I Go To School held their probably final press conference on 15th July, the day before the official broadcast of the reality show. Wallace, together with his schoolmates conducted the press conference in a classroom setting.

I waited to post this because I wanted to get hold of the full video of the press conference to share with you. However, I still cannot find it so I will update this post when it is available. I’ll also do a recap on the reality show so do stay tuned for my next post.



I’m very satisfied with Wallace’s outfit from head to toe. Himmy is giving it her seal of approval! Maybe he read our comments on his pants XD

Won: I think it’s the same jacket as the one he wore in the Beijing press conference he did with Tang Yan (or maybe part of the same collection) .


Peanuts: It looks kind of the same but on closer inspection the squares on the clothes for this press conference are smaller.  I don’t think Wallace will recycle his clothes especially for some important events. Anyway, I think he likes the checkered design or is it on-trend this year?

wpid-fb_img_1437123626423.jpg wpid-fb_img_1437123631707.jpg

Both of the jackets, in the Beijing press conference and the one he wore here are from Emporio Armani 2015 Spring collection. Wallace really likes Armani a lot. They should’ve let him endorse their clothes lol.

Peanuts: Why doesn’t Wallace wear the Sept Wolves clothes which he is endorsing? If I am the boss, I want my money back 😛


Can you see Wallace’s drawing?


11745336_1096160113744679_9203551374042423191_n 11742722_1096160147078009_796318919008422890_n


Peanuts: Wallace always smiles so happily to brighten up your day 🙂


Even his back can look soooo good.

Below is the latest version of the theme song “Back To Seventeen,” with more guests joining in to sing together. But why didn’t Wallace sing along too? 😦 I like this song, so I feel sad that Wallace did not participate enough in it. He has been so busy until he has no time for even the second recording?

This is the earlier version which Wallace also did not sing along.

Which version do you like more?

Something unexpected happened during their live recording. If you want to know more, watch it.

11231327_1096161167077907_6755529930643179446_n 11742834_1096161147077909_62454075317933388_n 11214721_1096161133744577_1065492606413721569_n

Wallace, I know you’re the God of Kissing, but… guys also? I mean, can I take his place instead?

Wallace certainly didn’t have it easy as the teachers kept picking on him to answer questions. There were many things to memorize and he even needed to do a presentation.  Even though going back to school is tough, I’m sure he’s enjoying all these all over again. This  shall become part of his precious memories. 🙂

They all look so cute and clueless, with a lot of tears too. Awww, I can’t stand seeing Wallace crying. Are they gonna be like this every time they leave a school? My tears will be flowing freely…….. I’ll have lots of them in the following months 😦

Peanuts: Wow, Wallace is really good at sports, be it tennis, basketball or ice-skating. A man of many talents. Thus no doubt he must have been good at sports during his school days but I wonder if his studies were any good.

Wallace said that during the 5 days of filming, he did not have any time to think about his work, family or friends. However, now when everything had come to an end, he felt sad…


Lastly, make sure you watch this to support Wallace !!!




      1. wow, that’s so cool! I’m from China but I study in US.
        It’s so cool that he has international fans.
        Btw, do u know if there’s any korean fans that know anything about the new movie Tik Tok?


      2. Ya, WC’s official fan club is in Chinese only so those who can’t understand Chinese will have no way of knowing more about him.

        You don’t need to ask korean fans abt Tik Tok. Whatever news available in Korean will also be available in Chinese except extra info on Korean actor Lee Jung Jae such as he is busy learning Mandarin now. All u want to know is abt WC right? I’ve included nearly everything available online in my post & will update that post constantly with any new info. We may not be as fast as the Chinese in news but we are rather thorough with our research & reporting 🙂

        According to a korean blog, it is called Turnaround Day.


  1. Wallace look gorgeous! Now I know he can draw too! Thank you for latest update. Can’t wait to see him back to school.

    Can anyone tell me why is Wallace kissing a guy???😮


      1. No really fan of drama.even indo drama I seldom wacthed.but wallace is special.his acting really” briliyant.not just because he handsome…I tough thats guy is alec (best time).ha ha ha.but only the hair looks the same.
        ..why wallace didn’t sing the song? Even the second song better then the first one but i feel not perfect without wallace.


  2. – Aaaah…couldn’t finish the last video….too emotional for me. 😥
    – Still cringing over that attempt kiss (My old crush Joo Jin-mo went down a few levels after “Frozen Flower”)
    – “A – ” for the whole look (have to deduct some point for the suspender hanging).


      1. Hah! You are sharp, is indeed a fake kiss! Pictures is such a teaser!😅

        I hope Wallace will not considered doing any movie or drama involving intimate relationship with man, no matter how well and artistically is done, it will be just devastating to one image like what Chewywon mentioned. Private relationship is one thing, but public acceptance is not in our culture. Our society is not that open yet! And could be quite unforgiving!


  3. I suppose he must have kissed a guy because if he had kissed a girl all of us would die of jealousy…(but even if he’s a guy I still want to get rid of him to take his place)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi girls I have to say I’m very impressed by this English fanmade website for Wallace Chung! A mountain of treasure OMG! May I know who founded this website? Which country are you girls from =)?


  5. What do you think *wink wink*?

    So I supposed you girls can read chinese really well then ;)? Are you girls playing weibo? I saw some Wallace’s channels and dramas with english sub on youtube. Are those your projects as well?


    1. Of course u r WC’s fan or else u come here for what 😛 ?

      Our Chinese is good enough to understand what WC says and news on him 🙂

      Like WC, we don’t really use weibo 😛

      No, we already have our hands full with this blog but I do have a blog that translated the novel which My Sunshine was adapted from.


      1. Thumbs up for your dedication! Neither making a blog nor translating a Chinese novel is easy!

        I was just wondering who is Forever Wallace on youtube. She had uploaded so many videos of Wallace! I thought probably one of your girls might be her =).


      1. Aww wrong guess =p.. Anyway you girls are AWESOME!
        I just watched the remarkable book MV with english sub! It’s well translated! Peanuts you are so well-versed in Chinese and English! Do you attend Chinese lessons in US?

        BTW, just being curious.. How did you girls get to know each other and create this page =)?


  6. when I first time found this blog.all in my eyes is only read your articles.im so happy I get info what I want to know about wallace.at the time.be your reader is enough for me.because iknow my english are terrible.but when you make one post.”whih character make you wallace fans”i can’t keep.i must join .and now become my habit.ha ha ..my point is I want to say tankyou for you girls who make this blog.is not just information about wallace.but more…and you are all very freindly.i think real wallace is more interesting than his character in drama.ha ha ha.


    1. Same here, just must joined. No worries on the writing, as long as we understand one another, anyway we are not professional writers.


  7. It was Royal Tramp that I first noticed Wallace, he was acting as KangXi. I was captivated by his good acting skill and charisma. Betw WC and HXM I am more impress with WC, but did not google him at all because back then I was not a Chinese drama fan nor do I fancy any actor at all. I re-discovered WC in My Sunshine, then later I realised he was the same actor I admired, and from that day I was hook for good! ha!ha!😄


  8. I really wonder if your gals have a facebook account. WC should be promoted worldwide, he deserved it. Most facebook unofficial fanpages are Viet or Taiwan. I really want to join WC international fanclub but I have no clue where your gals’s backyard :v.


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