curious now!

      ps : Mr. Huo with long hair is pretty good, but still Mr. Chung is more handsome haha 😛


      1. Yui, for once u’ve good taste in saying Mr. Chung is better looking than Mr. Huo lol. I dun like guys with long hair, so girly 😛

        Angelababy & her hubby are both made from plastics 😛

        I am watching The Empress dubbed in Cantonese just for Aarif lol. But I get goosebumps during his scene with FBB bcos she looks so much more matured than him. Aarif should be matched with a cute little girl 😦


      2. Yui..you difrent with me.something make me very courius is wallce leg.i never see or watch him wearing shortpants.anyone know how I can find his drama so I can see his long leg.hi hi hi


      3. Every male celebrities in ‘Back to School’ wore shorts, only Wallace wore long pants. Aiya Mr Chung why you like to cover up your skin? You worry I would go and touch you ah? 😛

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I found it..his sexy leg with orange shorpants.something difrent because he always wearing black or white


  3. Fight in the dark with lichen.wah..he so big…wallace its ok you lose the game.than something happen to you..


  4. Thank you so much for the recaps of the show. I’m a big fan of Wallace since watching Silent Separation and the awesome Amazing Race China celeb version. One thing I’ve noticed and love about Wallace is that he gives his best at everything he does and is always determined to do his best no matter what it, and is not afraid of hurting his image.


  5. I must say I was kind of uncomfortable looking at that water scene. Now, that my eyes have adjusted, I can laugh at it. This is what reality shows does to one’s image. Some fans even joked, the rating spike up even more during the water scene. Anything for laughs right? Well, I guess it paid-off, because the rating was huge hitting past 5%.

    Wallace better bring his A game next time he goes on this show!!! I mean first Lichen ruin his leading lady’s hair (in My Sunshine) and now he’s pushing Wallace down to the ground & ripping off his name tag like the wind? Build those muscle up Wallace!!!


    1. To be honest, when I watched that scene for the first time, I looked away for a few seconds (really!!)
      But since I had to make a gif of it (only because of that and not for other reason ok) , I repeated that scene over and over again, now I feel nothing 😛


  6. iin suci mulyani, Did you not watch “My Sunshine?”
    Wallace was in short during YC and MS vacation. Obviously Miss Peanuts doesn’t pay attention as she did recaps for My Sunshine and still stated that she had never seen Wallace in short before.


    1. Hahaha, that is bcos I only concentrated on WC’s face & speech to write the recap so my line of sight didn’t travel below, not like our two little wolves lol.

      Ok, I’ve checked. Hoju did the recap for epi 23 so I might have missed that episode in my mad rush to churn out those recaps 😦


      1. Even LLC in BT wore robe when he finished his shower and when he played basketball with Alex he wear a green color shorts 😛 Peanut what are you doing all this time?

        Liked by 1 person

    2. I too boring watch modern drama.and very slow story.and at the time I just started watch demi god and semi devil.and I just know about wallace.maybe later I will watch wallace drama one by one if I have time.


      1. FYI, this site would not have exist w/out My Sunshine. Peanut would not be as devoted (very bold statement but true), Himmy would rather be lurking around other sites instead of writing up her own post, and I would not have this much interest in Wallace.

        No drama is perfect, but Wallace was pure perfection as YiChen. Seriously, it’s a performances not to be missed for any of Wallace’s fan.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Maybe I will get jeoluse if I watch my sunshine..but not…the women I jeoluse most is wallace women assisten.she can go and follow wherever wallace go.some time I thinking is she very smart.ha ha ha.just kidding..


      3. His assistance does make ppl envy, if you pay attention you will notice that he sometime looks at his assistance (she’s out of the camera of course) seeking for confirmation/advise/help when answering questions in interviews or press conferences. But her job is not easy too.


  7. Thank you for the recap. I have good laugh watching Wallace. He has this endearing charm of a kid in him. He so cute but just cannot bear to see him nervous and being roughly push to the ground.
    As for the water game, back then I was dying from curiosity, thank for telling that was only his brief being exposed. Not sure if it is relief or disappointment! Haha!

    Liked by 1 person

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