Wallace the Asian Star Grand Prize Winner

The 10th Seoul International Drama Awards wrapped up last night on September 10, 2015 (South Korea Time). It was held at the Sangam Culture Plaza with many top local K-stars as well as some international stars. Representing Taiwan were Bolin Chen, Ariel Lin, and Aaron Yan, while Hans Zhang and our very own Wallace Chung represented China. The hosts for the show was led by the charismatic Lee Dong Wook and K-actress Kim Jung Eun. Like many award shows, it is pretty boring. There’s really no merit to this award show and one should not take it too seriously as well. It is more of just bringing in big names to help celebrate the year end TV drama.


Wallace took home the Asian Star Grand Prize Award alongside Ariel Lin, Chen BoLin, and Joe Odagiri. His speech was brief. He greeted the audience in Korean (it’s the effort that matters) and the rest was in English ( no translation necessary). You can watch the acceptance speech below:

Himmy: I respect Wallace for making the effort to say something in Korean. Ariel can speak a bit of Korean so she does not count. Bolin did say thank you in Korean but Wallace spoke the most 😛 Wallace looks very handsome in his suit, even all those oppa can’t beat him 😛


Peanuts: Our darling Wallace walked on the wrong side of the stage, right in front of the presenters after his name was announced. He must be too ecstatic and nervous to not know what he was doing as if he were dreaming lol. Or he wanted to make sure the Koreans know who is Wallace Chung since they announced the four winners one after another in quick succession.

Also, the announcer kind of pronounced Wallace’s name incorrectly because I heard Han Leung Jong when it should be Hon Leung Chung in Cantonese or Han Liang Zhong in Mandarin. Being Korean, can’t fault them too much but why can’t she just call him Wallace Chung like she called Bolin Chen?

Seoul Drama awards GIF

Fans are very meticulous when it comes to Wallace. They are able to capture this very nervous moment. He still in his little world practicing his Korean speech. (LOL !)Seoul Drama awards GIF

When Wallace realised the camera was on him, he quickly smiled and clapped 😛


During the show, Wallace was seated next to Lee Min Ho, who walked away with 2 awards for the night. Mr. Lee has already started shooting  “Bounty Hunters,” which explains the toned body (he tends to go up and down). Wallace will join as soon as he wraps up “Tik Tok and Tang Yan will join at the end of September as soon as she wraps up Journey to the West 3.

Wal & Min GIFWal & Min GIF 4
Walking the Red Carpet:

Wallace looked so happy and confident while walking the red carpet. He even shook hands with a few lucky fans.


Some fans even gave him flowers and gifts. This shows Wallace is also very popular in South Korea or he has plenty of rich fans who flew from China.


I crack up watching this video. If anybody knows what Wallace is trying to say in Korean, please enlighten us!


Himmy found a BTS video for you to enjoy:

Yea!!! We also got a Weibo update from the man himself: 

Before the event Wallace updated his weibo with the following picture. He wrote down the character “天,” which could mean many significant thing, but in this case, I believe he meant “Day” implying that today is the day of the Award show.

Peanuts: I think it can also be interpreted as “OMG”, which could mean he can’t believe that he is going to get an international award today. He must be very happy because he did not stop smiling for the whole night. Congrats Wallace Chung, we are proud of you and look forward to your receiving more accolades domestically as well as overseas.



Still haven’t had enough? Let’s be honest that he’s super gorgeous today!!! If you want to stare at him a little longer, hop onto the link below. It’s the Facebook page. I dumped all images I saved of Wallace, because if I leave them on my computer, it will slow down my programs & I won’t be able to photoshop any more banners for this blog.



20 thoughts on “Wallace the Asian Star Grand Prize Winner”

  1. *nods* YAAASSSSHHH, HE’S SUPER HAWT! oh my God, there are a lot oppa2, but my eyes only to wallace (and bolin, pardon my ‘playgirl eyes’).

    and.. hwang jung eum eonni might follow the instruction to announce Wallace’s real name instead of ‘Wallace Chung’. when she called Wallace name and suddenly he came up in front of the camera, i laughed hard.. so cuteeeee.. and those gifs.. aiyoyo.. you guys are the best!!!!

    chukae Mr. Chung!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I still cant believe this man is the person I saw it 12 years ago..when he was nothing and now I meet him again became important thing…wallace..I hope after your succes you will get married soon..wanna to see young wallace..he he..
    I think nothing special with lee min ho..he still the same..wallace I know you trying hard to speak korean..but I still proud of you..you are the best


      1. ha ha ha..whoever he married with..as long his lover..yui..chen bo lin voice so high..i mean..big and loud.suitble became giant..


      2. haha.. do you watch any bolin’s drama?? he’s sexy.. but well, not as sexy as wallace of course 😛

        yaaa, but wallace is soooo low profilem he wont talk about his private life,,


      3. i cant remember..but that f4 era..i watch so many taiwan drama.edi peng i know..small boy but now he became man..ha ha..ya as long 10 years i focus to my family..never watch chinenes drama anymore..but now i crazy to wallace chung


  3. When I saw the nominated results were out, and none is Wallace drama, I did not dare to expect Wallace to win anything. But when they announced that a new award category open for Asian stars I can only hope and pray Wallace will be part of this award. My Sunshine is the only Wallace drama recently introduced to Korean audience and I remember it screened by MBC at 2am, I doubt it would get far with much exposure!

    This award is not easy at all because I read that Winners were recommended by the juries and selected by Organising Committee. The juries were made out of Veteran South Korean actress, Professor, executive producer from USA, head of TV services from Germany, President & CEO from France, Vice President of China R&Tv &Tv Assoc TV-series Screenwriter committee and TV Director NHK drama from Japan.
    And 7 members of Organising Committee were all Koreans: Managing Director, SDA planing dept, Head of Intl Relations, Head of Domestic Marketing, 3 coordinators of the committee. Both group were pretty intimidating!
    But Wallace’s acting is commendable and he is blessed by having so many loyal fans believing in him and giving him great support by voting for him. I guessed this played a very important role by getting notice by the Juries and committee! That was just my guess! Because this wining category is: ‘Asian actors from dramas that have been most viewed and acclaimed by local audiences are selected by the Organising Committee and awarded’.

    Because of such tough assessment, Wallace being awarded the Asian Grand Prize Award came as a great surprise to me! I am super proud of him. When I heard the result, I was almost breathless from excitement! The way Wallace represent himself, his effort in speaking Korean language and he look super look in his tuxedo none of those oppa can compete! Super satisfy! 😄😄😄

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    1. complete plet..are you reporter or what actually?this is seoul drama award..almost the winner from korea..you are my sunshine might be not the winner but alot of fans support this drama..


  4. BTW..thanks jona for the info..and peanuts, himmy, cewywon..thanks alot..when I watch he walk on red carpet..he so handsome..feeling like in hollywood..in my mind…wallace I want you to bring me even only on the red carpet


  5. cewywon..your are the best photographer..I have cek all the website everything about wallace..they are just take from what happening..but you can make and mixed and became really good picture..diffrent with them..tumbs up for you..


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