Wallace on “King of Pop”

     Wallace recently wrapped up filming for “Tik Tok.” Fans spotted him at the airport and suspected he had gone home to rest since he will be shooting for “Bounty Hunters” soon (per weibo).  As it turned out, Wallace had other obligations planned. He scored another endorsement deal and was seen doing tthe photo-shoot and commercial for the brand (more info on the next post) and he had also made a surprise appearance at the King of Pop reality show.

For those who are not familiar with King of Pop, it is a singing competition reality show trying to search for the next boy band in China. FNC Entertainment, known for managing k-pop groups such as FT Island & CN Blue, decided to collaborate with IQiyi and Baidu for the reality show. According to Kpopstarz:

 “Twenty contestants were selected through auditions all over China. The competition is said to include training missions as they narrow down the members of their new idol group. The contestants will be narrowed down to seven members and the group is slated to debut at the end of the year after receiving training from FNC’s Global Training Center in China.”

     Wallace probably made this special appearance as a favor from IQIYI as it is one of the investors for Wallace’s other reality show I Go To School.  So far, I Go to School has gotten over 500 million hits.  Below are fan-captured videos. Wallace did his filming portion on the 24th of September and it’s not clear when it will be aired, but King of Pop airs every Saturday on iQIYI at 9:15pm (KST). The show’s first episode was on August 22 and will consist of 12 episodes in total.

Wallace sang A Simple ManI really like this version. 

His smile gets me every time! 🙂

Wallace with lucky backstage fans and contestants

16 thoughts on “Wallace on “King of Pop””

  1. I really like to see Wallace in action. Since he completed filming Tik Tok. I am already looking forward for the promotion of the film so I could see more of him! 😄

    So nice of Wallace to appear in King of pop and I like his reply when the MC asked him how did he keep being so popular all these years! He paused before asking “you have to keep learning, continue improving and do meaningful things. Because you cannot control the situation or plans, you could only do your best at whatever you have on hand now, for example like the group backstage if you like dancing then give 100% effort! Thereafter, leave the rest to the judges, to Heaven for whatever outcome!” Ho! So wise and so like Wallace! 😘😘😘


    1. I think jona..wallace said that..from his own experience life.since his starting his carrer till become wallace now..really meaningful.


  2. Chewywon, refer to the endorsement deal, there is this article that said something like why Wallace has been chosen to represent their brand.. Hmm my Chinese is no good.. Please if this could be also translate in your next post.


  3. that is the question actually I want to ask to cewywon jona..but today I was super busy..and finally you answered..I watch…ya the mc was asking question to wallace..


  4. I prefer and I like monster hunt song rather than simple man..the music and lyrics suitable for Wallace voice. .and I notice wallace always song the ost his drama..why should not he make it into one album..and I like the stand in ost too


  5. cwywon..im going to school has a good rating actually..and the more you watch it is more interesting I like the recap too..my question..are you still going continue write the recap?


  6. I read in somewhere.film tik tok..end of this year will be in cinema ? is it true? rather faster than bounty hunter…and wallace although his appearance is lately seldom..but his great personality and his smile always the first place in chinese netizen heart…and in my heart too…


  7. passing by to catch some news and found this.. Yonghwa already had a collaboration with JJ Lin, so.. Wallace with one of FNC members would be great. Emm.. Hongky? or AOA? ahaha..

    he looks handsome. i miss him in drama. 🙂


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