I’ve already mentioned this month is quiet because oppa is busy filming in South Korea. However, we still get to see him on “I am Going to School” and plenty of endorsements so that we can still remember him 😛

A belated Happy Chinese Valentine’s Day (Qixi Festival) from Wallace which was on 20th August.

Oh, I forgot to include a piece of news from hoju. Basically, it’s saying that Wallace’s contract with his current company Hairun is complete and he does not intend on renewing it. He has started his own film/television production company in Shanghai, so, coupled with his music production company that he established in Taipei several years back, he has several areas where he can expand his interests.

Wallace is such a fun goof. Since he has to endorse something, might as well make it fun by making us guess what they are. I don’t want to repeat what I had written as to why he is endorsing so many things. All, I’ll say is his mum must be laughing all the way to the bank lol.

I got our usual guest translator hoju to help us to solve Wallace’s riddles. The title is “光高西乾”, which, literally is “Light, High, West, Heaven (based on Eight Trigrams).” But you’re meant to read this in pinyin, which is “guang gao xi qian.” This sounds very similar to 广告时间 “guang gao shi jian,” which means “advertisement time.”

 Wallace wrote this in his Weibo:
<Light, High, West, Heaven>  The desk-mate who can guess this will win the chance to unlimited viewings of tonight’s “I’m Going to School.” Those who are completely clueless can refer to the answer following: @… [And he proceeds to tag all the weibo accounts of the products he endorses, the official movie weibo accounts of “Three” and “Bounty Hunter”, and his fan club weibo ]
So, what he is asking people to do is watch the video and fill in the “?”. Hoju had written down his original riddle, then after the arrow, she had given the answer, then translation.

抹 ? ? 芙 –> 抹丝塔芙  Use some Cetaphil

This is a new product from Cetaphil called Derma Control. Anyone tried it before?

穿七 ? ? –> 穿七匹狼  Wear 7 Wolves

When Chewywon comes back from her holiday, she will put those handsome pictures in the gallery section at the side of the blog.

来颗清 ? –> 来颗清至  Have a Trident

Chewywon had already done a feature on this.

下午茶香? ? –>下午茶香飘飘  Afternoon tea have Xiang Piao Piao [milk tea]


This is Wallace latest endorsement. When you are in China, don’t forget to try it:P

快递顺丰? ? –> 快递顺丰海淘 Express delivery from Shun Feng Hai Tao [online shopping site]

This shopping site even have Wallace Chung Carnival to attract you to buy more 🙂

送天涯? ? 刀 –> 送天涯明月刀 Giveaway of “Horizon Bright Moon Sabre” [online game]

I did not include the link because the game is in Chinese so I doubt any of you will be interested to play.


On the movie front, “Bounty Hunters” will start filming on 2 Sept with Tang Yan confirmed as the female lead. If you are expecting Yi Chen to reunite with Mo Sheng, then your dream is shattered because Mo Sheng will romance Lee Min Ho. Does that mean Wallace has to cradle snatch and pair up with Karena Ng? Please don’t as I prefer him single in the movie.

A piece of bad news is that Wallace was rumored to star in a drama or movie with Tong Li Ya as Sir Run Run, the movie mogul as well as ex-owner of Hong Kong TVB. Unfortunately the role was subsequently offered to and accepted by Zhang Han (Feng Teng in Boss & Me). Oh such a pity that we won’t get to see Wallace portraying a rich man as well as a subtle revenge on TVB lol.

Talking about Zhang Han, he has also been invited to attend The 10th Seoul International Drama Awards on 10th Sept with Wallace. If you live in Korea, you can take part in a raffle to get ticket to watch my Sunshine on 6th Sept. I don’t know whether Wallace will be attending since he did not pm (personal message) me 😛 But I guess he’ll go because you don’t get such an invitation everyday. In addition, he has two dramas My Sunshine and The Stand-In as the finalists. It’ll also give him more free exposure in Korea, so why not? Any confirmation of attendance on the Korean end?

Updated 8 Sept: Wallace will attend so my guess is correct 😛

Wallace Chung- SKorea

I think oppa is still filming “Tik Tok” in Korea. You can see pictures of him roaming Korea’s streets in the gallery at the side of the blog. I’ll be on vacation in Japan in Sept so if I am a powerful swimmer, I can probably swim over to visit oppa, haha…We will be so near yet so far 😦

Hence, Chewywon will probably do the Sept update. We may be slow because we are not free to post often but you can be sure, you’ll not miss any important part of Wallace’s life as we do keep track of him often 🙂

I’ll end this post with a video for you drool over our Wallace 🙂


30 thoughts on “AUGUST 2015 NEWS UPDATE”

  1. Thankyou peanuts.all the news is I want it..espesially the 7 wolves clothes.he so manly and cool..wanna to huge him.and wallace in korea….im your good fan.will waiting all the news from you.


  2. Peanuts, so happy to hear from you. Indeed August is so quiet and good thing we are able to look forward to ‘I go to school’ with Wallace. I am happy he continued to receive so many product endorsements in between doing movies! 😄

    Ever since I finished my last facial wash, I have switched my reference to Cetaphil’s wash as Wallace used it too! 😍 Been using it for a few weeks now, and I like it as it leave my skin clean and not drying could be because it is gentle and give ph balance. What surprise me is the price is affordable for a pretty good product! Good recommendation! 👍


    1. you really use it jona..I have use cepathil product but I use body buble at all.i think suitable for sensitive skin..but, you know I live in hot suitble for I stop use it.havent try the product wallace andorse..


      1. We should use what is suitable for us and not blindly follow lah! By the way, no bubble is not a bad thing because it help with ph balance for skin! 😄 And you are right! I do have sensitive skin! ☺️


    1. Urgh, I dun really like him even though I watched his Love Generation & Long Vacation. I dun think I get to meet him but I’ll be going to the Rainbow Bridge, can you remember it in his dorama lol?

      In the same era as Takuya, I used to like Yutaka Takenouchi in Heaven’s Coin (I m going to Hokkaido where they filmed it) & Fukuyama Masaharu in Under One Roof & Galileo.


  3. I forgot with the very long time.but I watch long vacation and love generation
    .in that era thats the first dorama I watch.


  4. I am very happy Wo Sheng ended up with He Yi Sheng. But after my Sunshine, Tang Yan still not able to gain my respect as a popular actress. therefore I am not bother who she paired up with. Sorry! I actually felt relief she is not pairing up with Wallace in ‘Bounty Hunter’! 😌 A street-wise with smart, mature sense of humour actress would be a better match to Wallace’s big brother profile in ‘Bounty Hunter’ otherwise don’t bother at all! And I agreed with Peanut to keep his role single! 😜

    By the way, the only Japanese actor I respect and adore is Takeshi Kaneshiro! 😄 Peanuts if you see him, send him my love! Ha! Ha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I read the competition for the leading female role in “Bounty Hunters” was intense. She beat out some of the biggest names in the industry for the role. I really like Tiffany Tang and she have all my respect.

      I just hope the ending in “Bounty Hunters” is like drama “Diamond Lovers”. At first, she in love with Lee MinHo, but she go home with Wallace Chung…


      1. Actually Yang Mi got the role but she gave it up bcos she wants more time with her family. It is a case of the devil and the deep blue sea as both actresses are not good in my book. Thus I m indifferent whether WC ends up with TY or not. Just dun make WC a lovesick puppy pinning after TY.


      2. Starhaus Entertainment (the film’s production compagny) never confirmed that Yang Mi is the leady lady in “Bounty Hunters”. Is just a RUMOR…


      3. That is bcos YM didn’t agree and was still considering until she decided to put her family 1st so they left the spot empty in the press conference. If TY was chosen in the 1st place, she would have attended the press conference.


  5. I like the news wallace will have his own company ruby lin or fan bin bin.i wish he more sucsesfull in the future..
    but peanuts you also forgot my sunshine will in korea question…is my sunshine really popular there?”
    jona, takesi kanesiro..he seldom in japan..I dont think peanuts will seen him..


    1. My Sunshine K version has nothing to do with WC. I don’t care if they remake an Indo or Viet version bcos WC is the best Yi Chen so all other versions are irrelevant 😛


  6. I saw the photos of Wallace wearing 7 wolves and I am sorry but his face looks a bit weird. They might have done a bit of Photoshop… But Why? Wallace looks perfect as he is…

    By the way, have you girls seen Wallace dancing Call Me Baby in Going to School. OMG, he literally had me stop breathing for a while. That was totally hot.


    1. Airbrush is a norm in the advertisement industry. Perfect is not enough, they want WC to be even more perfect lol. Ya, the clothes make him look suave yet he also looks weird.

      Tsk tsk, no spoiler ah as some busy bees here have not caught up with the latest episode yet 😦 School is diff fr TAR where you’ve the urge to chase like mad bcos you want to find out if WC won that round or not. I woke up early every Sat morning just to make sure WC did well in TAR b4 I started my day lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. sorry peanuts. I have been watching up to Ep 5 with Vietsub. The dancing bit I watched randomly on YouTube and not really understand a word. Won’t do the spoiler again. Can’t wait for you girls’ recap.


      2. Haha, dun worry, I m just playing u 😛 Recap for epi 4 will be out soon but dun know when is epi 5 ready. I want to recap fast like TAR but no time or motivation 😦 It is funny but not exciting enough for me 😦


    2. I have been watching too..and I have more obsession about sexy..let me say this..his body is made for dancing, his lips made for kissing, his eyes made for kill our heart, his nose made him more amazing, his hand made for mastering all of sports..still waiting for the recap

      Liked by 2 people

  7. ah, peanuts.. you know how much i miss you and your post??? 🙂
    Thank youuu ^^

    sigh. tangyan is everywhere.. i wish to see wallace and tong lia.. or the girl who now acting with jerry in my best ex bf.

    oh my God, he looks sooooooooo handsome in those pic.. especially the k-pic.

    i hope his dramas win in seoul international award..


    Liked by 1 person

  8. I just want to say this is so far a best English blog for fangirling Wallace. For English speaking fan like myself this is the most convenient way to keep in touch with Wallace. This blog is not only informative but interesting as well even though it lag a little due to translation but it made up with enthusiastic and sometimes challenging comments! I am always motivate to visit here … Borrowing a phase “this blog Is like a box of chocolate , you never know what you are going to get” 😄😄😄 Peanuts and your team did a fantastic work on this blog! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

  9. wow jona…what im comment is not for challenging..really!! is pure from my heart..a thousand word are not enough to praise him..his hand except for mastering all of sports also for mastering all the music instruments..his smile brigthen my day his tears make my heart feel sad and pain too..

    Liked by 1 person

  10. My heart breaks when you mention Wallace not going to accept a new drama role with Tong Li Ya which i ship both of them. I dying for a new drama from Wallace my love! *sigh* Why, why, oh why Wallace!


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