I think there’s at least 2 school days in this episode. Hence you get to watch Wallace doing a presentation in English, playing basketball, exercising, cleaning and debating. You’ve been warned that there is plenty of cuteness overload in this recap 😛

In the debate, it is Wallace vs Selina. So who do you support 😛 ?


Wallace being Wallace, of course he was… What? You thought I’m going to say he was fixing his hair and looking at the mirror again? Well… he did that too. Even though he was nearly late for school, he still has look at the mirror to ensure his hair was in place before starting out for school.

cd49c3cec3fdfc03182beeb8d23f8794a5c22697 - Copy

He has to be in school by 7.10 am so he used his slender, slim and sexy legs to run all the way there. Since he has even prepared his student card in advance, he managed to reach school on time.


All the students need to assemble in the field to do the morning exercises before starting class. Wallace was very flexible and able to follow the exercise routine very well even though it was the first time he did it. Whereas Selina and Sean seemed like they were doing a robot dance. XD Look at all the adoring glances from the girl students.

Peanuts: Wallace also looks like he was dancing.


Bad sense of direction X 1


Bad sense of direction X 2


During the math class, Wallace’s loyal classmate, Xiao Huang told him that the teacher will definitely pick on him to solve the problem on the blackboard. Thus Wallace quickly got the answer from him. He was so happy when he managed to write the answer on the blackboard correctly. Wallace’s expression is definitely how I felt when I solved my math problems but I normally only showed it in my heart. XD


Peanuts:  Haha, look at the way Wallace stood. Reminded you of He Yi Chen lol?


Later, Sean came up with an idea to play truant. Everyone was reluctant to do it, especially Wallace.

1ba28a82b9014a90e9e0a8a0af773912b21bee02 - Copy

You can see in his eyes that he really doesn’t want to do it lol.

Peanuts: Wallace is such a good model student 🙂

They walked near the gate to see how far they can go before they will get caught. While at the gate, Sean suddenly asked Jin Fu to carry him and feigned sickness. 🙄 The others went along with his “sick” act. Selina acted freaked out, Wallace took out his phone to “call” the ambulance and even Kelly’s worry expression was also very convincing.


But of course they can fool no one. The guard said to call for the school’s doctor. Seeing that the situation was not in their favor, Selina tried to save the day by saying that Sean seemed to feel better now. Wallace joined in with the “you seem better now” act and both of them took Sean away with them.


Truancy plan = failed

During lunch break two “pretty” seniors came to sit beside Wallace and Jin Fu was rather excited and happy. However they only had eyes for Wallace, thus his excitement turned into depression 😦

As soon as they sat down, Wallace said he had almost finished his meal. 😛 Yeah yeah Wallace, stay away from them.

4a77d5628535e5dd799170c270c6a7efcf1b62a7 - Copy

During lunch break, he joined Jin Fu and Kelly for a basketball match.

0f6462d9f2d3572cedf788c38c13632763d0c3c9 - Copyac598a13632762d0f62ab0a0a6ec08fa503dc6c9 - Copy

Peanuts: Hey hey, hands off Wallace. Only Himmy can touch him lol.

632cd6d3gw1eug15dmu65g20au05zx6r529911dfa9ec8a139c0f43fff103918fa1ecc0c9 - Copy632cd6d3gw1eug15fviung206y06y7wh

The smile after that shot, ahh I just can’t~ Adorable and cool should not be put together! That will make my heart stop beating! >.<


Once again, look at all the infatuated female students full of admiration for Wallace.


Wallace was the busiest of them all because he needed to do an English presentation, as well as 2 debates.


Wallace didn’t speak fluently when he was doing the presentation. This is understandable since he has not been using English much in many years, given that he had been working mainly in mainland China. Thus he also seemed nervous.

Here’s the full recording of his presentation about chocolate  (password: sjbs). You get to listen to Wallace speaking English.

Next, Wallace, Jin Fu and Kelly had a debate against Selina, Sean and Kiki.

Besides his good looking face, another inborn strength you will notice of Wallace is that he’s very serious and always gives his best in doing everything.

cf3565380cd79123fd7d5769ab345982b3b78047 - Copy

Peanuts: The debate is about rearing a child like a Tiger Mom vs Pussy Dad. This is based on the recent drama by Vicki Zhao Wei about whether you should be strict on your child upbringing or give your child more space to develop. Heehee, Wallace is on the pussy dad’s team.

6765f703918fa0ec22e7aa10209759ee3c6ddbc4 - Copy





Jin Fu is not good at debating so I’m pretty sure he had never participated in any debate before. He kept agreeing with the opposing party. When Selina was arguing their stand, the busybody Jin Fu went ahead and agreed with her. This made Selina and Sean try to pull him to their side. When Jin Fu asked for Wallace’s help, Wallace stopped them but scolded Jin Fu ‘The main point is that they didn’t ask you a question! So why did you reply her?’


During the open question section, there was an annoying student who used Wallace’s marriage rumor as question. This obviously made Wallace feel awkward but he replied his question professionally, unlike that student 😬


In the second debate (I guess this was another day), Wallace was the only artist who took part as the rest are all students. I believe this was an inter-school debate. Therefore Wallace was even more serious and spent more time to prepare for it. Wallace was doing a great job here! He is such a good debater and smooth talker, just like He Yi Chen! (Girls, you can imagine Yi Chen’s university debate scene here 😉 ) I swooned over every words he uttered XD

89e194eef01f3a29a00c1fd39f25bc315d607c18f5aa3a292df5e0fe16dc431c5a6034a85fdf7218 - Copy

This second debate is not in the original show at all! I am upset that they edited it out 😦 Wallace put in a lot of effort and sacrificed his sleep to memorize all those lines, but they didn’t show a tiny bit of it in the show at all. He even skipped his lunch to do the final preparations.


Still looking adorable as always~ 🙂

ee71b74543a982263732e33a8c82b9014b90eb76 - Copyb2f043a98226cffce7d977afbf014a90f703ea76 - Copy 8793cffc1e178a8242cfb7bdf003738da877e876 - Copyca491e178a82b901b65e0b2e758da9773812ef76 - Copy

It was Wallace’s turn to do the cleaning duty. Wallace said he did quite a lot of housework at home, so this is not something new for him.

53fb9258d109b3de0074d176cabf6c81810a4c1d - Copy97edd109b3de9c824caecc916a81800a18d8431d - Copy

After getting back from the toilet, he cannot find his classroom. Thus he shouted “Jackie, Jackie.” Opps, wrong show, sorry. 😛 Wallace mopped everywhere carefully and mopped his own place last. He looked so attractive when he’s focused on doing something.

d4bcb3de9c82d15852496caf860a19d8bd3e421d - Copy

After cleaning, Wallace headed to the field to learn the school exercise moves, since they will be doing it daily for a week. Selina the naughty girl thought their moves are rather sexy and made fun of it saying it’s what hot girls would do. Wallace thought the same too.


They demonstrated the “sexy” moves.

669262d0f703918f81840bd4573d269758eec48f - Copy6765f703918fa0ec2a925213209759ee3c6ddb8f - Copy

The comedy duo.

Things Wallace did during his break time:

GIF of WC sticking his tongue out in slow motion aka editing team trying to kill me

Wallace! Stop! What are you doing to my weak little heart?! *faint*

Peanuts: When Wallace licks Himmy, she will wake up immediately lol.

By now, you would have noticed that the show is sponsored by this drink like the Rio Wine in Boss & Me and My Sunshine. The drink is called Xiao Ming Tong Xue meaning Student Xiao Ming. You can get it in taobao. Anyone drink this before?


Full episode 2:

Wallace and his other schoolmates attended a TV Program to promote their reality show:

It started with the host asking the guests about their school motto. Of course Wallace forgot about his one since it has been such a long time ago. He sort of remembered 2 words out of  it so he said he should pass for that lol. Then the host who did another show called Dancing with the Stars with Wallace before, asked him to demonstrate some dance steps since he did not really dance in that previous show. Later, Wallace also danced a few more times.




Apparently Wallace did not submit his Chinese essay. As an alternative, the teacher wanted him to continue the Tang poetry that he will be reciting. He was actually doing Wallace a favor as many will know, Wallace has been memorizing Tang poems during his free time.

You can hear Wallace speaking English again! I really love how he pronounced his English here, sounding really good to my ears. It seems after becoming Wallace’s classmate and getting to sit next to him, Xiao Huang is increasingly popular in school and his social network. Everyone has been asking him to get Wallace’s signature but was rejected by him. However he has now brought them all for Wallace to settle them once and for all lol.





43 thoughts on “WALLACE GOES TO SCHOOL 我去上学啦 – EP 2 RECAP”

  1. Wow! Himmy I am so impress with your recap as there are details that I had missed. Thank you for the detail description and explanation. I like the first picture where Wallace has this satisfaction expression when managed that basket ball goal, so adorable!😍 And if you did not point out I actually missed the lip licking act! Hmm! only wanted to see lots of Wallace and his participation and just like you mentioned on second debate I too was disappointed they edited it!😕 as he had put so much effort!

    I was confused with the episode thing. I thought the whole week at Jian Ping high School was considered one episode that formed 4 parts. Was I mistaken, how does it work?


    1. How could you missed that? It’s the most appealing act in Wallace’s tv show history! Lol
      I think each school week form between 3 to 4 episodes. The first 4 episode was in Jian Ping.


  2. Thanks himmy for the recap..you brighten my day..but can I ask a question..? this im going back to school show..is it real or just act?..why jjin fu like stupid guy..he always bring his food stuf..and during math class he just see from the book..wallace is cool…he try his best..himmy now I believe you..I think in last post you wrote even took just few day filming this show is really tough for wallace..I like the second debate..even I dont understand..but wallace is smartest than among all artists..look at jin fu.
    hhayo….wallace suitable being to be big leader.


    1. I think JJF is not stupid, he just lazy and lay back, don’t think that was an act. But his expression when he saw those ‘pretty’ seniors does seem exaggerated, mayb that part was a set by the production team.
      Looking at Wallace being so exhausted and has so little sleep really make me sad. He looked more tired than filming drama.


      1. himmy really..after I wacth debate season..really I change my opinion about this show..is not easy as I think..and now I know wallace speak in english ..is good but he not really confident enough..not like me..ha ha ha…just like you said before..he is smart but not over confident..actually I have more experience since I became wallace fan..


  3. Wallace mentioned that he was very impress by the students’ enthusiasm attitude toward learning and he was also influenced by them. I think that is why he take every task given to him to heart! And he also said he missed his high school days and overlooked some lessons as he was busy working part time so that he could paid for his dancing lesson! I felt so heart pain when I heard that!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Himmy,

    I like Wallace being Wallace’s personality and his art production via film/drama. However, I heard rumors he might be gay, and being artistic person it’s sometimes bias between gay or straight. It’ll not change my liking on his film etc, but just want to clarify, is he?? lol


    1. I don’t think WC is gay but he might be a closet gay lol. Even if he is gay, he’ll still get married or have children bcos he is too traditional. Mind u he is the only son in his family so for Chinese, he has the huge responsibility to carry on the family’s name. Anyway there is no way we’ll get to know the truth bcos he’ll never admit to being gay even if he is one. It is still taboo in China & it’ll kill his career instantly. Whatever his sexual orientation, he is still the WC we see & love on screen so won’t change anything.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’d be happy if he is married than being a gay. nothing wrong with that, just ruin my idol image hahaha


      2. I do think there is a possibility he might be gay, some of his moves and expressions are a bit weird. Like covering his mouth when he laughs, etc. Doesn’t affect my obsession with him though. Maybe he is just sentimental and girly, since he grows up with 3 sisters. I just want him to be healthy and happy and having someone by his side, whether it’s a man or woman doesn’t matter. As long as he is happy. Lol I am a real banana.


    2. I just read yesterday about thats rumour..but I not think so hard about such kind of rumour.for example ..jerry yan .at the time..he also have such kind of rumour..but never become real until now..and the background also he is only one son in their family..just believe whatever you belived and dont believe in whatever you dont believed..


    3. May I know where is the source of the rumours?
      For me, I’m 100% sure Wallace is straight. He might be softer than most masculine man but that doesn’t mean he gay. He grew up with 3 sisters, so it’s also normal if he adopted some of their traits lol.
      Anyway, even if he’s gay (I highly doubt that) it won’t change his image in my heart. I will embrace everything about him. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. good respond Himmy. Even he is gay, then I can start thinking I might be able to like a gay lol. Just kidding, I’m just talking the possibility he is a gay. When I saw him dancing or act outside filming, there’s potential he is a gay and I search for it, damn, there are rumours about it in fact lol, thought you know better


      2. btw, my bro is also the only guy among 3 sisters (i’m one of sisters) lol. My bro is more sensitive than average guy and also has elegant manner, but perhaps he cant dance like Wallace, so he has more manly move hahaha.


  5. I recalled listening to a radio show from Taiwan in 2010/2011. He was being interview and at the same time was also promoting his album. The DJ asked him if he is gay, Wallace said no, he still attracted to female and he said he will feel his heart beats fumbling when he see beautiful girls!

    Liked by 2 people

  6. aiyayaya,, came here to read the recap but ended up reading your comments guys.
    im so sorry, i have nothing against gay or bi.. but.. im kinda conservative.. 😛 yes, i am. i remember when i was young, i read the fact that Mark of Westlife was gay, and i stopped liking him. like seriously, i did it. i used to like Yunho from TVXQ (K-group), but when i read a fanfic about him with his fellow groupmate, i stopped following him. haha..

    i have a lot of gay friends tho! no offense, lols.

    So please, dont ruin my imagination about wallace. lmao. 😀 i prefer him getting married to a woman and living happily ever after ala cinderella.. 😛


    1. yui..I curious about westlife thing.at that time are you still in the high school..but I dont really like westlife..I prefer to backstret boys..nsyn..or ronan keating cs ..and peterpan


      1. nope iin, i was in elementary school i guess.. i was too young back then and just followed my big sister, she was in junior high school.. but first time seeing mark, i knew he was handsome but then everything has changed lols you know, i always love handsome men.. since i was young 😛


  7. My vietsub Part 2 doesn’t have the 2nd debate. Why do they keep cutting stuff out like this? Anyway, I came home after a really long stressful day at work and this cuteness overload certainly gives me some peace. Thanks Himmy and peanuts.


    1. They need to fit a whole week of school days into 3 to 4 episodes, I understand they can’t put in everything. But it’s really a shame that they choose to cut the 2nd debate out, given how much effort Wallace had put in it…
      Whenever you feel stress, just think about Wallace and his silly laugh and you will have a smile on your face without you realising it. 😉 That’s how I destress.

      Liked by 1 person

  8. I remembered watching his interview on Xiao Yan (Taiwanese show I think) when he admitted having a girlfriend. Then there was this singer lady Peng Jia Hui (long time friend of Wallace since he came to Taiwan) commented that at first she thought he was gay. Then she realised he was not because of the “look” on his face when he sees beautiful girls. Not sure if you guys have seen it. Quite hilarious.

    Oh by the way during that show Wallace also said he suffered from Stomachache and had to go through Gastroscopy. He suffered so much that he decided to go vegetarian afterward. Therefore I really want him to not working too much and be healthy. Not seeing him in the news is not always such a bad thing for that reason.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad to know, now I’m relieved lol. Need to clarify here I didn’t mean to upset you all ladies about my thought that WC might have possibility to be a gay. I like him so much like you all so I’d rather clarify. Thank you for all info and comment


      1. no worry gof..I think you are same like me .if something strange in my heart.i will bring it up..and I worse than you..yeah…I cannot keep something person..just say it than you keep it. .that is my way to fight my stress day..even I feel so sorry after that


  9. Let not visit sites that do not give positive vibes. If a site or blog only invites slander and gossip, that has nothing good to say about people they are are no different from paparazzi with no conscience. How accurate can the information or votes on such site/blog be when it done up by the same group of people who like slander and gossip!

    During my teen years I had a classmate who is smart and handsome but his ways is more feminine. Once he rush out from the toilet angrily and told us he got pinch on his backside by a gay! We started laughing and not because of the pinch but we friends know that he is not gay! That was when we so young, today we would have confronted that gay guy for harassment! So let not judge others by their look or action!

    There is a saying that women intuitions are mostly accurate. I beg on my intuition that tells me Wallace is not a gay and he is not married therefore do not have a hidden wife or child!😄


  10. see himmy..you are right..better always rmember his laugh..or watch qiao feng.rather than thinking thats cheap gossip..himmy after I go to that website than I go to our neighbour blog.he he..(WH)..you and jona must cek it out..


  11. Look like our radars are on the alert mode when it on the lookout for Wallace! Ha! Ha! It is good to speak your mind, guess we want to be heard not exactly to find a solution! Hmm sound like a phase from a wedding “Speak now or forever hold your peace” 😀 Ahrr! I am just kidding!


  12. Thank you for the recap. Wallace is so dang handsome and adorable! I wish he will be in a drama soon as I miss seeing him since My Sunshine.


  13. Himmy..any link for wallace doing cleaning..? I couldn’t find it..just want to see his moving..and something I never see in drama.feel regret why I didn’t know him earlier.at least in 2013..best year, busy year, best style, a lot of his drama..yes I like his style in 2013..thanks himmy


  14. @ comnhomvn:
    If a guy’s preference can be determine by their dancing moves and/or gestures, then all k-pop guys are gay as well. 😉 Seriously, one shouldn’t base rumors on that alone. There’s nothing wrong with laughing covering one’s mouth. It is more of a manner gesture than anything else.

    Wallace has a ballroom dancing background and laughs more openly. I find him super manly. In fact, he’s a man of many diverse talents, it’s understandable if he has some softer qualities as well.

    I just have to crack out of my shell to speak up regarding this groundless rumor.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. While waiting for Himmy next recap on the rest of the episodes on ‘I go to school’.

    Let analyse why our Gorgeous Manly Wallace is still single: 😄
    Hmm! I remember a portion of the interview on SS Xiao Yen Show, Xiao Yen asked Wallace did he not ever desire to settle down with a family, Wallace told her that at one point he was tempted to when he saw his good friend Jimmy happily married with a child, and he quickly added that he think it was a good thing he did not do it out at a moment of impulse! He sound and looked relief when he said the last sentence!

    In another interview in China; one of the question was brought up due to his no scandal record with actresses; The Interviewer asked Wallace how did he keep such clean record and don’t he has any need on sexual relation? Wallace replied that one had to cultivate self-control, he engaged himself in intellectual things and hobby, lastly he added that may be on a vegetarian diet helps too! That remind me of another previous interview on Taiwan radio:

    Wallace mentioned when he was very young, he was influenced by Buddhism teaching and he believed that is one of the reason he could easily undertake a vegetarian diet. That lead the Radio DJ to asked Wallace if he was inclining toward monk hood, Wallace said it is unlikely he would take that path as he still has many ambitions he like and want to fulfil!

    We all knew that Wallace horoscope is Sagittarius. And all Sagittarius knows that they are free-spirited and advantageous people and valued freedom the most. The moment they felt their freedom is threaten or felt unbearable, they freaked out!

    I really hope Wallace find a life partner that complement his intellect and maturity; embrace his free-spirited mind with traditional beliefs! Complicated Right! No wonder he is still single! 😝

    So do all of you have other thoughts?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. excellent recap Jona, thank you. I’m Sagittarian girl too, born 2 days earlier many years earlier than my fav oppa WC, I understood fully the importance of FREEDOM. In one of the interview in youtube, a fan asked him about what her sister (or niece I forgot) need to do to keep waiting for WC to marry her or just forget about him. WC’s surprised answer is that nowadays people do not need have to marry, being single has many advantages rather than tied down in marriage. Nah…I agree 101%


  16. Jona wallace will be very happy he has fan just like you.and you like to comforting other wallce fans too.remain me to his romour he married with his stylist.and his sister answer “as his fans just enjoy his perform on the screen and dont disturb his private life..remember they are live in small living and father away.i think wallace just want to enjoy his career now without any pressure or anything.he just want to make his parent and family happy and enjoy..coz his succes are come to late..but better to late than never (in my opinion)

    talk about k-pop..I think they are worse and wallace better than them..found his pose with kangta …I though kangta was very handsome, cute, prince charming.but standing together with wallace..wallace more much handsome..hundreds time more than kangta..anyway..and however wallace in yhe future.he always be my idol..together with wonbin and takuyakimura..how much they are change they always my idol…and forgive with my bad english..I just want to support him


      1. in a website. .I forgot what..but about in january..when the rumour coming out..girls just join us so this blog more colourful…


  17. But.seriously..wallace must put off some his make up..dont to much..sometimes he looks too bright and too dark.this his perfomance in going to school and amazing race are just nice on you.is natural..


  18. Good to see that the rumor was cleared up.

    Because Wallace is definitely straight laa. Love him, do trust him as well. He is someone who is worthy of your love and admiration =).


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