Will You Buy Anything Endorsed by Wallace?


There are quite a fair bit of comments after Chewywon posted Wallace’s latest endorsement being Trident gum. It is part and parcel of an artiste’s life to endorse products or services. Besides bringing in the big bucks, it is also a measure of their popularity and worth. After working hard for so many years to establish himself, Wallace is currently being sought after as a brand ambassador of many well-known brand names which is something to be proud of.

Of course that product or service must be of good quality and is something that Wallace uses. Otherwise, it will seem like he is ripping his fans off. I believe that he does use all of the products he is endorsing but not exclusively. As you can see below, Wallace did not endorse tobacco, weight loss service or anything that is deemed unhealthy or of questionable quality. Thus he is quite selective in his endorsement as he also does not want to tarnish his hard-earned reputation.

As his fans, we should be happy that he is getting more endorsements and the products he is endorsing are more internationalized. Whether you want to support that product is a matter of personal choice. As Wallace’s fan, you have no obligation to buy anything that he has endorsed. However, you may want to consider the brands that Wallace endorsed, if you are thinking of buying the same types of products. At the end of the day, an informed consumer should buy something based on quality and price but not who is endorsing it.

All that being said, I personally feel he has too many endorsement activities lately to the detriment of his acting career. It has been a year since his last drama My Sunshine was filmed 😦 It is natural that I want to see more of him on the small screen but he probably has other plans for his career which is getting a foothold in movies. Ultimately, most artistes aspire to have a successful movie career which is considered to be the pinnacle of their career. Hence, he is taking in all these endorsement activities to fill in the short period of time available between filming movies.

Wallace’s first endorsement activity was a McDonald’s football advertisement in 1990. I can’t find any picture of it so you have to make do with this picture 😛 Wah, he was already filming an advertisement at the tender age of 16. I am sure as a teenager, he must be rather fond of eating fast food like most of us 😛


1993 Fujifilm  advertisement
With the invention of digital cameras, I doubt many people are using fujifilm now but I think Wallace still likes to take photos with cameras that use film.

1993 Vita Lemon Tea advertisement
This drink is very popular in Hong Kong and I am sure most of you have tried it before.  I personally like it. A lot of Hong Kong artistes got into the entertainment industry after being discovered in their Vita Lemon Tea advertisements. I’ve found the advertisement for you here. Can you spot Wallace lol?

The playlist also includes fan-made advertisements of Wallace selling pizzas, Colgate toothpastes, mobile electronic devices and clothes. Indeed those products are very suitable for Wallace to endorse 🙂

1995 Tong Yi Ao Lei Te advertisement
I presume this is Wallace’s first advertisement in Taiwan since it was the year he moved there. It was for a carrot carbonated drink. I don’t know if it is healthy or not but it has beta carotene which is a rich source of vitamin A and essential for a healthy body. Anybody drank this before?


1995 Peacock Snack Advertisement
Another product from Taiwan. Anything that is fried, can’t be healthy. However, at 21 years old, I doubt Wallace is health conscious and probably ate a lot of snacks.


1995 SODA Clothing  print advertisement
This is probably Wallace’s first clothing endorsement but I can’t find any picture 😦 I think this is a Korean brand. Thereafter, he didn’t endorse any product for 8 years. Because he was concentrating on building up his singing career?

2003 Puma
Wallace loves to play sports so he is an ideal spokesperson to endorse sports shoes. But I think this is not a full endorsement but a one-off event.


2004 Oris Watch Limited Edition
If you have watched My Sunshine, you will notice Wallace loves his watches as all the watches he wore in that drama are from his own collection. All I can say is that he has expensive taste 😛


2006 Xinnai Floor Boards
Why in the world did they ask him to endorse floor boards in China??? Because he looked like a block of wood at that time lol? Or because his skin color was quite tanned then? (Haha: LOL. Maybe because he is “down to earth”? 😁)


2007 Nixiden Shoes print advertisement
Wallace looks really stylish in the posters. I am pretty sure he wore those shoes at that time.




2007 KAPPA print advertisement
I think this is a casual menswear brand in China. Thus it can be presumed he did wear those clothes at home 🙂


ac6eddc451da81cb175b1ec45166d0160924317d b21c8701a18b87d64dcc3616040828381f30fd29

2010 Coach one day event in Taiwan
Most of you should know this brand. If you live in North America, you can buy their out of fashion bags quite cheaply in the outlet malls. I have a few of them so I do buy things that Wallace endorsed 😛 Oh, he even drew something on one of the bag. I wonder who is the lucky customer who bought it.


2011 Kiehl’s one day event in Taiwan
Although Wallace has relocated his career to China but he always goes back to Taiwan for various activities. I bet you can guess why 😦 I’ve never used any Kiehl’s stuff before but I think Wallace has.


2012 Martial God Century Online Game – Water Margin Warrior
Many artistes like Hu Ge, Liu Shi Shi and so on have endorsed online games before. Since Wallace filmed so many ancient dramas, it is reasonable that he also has an endorsement.



2013 Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils 3D Mobile Game
Because of his role as Xiao Feng, he did another online game endorsement. Doesn’t he look like a wuxia warrior? You can’t play all these games unless you can read Chinese.




2014 Hush Puppies Flagship Store Opening 
Wallace looks so cute with the fluffy toy dog. Hush Puppies shoes are pretty comfortable since I own a pair and can assure you of its quality.


2014 Folli Follie Hefei Baida Huainan Mall Anniversary
I have never bought any jewellery, watches and fashion accessories from Folli Follie before but isn’t it expensive? I wonder how much Wallace gets for each appearance.


2014 Cetaphil Skincare
In the advertisement Wallace said his dermatologist recommended he use Cetaphil because it is gentle on the skin. Well, my dermatologist also said the same thing to me many years ago. Hence Wallace is following in my footsteps lol. I can’t say my skin is as good as Wallace’s but close enough 😛 Do give it a try as it is not expensive and won’t harm your skin even if it is not suitable for your skin.



2014 SK-II Beauty Products
Himmy is not very happy with Wallace using SK-II products because once you start using it, you have to continue to use it or else your skin will become worse. Some of SK-II products are rather strong and may not be suitable for everybody’s skin so it is best that you try the sample before buying it since it is not cheap. Don’t buy it just because Wallace is endorsing it as it may be suitable for Wallace but not you.




2014 Sept Wolves Clothes
Some of the designs are pretty good but I also don’t like some of them. Anyway Wallace looks very suave in them. Wallace looks good in anything even rag lol.



aa18972bd40735fadc3bdeb09d510fb30e2408eb 11385343fbf2b2112fe51547c98065380dd78ef4

2015 Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2015 Press Show
Mainland Chinese love this premium French brand and will queue up just to buy their bags. However I had a bad experience with their snooty salesperson before so I dislike this brand. You see it everywhere on the streets, real or fake, so what makes it so special? I can buy at least 10 bags with the price I have to pay for a LV. Thus I don’t think one should waste the money just to show off unless you are incredibly wealthy.


Dior Homme Autumn/Winter 2015/16 Collection Fashion Show
I quite like Dior’s stuff but they are too expensive so only Wallace can afford them lol.

Wallace Chung Dior '15 fashion show

2015 Trident Gum 
According to the latest interview with Wallace, he does use the Trident gum. He usually buys it overseas so he feels very honoured that after this brand launched its products in China they chose him as their first spokesperson. Wallace who is known as the ‘Kissing God’ will always chew some gum for personal hygiene as well as out of respect for his female co-stars before he starts to kiss them 😛 He also suggested that we should have some chewing gum handy when we are going on a date or social gathering heehee…. He also mentioned in the interview that he stuck some chewing gum in a female student’s hair while he was young and was punished severely in school for that. Oh, Wallace was such a naughty boy but Himmy will gladly let him mess up her hair :p


2015 Xiang Piao Piao Milk Tea
Tea or coffee? Of course Xiang Piao Piao milk tea endorsed by Wallace to share with colleagues and family members.


Lastly, I’ve included a poll for you to participate just for fun. You can leave your comments on this debatable topic. We welcome all kinds of opinions even those which criticize Wallace constructively because we can’t fangirl our idol blindly and are entitled to voice our dissent as well as praise and adoration 🙂


34 thoughts on “Will You Buy Anything Endorsed by Wallace?”

  1. I am not a gum person, don’t intend to be one but when I need one, I will pick Trident so that there is no need for me to think so hard what brand to choose.😉


  2. @Peanuts: u totally earned my respect as a loyal fan of Wallace v: v:. Well, in my opinion, there are various elements affecting the buying of a product. However, as an actor/artist, i hope Wallace appears with that role much much more than a PRist. I’ve seen him recently with many products’ endorsements, so i have a little concern. Anyway, i would give it a try if they sell the gum here :).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank u for your compliment 🙂 It is a compliment right lol?

      I know WC seems like a walking advertisement nowadays but there could be an explanation for it. Like many K-stars, they only film a drama a year and spend most of their time endorsing products.

      As you can see, before this, WC’s endorsements were not that many for someone with a 20 yrs career. Then suddenly he is everywhere. It could be due to his increased popularity. Actually this is easy money for him so I’ll say go for it since it is those coys that are paying him, not us 😛

      As for his fans, they don’t need to buy everything he endorsed. I’ll only buy the things I need or try the cheap one to show my support 😛


  3. Already using Cetaphil and SK II lol. Gotta protect this old granny skin 😂

    I think I’m one of those ppl who already know what I like and my idol’s endorsement does nothing to convince me otherwise. For ex, I love Uniqlo even tho their guy is Djokovic and not Nadal. And Nadal would never convince me to drive a Kia as much as I l❤️ve him.


    1. Wow, u r so supportive of WC’s endorsement so you should become his fan and buy more of his endorsement lol.

      Come on Kia is so expensive & is not really a popular car. I don’t mind testing out some cheap stuff endorsed by my idol to judge if he is cheating me haha….


  4. I think Wallace should endorse those sweaters he’s wearing, I would totally buy it (if it’s not very expensive). I mean, after seeing him wearing them continuesly I started to think it looks good on anyone (which is not true, unless everyone look like Wallace). But I think he wore various brands’.


    1. Which sweater are u talking abt? Some of those branded one are rather expensive. Anyway I’ve no use of them. I prefer that he endorses some good and useful products.


  5. in drama I have seen wallace do cooking scene.is something he seldom do it in reality.is nothing possible if one day he will endorse kitchen appliance product.because almost wallace fans are female or a mother like me.i sure I will buy it.even I already have that pruduct.what I means is why not wallace endorse a product even he does’nt use it as long the company product and wallace have mutualism benefical to one another


    1. No, no, you shouldn’t waste your money to buy something you already had just bcos WC is endorsing it. I am sure WC also doesn’t want u to waste your hard-earned money 🙂 Just spend a few dollars to buy Trident gum to show your support lol.

      FYI, the tv station did use WC to sell kitchen appliances when My Sunshine was airing. It is called T2O (TV to Online) which is an interactive television shopping experience.



  6. I’m kind of sad he had that huge gap of not having any endorsement deals during his youthful prime. If he could of stuck to his acting chop and pick good projects, I would have known him sooner. 😦

    I’ve been using Cetaphil’s products for awhile now. All the male in my family refuse to use any product that doesn’t specifically states “For Men” (Men can be so picky sometimes).


    1. No need to be sad bcos WC is chasing back lost time now 🙂 Anyway when he was youthful what can he endorsed except snack, soft drink & toys lol?

      It is better late than never 😛 I do agree with u that he chose a lot of bad dramas but inspite of that he still managed to gain popularity so it is an achievement in itself 😛 All roads lead to Rome. Although he has taken the hard one, he still reached his destination.

      Aiyoyo, why the men in your family so fussy lol? The Cetaphil container said suitable for all skin type so men also can use. Show them WC’s ads to convince them 🙂


  7. When I was a student, I had a pack of gum on me all the time. Studying for hours and not talking can work (awful) marvels on the breath, and gum was much needed when you wanted to carry out conversations with other people after. My go to was not Trident at the time, but I didn’t mind it either.
    I’ve had my share of Coach bags and have since moved away from them when everyone started getting them. As for LV, never liked. They’re ugly and look like they should be cheap, yet the sell for $$$$.

    In short, no, I wouldn’t buy anything *simply* because Wallace’s face was plastered on signs around it. (I wouldn’t do it, even if it was the other Wallace. 😉 ) Now, if he gave his personal testimony on why the product was good for him and I agreed with him, I might consider it further.


    1. I got the Coach bag & the Cetaphil Facial Wash b4 WC endorsed them so he has just reinforced my selection 😛

      U should consider Cetaphil products bcos they are made in Canada 😛 Also, WC, hamster, chewywon & I are endorsing them 😛


  8. me, undecided! im neither a fan of LV nor dior. Versace or YLS pleaseee lols so even with wallace’s face there.. i dont think i would buy. but for free, i’ll accept it 😛

    im a big fan of bigbang and 2ne1, but i didnt buy any adidas shoes cuz i simply love nike!

    btw he uses SKII?? sigh. im not. Should i start with this product? haha.jk.


      1. currently i use Doctor’s prescription bcuz my skin is kinda sensitive. last time i used K products and omo.. such a huge mistake 😦 so, i couldnt trust ‘any product’.. even with wallace as their spokerperson 😦

        i think, i saw trident gum here. but not a fan of gum la. why didnt he endorse colgate or oral B.. something cheaper and i use it, lols.


      2. Aiyoyo, u never read my article :(((( Dermatologist prescribes Cetaphil, not WC. IT is mild & gentle for the most sensitive skin. U can ask your doctor abt it bcos any good doctors will know abt it. Anyway continue to use what u r using bcos later u’ll blame me 😛

        U & your K addict 😛 Dun simply use those cheap product . My Korean fren told me Koreans like to use European big brand not Korean brand.


      3. i know la, i’ll ask my doctor when i visit him this month 😀

        yes, now im using european and american’s makeup product. only one or two from korea. i really stopped using k-skincare product. not anymore. totally agree, koreans love european or american’s products!

        @iin : lols, wardah? viva? haha..i wish i could use those products, but unfortunately, my skin is pretty sensitive.. ught.. so.. end up using Dr. Kun’s products (btw where are you living? you know Dr. Kun?)


    1. The owner of the brand is Swiss but it is not widely-known as a Swiss coy 😛 Initially I tut it is a US coy bcos the products are all made in Canada 😛 Have u been using it :P?


      1. Yes, my dermatologist suggested me using Cetaphil face wash and moisturizer! I’m totally in love with them! ~ and yeah initially I thought Cetaphil was an US product as well…because not a lot of pharmacie sell it here in Switzerland…until I did some research about it and found out that the headquarter is right in Lausanne…lol


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