Wallace became a high school student in Jian Ping High School, which apparently is one of the top high schools in Shanghai.  Thus you can infer that his student life won’t be easy. This post will focus exclusively on Wallace.


Peanuts: Screenshots from My Sunshine were used to introduce Wallace so Best Time‘s fans like Himmy and Yui can go and cry their heart out lol.

Ceh, it’s because My Sunshine is Wallace’s latest project. Of course they used it, instead of old pictures or else people will say they’re outdated. 😛


Wallace made some comments on the color of the pants. He also said during his time as a student, the more folds on the waist of the pants, the cooler you are. I’m pretty sure Wallace would like to have 10 folds on his pants 🙄

Zhang Kai Li (Kelly) being the oldest, is also the most excited. She sang the theme song “Back to Seventeen” while heading to school. Yeah, that’s what a normal student would do right? Singing excitedly before going to school…

Wallace needed to walk to school from his hotel. He said it had been a long time since he last walked alone on the street. I am not sure if this is a good thing or not, as being a celebrity is not easy. You need to be popular to survive in the industry but that also means you will be losing your freedom to hang out in public places.

Not long after his “lonely” walk, fans started to recognize him and chase after him. After Wallace politely greeted them (not included in the original cut but I watched a fancam). I don’t like how they cut it out of the original video. If someone that’s not a Wallace’s fan and didn’t watch the fancam they might think Wallace is cocky and ignored his fans. Of course, we would know Wallace is not that kind of person. That’s why I felt weird when I watched the show. I am glad there’s a fancam to prove that I am right.


Wallace told his fans that he would be late to school and continued walking. Many production staffs were there to block the fans from throwing themselves at Wallace 😛

image host

Everyone was stopped by the school guard to show their student card but none of them has it yet . When Wallace was asked about his class and homeroom teacher, he even said his class wrongly. He should be in Class 12 but he said 11 instead, and can only remember his homeroom teacher’s surname being Fang.  Anyway the teacher still let him in easily. Haha, because Wallace has the appearance of a good student so the teachers will be lenient on him 😛


Wallace will be in the same class with Jiang Jin Fu. Jin Fu arrived at the teacher office to report himself first, but Ms. Fang didn’t allow him to bring his basketball and food to the classroom. Thus he had to leave his basketball in the office and also finish his ‘breakfast’ there.

When Ms. Fang saw Wallace, I can see flowers blooming in her eyes lol. *insert OST of My Sunshine “Why Love” and the caption “Little Sun’s warm smile – damage level 100%”.

XD LMAO the production team was doing a great job here. Ms. Fang told Wallace it’s a pleasure to meet him. Then she automatically gave him his student card. Poor Jin Fu was shocked that he didn’t get it earlier lol. Can you tell that she’s a fan due to the different treatment?


Before they started their class, they needed to assemble in another classroom first. Upon seeing Kelly, Wallace teased her by asking if she’s the teacher. Thus Kelly felt embarrassed and asked him if she was really that old. Finally Wallace stopped clowning around when she gave him a dead stare. Hey Wallace, don’t you know that you should never ever tease a women about her age? It might cost you your life 😛

Selina was very happy when she saw Wallace because he is the only person whom she recognized and had worked with before, since the others are all mainland China artists. When they introduced themselves, Selina said since her name is Selina, they can just call her Nana.

Then all of them were in shock when Sun Yizhou (Sean) brought his bag with him and told them that they were sent there to take the school intake exam. They needed to take two exams. Wallace was probably having cold sweat but looked very calm. I can’t understand anything since it’s all in Chinese but based on their expressions, I’m glad that I was not the one who went back to school lol.

image host

Wallace had already gone to the other dimension… Wallace… I thought you were supposed to be doing a Chinese language paper? What’s up with all those shapes?

image hostimage host

He looks so cute! Ahhh Wallace, you always manage to melt me, no matter what you do.

According to Wallace, he had lost the ability to answer the questions because he was still in shock lol. Thus Wallace’s paper was mostly blank. When it was time to hand in the paper, Wallace was really reluctant to write his name on it. After writing his name, he added, although he can’t answer the questions, he must still write his name nicely.


They were allowed to discuss the second exam. Wallace said it might be a harder question. The second exam was a math question. I kinda understand the question, but I’ve left my Maths knowledge with my teacher. Thus please don’t expect me to explain the question…


Selina still remembered what her teacher taught her unlike Himmy :-(Wallace also gave his thought and opinion. But Selina was the one who figured out the answer. Wallace seemed lost when listening to her explanation. Can’t blame him, since he had left high school for 24 years. Everyone wrote and submitted the same answer.

Their answer was correct for the second exam! All of them were very happy and refused to listen to the result of the first exam. Wallace scored 20 points, the lowest among them, sob sob. >.<

Peanuts: In Wallace’s defense you have to understand that Wallace went to school in Hong Kong so he was taught in Cantonese. But the students in Taiwan and China are being taught in Mandarin. Although Cantonese is a Chinese dialect, it is still rather different from Mandarin so it is understandable why Wallace was scoring so low.


However Wallace is not someone who will get depressed over a little setback in life.  He will rise from the ashes and score better in the future.


Afterwards, they went to their respective class. Wallace seemed a little nervous when introducing himself to the class. You can see that Ms. Fang personally guided Wallace to his seat, but she just let Jin Fu walk to his seat himself. Ms. Fang assigned Jin Fu to sit behind Wallace because Wallace had left school for too long so she has to pay more attention to him to make sure he can follow her teaching. Not for any other reason. 😛


Wallace attempted to make eye contact with his classmate beside him, but failed completely so he awkwardly sat down lol. They had zero interaction (not for long).

Peanuts: How can this guy ignore Wallace???

b66b9c82d158ccbf2dbede291fd8bc3eb03541d3 f84faf51f3deb48fa65ccacdf61f3a292df57824

As usual, Wallace gonna do what Wallace gonna do. That is to make sure his hair is still in place, he still looks handsome lol.


Wallace and Jin Fu have to sit for another test. But this time, the subject was English. Therefore Wallace should not have any problem doing it. You can see that he were in high spirits.


Finally it was theunch break!!! The moment Wallace arrived in the canteen, it was chaos everywhere! Wallace had his lunch with Kelly, Kiki and their classmates.


While eating lunch, our dear Wallace still had to make sure his hair was alright, such a vainpot 😛


During the Physics class, the teacher said he has a ‘camera phobia’ and feels nervous in front of a camera, which Wallace replied ‘me too’ lol. The teacher continued to say he was very nervous and slept very late last night. Wallace replied again by saying he was also nervous and slept at 3 a.m. last night.’


This male teacher kept picking on Wallace to answer questions. Fortunately Wallace was able to understand the topic instantly. With his high IQ, he was able to answer those questions correctly.

image host


Wallace seemed to have had a good time making funny faces in the classroom. One reader on Baidu commented that she feels like pinching his face lol.

The English teacher told him that he answered wrongly. It is not ‘no pain no gain’ but should be “no pains no gain.” Wallace was not convinced that is the right answer. I checked with google and it seems Wallace is correct with “no pain no gain.” Is there any English teacher here who can confirm this? I’m confused. 😅

image hostimage host image host image host

Then she asked him if he had memorized those phrases she gave him before. Wallace replied he was almost finished. However when she wanted to test him, he realized that he had said the wrong thing.


Wallace didn’t waste anytime during break time as he spent it on doing self-study.


image host

Did I mention that Wallace look reallyyyy cute when he is studying?


Wallace: Smash to break *made a dramatic explosion sound* lol

Kelly and Sean were surprised that they needed to stay in the dormitory. Kelly’s daughter is Wallace’s fan, so while telling Kelly’s roommates to treat her well, she didn’t forget to mention how attractive Wallace is and that she likes him, twice lol.


Wallace has a lot of homework to do at the hotel. He used to be rather good at English at high school so he chose to concentrate on it.

image host

image host

Wallace is so hardworking, as he was still studying late at night, even though he slept at 3 a.m. the day before. He was still not over the “no pain no gain” phrase lol.

Peanuts: You have to study hard to obtain good results so “no pain no gain.” 🙂


Will Wallace be able to finish all of his homework next week? Stay tune to find out lol.


You can watch episode 1 divided into 2 parts:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Wallace was exercising:

Lastly, a selfie of those “overage students.”




31 thoughts on “I GO TO SCHOOL 我去上学啦 – EP 1 RECAP”

  1. Sigh…chinese teacher @@….though even some who speak English as their first language can get confused with the grammar. But yes… I can say for certain it’s no pain no gain. Pain is uncountable so there’s no such thing as “pains”


  2. I like this…real and pure wallace.if I there I want to ask that boy to move so I can sit together with wallace.i want to have a chat and always look at him.ha ha..I still can’t believe he already 41..he still so cute..maybe when he still in the high scholl he is very popular student

    Liked by 1 person

  3. he somehow has innocent in him that make him so adorable and he doesn’t pretend, those qualities distinguish him from other cool looking actors and make him so popular among teenagers even lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Totally agree, I really don’t like those artists that always try to look cool and all. While Wallace is so real, silly and his face is always full of expressions, it’s more irresistible for me. That make me wanna keep looking at him.


      1. One more thing I like from him is.i watch and notice from his interview.if other artist talk more or try to be smarter than him he just listen and doesn’t want to interup.and some artist if they are populer they make some funny thing like tatoo, scandal, drug..I really don’t like such kind of thing.but wallace no..he always low profile, simple, keep smiling..hayoo..I don”t know why I praise him to much.because I never know or see artist like him

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I was at a public area when I going through the recaps and videos, I was grinning from side to side, gosh! trying so so so hard not to giggle or laugh aloud, otherwise passer-by would think I am a goner! Wallace is so cute! He look extremely attractive when he is so focus on his studies! If I were in the school, I will stalk him and take all same subjects and extra curriculums as him. I will go nuts! See what being Wallace’s fan can do to you! yet I Like it! So Himmy you are not alone! Ha! Ha! 😀

    Thank you Peanuts, Chewywon and Himmy for all your hardwork. Can’t wait for the next update.


    1. Just like mosheng try to get yi chen attention..so she move to yi chen class.hi hi. You are really big fan of my sunshine jona


    2. See, even if I was in the same school as Wallace, there’s so many rivals and competitions. Maybe I should act cool and ignore him to get his attention 😉 it’ll works on him (admitted by the man himself)


      1. Yes, just like My Sunshine! 😀

        Or like what Himmy said, act real smart like a Bookworm and wear black frame glass…Ha! Ha!


      2. Aiya everyone also chasing after him, you will only be one of them, how can make him notice you? Treat him badly doesn’t seem like a bad idea lol.


  5. Ditto on that! Go the opposite way and be one of a kind to get his eyes on you! And I remember Wallace once said he likes girls with long slender legs and high heels *look at my short legs and cry*

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Himmy may i know which country are you and Peanuts from? The way you girls use English is just too familiar. Singapore or Malaysia?


      1. I just watched it too! But it’s Cantonese version! Some funny parts were not as hilarious as it would be in Mandarin. As a kick-as* baddie Wallace did great. And he looks so good in his costumes. Ahh he should have more screenshots!


  6. Am lucky there is vietsub up to ep 2. But I couldn’t seem to find the scene of “no pain no gain”. Have to watch it again.


  7. Maybe am imagining things again but Wallace seems lonely in this show. Maybe because there is a big generation gap between him n the other co stars. It is really cute when Kai Li’s daughter keeps mumbling about how Hot Wallace is. If only I was at that school at that time, am gonna through myself at him. Lol he would be scared of creepy fangirl/fanwoman.


  8. himmy, I really enjoyed watching Wallace in ‘I go to school’ esp 1. He actually could complete all school tasks given to him at a short notice and at the same time did it so well. I feel so sorry for him on the last day at Jian Ping High School, he look so exhausted with panda eyes. But I think he had already warm up in esp 1 and I believed he will adjust very well from esp 2 onward. May I know when is esp 2 coming out?


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