Peanuts: We’ve Irishia to help Himmy with writing the recap so a warm welcome to her. This episode is mainly about Wallace learning English and playing basketball.

Like any other morning, Wallace started his day with enthusiasm and a lot of energy. It is common knowledge that Wallace has a habit of talking to himself and sometimes even uttering interesting words/sound when he’s excited or nervous. Walking out of his hotel, for reasons that only God knows, Wallace was saying “ba”…”ba”…”ba”…”ba”.:)) I always like how adorably goofy he behaves sometimes. However, life is not as perfect as he is in our eyes. Two or three steps out of the canopy Wallace soon realized it was raining. Of course, being Wallace, his first priority would be…the hair.

Once again, Wallace had to run to school, all the while making strange noise/words again like “yi… yi… yi”, “a…a…a…a”, without forgetting to reply to his fans on the way. By the time he reached school and finally out of the rain, despite all his efforts to protect his hairstyle, one strand of hair had shown sign of rebellion and strayed off from the rest.

It appeared that on that day his whole school grade would be taking English exam, hence Wallace had been rehearsing all the time on his way to class. Anyway, the deciding moment finally came…exam time!!! During exam, Wallace really focused on the test and wrote and wrote and wrote, to the point that when the teacher announced the end of the exam he did not even hear it. When she tried to take his papers, Wallace used his charm to ask for one last sentence, and obviously it worked,

though the teacher did not forget to give him one last blow that he would have to redo the test if he failed. Poor Wallace 😛

After that, it turned out that Wallace did not study for whatever was on his test that day. He used the wrong study guide. The right one was given to him the day before yesterday and he only looked over it for a bit. Sigh…Wallace…@.@

But worry not everyone! Our Wallace is a superstar in not just one way. Even with the wrong study guide, Wallace scored 74, second highest only to Selina, who of course was not as forgettable as Wallace and studied the right thing. Even if he did not get the passing score, it was still extremely impressive, since the rest only got to score 18, 4, 27, and 48. All hail Wallace. He’s the best!!! ^^

His English test

After that, it was time for PE, namely basketball. I was excited for Wallace to show off his dazzling basketball skillset, like what he did briefly in the previous episodes. When they were practicing passing the ball it was still all good, and Wallace still looked all cool and dashing but when he finally made a shot, it was air ball.

that posture…sorry Wallace…the chance of getting a basket with that is almost zero O.o

You can tell that he was a little embarrassed, so he must have felt the urge for a comeback and kept going for the basket.

But sorry Wallace…it was not exactly a good day for him since not only was he unable to make a basket, but he also tripped and fell. (I could only laugh. It was incredibly fun for me to watch my idol acting all clumsy…I must be sadistic :P).

Then again, one of the best features of Wallace is the will to never give up on hardship. He must’ve been determined to make the shot, so he sought out the teacher’s advice and the teacher was willing to show how it was done personally. Here comes the fun part. The problem was…even with the almost perfect posture and all that confidence, he inherited Wallace’s bad luck. The worse thing was…after the teacher’s failed attempt, Wallace landed an awesome shot into the basket. It must have been really awkward (how I loved everyone’s reaction there). I suppose we can’t blame the teacher. In Wallace’s brilliant presence, who would not be distracted anyway?

Back to the classroom, Wallace was in his English class again, and Wallace returned to his good student image and listened to the lesson intently. There was this supermarket scenario (which I will not explain because it’s unimportant) and the teacher called Wallace for an answer, and he answered it with a perfect reply, which showed everyone not only his calm demeanor in handling the situation but also his English speaking skill. (Note: I actually think for someone from HK, his English is…pretty bad. It could be that he’s not used to speaking or communicating in English, which I find pretty strange, though his accent is much better than most Mandarin speakers nonetheless). At the end of the class, Wallace and Jin Fu were being complimented on their English tests they did earlier in the episode. While Wallace received a thorough and very good compliment, Jin Fu got what we would call A for efforts. The teacher said she had no implying meaning, but that would make him feel terrible anyway. Poor Jin Fu :)). Afterward she gave them a reminder that they’ve got another test on Friday. Wallace was scared and worried at first but soon told that this test was the one that he had already studied for. This fact was revealed to the entire class and left everyone and the teacher awestruck for his brilliant test result despite studying the wrong things.

But the proud moment did not last very long, because not only the one who sat next to him scored really high, but the girl to his left even got a perfect grade on the test. His face looked both disappointed and impressed at the same time. ( he must be feeling jealous here lol)

This school must be basketball-centered school, since students seem to only play basketball both in PE and break time. Sean came to Wallace’s class to challenge Jin Fu, the basketball ace everyone acknowledged, for a match, and the challenge was accepted.

Before the game began, Wallace did a little warm-up. He tried to do a random hook shot or something but once again failed (Seriously? I’m starting to doubt his confidence in basketball now).

He came to check on Jin Fu who was putting on a couple of protective gears for his feet, claiming he must look out for injuries since he was already old. LOL!!! The best part was he said that to Wallace (40) and Sean (32). They must have felt really self-conscious there.

The game started. Jin Fu got the tip-off but thanks to the weird and distracting chant of the opponent’s cheering team led by Selina, the game seemed to go in Sean’s team’s favor until Sean himself broke the rule or fell at the deciding moment.

Being led by Sean’s team, Wallace came to Jin Fu with the advice that they should slow the pace down and that Jin Fu should pass more instead of handling everything by himself. It was a great advice coming from the “elder” and now Jin Fu was on offense and Wallace defense.

The result was immediate. Wallace teamed up with Jin Fu and successfully got a basket (I wasn’t sure if he was outside or inside… it could’ve been a three-pointer that Wallace scored).

However, it appeared that Sean caught wind of the strategy so he used any mean possible to mark Wallace, even resorting to a back-to-back arm-lock and dragging him away (I say that was one big foul O.o), even Selina interfered and stopped Jin Fu.

Anyway, in the end Wallace and Jin Fu’s team still won by 2 points.

Note: From my “professional” point of view, Sean’s team was the better team with more coherent team work, even with Sean as the good-for-nothing player they still did very well. But the MVP of the game totally went to Jin Fu. He was brilliant. He was a solid power-forward with very good speed (if only he were taller or more buffed he would give more powerful dunks). However, I was pretty disappointed that Wallace did not play a more prominent role in the team but he did well anyway (not as well as I expected given his height but Wallace might become a decent point guard with his wit and the calm demeanor.

It was the afternoon and time for the elective class, Wallace chose pottery or some sorts. I was amazed he chose this club. Remember how much he sucked at stuff like this in the Amazing Race? If it had not for Angel showing the way they would have fallen quite behind. Selina also came later and joined him, but she did it faster, and better than him.

The two had some fun making those things and Wallace even took a picture for Selina. Eventually the result was what I expected. Of course being smart and a fast learner Wallace eventually did find his way to make an abstract-looking mug or cup or pot or vase or whatever that was. But that was still pretty bad if you asked me…so sorry Wallace…pottery is not your thing after all.

At the end of the day Wallace was selling cup cakes with the rest of them and the students. Looked like they had a lot of fun and were able to raise a fund of 200 yuan or something (I’m not clear with Chinese currency).

Late at night, Wallace was still diligently learning vocabulary words. He gave Selina a call…to complain and encourage each other. I guess since both of them got a singing background in Taiwan they must be closer than they appear. After that, Wallace and Selina both went back to studying.

There are a lot of video cuts that were posted on Youtube…I think they belong to ep 3…but I have no way of knowing where/when to fit them in so I’ll just shove every cut into the bottom lines.

I think this was the exercise for eyes in between classes. I’m really new to this type of schooling system. It’s strange…but quite helpful

At the end of the day, Sean led Wallace to the dormitory and showed him around. I felt that Wallace would enjoy living there, but since he prefers the quiet, serene atmosphere then maybe the dorm would not be such a good idea.

Here is the full ep:

Overall, this was a pretty uneventful episode. The only thing I liked about this ep was the basketball match. Though by professional standards, it was far from entertaining, but to high school students, it was intense enough. I suppose due to the negative feedback on the favoritism of the show’s editor for Wallace, his scenes in this ep were cut a lot, and it pissed me off (sorry I used ‘piss’ ;P)

Cr: Weibo and Youtube

37 thoughts on “WALLACE GOES TO SCHOOL 我去上学啦 – EP 3 RECAP”

  1. Welcome on board Irishia, I really enjoyed your recap, very informative and fun to read, well done!

    I noticed Wallace always need some time to warm up in almost anything I think, and once he got the hang of it! Wow! he surprised all with his talents! other than pottery of course!


  2. Finally..the recap 3 coming out.whoever write the recap..thankyou so much irishia..wow..now iknow how is wallace hand writing…perhaps one day i can have his signature”dreaming”and basketball always be my favorite wallace doing sport..he tall enough..big thankyou for peanuts..more people means make this blog more colourfull..


  3. thank you so much Irishia for the recap. I like this episode. Wallace’s English seems quite bad for someone that used to be in an English contest (he mentioned in one show that he was in the school team for reading poem in English of some sort). His HK accent English is quite cute.

    When it comes to Basketball, Jin Fu is invincible. Wallace is really really young for his age, but we all know he nearly doubles Jin Fu’s age and more than doubles the high school kids’ ages so it is really impressive how he can keep up with them.


    1. I’ve to defend WC on his English 🙂 Don’t forget WC had left school for more than 2 decades. Moreover he doesn’t need to use much English in his singing, dancing & acting career in Taiwan & China. Thus it is inevitable his English had gone bad 😦 Anyhow I feel he can speak slightly more fluent than Calvin who studied in Canada. Heehee, I may be bias 😛

      Jin Fu is master of basketball but WC is master of all sports 😛


      1. penanuts..does he take any english lesson before? more than 2 decade…so what is wallace last education?


      2. Hey, go & read Himmy’s 11 Things to Know Abt WC & memorize them 😛

        He studied until high school only. HK used to be under British rule so of course he studied English in school. Anyway nearly every school in the world also study English as a language.


      3. ya lah..I only busy comment in every post.that is greet..his educaton only high school but he became superstar


      4. I agreed. I actually look out to listen for Wallace voice in English. They sound very gentle and pleasant to the ears. I think he will sound very sexy if he would just recite a English poem! If that happened! In my imagination: I will fall into ecstasy and swoon dramatically at his feet! While Himmy dived forward for his sexy lips! And inn is ready to leap for his chest! Then peanuts interceded and said in a cool manner “Tsk! tsk! Ladies please behave you all are scaring our Wallace!” Irishia recovered from her shock and quickly completed her recap! And all this while Cheywon had took all photos in action! And she remarked “creepy!! Wallace’s fans never fail to amaze me with their obsession!” And comnhomvn is grateful after reading the recap as it made her day! 😄😄😄 just for fun!

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Jona your comment is hilarious. Anyway I don’t think am less creepy than any of you girls but I happened to have a husband who has access to the same computer at home so need to behave myself a bit. He is quite bothered by my Wallace obsession


      1. I guessed you Ladies must have dream and said out loud Wallace name many times in your sleep! I think Wallace popularity is also contributed from many Husbands, Boyfriends and Gays busying google Wallace…Who is Wallace!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. We must smarter than our hubby jona..but im very open up..just give explain.coz my husband know my hobby even before I meet him


  5. but jona..at the first a I adore him is his nose and forehead..coz I missed the episode qiao feng taking a bath..then his legs, his arms in amazing race..the most sexiest..now I already have what I want to see from him.except his hidden part..ha ha ha..but im not selfish person.i still willing to share his lips to himmy..the rest is mine..ha ha ha..even only his lips but is the most important thing..

    Liked by 1 person

      1. For some reason, you and Jona are willing to gave up Wallace’s lips for me. So my line is not that long, and it totally worth it. (everyone knew that Wallace is very skilled in that part)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. yess himmy..I willing to queue for his lips after I moles his full body..if I start to queue now..is not fair for you..I just come and too far behind you..


  6. Since I give his lips to himmy.what can I do now just dream..ahh..so sad like eating without salt..the most important seasoning..too plain.and in my dream is if I became his co star/women lead.. i will ask the director, produser to repeat and repeat and repeat every kissing scenes..ahh..but I still have his arms to carry me..but wallace please…”’dont use your legs to kick me..and “brrrrrg….I wakeup from my dream…the fact is my hubby wake me up coz I calling his name a few times..and I quickly cameback to my reality life..no wallace there.

    .#crazy fan alert#


    1. Hey! inn, take it easy on your hubby! to curb your obsession on Wallace, your hubby may petition for “wife guidance” act for the internet!:D


      1. Dont worry jona..everything is ok..

        about wallace..just like himmy said..the more you know it more you will love it..i add someword..the more you think about him more you crazy of him..ha ha ha..

        himmy..his nose are still the best.and now i more obsesion of him after i watch calling me baby…ha ha ha.


      2. Yes his nose is just so great, I enjoy watching them in Best Time, besides LLC attractive eyes, especially in those scenes when he’s driving his precious Range Rover. Whenever I saw a Range Rover, especially the one that look like Lu Li Cheng’s one, I fangirl a little bit because they’re quite rare in my country.


    2. U’re so hilarious Iin. I’ve no idea if someone can be so fan of other guy once you’re married lol. I love Wallace’s eyes and his height and his lips – arrow shape – must be good kisser lol


      1. I think his eyes in TLTSILY..is the most hottest..and wallace is something we couldnt find it in our real life..you can have obsession or imagination about him just in your dream.


  7. I am just teasing you inn!

    I not only love his nose, love everything about him! I think Wallace danced better than the Koreans. He is so talented, takes only short time to master the dance moves! 😍😍😍


    1. i really dont know about that koreans boyband..is it really good..?wallace move so sexyyyy….jijinfu can not cover his mouth to say woooow.!! to wallace.


  8. How the rating of this show? is it good? because the other reality show like singing contest also showing now in china..does it effect? and they are look awesome too..and jaychow now more handsome than before..


  9. Hi..iam here..jona , comnhonvn..I guess they are all was very busy..
    I hope the news he will attend at the seoul drama award will be came true.all of us miss him out in public..always wondering how his look now..jona i already vote for my sunshine too..some of the nominated also my favorite actually..but I support wallace drama.girls may I know when is the next im going to school re cap..watching and reading are diffrent..when I watching I only focus on his face..ha ha..reading your recap I found something like he like to using his tongue when he was nervous or laughing…hope you make the next recap soon.


  10. Yes, the recap actually spice up the whole show. I will watched the episode and enjoyed reading the recap and back to re-watched the same episode. There are times when I find they speak too fast to catch or understand what was said on screen due to my so so Chinese language! Ha! Ha!


  11. I will continue to vote for Wallace and really missed his public news.

    The next episode is coming up and I can’t wait to watch it! 😀


  12. How Wallace always gives his best in doing everything in his life is one of the qualities in him that i adores the most =). And yes I think if he learns the k-pop dance moves, he can be sexier than any of the korean boyband members XD. (Ohh I can’t help drooling over this…)


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