11880578_525519794266026_7751270157913565342_nBefore I begin my recap, let me take a moment and apologize for my tardiness…again. Sorry everyone…I know I’m sluggish in posting recaps but please forgive me (I’m a college student you know). ;P

So then…in the last episode we witnessed a tearful and touching farewell between the celebrities and the students of Jian Ping High school, this episode opened a new page to Wallace’s journey back in time to his highschool life in a new school Chongqing.

The rainy morning started with Wallace, together with Sean, Jin Fu, and Zhang Kai Li walked uphill to school, dragging along their luggage. Apparently Selina and Kiki must be busy doing something since they did not participate this time (oh well as long as there’s Wallace…). They walked together and talked about the new school and how this school focused on foreign language for the most parts (Hohoho let’s see how Wallace deals with Spanish/ French or German 😀 ). They all seemed to be really miserable though…The hill was really steep; it was raining, and they had to hold the umbrella while dragging their luggage. I want to express my dissatisfaction at our Wallace here. Seriously, where did your “gentleman-ness” go Wallace? Zhang Kai Li was evidently exhausted and heroic Jin Fu was the one that offered to carry her luggage for her (I was hopping Wallace would be the one to do that).

Himmy: I was expecting Wallace to offer himself to help too. But in Wallace’s defense, both of his hands was occupied at the time… he was holding umbrella and the luggage. Jin Fu was the only one with backpacks thus able to help Kelly. If not, I’ll expect Sean to help her too, because based on my observation he’s quite the gentlemen too. 🙂

Back to the main topic, since they were walking for a while without spotting a single soul they started wondering if they came early and how the path to school was so mysterious. All the tension built up was released when they spotted Wallace in the show’s music video shown on a vending machine at the school(what the…I didn’t know vending machine could do that? O.o). Here comes the fun part. While everyone else all felt that the vending machine was no longer entertaining enough to keep them there, apparently Wallace discovered a new-found interest in the vending machine and kept pushing buttons to buttons (are you trying to break the poor thing Wallace?), and made strange sound effect at the same time. Oh…Let’s not forget the fact that despite being inside the school he still had his umbrella opened (there’s an Asian superstition that opening an umbrella when you’re inside is unfortunate…probably) LOL…oh seriously sometimes I wonder if he really does have a loose screw somewhere in his brain, or maybe he’s just scattered minded :))

After Wallace finally regained his sanity to put away the umbrella and rejoined the crew, the group was soon hit by the terrible news that they had to go up by stairs to the sixth floor, since students were not allowed to use the elevator. Poor Wallace looked pretty exhausted climbing the stair. (He’s a 40 year-old elder man anyway :P) After meeting with the teachers, it turned out that Wallace would share his class with Sean this time, and their class was called some thing Ping Xing (don’t ask me I have no idea what it means @@), and that this school was a boarding school and naturally Wallace would have to stay at the dorm this time. He did not look very happy with the news btw. After that, we got introduced three new additional celeb/students , Calvin Chen (he was there with Wallace in the Amazing Race people), Marina Ye, and Amber Kuo. Despite being the new comers, they, however, did not hesitate and use the elevator. Wallace’s expression was really funny when he knew that the new trio did not suffer the same fate he did (being too honest isn’t always a good thing).

After that, Wallace and Sean went to their class. They waited outside a little bit because the camera crew was not ready and naturally Wallace took out his breakfast and started eating.

Even when the camera was ready, Wallace refused to go in because he wanted to finished his breakfast…sigh…

Himmy: Breakfast is important! 😛

Finally, they got inside and introduced themselves to everyone.

They asked the class if they knew why the class was called Ping Xing, and they replied that it meant everyone was the same in this class (I still think it’s kinda weird). The teacher showed Wallace his seat. Problem is…he couldn’t get there without moving the desk of another student to make a path (really inconvenient if you ask me). Wallace seemed to be thinking the same thing I did and asked what would happen if the girl whose desk was in the way were to fall asleep (what a thing to ask @@). For some reasons, Wallace seemed to be especially clueless that day. Like a kid he kept asking questions about this and that and probably found everything around him strangely interesting and curious, like pouring his “desk-mate” with tons of questions regarding the difficulty of having three people sitting in the same table.

Wallace’s class, the “ping xing” class might seem like an easy-going community at first, but apparently it had strict class rules. While eating snack (like usual), Wallace casually went through the list of rules and stopped dead on track upon the rule “No snack in class”.

Oh Noooooooooooooooooooo…..: :O

Wallace was heart-broken at the news, but the student next to him told him it was still ok as long as you didn’t get caught (oh what honesty)….and he was saved.

Then…here comes the climax. The epic tragic love story…Oooops sorry…the epic journey to find a secret hide-out where Wallace can hide his food, or eat in peace (his snack looked like plum tomatoes to me).

LOL Wallace you glutton…did you not know gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins??? it’s actually kinda adorable though :))

Next, Jin Fu and Marina went to their Spanish class, only to find their seats occupied by two human beings, Wallace and Sean. As it turned out, Wallace and Sean were supposed to study English, but Wallace saw students going to Spanish class, and Sean said he wanted to study Spanish so the two followed. And for whatever reasons he stayed in the Spanish class anyway. There, Wallace practiced his Spanish pronunciation.

It seemed that Wallace had neither experience nor exposure to the language so instead of rolling the tip of his tongue, Wallace did all types of tongue twisting or extruding his tongue or whatever…like he was acting cute. As expected, Wallace was called up to read a Spanish sentence. Oh man…sorry Wallace…but the pronunciation was horrible, like he was speaking Thai. I LOLed so hard when he read Santiago es tradicional.

Himmy: Wallace… What did I told you about your tongue? I told you my heart is weak! Stop playing with them >.<

Wallace being embarrassed by his Thai …oops Spanish pronunciation

Later, Wallace and the rest were summoned for the thing they all dreaded, entrance exam…again.

And Wallace ‘s score was 5/100 (:O)

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Wallace…really? even JinFu’s score was higher than his…must’ve been embarrassing O.o

After that, Wallace and his classmate went on a small adventure to buy food at the canteen. His “deskmate” (what was his name again?) offered to hold the umbrella while Wallace ate. But because of his height, Wallace had to bend down so that his friend would not have to raise his arm to high (so nice <3<3<3). On the way, there were fan girls who told Wallace he looked super handsome, and he replied “really? I think I’m super hungry” :)). I think it must have been exhausting to be Wallace…attracting girls everywhere he goes…<3<3<3. This school in particular seemed to have a lot of girls who love Wallace like us since they all lined up and shouted his name out loud (I wonder if I would have done the same, or just stood from afar speculating then found a chance to stalk him)

Anyway, Wallace ran back to class and sneaked some snacks in….

I salute you camera man

…though still being found out by his classmates who demanded him sharing it. I started to love this class already…so energetic and fun. They didn’t seem to mind the fact that he was a celeb and treated him like a friend. Oh let’s go back to Wallace’s crime of hiding his criminal evidence under his desk and lying that just now he was just going to the restroom. >.< Like always. Wallace is a terrible liar. He stuttered constantly and used the most unbelievable excuse in the world that he was unable to open the restroom’s door. The result was as expected, he was busted. The female teacher asked him if he finished eating, his friend tried to save him by saying the same excuse but the teacher asked that how he could bring some bread back with him from the restroom. Lol I love the teacher.

Then the math class started. They were studying statistics that day about probability and variables. Naturally, the one and only wonder who somehow brought food back from the restroom, a place where no food could ever be found, could easily answer the question. Note: I’m surprise. They really do study high level math in high school in China huh.

Next was Wallace’s favorite time of the day, lunch time. I have to say almost all of the girls in this school seemed to be his fans. The moment he showed himself in the cafeteria there was chaos and mobs everywhere and cellphone clicking nonstop for his pictures (I’m jealous). But seriously, all he cared about was food, food, and food @@. Wallace, stop eating for one second will you?

He wanted to eat tomatoes stir-fried with egg (what the…) but apparently they ran out. We all know Wallace is a veggie so as a matter of fact he doesn’t eat meat. But the school menu seemed to be quite unfriendly to vegetarians. So he got something that looked like stir-fried arugula for lunch. But here comes another obstacle….it was really spicy, to the point that our Wallace was all sweat. Poor Wallace…he doesn’t have a very healthy stomach…I hope his day at Chongqing would be fine since the people here are well-known to eat spicy.

After that, Sean told Wallace he wanted to go flex his muscle by playing badminton and Wallace proposed that they would play in teams and went to look for Jin Fu (a very smart move indeed) who apparently is the best athlete among them. Sean then told him the one who found Jin Fu first would be his teammate. Sean is known for being quite scheming, and he really does live up that reputation. He knew Wallace chose the long way, so he told Wallace he’d give him 5 seconds. Our poor Wallace, meanwhile, was still cluelessly looking for class A5.

(Oh did I mention he tripped?)

He tripped…a lot

really now…

Sean ended up finding Jin Fu first, but Wallace told him despite that the choice should be left up to Jin Fu who he wanted to play with. In the end they resorted to rock, paper, scissor in three rounds. Too bad for Sean…this whole class seemed to be Wallace’s fans. Sean won the first round using scissor while Wallace gave the paper. But the class declared Wallace was the winner because five was larger than two (LOLOL >.<). Sean was really frustrated but he proceeded with round 2 and won again because Wallace used rock while Sean used paper. This time, the class still insisted on Wallace being the winner because a punch is enough to send Sean flying LOL. All hail the power of beauty ❤

Himmy: Upon seeing Wallace, Jin Fu pushed Sean aside and walked forward to hug our Wallace 😀

Sean gave in to his fate and went to find Calvin. Meanwhile, Wallace and Jin Fu gave themselves the name FuWa. Before the name began, they decided on the stake. The losers would have to strip and dance.


Anyway, despite having a bad start, the FuWa team came out victorious by one point.

LOL…just Wallace being Wallace

Wallace celebrating his victory

I was sooooooooo disappointed. I thought he was gonna lose then strip. Wallace has always been so mean to fan girls. We just want to see a little bit skin and he kept wearing long pants and buttoned up shirt. Hix

I thought i was going to see some skin

He later did dance when he was the referee for the match between Sean-Marina and Calvin-Kai Li. But he still didn’t strip :((


I hope he realized he was standing in front of a lot of female students. Wallace…learn some damage control please

At night, Wallace together with the rest of the boys came to the dormitory. He would be staying with Jin Fu, Sean, and Calvin in one room. Hoho…this is going to be fun and further bonding them together. I like it.

After got to their room, our boys had a blast playing with the camera. :))

Late at night, Sean brought in some crawfish his friend gave him (oooh I LOVE crawfish). However, it was really spicy, and everyone in the room didn’t like spicy food except for Sean. Sean tempted glutton Wallace into eating some with him.

Being himself, Wallace tried anyway despite being unable to handle hot food. Wallace swallowed his tears and tried a second one, but this time he finally gave up and decided to leave the rest to Sean. After that, everyone just went to sleep and called it a day.

Well, this episode really focused on Wallace a lot…that’s why I love it. I didn’t like the match however…(I wanted him to lose sob sob), but overall everything seemed fun at this new school. All of the students here seemed friendly and open-minded, not just super studious like back in Jian Ping. And I want to express my respect for Wallace for being such a glutton. Almost his whole day was about finding food and eating food. Wallace really didn’t mind ruining his image of being the prince charming on a white horse.( I imagine if someone asked him what he thought about his image ruining habit, he might as well answer with something like this “Image? What is that? Is it edible?”).

Last time the YT link was taken down due to copy right, so this time I’ll give you guys the official link  of the full ep just in case.


Here is the vid that tells tale of Wallace’s epic gluttony

Some cuts that were not included in the official ep

P.S. Look at his bruises….Aw my heart is breaking. He must have gotten these while filming Three


Cr: YT, weibo, Sina

43 thoughts on “WALLACE GOES TO SCHOOL 我去上学啦 – EP 5 RECAP”

  1. Thank you so much Irishia for the recap. No worries for the delay, well better late than no recap at all! 😊 well I know about the others but I keep myself occupied while waiting patiently and hopefully for recap. I enjoyed your recap and love those uncut video on Wallace. 😄

    Wow! Did not know you are so young, hope our creepy and bold comments / remarks did not shock you! 😅 we just being exaggerated and open-minded about things…you know….you know right! 😁 when you are overwhelm by bold comments just don’t mind us, we are doing it just for fun! 😜

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    1. jona..we have been all out discuss abot how sexy wallace..but I still be ing curios..why wallace so stingy showing his skin..just for his leg..as long in drama he always open evrything…ha ha ha..


      1. iin, I think it might be his foot was injured or has some bruises just like his arms… so he rather not show it to the audiences. Based on one of the extra clips of School, Kelly asked Wallace why he didn’t join everyone to swim then she asked is it due to his leg… Wallace quickly change the subject said it’s because he wanted to accompany her. I found it suspicious, so maybe he has some wound on his foot and tried to cover it.

        Here’s the video:


      2. Yes i believed bruises are the reason and i remembered he did mentioned during the interview on ‘three’ that many times he can’t put on the protective gear because the hospital wear was too flimsy. I can’t bear to know he got bruises all over his body. And we all know Wallace is not one that will complaint or talk openly about it, plus he is shy too!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. oohh..so that video is about that..I thought about learning dancing..but wallace look uncomfortable with his sweaty. .okay..if he want to covered…he is human too like us and sometime I forget about it .as long his important assets still right and working I will enjoy too..


      1. Shheee!…. I know…we can get carried away when it comes to Wallace, but keep it moderate for yourself…don’t want to shock your parents and boyfriends! 😂😂😂

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  2. Thank you so much irishia for the recap..I think wallace enjoyfull in this new school.and me too going to enjoy.he he.look at the uniform is his favorite colour..Black and white..unfortunately the first day is raining..wallace your pant will be wet..so better you change to short..if not because I want to see your skin..just for your safety..ha ha..seeing wallace eating spice food is so funny..and his the way whole eating…I can see his tongue. .I think wallace need to bring his wardrobe along..and bring his LV, prada..ect..coz he look untidy with that tsirt. .too simple

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Like Wallace do well in everything! There is no trophy but we will give you many Stars ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ 😄


  3. came here cuz iin said i’ll find exo.. lols, kidding but ended up reading this with my big grin.. oh wallace, why so cuteeeee laaaaaa?!

    he tripped so often, he has a problem with balancing – sensory system, hehe.. 😛

    irishia, your gifs are everything!!! thank you for the recap.. didnt really follow the recap, but seriously i started to enjoy it 🙂


  4. irishia..since when wallace became vegrtarian? I read in somewhere if you take to long also unhealty for your body..does he take any multivitamin? or can you just tell him to came to me coz vitamin in my body overdoses so I can transfer to him..ha ha..


      1. what!! vampire…? my body is just like jenifer lopes..ha ha how can im like vampire. .than you call what to wallace assisten..
        btw..I think wallace need assistance just like her..so jona if you are pretty. better you think first..not too pretty but useful. …is me..hhaa


      1. not both. .just seeing him like easy getting tired if he do something..Is it because from his age or from his food.i not know..I mean..I missed his perform in amazing race..for me is really perfect..


    1. Hmmm, let’s see… in Best Time there’s a scene, before he go find Su Man he change clothes in front of the camera. In The Stand In, Wang Ah Si’s strip dance in front of all the government officer. And of course Xiao Feng’s topless scene when Mrs Ma tried to seduce him. Also in Sunshine Yi Chen and Mo Sheng’s ‘bed scene’. In Midnight Sunlight when Leo was beside the swimming pool. I can’t remember the episode… 😛

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Can you tell me what you’re trying to find? If you’re looking for some muscle, go watch Yi Chen and Mo Sheng honeymoon episode where they’re standing on the boat. Pay attention to Wallace’s right arm when he’s holding to the metal of the boat. And after he gave Mo Sheng the Sunshine necklace, he used his right arm to support his body, you can clearly see some muscle.


      1. im looking for his bruises. .not his muscle. .you said..but I see in amazing race..his arm are just fine..but thanks for your suggest about his drama..


      2. Aiya didn’t Irishia already wrote he got those bruises during filming the latest movie ‘Three’ he filmed it between March to May this year. Of course you can’t see it in his old drama since he didn’t film any drama this year…


      3. im so sorry himmy..haiyo..pity wallace..let see the film..if his portion are only few menits.i will get more angry..like monster hunt


      4. Himmy, I remember Wallace did a dance at a sport carnival opening 2014 on youtube or youku. He was wear a sleeveless shirt, and when he danced and moved his arm. Wow! You can see him flexing his arm showing his muscle! 😍😍😍


      5. haiyo jona that video..canot see clearly..his wearing black and white right? with his dancers..the even is like opening ceremony..but he still energetic.


  5. it wont be like that lin. In Three he’s the antagonist…and one of the three main characters. There’s no way his screen time is as little as in Monster Hunt. In Monster Hunt he was a cameo, but in Three he’s the big bad boss


  6. Wallace is wearing long pants cause he had many cuts and bruises over his legs during the filming of the Three. If you guys noticed one of the scenes actually showed that he had a big bruise over the inner surface of his right elbow. He is such a dedicated actor. I’m definitely gonna support the movie “Three” when it is premiered later.


      1. iin XD Well as we can see Wallace is pretty mobile around the three places cause he is always busy XD.

        But one thing for sure, he always stays in my heart XD XD XD.


      2. ha ha..is good answer..because we dont know his house.but can we say wallace stays in our hearts. .or every body heart ..especially his fans..he never change year after year..still same wallace


    1. Jona how have you guys been! This blog has been active and interesting as usual and I see many new bloods. Well I have been nailed down by works T__T I have been deadly busy for the past one month and am gonna be busy like h*ll for the next few months. I’m withering away without Wallace’s sunshine huhu.. I just watched the ChongQing episodes now… So yeah I shall stalk him…. in my dreams


      1. Yes, sometime there is not enough time, life has become hectic. Someone told me activity gets you busy, but productivity gets you free!
        While sleeping, we can dream of Wallace! 😀 😀 😀


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