July is a busy month for Wallace with the release of the movie “Monster Hunt” and the reality show I Go to School on 16th. Then he flew to Seoul on the 17th for the booting ceremony of his new movie “Tik Tok” which has commenced filming. For your information, Bounty Hunter has been postponed to September so Wallace can concentrate on acting in one movie at a time.


The booting ceremony was conducted with the “Korean style.” They wrote down their wishes on a piece of paper which will be sealed to enable their wishes to come true. Then the cast, director and production crew went on the stage to display their professional and strict attitude towards the film and also their wishes to have a smooth filming experience. Finally the Korean and Chinese representatives had a “Chinese style”  exchange of a glass of wine to conclude the blessing ceremony.

I mentioned that Lee Min Ho and Karena Ng got their roles in “Bounty Hunters” because of nepotism. Now it is our Wallace’s turn 😦 This is a joint production by Hairun which is Wallace’s management company. For your information, I think he has the same agency as Zhao Li Ying. The female lead in this movie is Lang Yue Ting. I don’t know anything about her except that she is known as “Johnnie To’s girl.” This means she always acts in his films.  I guess she is in the same boat as Wallace, both being Johnnie’s pets 😛  Her role is rather mysterious so you have to watch the movie to find out how her relationship with the two male leads will play out.

Shooting will take place entirely in Seoul and Goyang which is about 20 mins from Seoul. Thus I think we won’t see much of Wallace in public in the month of August 😦 In a nutshell, the movie is about the fierce physical and mental battle between Wallace & Lee Jung Jae. A lot of time and effort will be spent on polishing this movie from creation to shooting so you can be assured of its quality.  The Koreans seem to have high hope for this movie with the mayor of Goyang predicting that it’ll most probably make the President’s recommendation list. Wallace was chosen because of his box office appeal as well as his versatile acting skill in notable films such as “Drug War,” “The Continent” and “Monster Hunt.” It is  touted  that this will be Wallace’s breakthrough role and a chance for him to broaden the range of his roles. This cross border cooperation is expected to bring unprecedented pleasant surprises for his fans.


On a side note, the people on weibo wrote Wallace’s clothes is from Paul Smith’s spring-summer 2015 collection. Do the fashion critics here approve of his choice? Don’t you think he looks too casual compared with Lee Jung Jae?


Below is a fan-made poster for the movie.


This is Wallace’s latest weibo on July 16, in reply to a weibo by I Go to School‘s account.

“I’ve returned to life in school. In the drama class, the teacher asked for volunteers, but fellow classmates were not very eager. And so, the teacher said, ‘Students, if you do not courageously grasp every opportunity that comes your way, in the future, you will only ever be the spectators of someone else’s life, only watching as other people shine.’ I muse now, if life was simply the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division we learned in our childhood, then what should we choose to let go? What should we choose to take up? ‘Maturing’ and ‘growing up’ lie in understanding one day the toils your father and mother went through or holding back your tears. Being 17 is so nice. Everything is just starting.” (translated by hoju)


Monster Hunt broke the China domestic film’s record with RMB173m on the 1st day of opening and 500m RMB after 3 days!!! Thus it becomes the fastest film to surpass the 500m RMB mark and will be the most popular film in China this summer. So far, the film has taken only eight days to reach the one billion RMB mark. The movie also opened number one internationally as reported by Deadline Hollywood. It is reported that 2 more installments of the movie are in the pipeline but I doubt Wallace will be in them since he is not the lead. Anyway we should be happy that Wallace got to participate in such a blockbuster and successful movie. This will look good on his acting resume. Himmy had just watched the movie and will write a glowing review on it soon.


From the stats, I saw that some Koreans do visit this blog. Hence, could you please briefly translate this article for us? Is oppa truly popular in Korea? I read somewhere that he is well-known in Korea because of My Sunshine being broadcast there as well as it and The Stand- In being nominated in the 2015 Seoul International Drama Awards. Anyone saw Wallace filming in Korea?

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63 thoughts on “JULY 2015 NEWS UPDATE”

  1. the event ceremony are in out door so wallace is wearing right clothes.always wearing very formal clothes also make people boring.our wallace know the best la..I like the fanmade poster.he looks cute but cool and mature..I waiting for this action movie..beside I want to see his fighting I hope I can see his hot body


  2. Hi Peanut and Himmy may i know which country are you guys from? Singapore or Malaysia? The way you guys use English is just too familiar.


  3. yoohoo.. im back.. it’s been a wekk..nope..more than a week i think 😛

    Wallace is super handsome.. aiyooo sorry ajjussi but uri wallace looks more younger and handsome in those pics.
    btw, is wallace popular in Korea?? i need to check it out. it’ll be great if he acts in kdrama..im a drama lover not movie 😀

    he looks super duper fine in those pics, oh my fangirling heart..

    btw iin, maaf lahir batin yaa.. sorry for all mistakes 😀


    1. Welcome back 🙂 Where did u go? I saw you in our enemy flower camp 😛

      Stop dreaming la, how can WC act in kdrama when he can’t speak Korean? I’ve never seen any Chinese actor in K drama but plenty of Korean artistes in C drama.

      Haha, I also dun like to watch movies. But u must watch Wallace going to school even though u can’t understand it. Anyway he does speak some English like TAR.


    2. @iin : just at home with family since ga mudik so just in jakarta, playing around mall to mall, haha.. i got angpao la.. from the elders and also give angpao, even i havent married yet but i have some lil sist and bros so.. you know.. trying to be a good sist haha..

      @peanuts : where did you see me la? 😛 haha.. i didnt visit many blogs, only read new chapters in hui3r 😀 and trying to heal my broken heart after woobin announced his new girlfriend wasnt me but shin min ah,, lols

      okay.. i skipped reading the articles about it cuz i was afraid wallace looking bad there, haha.. i need to protect my heart la so i wont go to another heart 😛
      but who knows, Li Yi Feng even had a Korean actress girlfriend, nothing is impossible.. 😀


      1. @yui..hari raya happy for children lah but no for parent.ha ha..
        @ peanuts..sory ya..I saw that wallace pic..wearing spectacle is from ELLE..What is that.is it brand clothes or magazine..I really confuse..can you tell me ? Because alot of wallace funny face and sexy


  4. Agreed! I think Wallace’s dressing is just right for outdoor, beside as a guest in another country for the first meeting it is better not to overpower dress. I hope Wallace do very in Korea as well for he is an actor worth knowing and support. 😀


  5. Okay. I respect the right to privacy.

    I just thought I may find some friends from my country who share the same love for Wallace Chung and together we will go see him in real person one day.

    Sorry to interrupt. Have fun girls! Keep the love for Wallace Chung!


    1. Peanuts, Himmy, and I do caution our readers( especially our beloved Wallace’s fans 😏) when making friends online. We preferred no personal info exposed.

      There should be no hard feelings from all around my friend. 😘 Except, you can’t back out on your open invitation. It’s hard to resist. I’ll go see Wallace with you!!!! Who knows??? Maybe he’ll do another concert, that way it will be easier to get tickets. His fan meetings (mostly done on his B-days) are impossible to get.


  6. Hai!ya!ya! The ladies got too many of such questions all the time, so they are so used to it lah! I think they are already numb! I would! but when you are here long enough, you will just know who and who comes from where! Hee! Hee! 😀


  7. On a second thought, seriously this an open blog, anyone can read, beside fangirling Wallace, every Wallace’s fan here is as precious because we all have one common love for Wallace. While enjoying this process, we need to protect and take care of one another, you can ask and is ok if there is no answer to personal query it is because our fangirl may felt awkward and too expose to give any TYPE of answer on an open blog, with kind consideration just let it be. Or next asked in private. Please forgive me if I said the wrong thing and talk too much!😥 Love Wallace and love all Wallace’s fan too! 😍


  8. well we can create a poll and see how popular Wallace is (in terms of countries) 😛

    Btw I feel like Wallace was a bit underdressed for the event? wasn’t he supposed to wear suit in such events in Korea? Not sure but i just have the impression that Koreans and Japanese guys tend to wear suits in important events/occasions? and given how good looking Wallace is in suit (missing our Lu Li cheng and He Yi Chen) ~ tbh Lee Jung Jae should be thankful that our Wallace didn’t put on suit haha…


    1. That would be a great ideal. I too would like to see where our ‘active’ Wallace’s fans are populated most.

      As for Wallace’s clothing for the prayer occasion, I believed it pretty appropriate. As I remembered, the casts from Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Cinderella’s Sister, and other k-dramas were mostly in hoodies, sweats, sandals, hats, and ect. It seem like a causal occasion.


  9. Hi girls, first of all I apologized if I had made anyone feel bad with my attention-seeking post (Whoops real motive of stalking Himmy exposed!). But I seriously couldn’t find the button nor Himmy’s email for private messaging =(. Anyone can enlighten me on that? My first time using wordpress =(. Anyway, like Himmy had said, thoughts cleared now so don’t worry.

    Thanks to himmy iin suci mulyani jona Cheweywon HanaTran. And Chewywon I’ll take your words to my heart (Concert!!!). I feel the warmth. And yes I’m from Malaysia and I had been Wallace’s fan since 2011. I actually knew Wallace since I was 12-year-old. I had many missed encounters with Wallace until affinity finally brought me to Wallace in September 2011. It was the Taiwanese show called Bai Wan Da Ge Xing (Don’t Forget The Lyrics!). Here is the link:

    At first place I seriously thought he was good looking but not that good looking (XRYM! The inner charm is more important to me hahaha oh well). But the moment he sang I was hooked.. for unknown reason. He has this special aura in him that attracted me. I watched this show for more than.. maybe 20 times and it was something that I had never experienced before. Never had been the fangirl type, I was very very very puzzled with this strange but seemingly irresistable feeling in me. So to clear my thoughts I went on a thorough research on this man. I nearly watched all videos of him on youtube, searched all websites for him, and subsequently to baidu tieba then weibo. Then I was hooked and doomed XD.

    To watch his concert is my biggest dream. Wallace is a man of his words. I believe there will be a concert again but most likely after the release of his new album. Don’t wanna say anything first. God bless!

    I had just watched Monster Hunt on 23 July. It was a great movie and it had broken the box office record in China (11 hundred million). I am going to watch it again tonight!


    1. Wah…you next door only with me.he he..see..my writing are no so good.but i confident lah…you and me are same.love him at the first sigh… I start to know wallace about end of 2014.. but i know him before when he in drma meteor garden.but at the time my eyes is blind with f4 taiwan.i like his character as qiao feng.i don’t know why I like that character.is not handsome at all.but I like the story qiao feng -azhu..even until now I still watching it.hi…your name are just like from south america or france..really..!! And I quess you are still very young about 20s..


  10. That the spirit Poruncarbeza!! Whoa! Your name is a mouthful, can I just call you Beza. Thank you for the link, I kind of like his hairstyle in this show!

    Peanuts, did you see there is some Himmy in Beza! The way she analyse except yet to reach Himmy’s creepiness ( I am teasing Himmy on her analysis on the drama Imminent Crisis, i still enjoyed the recap! Sorry Himmy I just can’t help it😂😂😂


    1. What? I didn’t see that 😐
      Should Por feel happy or sad that she haven’t reach my level? 😮
      Por, did you read my recap of Imminent Crisis? What do you think?


  11. This is the winning MV in 2015 Wallace’s Baidu Tieba fifth annual fan-made MV competition, featuring Qiao Feng:

    I put a playlist up there. Accks XD!


  12. Accks Himmy I didn’t see that? Can anyone fetch me the link? I’m not familiar with wordpress… =(

    My comment was in the status of awaiting moderation.. hmm so it means it was not approved yet?


  13. Repost

    iin and Jona, do call me Por. iin you are brilliant XD my name originates from Latin XD Por Una Cabeza. It’s the name of a famous Tango by Carlos Gardel, means ‘by a head of a horse’ (well, horse race and the winning/distance is just by a head of a horse, close as that). It has a story behind it. If you are interested you can click on the link below: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Por_una_Cabeza

    Oops I’m a little bit out of topic here.
    Sounds familiar? Yeap if you are a great fan of Wallace Imminent Crisis. It’s the background music when Ah Ci (Yang Mu Ci, the younger brother) dances with Rong Hua, the night before Rong Hua sacrifices herself to protect Ah Ci and her organization. This song accompanies the twisted fate between Ah Ci and Rong Hua, and how they had narrowly missed each other by a head of a horse, torn apart by the passing of Rong Hua (hu so sad..).

    But but but! I first had it as my baidu name even before becoming Wallace’s fan. So, that’s the affinity between me and Wallace *blush.. don’t wake me up from my dream please*

    And yes iin I’m in my 20s and i shall not deny that *again don’t wake me up from my dream please*.

    Jona you know what? All Wallace fans have some similarities. So do you still think that I’m less creepy than Himmy? *echoes*


  14. To me Wallace being Wallace is the best character he had ever played and my favourite character of all time.

    But Qiao Feng.. *squeeeeeeeee*! Wake up iin! Open your eyes widely! He is TERRIBLY HANDSOME *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*!!!

    This is the winning MV in 2015 Wallace’s Baidu Tieba fifth annual fan-made MV competition, featuring Qiao Feng:

    DGSD is my favourite Jin Yong’s Novels and I couldn’t be happier when I learned that Wallace would be playing Qiao Feng. His look and image in the drama perfectly fits Qiao Feng, being the chief of the Beggar Sact. In the end he made us proud with the best version of Qiao Feng, ever (left a scar in my heart too, I watched the final episode on the second day of Chinese Lunar New Year and i think I would never wanna watch it again T__T Would’t survive another heartbreak). To me, no one can surpass his version of Qiao Feng in probably the next 20 years.

    Himmy I handed you my homework XD! Whoa I posted so many times I guess I can’t paste pictures here

    Liked by 1 person

      1. iim you do really watch lot of chinese drama don’t you XD?
        Yes it’s the theme song of Jin Zhong Yue Fei sung by Wakin Chow and Lemon Su. The drama is starred by Huang XIao Ming.

        And yes this is the winning MV. I had been following the competition since it was first organized.

        Thanks for the link for the recap on Imminent Crisis Jona. And Himmy I only have one comment for you:
        You Ham Sap Lui.


  15. Himmy/Peanuts/Chwywon kindly delete those comments awaiting moderation that i had posted, if you can see them. I guess I can’t paste pictures here in the comments.


  16. himmy I think wallace need fans like poruna.not only praise him because he good looking..and jona you are right.


    1. yaaa.. i read this comment and i felt offended 😛 😛 😛 haha.. kidding. i also like wallace not bcuz of his handsome face, but.. his LLC character.. then simply falling for him personally, as Wallace Chung. started to watch some of his ‘subbed’ dramas/movies and watched his reality/talk/variety shows (with or without engsub).

      but yeah, i have to agree with you too since i like ALL HANDSOME MEN IN THIS WORLD! 😀


      1. I think most of the fans love his personality as much as his appearance. Seriously, he has such attractive personality that sometimes I forgot that he’s good looking too lol.

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Sorry lol..something happen just now.i just want to say perfect handsome lu li chen is in special episode lu li cheng su man.when they are kissing on the road.lu li cheng really really really handsome..perfect forehead, perfect hair.perfect wallace..

        Liked by 1 person

      3. hahaha iin, im just kidding 😛 dont take my words so serious.. 😀

        ya la.. lu li cheng is everybody’s sweetheart.. oooppss.. okay.. me, you and himmy’s sweetheart, haha agree with himmy, sometimes i forgot he’s good looking also.. when he was standing beside minho, i thought minho was very handsome, but wallace had something that made him moreee attractive.. haha

        Liked by 1 person

      4. yaelah santai. btw kita pake bahasa ketahuan deh darimana.. sementara yg lain pada rahasia2an hehe..

        sorry guys, just cant help talking in our language 😛


      5. What is that question yui..I really dont understand.i only know betul, betul, betulnya upin ipin.wkwkwk..udah ah yui.ntar kta kna semprot lg sma peanuts..himmy also dah memperlihatkan penampakanya


  17. Phew! Hold your horses Por! I can’t catch up here!😯Ok both you and Himmy are equally creepy! Himmy you have met your match now! 😜

    inn you right! Wallace need fan like them. This blog is getting very interesting!😄😄😄


    1. Am up to ep 23. It is amazing feeling watching Wallace talking to himself. My obsession just got to a whole new level. I saw some photos of a friend visiting Santorini and all I can think off is Wallace being there for TAR. Then I saw some news about some Japanese middle age ladies queuing outside Bae Jong Joon wedding place, I can totally see myself doing that for Wallace.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Who do you like more? The older or younger brother?
        I can relate to that, whenever I walked pass Hush Puppies shop I’ll be reminded that Wallace is endorsing for them. And how I hope they will put Wallace’s poster there.


      2. I like A Ci more. He has this vulnerable side that I can’t seem to resist. Besides, he got hurts so many times in the drama. Vietsub for eps 31-32 haven’t come out yet. I’ll die waiting.


  18. iim you do really watch lot of chinese drama don’t you XD?
    Yes it’s the theme song of Jin Zhong Yue Fei sung by Wakin Chow and Lemon Su. The drama is starred by Huang XIao Ming.

    And yes this is the winning MV. I had been following the competition since it was first organized.

    Thanks for the link for the recap on Imminent Crisis Jona. And Himmy I only have one comment for you:
    You Ham Sap Lui.


    1. Not really.is my friend recommend..but my heart already stuck on wallace..can’t see huang xiao ming..I like the way his laughing..is unique..and wo ai ni wallace forever…ha ha ha..but im happy too if one day he find someone make him happy..I will song bryan adam song if he married..but I take the intro only..and I change a bit the word..I think every body know this song..#whatever you say whatever you did I’ll be here right support for you# wallace


  19. and in here! haha.. im so proud of wallace. havent watched monster hunt yet, but with that movie doing super well and break other movie record, huaaa.. please Himmy, can’t wait for your recap. is it good?? 😀


  20. Aha! Thank you Ladies, finally the English Language channel is back. I saw so many foreign language, thought I went to the wrong blog. 😀

    Yes! Himmy, hurry up with your recap! 😀


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