Monster Hunt 捉妖记 Premiering on 16 July in Greater China & 23 July in Malaysia, Singapore & Australia


The movie will premiere on 16th July in Hong Kong and China, 17th July in Vietnam and on 23rd July in Malaysia, Singapore & Australia. Before that they’ve had the private premiere in some big cities in China but Wallace only attended the one in Shanghai. If you live anywhere near a Chinatown, you’ll probably get to watch this movie in the cinema. Don’t worry, I am pretty sure it has English subtitles. Thus do go to the cinema to support Wallace as well as the movie since more than USD40m was used to make it so I am sure it’ll look better on the big screen. This is a film where you can enjoy with your family or friends. Also, you can watch this movie in Cantonese but I don’t think it is Wallace’s voice 😦

Won:  Are you Wallace’s fans ready for this movie? I am!!! If you are worried about the CGI, well rest your mind, as “Monster Hunt” director Ramen Hui had co-directed many other famous projects including : “Shrek the Third”, “Kung Fu Panda: Secrets of the Furious Five”, “Scared Shrekless”, and “Puss in Boots:The Three Diablos.” However, this movie would still mark as Hui’s big directorial debut.

 ” The movie is based on the Chinese classic supernatural collection of 500 stories called Strange Tales From a Chinese Studio. Set in a fictional world where human has raged war against monster for generations, the story begins with the birth of Woba, the last royal bloodline of the monster king, and centers on his quest to bring unity to the two races with the help of characters played by Bai Baihe and Jing Boran.”    Source: Hollywood Report

Trailer with English subtitles for the rest of the world premiere:

Trailer with English subtitles for Greater China premiere:

Behind the Scene with English subtitles:


Earlier this month, Wallace missed both the “Monster Hunt” premiere in Beijing and the red carpet walk (it was filled with A-List movie stars). This week, he braved the typhoon in Hong Kong to attend the premiere in Shanghai on 12, July 2015. Wallace chungWallace Chung- monster huntWallace Chung- Monster hunt

Wallace Chung - Monster hunt

Wallace chung - monster hunt

The little monster that Wallace is holding is called Wuba. Don’t you think it looks like the director of the movie, Ramen Hui who is pictured below with Wallace? During an interview, he expressed his gratitude to Wallace for being available anytime he was needed to film the movie.  Mind you, both of them are Hong Kong born and bred guys who subsequently found success overseas so there must be some kind of affinity between them.

Wallace chung- monster hung



Won: I love Wallace look, from the loosely dress shirt,  to his Rolex watch, all the way down to his wonderfully shiny loafer shoe. However, this is an all-american cruise look ( Can I take you along in a month when I go on my cruise?). I’m going to throw shade at Wallace (or his stylist if he has one). He looked out of place when photographed with other crew members. His director is wearing a tux, his co-stars are in formal wear, and the singer is even in a formal dress.

Himmy: I went on a cruise last year and saw a lot of Caucasians in tuxedos during the gala dinner (other than that I don’t remember what they wear lol). Not going to lie, I was secretly hoping that I would meet Wallace accidentally on the cruise. Of course I didn’t, as he doesn’t have time for a cruise! If not, I’ll follow him home. 😛

I was kind of shocked to see Wallace wearing his pajama pants to the premiere. He always dresses very immaculately for his outings but I don’t know why his fashion sense has been failing him lately 😦

Wallace Chung- monster huntLooking very casual doesn’t come cheap though:

Won: Rolex Submariner watches are designed specifically for those who work under water. The watch Wallace is wearing is known as the “Rolex Submariner 16610 LV.” It was produced in 2004 to celebrate “The 50th Anniversary Submariner” and ended production in 2010. The original price is valued at a whopping 9 grand. (Yes, I do have a little watch knowledge as my older brother is a watch person).

I’ve already written this in My Sunshine posts that Wallace loves watches so all the watches in that drama are his personal assets. 3Won: How does Wallace’s fan determine he is wearing a Dior Homme shirt brand? The answer is beyond me. All I’m saying is Dior’s dress shirts are on average ranging from $400 to $600.

I suspect this shirt may be a freebie after he attended the Dior Homme event a few months ago 😛

wallace chung- monster huntWon: The man himself finally got a trim! Please don’t try his hair style if you’re not Wallace.Wallace chung - monster huntBEIJING PRESS BACK IN MARCH 26, 2016

Won: Back in March, Wallace had a couple of back-to-back events and we were too busy to include all of them on this blog. So I’ve decided to just include it here for the eyes only. Wallace Chung- Monster HuntWallace Chung- Monster HuntWallace Chung- Monster Hunt Wallace Chung- Monster HuntWallace Chung- Monster Hunt Wallace Chung- Monster Hunt 17 Wallace Chung- Monster Hunt

The final reason to tempt you to watch the movie is that you can admire Wallace admiring himself in the mirror:


“Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the most wicked one of all?”

The mirror answered, “Wallace Chung is the most wickedly handsome of them all.”


33 thoughts on “Monster Hunt 捉妖记 Premiering on 16 July in Greater China & 23 July in Malaysia, Singapore & Australia”

  1. handsome, but please get rid of that hairstyle.. i miss him with his LLC’s hairstyle. handsome and younger. okay, he has a baby face but the aura.. ah.. need to re-watch best time and definitely skip the ending.

    btw i hope it’ll be released in Jakarta ~~~~ pleaseeeee 😀


      1. his hairstyle only la.. i have to admit that YC is more stylist, but it wont make me blindly liking him more than our LLC. LLC has the persona that no one could deny 😛


      2. What persona? Stupidly liking this girl who only has eyes for another guy? U & Himmy think it is romantic but to me it is plain silly. At least YC waited for a girl who still can’t get over him & is also waiting for him. LLC is waiting in vain !!!!


      3. HYC don’t know whether Mo Sheng will come back or not, if she doesn’t he’s the same as LLC 😛

        HYC is cold and indifferent towards everyone except MS. LLC is actually a very warm person and more matured than HYC. Yeah, you might think he’s silly for giving and liking a girl so much even though she never like him. But that shows how big his heart is. He just want to make sure she’s happy and that’s all. Although LLC is very proud, but he always admit his mistake when he know he’s wrong. While I still haven’t hear Yi Chen apologise to MS about the past? Correct me if I’m wrong.

        Will other Yi Chen fan attack me? Lol (don’t hate me >. < I just can't stand it when Peanut start attacking LLC.)

        Liked by 1 person

      4. totally agree with himmy!!
        aiyooo.. different opinion la.. for me, himmy and iin, LLC is a gentlaman who will admit his mistakes and apologize, while YC is someone who only keep it by himself. LLC tried his best to show his love, while YC was waiting. this guys has their positive and negative characters, but however, LLC won our hearts by beating his ego. both are acceptable in real life la.. i won’t reject YC if he comes to me 😛

        however, silent separation is still my fave novel with great ending, while best time, meh.

        hahaha.. himmy, here is YC basecamp!!!!! LMAO


  2. so simple but so handsome.and black is always be my favorite style of wallace.but when I go to under part.ooh…I think positive lah.maybe is summer there so he need to change his style.wallace always be wallace.every one enjoy with his jokes.and he always make every event he attend very croweded. is wallace only has small screen in this movie? why his name came out in the last.


  3. Whao! I could see sparks flying all over between LLC and HYC. Could only said that Wallace play the role of LLC and HYC so damm good that the characters became so real. Sorry Himmy, I think LLC is a idiot for waiting for a girl who don’t deserve him. I like HYC better because he is clear what he want and make sure he get his girl. Ha! Ha! I just love happy ending!


    1. You gave me an idea, maybe all women doesn’t deserve both LLC & HYC. Maybe they should be with each other lol jk.

      Loving someone that doesn’t love you back doesn’t make you an idiot. That’s why I wont call Su Man idiot either, she just BLIND. But I do agree that it’s pathetic and a great loss for all women out there if like I said, LLC cannot let go of Su Man for the rest of his life.
      LLC is sure that there’s no way he can get into Su Man’s heart, so the only thing he can do is hide his feeling and make her happy.
      I think tragic ending get me, just like Titanic 🙂

      Aiyaya, this is a never ending argument since we all have our own answer. 😛
      But one thing we can all agree to is Wallace Chung!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m curious are you a fan of SuMan? I swear if she was just a tiny bit likable, I would have finish this drama already.

        A while back my mom wanted me to see this new Chinese actor that she found very handsome. I took a peak at her laptop and she was watching Best Time (dubbed in Thai). She believes SY is the lead since SM only loved that guy. I couldn’t argue with her, because LLC’s character is like those typically perfect second male lead who just doesn’t get it that the girl will never like them ( I have never ship any of those 2nd lead even if Wallace is one of them). Anyway back to my point, a couple weeks later,I check with my mom to see what she thought of the ending. She said, “I stop watching it, I don’t understand why both of the guy fall for her.”

        I must comment at your Titanic reference:
        LOL!!!!! Just because LLC cried since he didn’t get the girl doesn’t mean it’s a tragic ending.

        The thing with Titanic being so tragic is that Jack and Rose loved each. She would step down from wealth, abandon her fiance, and family for love. In the end Jack made her promise to live on and have her own family even if he’s no longer with her. This deserve my tears and sympathy.


      2. No, I don’t like Su Man. How could I like someone that keep hurting my LLC.

        I believe many fans can relate to your mom. But I can see why LLC like SM, she’s compatible with him in many ways. I seriously don’t think SY suit SM, he’s just her sweet princess dream.

        It was tragic for LLC and me 😛 Tho it’s not on the same level as Titanic.
        Ok, I admit, I like those characters that only love one person for the rest of their life, so if LLC get over SM and love someone else…. I would still like him lol but not as much, unless I really like the other girl 😛

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Give me five, Jona 😛 Hear hear, the voice of a rational fan.

      LLC loves a blind woman who doesn’t appreciate him. If he is not an idiot then he is a dummie 😛 With his look, there are plenty of better women out there so why waste your time on someone who doesn’t love u?

      HYC dated ZMS before they broke up. He is faithful & carried a touch for her for so many years. When he gets another opportunity with her, he seizes it & they end up happily married.

      I don’t wanna argue anymore in the wrong threat. We’ll post a LLC vs HYC post later & let the readers vote & debate on it.

      Lastly, I wanna remind u that My Sunshine is bringing more fans & greater fame to WC than BT 😛


      1. okaaaayy, im waiting..
        now i know why ‘love is blind’ quote exists. cuz i just feel it with LLC 😛

        voting? okay, i need to call all my fellow LLC fans to help voting 😀


      2. Lol..dont be so seriously about this matter..if you want to make poll/voting.just make other thing.for example..who else another actor you want to be wallace chung partner in the next wallace movie..I will choose takesi kanesiro.he is very misterius actor.same like wallace..they keep their private life


      3. no one is ‘really’ serious here iin.. i dont think i got some antis just bcuz i choose LLC 😛 kidding.
        no laaa.. this voting only for fun.. as long as it’s Wallace Chung, no matter he acted as LLC or HYC, we’ll support him to the fullest!

        takeshi kaneshiro?? been awhile since the last time i watched his projects. i want to see Wallace and Eddie Peng, Ethan Ruan and Bolin Chen! all the hottest men alive!


  4. no…. why is he keep wearing short pans? Did he copy Lee Min Ho after they met recently? Such a nice shirt with a PJ pan… Now I don’t believe for a second that his stylist is his wife.


      1. My version is that there was a typhoon in HK so WC wet his pants in the rain while going to the airport. Since the other pair of pants in his luggage is his pajamas pants & he was in a hurry, so he wore it to the premier 😛

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Just got a chance to view the link on Monster hunt’s premier in Beijing without Wallace it kind of boring. And I can’t help comparing the recent Shanghai’s premier, with Wallace presence it was more lively and fun to watch. He sure bring sunshine wherever he goes! I noticed he is rather chatty and playful when he is comfortable and familiar with the environment and people he know.


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