At last, the filming of I Go to School wrapped up this month, so Wallace has more free time. Thus he attended his old friend Julia Peng’s first concert in Taipei. He also spent some quality time with Jackie as well as finally updated his weibo last week, after almost half a year since his last update.


The filming of I Go to School took place in various schools in Shanghai, Chongqing and wrapped up in Harbin.

Since we can only watch the real thing on 16th July, here are some official pictures for you to fangirl. Also, remember to mark this date down on your calendar to watch him travel back in time to go to school.

Pictures taken in Shanghai


Random lucky girl, hurmm.


My favorite uniform (typical school uniform in Asia) is the one he wore in Chongqing.

11412315_10153333606015279_350482025646035610_n 11401421_10153333607230279_751190873520360938_n

Doesn’t he look like a model student here? hehe

10801541_10153333607375279_3820820318787138583_n 10858575_10153333607635279_4665363130676473277_n 11146597_826233817445952_4549103816742701777_n1620554_10153333612060279_3180112618257710303_n 11202569_10153333611850279_4044024318589743251_n  11406907_10153333613990279_9178147317925268499_n 11148737_10153333612120279_1955095157850097721_n

Even his unintentional after-dinner pose  looks so fabulous.

Last stop in Harbin.


Wallace looks so cool and can skate so gracefully like a figure skater. Drooling now  🙂

11427679_10153339533715279_8864243374925537213_n 11147227_10153331860170279_4386493872598828405_n1533908_10153331687750279_5204119274992833878_n

Are they stuck with their school assignment like I always do? 😛

11401381_10153334126800279_3561030796871267144_n 11225747_10153336957640279_7329660463951501022_n

Don’t you think he looks like a professional tennis player? Hey, don’t try to seduce Wallace!!! You won’t succeed because he is mine 😛

11535836_10153337490920279_1826742287759380054_n 11407193_10153337490500279_3442957299571079929_n   11416177_10153337490250279_8668255501079321298_n11407082_10153331871505279_5981284497228450015_nwpid-fb_img_1434435467063.jpg

He still managed to look so adorable while stretching out his limbs. It seems like he was having lots of fun. 🙂

After finished filming I Go to School, Wallace had a short break to spend time with his family and friends.


After her debut 19 years ago, finally Julia Peng stood on the stage in the famous Taipei Arena on 20th of June, to hold her “More Love, More Courage” concert.

After she sang three songs, she could not help choking back tears, “In fact, this place is really not far from my home, but I walked step by step, and took 19 years to finally reach here.” Many of her showbiz friends attended the concert. Julia Peng shared that 30 minutes before the commencement of her concert, Wallace Chung called and asked, “When is your concert? On the 22th?”

Then Julia awkwardly replied: “It’s tonight!”



Out of nowhere, when Wallace appeared with a bouquet of flowers at the audience stand, the audience bursted into loud and excited screams!

Of course, he gave her sunflowers which is his trademark flower. He rushed to the concert immediately after the call, so he must not have time to put on make-up. See, Wallace still looks so good without make-up. 😛

large (1) large

I wonder why he is always visiting Taiwan 🙄

Source from ETtoday

They hanged out after the concert and had high tea the day after.


Wallace’s weibo update (He is well-known for his slow-like-a-turtle status updates):


Thanks a lot to Hoju for the translation! She wanted to tell Wallace that he needs to punctuate as she is going cross-eyed reading his weibo and is having troubles interpreting the last sentence because of his lack of punctuation.

“Ordinary, but yet, not ordinary. @Jackie咧 On this ordinary day, on an ordinary piano, the “plink plink” of the piano keys playing “A Simple Man” [alternate translation of the title is “An Ordinary Man”] reaches my ears and echoes in them an ordinary, yet not ordinary melody. It is like a gentle reminder that there seem to be matters still left undone. Perhaps, in your ordinary life, deep within the heart, there are many ordinary people who are willing to share that song at any time. @赵薇 [Vicky Zhao] @电影横冲直撞好莱坞 [Hollywood Adventures movie official weibo] @钟汉良W良家族 [Wallace Chung fan club official weibo]”

Jackie’s piano cover of “A Simple Man,” recorded secretly by Wallace. hehe:



8 thoughts on “JUNE 2015 NEWS UPDATE”

  1. Hoju, you’re too kind to translate for us!!!

    Wallace always have events in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhoua and then he is seen the next day at the airport traveling home. It doesn’t seen like Hong Kong is his home too. I wonder where home is for him? Surely, one of his fan must know.


  2. hayoo..don’t make gossip lah.iam not ready yet.wonbin already leave me..he he…BTW..thanks for the news.i like wallace without make up.and just wear causal tshirt..is cool..


  3. Listened to the piano played by Jackie, so touching coming from your sibling. Wow! Jackie is also talented. And I like Julia Peng, she is a wonderful singer and a true friend friend of Wallace, heard she take good care of him while he first came to Taiwan.


  4. I also prefer a make-up-free WC. Something is not right with men wearing make-up. After all, we all know his real age so it’s OK for him to be just… him. Am sure he is still flawless without make-up.


    1. Thank you for the link. The song and the MV is so touching that I almost cried. I am already looking forward for this Monster Hunt Movie. 😍


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