As a faithful Wallace fan, I went to watch the movie on 23th July when it premiered in my country. Urggh, why is this poster not in the cinema that I went to? >.< They only have the poster with everybody in it, which is featured on top of this post.

I’ve revised the post with more in-depth analysis after watching it for the second time.


“Monster Hunt” is continuing to update the box office record in China. After just two weeks of release, it became the highest grossing Chinese movie of all time. On its opening day on 16th July , it grossed US$27.5 million, setting a new opening-day and single-day record for a Chinese local film. It also became the fastest Chinese movie to reach the RMB1.05 billion ($169 million) milestone, doing so in 8 days.

Source: wiki


Official synopsis:

In a fantasy world far, far away, monsters ruled the land. Then came the humans’ all-out war in an attempt to seize the land. In its final days, they outwitted the monsters and succeeded in driving them into the dark mountains. Ever since, monsters were forbidden to step into the land again. If they were found, they would be captured and exterminated. For all these years, the two races have lived in their separate worlds, until the birth of a new monster king who would reshape the balance of power and bring in the new world order.


Article from BBC:

The surreal comedy is set in a fantasy world resembling ancient China, where monsters and humans co-exist uneasily in two separate lands.

When revolutionaries in the monsters’ world attempt to overthrow their royalty, the monster queen flees to the land of humans and impregnates a hapless human man, Tianyin, with Huba.

He ends up being pursued by both monsters and monster-hating humans keen on capturing the newborn Huba.

The movie was directed by Raman Hui, who co-directed 2007 Hollywood animated film Shrek the Third.

In its review, Screen Daily praised the animator for creating “a menagerie of eccentric and intriguing characters to rival the best fantasy adventures”.

The adorable baby monster’s name should be Wuba instead of Huba. This radish-like monster totally steals the show, completely overshadowing other ‘human’ cast members (including Wallace).

Peanuts: Wuba does bear a striking resemblance to Shrek.



He really captures the audience’s heart. Whenever he is laughing, it makes me go ‘awwww’ and when he is crying, I will be teary-eyed (it still happened in the second time). Even when I recall his crying now, it still breaks my heart 😦


Tian Yin portrayed by Jing Bo Ran is the inheritor of the famous monster hunter bloodline. His grandfather was the lead of the Monster Hunt Bureau. His father was a palace swordsman also a monster hunter who had been missing for years. Left by his father to live with his grandmother since he was a kid, Tian Yin hated him. Being the successor of the famous monster hunter, he knew nothing about monsters because he was only interested in cooking and sewing. That was until he met Wuba and a female monster hunter Huo Xiao Lan portrayed by Bai Bai He.


I would say that Wallace was given sufficient screen time, but my sister disagrees.  She feels Wallace has too little screen time. Although he is the main villain in the movie, he still gets to wear pretty clothes most of the time and has many closeup shots. This resulted in Bai Bai He jokingly said that he was treated differently by the director because both Wallace and Raman Hui were born and bred in Hong Kong.

Wallace’s character is a narcissistic rich trader who intends to get rid of Wuba, by eating him. This is a world where humans are not afraid to eat monsters. This makes me wonder who is scarier, humans or monsters? Thus he offers a lucrative bounty to catch Wuba. This resulted in all monster hunters going after him.


Having a supporting role in the movie, Wallace’s character (if I remember correctly, his name was never mentioned at all) doesn’t have much development. There is just not enough time for me to “get into” his character. This is due to the fact that the movie is heavily focused on Wuba. Even the two main human roles did not leave a deep impression on me. After the movie ended, all I can think of is Wuba.

I mean, take a look at this cutie pie! Who would not be smitten by him?



Some creative fans made some pictures and animated images, comparing Wallace and Wuba. Do you think they look alike?

81b5449dgw1eubggn508xj20fq0i7ad281b5449dgw1eubggquhxzj20og0oh43t 81b5449dgw1eubggvl53dj20hd0o7n1y81b5449dgw1eu1h8il74ij20gs0dbwgb81b5449dgw1eu1h8iwa1dj20gt0g0mz681b5449dgw1eu1h8j52ucj20nt0hen1u81b5449dgw1eueab0we13j20gl0c6wgb81b5449dgw1eueab1asewj20c80gidhx

LMAO, I think I missed this scene in The Stand In, oh Wallace.








I think we will all agree that both Wuba and Wallace are super duper cute!

Wuba and the Minions looking like they are brothers.


Of course, I will include Wallace’s personal ‘gif’ from the movie. See, how satisfied he is with his handsome face lol.


Aiya, two Wallaces fighting?? My money is on Qiao Feng 😛


Peanut: Hey, Wallace only has these 3 costumes in the movie?

Now that you mentioned it, Wallace basically only appeared 3 times in the movie… Oops, why did I think that he has a lot of screen time? I think it is because he has a more important role here compared to movies such as “Girls,” “The Continent” and “Drug War.” Seriously, Wallace needs to stop being a ‘kalefe’ (a bit part actor in Cantonese in movie…




Hey Wuba, you are in the arms of my male god, so you shouldn’t be crying.

Peanuts: If Wallace intends to eat you up, will you cry :P?




Although Wallace’s role in the movie is small, do watch it for him as well as the very adorable Wuba. I am going to watch it again this weekend hehe.

Even though I watched it for the second time, it was still very enjoyable. Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed it more this time around. Those scenes that didn’t touch me when I first watched them, made me emotional the second time. Even Wallace’s performance looked more convincing when I watched it for the second time.

When I first watched it, I only focused on the comedic parts. But I’m able to watch it from another point of view the second time. This movie is not just about how adorable Wuba is. It also showed that the bond of friendship can exist regardless of whether they’re monsters or humans. Even monsters have feelings too, and they can coexist and live together with humans in harmony. It also shows that the family bond will always be strong and unbroken, no matter what happened.

At the end of the movie, Tian Yin finally understood how his father felt when he left him. Hence he decided to go and find his father to get to know him better.

This is a movie that’s suitable for all age groups, including couples, families and friends.

I am planning to watch it for the third time lol (I have my reasons).
I wonder if I will still have teary eyes for the same scenes for the third time.

Trailers with English subtitles :


69 thoughts on “MONSTER HUNT 捉妖记 MOVIE REVIEW”

  1. Thanks himmy for the recap.i haven’t read all.but I quickly comment because qiao feng.hhaaa..hope one day you can recap qiao feng too.i love my qiao feng.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ouh i see.. but actually.. im kinda ‘scared’ looking at that ‘adorable’ wuba. i dunno. haha.. but reading your review is like an appetizer for me. need a main course then dessert 😀
    But Wallace needs moreeeee scenes. 3 times only?? aiyoo.. but it’s okay.. since this movie focused on that lil monster 😀

    thank you himmy 😀


      1. lols.. am i?? i dunno.. the only ‘weird yet adorable’ thing i’ve ever liked is DORAEMON. lols.. i prefer dog la. 😀

        you know, it’s a ‘phobia’ haha.. 😛


  3. Thanks Himmy, I love those posters, especially the first one, Wallace has this expression that I have not seen before! I just burst out laughing when I saw those comparison between Wuba and Wallace, very creative! Both of them are so cute. Look like everytime I look at radish I will think of Wuba. And for Wallace is all the time!


      1. Yes Peanuts is very resourceful. Since she mentioned her english translation on novel Silent Separation which is my sunshine, written by GuMan. I found the blog Fanatical and had only just started reading from the beginning on how the fan voted Wallace for HeYiChen role, I know I know I am very slow here going backward and catching up on what I had missed out. Ha! Ha! It is amazing how all this started.I have to thanks Wallace’s fan and Wallace for taking up HeYiChen role otherwise My Sunshine would not be what it should be today and I would not have found Wallace. And Peanuts would not have created this blog! 😄😄😄

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  4. A bit disappointed actually..wallace only has small screen but he work veryhard.he always active promoting this wonder the producer very respect full and thanks full to wallace.wallace can bring his fans to watch this movie.and now I know already why wallace only wearing very simple shirt and his pijama pant.because of this..but I still happy to he sing the ost.hope wallace get double payment.


    1. Yes, even Wallace has very little Screen play, he is so professional and kind by actively promoting this movie. And kindness begets kindness, he is so well-loved by many fan.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s two way actually, Wallace said he felt honoured to be able to take part in this great movie. And seeing how good it was even in the oversea box office, it will be nice in Wallace’s resume.
        Knowing Wallace, he won’t accept the role if it’s not a interesting movie or a challenging character.
        Don’t be so pessimistic, Wallace wouldn’t want us to think that way too. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Im fine with his character.even he become villain in every movie.he is the most adorable villain in this world.i just no happy with the producer.just like they bully him.if I can say I want to say.please he is good boy don’t bully him.maybe I think to much…but because all of this..make me more respect to wallace and show me how big his heart…


      3. Huh? What made u think the producer is bullying WC? Dun worry, WC is very powerful so nobody dares to bully him now 🙂 If you read himmy’s review properly, although WC has a supporting role in the movie, his role is also quite meaty. Go & read Monster Hunt press conference & I wrote the producer praised WC for willing to work anytime. The producer who is called Raman also comes fr HK so he & WC get along very well. He also treats WC very well.

        I can only think of TVB bullying WC when he started out with them 20+ yrs ago. When u r a nobody, you get bullied. But once u’ve reached WC status, nobody will dare to bully him.

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Wallace is Sagittarian, just like me lol. He likes to explore different characters and part of expansion of Jupiter/Zeus – king of deities – he is not afraid being judged, plus because he is King, he cant help himself to help others that need his help. he feels honored to. Hehe a bit character of Sagittarius that I knew well.


  6. Yes, Wallace is a very nice guy. However, I’m going to bring him down to earth a little bit.

    You all know he’s getting paid to do press, right? It is part of all actors’ contract. The movie is every bit his as any of his other co-stars. Besides,it is not cheap to pay a guy like Wallace to do promotional activities. One must consider hotel, transportation, security, food, and his staff accommodation (all must be done in a first class standard as well).

    “Bully” is not the right word in this case.The way I see it, he’s just doing his job. Let’s not get in over our heads shall we? 😉


  7. Sorry, sorry, sorry with my bully word.thankyou for all the explaination to me..
    what made me think the producer bulliying him is..wallace only supporting role in this movie..why he have to do all the promoting and activities just like he’ is the main role.but if he already get more payment for that im already happy

    peanuts..I still remember that word.but in my brain is the producer treat him well is because.wallace are very busy artist still willing to join even he only has small screen play..


    1. No need to apologise. We are not scolding or criticising you but pointing out to u what we believe is the fact of the matter.

      Although what Won wrote is accurate, I want to say that WC is still nice enough to do the promo. Yes, he does get paid for doing it but he can refuse to do it since he is not the lead & he is a busy man. All artistes get paid to do promo, not only WC but as far as I can see, none do as much as WC since his role is so small. I don’t know if WC gets 1st class treatment or not but if he does, it is also appropriate since he is an A list actor. He must be treated in a way that befits his popularity. Can’t have all those crazy fans mobbing him & tearing at him without appropriate security ctrl lol.


    1. aigoo.. why you need to know la.. past is the past. 😛 but i think, peanuts wrote it in this blog.. or comment in hui3r blog.. i forgot. you know i have bad memory. (then why i bother to comment, hehe).

      btw iin, have you watched meteor garden 1? did you realize that wallace was in it? he got a very small part in it. but now.. i think, he’s more popular then jerry yan. hehe


      1. Did you know yui.when I first time found wallace chung.i still not clue yet.who is wallace..then I google it.i found his pic with sancai.i remember..oo he..? So..because meteor garden I know who is wallace chung.then I discover more about youtube..I very excited…how can wallace now more popular than I crazy fan or good fan yui? In meteor garden..wallace no very my eyes ofcourse f4.but I like taomingse no jerry yan.i prefer to vic chou.


      2. He was in MG 2. I saw him b4 but I forgot his role. He looks and can act better than F4. If u ask me to choose, I also prefer Vic heehee but I think Himmy likes Jerry more.


      3. I want to know about the past..I think they are feel sorry and regret now..bulliying him..if I like to people I will like them from the bottom of my heart..but this is will no effect to my real life..think wallace is only diffrent dimension.


      4. haha, it was in the past la i chose Jerry. After Mars, i chose Vic. I think, the only F4 member who has the stable career is only Vanness. He used to be asian got talent too.. with David Foster, Melanie C and Anggun. wow.. i was like, why Vanness? better Jay Chow. Or.. Wallace 😛

        ps : until now.. my fave drama character is still TAO MING TSE (and LLC!) lols.. im such a loyal fan of F4 hihi 😛 oh time flied so fast.. i used to talk about marrying him with my fellow school mate..haha.. lil fangirl!


    2. In a nutshell, WC refused to sign a long contract with TVB so they demoted him from lead roles in drama to bit parts actor & program host, wasted his 2 yrs there. But WC never spoke ill of TVB. Later there was also dispute with his recording or mgt coy in Taiwan which also wasted a few yrs of his time not being able to do much. Go & read Himmy’s 11 Things On WC.

      Below is what Mel wrote in spcnet. Go there & you’ll find plenty of info & video on WC
      During the interview, Wallace talked about how he started off as a TVB background dancer. After half a year as a dancer, TVB offered him the chance to become an actor. Initially, as a novice, he kept making mistakes while filming and kept getting yelled at by the director. He said he was quite disappointed in himself and vowed to do better with each subsequent series. He also talked about taking on the role of a mentally challenged character while under TVB’s employ. Seldom casted as a leading male character, he later was relegated to hosting K-100 shows with TVB. Once his 2 year contract with TVB was up, he moved to Taiwan. He talked about how homesick he was, especially during the holidays. Even when he called home, his mother would not always be home to answer his calls, and he would be so disappointed. (Awwww! Poor Wallace! ) The most touching part of the interview was when Wallace admitted how much he missed his mother’s nagging when he moved far away and she was no longer around to nag at him.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thankyou peanuts for sharing this..this is really2 big bully.they did whatever they want to wallace and never think how people feeling..just like no pride..

        Hard life and hard way when wallace starting his career..
        His succes is not came easy..maybe I will not really2 excited if I dont know him before..


      2. One thing is for certain, you can not force Wallace to do what he doesn’t want!!! He’ll take the hard road instead.

        On a business stand point, I totally understand TVB though. I mean, there’s no way I too would want to invest time & money on an artist/actor that will be leaving soon. It’s just logical to invest on their long term actors instead.


  8. Franking speaking, the main cast in meteor garden was first for WC but he didn’t accept coz he told he was too old for that role( he’s 25 when that film conduct). So he just get the cameo cast. The second reason, he’s so busy with the film in mainland at the same time:). Just share what I know.


  9. I have a lot of respect for Wallace’s determination to succeed under any and all circumstances. Sometimes if the opportunity is elsewhere you just gotta take the chance and go for it. Opportunities in hk is not all that great, they just make them same old drama with them same peeps. Watching it is so repetitive and boring.

    Btw: what character did Wallace play in meter or garden so I can rewatch for him. Hehe

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wallace first appearance was in 6:33 minutes.

      Some BTS of Wallace and Da S, Wallace acted disappointed because he doesn’t has any kiss scene with Shan Cai. And Da S praised Wallace being a very professional actor, and prefer him over F4. Haha

      Liked by 1 person

  10. If you watch can see the diffrent da s with wallace and da s with f4.she looks more preettier and modish with wallace.just like she want to get attention from the time she also looking for boyfriend.but finally she get after MG.with blue lan ce leung .also play in it.he play in episode 17.




  12. himmy am gonna bang my head against the wall now. Just finished Ep 30 of Imminent Crisis and could not find vietsub/engsub for 31 and 32. For crying out-loud. Sorry am so out of topic here.

    Monster Hunt does not show where I live (NZ). So have to wait for a really long time for youtube version maybe. Thank you so much for your review. Wallace really adores himself in the mirror, doesn’t he?


  13. As for the stand-in, I stopped at 20 as the story-line was a bit slow for me. Will continue once I have run out of Wallace’s drama materials. Wallace definitely doesn’t look good being bold. (I didn’t stop because of that though). Or maybe I’ll come back drooling over Yi Chen or Qiao Feng another time. You girls reckon Shanghai King is good?


    1. Lol why should I slam you? I’m a gentle girl ok. 😛
      You can go high 5 Peanut, she stopped halfway through The Stand In too. As for Shanghai King, Wallace looked the best in there. Even Lu Li Cheng and He Yi Chen lose it IMO. Because I think Wallace at that age is the perfect turning point from youth to mature, and that haircut just make him looked really goood there. But it has tragic ending, so I don’t like it 😦 storyline wise, it’s not bad, it was adapted from a novel.


      1. OMG OMG am at Ep 4 of Shang Hai King now. OMG Wallace is sooooooooooo hot. I can easily forgive the lead female for being as old as his mum. Watching him is enough for me.

        Liked by 1 person

  14. there were some rumors online that Wallace is voted as one of the best candidate for the male lead vs. Liu Yi Fei in the movie version of 10 miles of Peach Blossoms (sorry I don’t know the name of this book in Chinese- but from Google this is the name of the author 唐七公子 ), but I read the book and the story is good… I need more Wallace dramas (staring at him for longer) but if there is no new dramas I can do with some movies, or photos, or whatever


    1. Are u kidding or what? I don’t feel WC is suitable to be Ye Hua who is the male lead of this drama. Although he has always been voted top 10 in most novel polls, I don’t really fancy him bcos his character does not have much depth.

      Coupled with the plagiarism allegation against the author, I don’t really want WC to take part in it. But I’ve to admit, this may help his movie career to soar higher.


      1. I am so engross in reading the english translated novels in Fanatical. Wow! could actually felt the passion and hard work been contributed there and really appreciate the effort and thank you those fan for all those amazing work. Since GuMan is Wallace fan, hopefully Wallace would be persuaded to do more Drama from novel written by GuMan!

        Between I finally managed to watch Monster Hunt. Wallace role in there look more naughty than evil. My eyes just cannot leave his face everytime he appear. Because knowing Wallace, I actually can’t help smiling while watching him acting out this naughty role. 😄 verdict: I enjoyed the movie!


      2. Yeah, he’s not like those pure evil character. More of a naughty bad uncle lol. Especially when he turned into ‘that’, he looked just like a naughty boy wanted to mess around.


      3. I actually think Wallace can play the role of Ye Hua quite well. and if it happens the director and screenwriter will just make extra-screen time for him and make the role more important than in the original novel. It will be cool watching him being a dad. Am day dreaming lol.


      4. Just read the 35-list. Wallace can totally be Dong Hua. Am day dreaming again. Dong Hua is more suitable for him then Ye Hua. But Ye Hua is good as well. I can bear a good love-sick puppy if it’s Wallace. Mo Rung Feng is also a love-sick puppy


  15. Thanks himmy!!!!!
    Can’t believe that was Wallace back than in MG. Lol. Looking back at the drama it looked so cheap and outdated, but Jerry was so good looking. I hope to see Wallace in a new drama soon.


    1. Actually there is unconfirmed news of his next drama. I won’t reveal it yet unless it is confirmed bcos I m praying hard that he’ll not accept the role or if he has accepted it, he’ll pull out last min. Suffice to say, I don’t like the plot & his character of his prospective next drama:(


      1. Trust you on this, guess we all need to pray very hard that Wallace has the wisdom he needed to make his choice. I hope he will not undertake anything that do not have the blessing of his fan.


      2. peanuts, whoever offered Wallace risky roles: I just remember this quote for Wallace:
        “Be wary of the man who urges an action in which he himself incurs no risk.” -Joaquin de Setanti

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  16. Peanuts himmy .can you delete my bully word .incase something happen in the future..I short thingking..I though they are unfair to my wallace


      1. Hi hi are so sweet..i already dont care..BTW..comnhomvn..where did you go lately?..I and jona are the top member and the Queen of comments…ha ha ha..jona dont angry to me I call you that..because we like this blog.the place where we are can talk and share everything about freinds are already allergy with my topic..every single day I can’t stop talk about him.i dont blame them because in my country chinese drama are few only..

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Sort I just started a new job so kind of busy lately. Am checking our blog several times a day but when I feel I have nothing interesting so say then I keep quiet. But I am following every of your moves.


  17. Ok himmy since you can’t delete fine..can not wait for the next post..cewywon are you make all the banners..all are preety really2 have art soul to make your fan now..


  18. I watched this movie 3 times in my country and I think it would be soo much better if they had used Wallace’s song at the end of the movie! Such a pity that the audiences here did not get to listen to his wonderful voice.

    BTW when i first watched MG I thought that Ah Song (the character that Wallace portrayed) looked more handsome than the F4, But despite finding the actor familiar I did not explore on him. Not a fangirl back at that time XD. If not I would have known Wallace earlier.
    Anyway, I’m so glad seeing all these lovely comments and how you guys have understood about Wallace. You people are wonderful. Despite the difference in our nationality language and cultures, we just share the same love for Wallace Chung.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was thinking the same! Although the other version was good too, but I want people to listen to Wallace’s beautiful voice! Lol If they used Wallace’s version I’ll fangirl more


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