Goodbye to August, goodbye to Jian Ping High 😦 This is their last day at Jian Ping High School, so it also means there will be a lot of tears in this episode.

Wallace looked very tired and sleepy in the morning. Well, it is because it was Friday, where he had accumulated all his sleepless nights for the whole week. I hope he will have enough time to rest over the weekend. 😦

He fell asleep yesterday so he did not finish a lot of his homework or memorize his English words. Look at his exhausted face. Anyway he still tried his best to be energetic and greeted his fans.

Some students urged them to go to the music room while shouting “Are you going or not?!”  Unexpectedly, Wallace shouted back ‘Going [Yes]!’, which made everyone laughed.


Even his shouting expression looks so cute 😛

After Wallace knew they were going to sing the song “I have a Dream,” he started practicing it. But the naughty Jin Fu tried to disturb him by singing the Mandarin version of the song beside him.

The teacher asked Wallace and Jin Fu to introduce themselves  by singing a song of their choice.  Wallace was shy and was not sure what song he should sing. In the middle of singing “London Bridge is Falling Down,” he asked if they wanted another song. Then he sang “Jasmine Flower,” but he forgot the lyrics. Hence the teacher and students continued to sing the song for him.

Wallace seems very hyped up while practicing the song “I have a Dream.”  He sang at a really high pitch and caught everyone’s attention. Xiao Huang seemed to enjoy singing together with Wallace. After they finished practicing, Wallace and Jin Fu were required to do a group performance of the song in front of everyone. During Jin Fu’s group performance, they pointed at Wallace every time they sang the word “angel.” Then Wallace will stand up to flap his arms like an angel.


Wallace excuted their rendition like an opera performance XD


During chemistry class, the teacher was picking students to answer questions.


Wallace held his school bag tightly and looked here and there, hoping that he wouldn’t be chosen. Then he revealed the reason why he always holds his school bag in his arms during class—because it will appear that it is too inconvenient for him to get up, the teacher might not pick him. XD How could he come up with such a brilliant idea 😛 ?

imgbox imgbox imgbox

Unfortunately,  Wallace’s plan failed 😦


“Please don’t pick me, please don’t pick me… ugh…”

The teacher picked him twice and said he must like chemistry a lot, since his character in My Sunshine fell in love with a girl from the Department of Chemistry. Wow, even the male teacher watched My Sunshine?

Since it was their last day at Jian Ping, Wallace and Jin Fu bought pan-fried pork soup dumplings for their classmates. Everyone was so happy to see them back with food. Wallace kept asking if everyone got the dumplings to make sure no one was left out.


After Jin Fu lovingly fed the classmate sitting next to him, he suggested Wallace doing the same with Xiao Huang. Wallace thanked Xiao Huang’s companionship and taking care of him for a week. Jin Fun tried to tease them by saying Xiao Huang’s face had turned red.

Wallace didn’t eat the dumpling since it had meat in it. He told Jin Fu to tell him whether it tasted good or not and it wwould be like he had already eaten it. Jin Fu said dramatically that eating Wallace’s dumplings is akin to floating on air. I’m not convinced by his words unless Wallace feeds it to me. 😛

Since Wallace didn’t pass his last English test, he had to retake the test. The three students shook hands for sharing the same fate. Finally Wallace felt relieved after the test was over. He felt that he would score more than 80 marks, which is the passing mark.

When the teacher asked him if the test is difficult, Wallace replied “a little bit” and seemed shy. He’s so humble 🙂


After studying for the whole night, he got a perfect score in the end!


He was really happy ^^ and when Xiao Huang asked him about his test, he proudly told him he got a perfect score. Wallace is such a smart cookie 🙂

They had a meeting with other students to share their experiences and thoughts during their 5 days in Jian Ping. Selina was saying how the explosion incident had affected her life mentally and physically, but she needs to stay strong and she appreciates her life more now. She teared up while she was talking about it. After she finished talking, Wallace walked over to her and offered her a hug. I guess that’s Wallace’s way of comforting people.


Wallace thanked his classmates and teachers for giving him so many experiences and memories that he might have missed during his high school days. He also praised Jian Ping’s students for having good grades and most importantly, good characters which he thinks is the most important. He told them the future is waiting for them.
He ended his speech with this English phrase “Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re going to get.”

Wallace looked for food and had his last meal at Jian Ping peacefully.



Good old memories of fangirling over Wallace’s eating, I need a close up!!

When he went back to class, he wasn’t even sure that it was his classroom and needed to double check. Lol Wallace you’ve been in the same classroom for 5 days now!


It turned out, his classmates had a surprise party for them.

Wallace asked why there were “1” and “2” on the cake, only to be reminded that they were in class 12. Then he tried to correct his blunder by saying it’s also because they’re all 12 years old. This made Jin Fu speechless. Xiao Huang played the violin for Wallace. After that, all of them were dancing around with what I call “duck move” but Wallace never left his chair. He just stood there and watched them.


Then Jin Fu’s classmate gave a touching speech saying if not because of this TV show, they would never cross paths and built a special bond with each other.


Wallace was touched by his classmate’s speech. I suspect Wallace was the one who suggested to Jin Fu to hug him here. Wallace kept hiding his tears. Whenever he started to tear up, he would wipe them away quickly. Wallace expressed that he would and also hoped his classmates would treasure and remember their 5 days together. Jin Fu prepared a gift for his classmates, which is a basketball with the signatures of all the transfer students. I think that is pretty sweet, since he left them with something memorable which they did together. I’m trying my best to hold back my tears, but damn it because when Sean Sun started crying, I also burst into tears. 😦 This guy can really cry.

image host

Wallace left a message for Xiao Huang and said good bye to everyone.



In the next episode, they will go to Chongqing High School. a new school, a new start! All of them will move in and stay in the dormitory. It seems like everything in that school canteen is burning hot, poor Wallace… As the big brother of a firefighter sister, you cannot embarrass her by being not able to eat spicy food 😛

Fond memories of Wallace’s school days in Jian Ping High School: imgbox  imgbox   imgbox


Wallace feeling lost in the class


Wallace being cute, wait, he does that all the time.



Wallace trying to hide his yawn.

image host

Wallace said he had no time to think about his job, family nor friends in those 5 days. He was so preoccupied with his school life that he did not even take care of himself well. However, after it was all over, he felt reluctant to part with them.

Was Wallace imitating a chicken at 1:44? -.-

Let’s see what Xiao Huang thinks of Wallace in Q & A:

Q = Interviewer           H: Xiao Huang

Q: Why were you chosen to sit beside Wallace?

H: Probably because I’m a humorous person, which is totally opposite of Wallace. Reality has proven that he’s quite cool. He’s not always joking around like Jiang Jin Fu. Instead he’s very steady whether in speech or action.

Q: Your first encounter was a bit awkward, was it because you were dazzled by the light of galaxy?

H: On the first day, I was still not sure what type of personality he has. My previous impression of him was he’s quite cold. Thus I’m not sure if it’s appropriate to approach him warmly. Hence I talked to my friend only. It was recorded on the camera and I felt awkward after I saw it. After talking to him for about 5 minutes, I realized that he’s easy to get along with and doesn’t give off the vibe like a big celebrity. He is very down to earth, communicated with us like an average person and would even play with us.

Q: After one week of getting to know each other better, what is your impression of Wallace?

H: He is definitely the most hardworking one among the 6 of them. He told me that he wasn’t very serious during his high school days, so maybe he wants to address his regret. He slept very late everyday, including doing the presentation on Friday. He sent his notes to me at 2 a.m. and I began to work on the PowerPoint slides at 3 a.m. I believe he slept at such time everyday. But he still looked very energetic in school the next day, which is really not easy.

Q: Did you notice any of his unknown habits?

H: When he was sitting for exams, he would read out the question. I wanted to tell him that it is not allowed.

Q: Being so close to the center of the universe [Wallace], is there any inconvenience?

H: When I walked out of school, some fans would recognize me and asked me to help them pass a variety of things to Wallace. But normally I would reject all of them. Many of my friends would also ask me about him on  social media, and I just stopped using them. I will feel bad to make him sign for over 100 people.

Q: Any final words for Wallace?

H: Big brother Han Liang, hope you can come and visit us often in Shanghai. Of course, I know you are very busy. Hope you have a successful career and earn more and more fans. I believe I’ll have more opportunities to see you on television. Actually there has been already quite a lot of opportunities now. That’s it.

Xiao Huang is really cute and a good kid. 🙂

Full video link for episode 4:


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  1. Thumb up for your recap too himmy…never missed every single moment..detail and complete..I feel sad too.seeing his tears..he look very tired..I think in this school litle bit enjoy and so much task..ya I know school is for study..but too hard.
    I like the interview..xiao huang is not bad..they can be a good freind too.
    himmy I curious about the picture wallace wearing square line shirt.i saw TVB loggo.what is the title of drama.i just watch this morning..and the video clip very sad..more sad than lu li cheng..the girls is preety in that era..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have no idea which video you are talking about, can you give me the link? This gif was from another site so I’m not sure were the clip from, but I think is Chord of victory.


      1. yes..chord and victory..is it really good drama..? he looks so pitty and bully by his girl friend..I google it..but not complete..


      2. I haven’t watch it too, it’s not a popular drama in tvb back in the day, thus it’s hard to find it online. But Peanut watched it before, you ask her 😛


      3. Its ok himmy..TVB has been bully him..but my opinion his acting since his start his career till now really good..
        jona afraid to peanuts..and me too..ha ha ha..just kidding..
        but actually i want jia qing to be his partner in his movie bnty hounter..she is preety and energic..and her height compare to wallace


      4. Tang Yan is very tall too, and more famous… They wanted to pick someone well known to boost the box office. Although I like Jia Qing too, but she’s still not that popular especially out of mainland.


      5. I don’t think TVB bully Wallace during Cord of Victory, he and Mickey was given the main role despite both of them are still newbie at that time. I guess it didn’t do well bcos of the script? I didn’t watch so can’t tell. Or maybe TVB didn’t promote the drama that much? Since they’re all newbie, TVB might want to put their full strength on drama with big production and casts. (If you want to consider this as bully, but TVB does this all the time to many artists too)


      6. I think so..is not tvb bulli him…
        but sorry this is my opinion about him when he want it we cannot stop him when he doesn’t want we cannot force him..


      7. Himmy, we missed Wallace in Drama. Better encourage Wallace to do a new drama soon before inn need to fend her frustration and choose to start a strike in front of TBV as a punching bag! Ha! Ha! 😝

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      8. Lmao, I actually wanna see that happen 😂
        Don’t worry I’ll talk to him in my dream tonight 😛 but his schedule is full until next year, so we need to be patient 🙂


      9. ha ha ha..no lah jona..I too feminine and girly..no dare to do that..I only do one time go to wallace huo blog.because I need to defend our wallace there..

        so..until next year wallace will be busy in movie? I think next year all his movie projects will be done.and all his movie will out in cinema..wow..!!


  2. wow.. the last episode.. really nice one. he’s sooo cute..

    thank you for everyone who made the recaps 🙂 miss my high school life so bad.. 😦


    1. yui what are you doing lately..I though you busy thinking our exchange money to US $..drop.so your spirit to our wallace drop too


      1. hahaha.. miss me?? 😛

        ya lah.. work hard cuz $$$ is so high now..
        but i wont forget wallace..<3

        im just busy watching dramas lately.. but still, i came here one or two times last week, but havent had time to comment..:D

        aiyoo, seriously, this recap makes me missing my high school life super much..


  3. Oh! Himmy, I really want to hug you for your attention to details, before I have watched episode 4 and did not notice Wallace’s making faces to keep alert! And trying to hide a yawn in disguise! That were so cute! 😄

    And the video comparing the present and young Wallace’s shy face expression and body language really surprise me! I like it! 😂😂😂

    Wallace still look so handsome even with Panda eyes! 😍

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  4. Great job, himmy ~ I’ve been watching this episodes (and others) multiple times 😛 coz it’s my only joy after work office politics lol. But I still very much enjoy your recap. ❤


  5. Hope WC will still be willing to take role in drama. Understand movie can make money much faster but i’ll miss him and don’t forget drama TV that made him so widely welknown, not movie.


    1. yesss and I willing to be his co star in the next his drama..I will stay by his side forever and never leave him like mo sheng..or blind by his love and just want to be his friend like su man..


    2. Agreed, but I hope he can have some achievement in movie industry too. He should be recognised by HK ppl, since it’s his home town. And the best way to do so is by receiving some movie award.
      I’m conflicted…


      1. Since Wallace is so popular in China, wondered why HK TV did not invite him as a guest star in their drama. Hk people get to know him better, China get to watch Hk productions!!!


      2. I don’t want Wallace to film TVB drama, they haven’t produce any good one in a long time (just my opinion, no hate) I just want Wallace to throw his success on their face 😛


      3. 3 reasons off the top of my head
        1) TVB is too cheap to afford WC 😛
        2) TVB wants to promote artists who have signed their life to TVB 🙂
        3) WC is not popular in HK 😦


      4. I used to watched and like HK dramas when I am younger but taste buds changed due to story line get boring, seeing the same actors and actresses on almost every HK drama! Switched to Korea dramas but more selective now! Explored Chinese drama and not impressive enough to entice me totally and then come across the same HK actors and actresses on Chinese drama again!!! 😛 But the only consolation is that I discovered Wallace! Yeah! 😀

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  6. himmy..sorry disturb you again.talking about his award..I like watch him in youtube.can you one day make a post about all his award? and you translate what he saying..I curious what he say in eagle award..the language is like.. (pang cuko wode..pinping ko wode) what is the meaning? may i know


    1. I will watch the video to give you a full translation later. But I remember it’s roughly like this: “I want to thanks everyone that had helped me, that had criticised me. All the staff either on stage or from back stage. I will keep on the good work and work harder.”


      1. wow..the meaning his word is so deeply
        .he respect them..and always never forget to bow his head to people around him when he win awards.and still stay calm..no over happy.


    2. To be a loyal fan of WC, i followed this thread for a long time n love it so much. Although i have watched this eps already but reading your recap i find it so interesting. Thanks so much. As i know, WC got the angle award in 2012 with the prize : famous actor in Hk, Tw area although he is nomonated with 3 films. His fans were so angry and wonder why he didnt get the prize from votes that belong to VC ( a mainlain actor) at that time. When sitting on stadium, he emotionally thanked this award coucil as well as his fans and especilly when MC asked him about his ideal girl friend model, he answered that she is not only nice but also resourful 🙂 that means in or out r also good like angle goddess ( symble of the award) but the moment that made me touched most that he cried when listening the song about “papa”. Hiz, i want to cry too.:)). Omg, my wallace, u r so sensitive n … No words can descibe how good u r! Lol.


      1. wow..thanks..I have know nothing about speak chinese..if not because wallace I would never known that song.and I like it too..I prefer to watch wallace crying rather than the originally the singer..coz I can gets double..I can see wallace and I can listen to the song..


      2. Yes, I remembered that video, I saw it on YouTube, it was captured on video by Wallace’s fans, he was unable to control his tears, he was crying though out the whole song. It was so heartbreaking to see him cried. As I watched I too cried along with him, as I would empathised how he feel when you are away from home for so long and one day you saw your parent suddenly age so much it just shocking and I think he recalling those moment!😢


      3. As for the Golden Eagle Award, it was more than just anger and disappointment for Wallace’s fans. Being one of the most important TV Drama awards in China Golden Eagle was just an abyss of foul plays and dark plots. Despite winning the most votes Wallace would not be awarded the Golden Eagle best actor cause he is not from mainland China.

        Golden Eagle was a hard lesson learnt for all those who had voted that time, and for a long period I hated anything related to Mango TV and Black Eagle. But now I had gotten it over XD. Time will prove everything and a real talent will shine.


  7. Do you think his new production company need a PA? I can screen all his calls, re-style his hair the way inn like, run personal errands even after working hours, called his bullies at 2am for morning calls, remind him to do dramas, spied …I mean help to do match making since he is so shy….hmm! Himmy when are you meeting him again..can I join in your dream? 😀

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    1. jona.you can be his PA.but dont mess up his hair.and always on the right place as he want.
      answering call from his bullies .I think this is I will do.i know better than you.


      1. No worries inn, i won’t mess up his hair, I will changed to a massage instead! It will be brilliant idea if you could give his bullies midnight and morning call every two hours, we can take turns if you get tired! 😜

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  8. I just want to comment about new picture cewywon have posting.thanks cewywon..while waiting for the next recap.and im sure everybody was waiting too.
    in korea they have 4 boys over flower.in this blog we have three man over handsome.even in the dark I still can see..who is the the most handsome..off course MR.wallace chung…hey hey mr huo..why you rubbing your lips..same like mr chung..I know you will lose.. he is god of kissing..mr hu ge..I no commen coz I dont know him..


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