Wallace’s Tik Tok (逆转之日) with Lee Jung Jae

Our oppa Wallace is collaborating with another Korean to film a movie called Tik Tok. I am not sure if this is the official English name. The Chinese title is 逆转之日 which can be translated as The Day of Reversal.  A Korean blog is calling it Turnaround Day. This time around, the Korean actor is Lee Jung Jae who won a Best Actor award at the Blue Dragon Film Awards in Korea before. Needless to say, Wallace will have to play second fiddle to this movie king. But it is okay because he may be able to learn something from him since he is a good and reputable actor.


Updated: The film will focus on the bombing during a football/soccer match between China and South Korea. Then the suspect Wallace Chung and South Korea’s policeman Lee Jung Jae will embroil in an intense running battle. Wallace confirmed in an interview that he will be portraying a villain again.


This is a joint venture between the Korean and Chinese.  It is a ‘gangster action movie’ and will be filmed entirely in South Korea with a Chinese director called Li Jun. The shooting will take place in July, around the same time as Bounty Hunter which is in August so how will Wallace handle 2 movies concurrently? Will this affect his performance? Will his role be reduced because of this? Filming will take 3 months to complete and the movie is slated to be released in the first half of next year.

The collaboration between these two top notch stars in Korea and China will generate more interest in the movie. I am already very interested because I like Lee Jung Jae’s movie II Mare with Jun Ji Hyun. The leading actress is called Lang Yue Ting who usually works for director Johnny To. I do not know who she is since I seldom watch movie. You have to watch the movie to find out what kind of relationship the three will have.

On a side note, anyone thinks that both of them look kind of similar? For your information Lee Jung Jae is just a year older than Wallace. Of course, our Wallace looks more handsome and younger 😛

Wallace is really fated with the Koreans, having collaborated with Chae Rim in Secret History of Kangxi, Cha In Pyo in The Four Detective Guards, Kim Ki Bum in The Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils and Kang Ta in Secret Garden. I read that Wallace is getting more and more popular in Korea due to the broadcast of My Sunshine.  After filming these 2 movies with Lee Min Ho and Lee Jung Jae, it will probably shoot up his popularity in Korea to an all time high.

I am sure, we will all be waiting with bated breath for the release of these two movies which hopefully will propel Wallace to become a bona fide movie star as well as an action hero on the big screen.

40 thoughts on “Wallace’s Tik Tok (逆转之日) with Lee Jung Jae”

  1. congratulation to our wallace .he getting more popular in korea.im so happy for him.no only korean actor popular in china.he can do it too..action movie…?means his looks will be more tanned and more manly..is my wish…I realy dont know thats korean actor..because im not korean fans..his looks like 50s


    1. I just check him out. Ahrr…you might think otherwise if you watch Lee Jung Jae in this Korean movie Big Match. He pretty cool, I think Wallace will enjoy working with him.


  2. waaaahh.. both are just superB actors! im glad that Wallace will act alongside LJJ. LJJ is such an A list actor and well-known movie actor. While Minho is still far from LJJ’s records in cinema.
    ah Wallace and LJJ are just sexy in their age! SEXY AJJUSSI! hihi

    please bring our Jun Ji Hyun or Vicky Zhou as the female lead.

    goodluck and fighting Wallace ge 😛


    1. I really forgoten to check LJJ in google…then after I check..ya..he is good actor.and his body…weeehh…just like yui say..sexy!!!.and LJJ is hardworking actor.because this movie he wiiling to learn chinese language..


      1. aiyooo.. i praised LJJ not bcuz i like him la.. but in my ‘neutral’ point of view 😛 while wallace.. im such a loyal fangirl.. 😀

        i wish to see Wallace and Wonbin, then.. call me whatsoever cuz i just love both of this guys.

        btw wallace banners.. who made them?? seriously.. handsome!!


      2. Ya, WC’s loyal fan who is watching WH’s Hua Qian Gu 😛 Himmy & I didn’t watch it so we are the true loyal fans 😛

        No hope la. Wonbin is kind of retired. Anyway with the way he is looking now, he is no match for WC 😛

        Aiyoyo, how can you not know Chewywon is our Art Director? She is a true professional so WC is in good hand 🙂


      3. Hemm peanuts.im not going become korean fans because LJJ lah…wallace always the best and only in my mind.i read in some article the genre of this movie is horror action.i think not only about fighting.but I hope will be more action than dialogue


      4. Yess peanuts.i will follow your intruction.he he..now I just finish watching you are my sunshine, best time, the amazing race. (Call me the latest and slowest fans of wallace).I like he yichen but lu li cheng more handsome than he yi chen. He he he..and wallace really really amazing in amazing race.

        Liked by 2 people

      5. Hehehe one more LLC fan, you watch Sunshine or Best Time first?
        Wallace will make surprise appearance in Amazing Race Season 2 🙂 so stay tuned.


      6. Himmy where are you going.this blog is not perfect without you.he he he.and you came with this good news..I wacth best time first.and I dont like the scene trowhing soes…is very old fashiond.and all the women.can or not in the next wallace drama more prettier.himmy tanks for the news


      7. you and himmy didnt watch WH’s drama?? why?? it’s pretty good.. 😛

        Chewywon is the best!!! 😀

        oooppss, i saw iin mentioned about LLC! yoohoo, we are LLC’s fans in Yi CHen fandom haha.. it’s not just about being handsome, but LLC is a character that we could see loneliness, love, hurt, painful.. desire.. sacrifice.. aiyoo.. i love LLC super duper much much much much! if shuman didnt want him, then i will definitely accept him no matter what 😛 😛 😛


      8. Sorry la, but I only support our Wallace 😛

        The problem is will he accept you? 😛
        LLC is just like HYC, don’t want to compromise. I doubt he will love anyone else anymore which is just sad… urggh I really want to yell at Su Man to open her eyes! What so good about that weak Alex?? 😦


      9. Yui also likes Alex !!!! I told u she is WC’s most disloyal fan 😛 Btw Yui, did u watch his drama with Bosco? I heard it is an open ending. I agree Alex is not bad looking but his acting is plain awful. He is like a block of wood, no charisma. WC beats him hand down 😛


      10. Good looking ppl only catch my eyes (but sadly Alex didn’t even accomplish that, he just not my type) only good personality and attitude can caught my heart. And Wallace already set the bar way too high for others. After Wallace, I think no one can catch my heart anymore.


      11. Yui..I support you.even im not WH fan.sometime I wacth his drama. “Swordman”i know WH very long time.i think 2004.when his first drama dolphin at the bay. And at that drama he make scandal with panny lin.but I dont know why I never like him. wallace chungis more more more and more the best than wallace huo


      12. havent watched him with bosco.. what’s it about? should google it.

        haha, i love LLC but i like alex, he’s not that bad but yeah, he’s weak. lols.
        aiyoo, another open ending drama??? why mainland loves this kind of ending la?? so confusing.
        i like bosco more than alex actually.. he looks more mature and strong.

        but my heart always ends up in wallace chung’s persona 😀


      13. me too Iin, not a fan of WH but i watched most of his drama even until now, i dunno why i couldnt fall for his charm.. haha.. instead, i fell in love with wallace chung at the very first sight.. love is pretty unexpected, right?


      14. Just like you girls, I watched a couple of WH dramas before I know WC but never fall for him. We are all waiting for our LLC! I mean Wallace Chung lol


      15. aiyayaya.. peanuts-ah.. who i dont like?? emm.. i dont ‘really’ like nicky wu, jaejoong from jyj, lee jong suk (pinnochio), and baekhyun from exo. haha… but the rest.. im okay. but still, wallace chung comes first la when we talk about love 😛

        hahaha, yes himmy, we were waiting for LLC ooppss wallace chung! not only me, my friends also fell for LLC, haha

        iin : betul betul betul.. from the bottom of my heart (this reminds me of a song but i forgot.. Britney??)


  3. There are many good and new actors out there, but Wallace is unique and outstanding on his own. He is not just good looking but with substance as well, just love the way he is. With such good opportunities to work with strong cast and production, really wish to see him do well and receive more recognition that he deserved.😊 always can’t wait to hear more of Wallace!😍

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Dunno why Wallace accept so many villain roles in a row recently, guessed he must have done a very convincing villain so well that offer kept coming in. No matter how, I still be a supporting fan! But I still like to see him in a favourable position. Is there award recognition for supporting role?


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