Wallace Endorses “Trident” Gum

It certainly is good to be Wallace this year, besides endorsing clothing brands and other products, he is also the new face of Trident gum for 2015. The commercial was recently released and it featured a very active Wallace doing what he does best “looking cool” (when needed).

The promotional event took place in Beijing, June 25, 2015. He looked like he walked off the set of his commercial shooting straight to the live press event. During his entry, all his dancers were dancing in sync, while he was trying to follow along in his own beats. Perhaps, he was too busy to learn the dance moves. The reporters bombarded him with all kinds of questions, including if his sister actually played the piano piece of “Simple Man” that he recently posted on his Weibo account.Wallace Chung Trident93b5d0cfjw1etgdy8tsd5j20oz18gn3193e59988gw1etgf93a716j20p00gon2r (1)

Celebrities don’t make the big bucks just for allowing their facs to be plastered on products, their public appearances are the real big money-maker.b8087855jw1etgpq5l1ldg207j07hnpd692b7cabgw1etgcwj0g9oj20ih0rsjz7 692b7cabgw1etgd9h5whhj20ih0rs0zc 4880c9ebgw1etgj1761wwj21eh0xn4e6 4880c9ebgw1etgjspv6vlj21kw11x0zs 4880c9ebgw1etgkq2mpmgj21kw11w7hta6949f40jw1etgrspskz6j20go0p10u6 a6949f40jw1etgrsth2s9j20go0p1ta2

As the new spokesperson for Trident 2015, Wallace was the main attraction.005ydkFjjw1etgnz5pv4ij318g0xf46h692b7cabgw1etgc8x72avj20rs0ihjvz692b7cabgw1etgc93mnubj20rs0ih44371482140jw1etgfdey4f4j20bk0hdgn971482140jw1etgfdf9mnuj20bk0hddhi71482140jw1etgfdfkm9qj20hs0bujsk

After just a few hours with Lee Min Ho. please don’t tell me you got infected with Lee’s short pants syndrome.12

gif-1 Excuse me while I go and get myself some Trident gum as well!

The making of the advertisement:


22 thoughts on “Wallace Endorses “Trident” Gum”

  1. only if the pants are a wee bit longer. But I like the white & blue combination of his outfit – gives him a youth aura.


  2. I don’t eat gum (I would buy Trident if I do!), but I’m pretty sure no one eat gum like that lol. I know I know, most advertisement are unrealistic and weird, but I can’t help laughing when I saw his mouth moving like that XD


  3. That was a funny jaw movement for chewing gum – but it let you see his smile so I can understand why. Thanks for the update.


    1. Yea, I don’t understand why they have the gum popping in his mouth awkwardly like that. It would looked way cooler if they had him chew his gum normally while moving to the beat of the music. Something so simple why take the hard route?

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Maybe i’m too difficult but i dont like him to accept these types of advertisements. It’s like he is taking advantage of fans’ loves. Why he introduces products to the persons who love him which’s quite sure he doesn’t use it/ thinks it’s good in reality!!.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Those are not expensive products, and I believe he uses them (He said he’ll chew gum before filming kiss scene). I see no harm of it. Anyway, I get what you mean, but I’m pretty sure he won’t endorse it if he think it’s not good. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    2. “In that case, he can take advantage of me. 😉 I’ll go and stock up on more Trident gum.” (LOL)

      In all seriousness, I hope fans are smart enough to make purchases that makes them happy, because who are we to judge them if they decide to support their idols in their own means?

      In truth, I would rather not eat gums myself, because I don’t care for those extra sugar in my system but I do carry them around. There are times when you have to have them to freshen your breath. I’m 100% certain Wallace ( & entertainers in general) eat them, because they are so busy and constant around people.


  5. With his popularity, many products would have look for him to advertise. I believed with his sensitive and considerate nature he could turned down many offers that he don’t feel comfortable doing. I have faith in him.


  6. Omg!!!! Good job for translating for us. I am so glad that I am following this blog bez I get all these updates on Wallace. Haha


  7. Wallace looks hottttttt in white, which is a difficult color to wear if one does not have the physic to carry it off. Thanks for all these awesome updates. 😂


      1. totally. Have you seen him singing live the ending OST of The Stand In at 2014 Ai Hui award, OMG, he looks so sexy in that black suit.


    1. I agreed. The more I look at it, I could find any fault with his pant. I always like man in white pant! Beside the gum sales I think that style of hot tight hugging thigh, butt fitting white pant will shoot off the shop shelf in no time. 😛


  8. Himmy, I remembered Wallace did this Movie Duel For Love. Most of his costume come in V neck. In this movie he is a dancer obsess with dancing until he realised his love for his dance partner is most important in his life. I enjoyed the dance and different side of him in this movie.


    1. Oh yeah you are right, Wallace look so sexy when he’s dancing in those clothes. I watched that movie before but didn’t finish it 😛 Guess I have to watch again.


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