It’s the end of September and here is your Wallace’s news update. Since there was not much happenings, I’ve included some rumors and crazy fans artworks.

It’s a Wrap For “Tik Tok”

The biggest news happening in the movie field for Wallace is your first look at Wallace’s image for “Tik Tok.”  The production team were strict when it comes to leaked photos of Wallace in character.  It wasn’t until the end of filming when crew members were able to take photos with Wallace that the leaked photos were made public. Since the first leaked photo were blurry, fans quickly sketched out many awesome images of Wallace in costume. What do you fans think?

Leading man, Lee Jun Jae, as well as some crew members posted some photos announcing the end of filming for the movie. The Busan International Film Festival will be coming this October, Lee Jung Jae is said to be participating. Wallace is back in China and doesn’t seem like he’ll be attending since filming for “Bounty Hunters” will start soon and he’ll be filming at a couple overseas locations.  (Who Knows, maybe he’ll surprise us ?) 

In Korea, you know you are a big star if you get fan support like this.  Wallace is indeed deeply loved by the fans. I believe this is a first for me to see any foreign artist getting support like this while shooting in Korean.

Ecovacs Robotics Brand

Wallace was recently announced as the official spokesperson for the robotic home service brand Ecovacs.  According to Ecovacs’ website, they are among the top 5 in-home robotics brand in the world and #1 in China with over 500 stores in China alone. The latest model took more than a year’since planning.  Deebot D83 is the version Wallace is seen modeling below. It is a robotic vacuum cleaner that transitions between hard wood and carpeted floor cleaning. One unique feature is the timer. Once the robot is done with the cleaning it will go back to its cradle and charges itself. The reason for selecting Wallace as a representative was due to his versatility as well as his wholesome public image. Ecovacs’ chairman Qian Dong Qi states, “He is a dancer, actor, singer, photographer, and low-key but positive guy with a bright personality.” He felt that Wallace and the Ecovacs’ robotic complemented each other very well.

As for Wallace, his reasons for accepting the collaboration was due to the company’s commitment to being socially responsible through their products. (Credit:;

Mobile Shopping 

Since everybody has a smart phone nowadays, mobile shopping is going to be big. Wallace has joined hand promoting this convenient way of mobile shopping. (No articles on this, so I’ve got nothing else to add). 

Promotions for My Sunshine

Wallace did a short interview promoting My Sunshine right after the Seoul Int’l Drama Awards. The drama was aired back in May on Korean station MBC, so it should have ended already.  I find him really charming here.

I Go To School new MV

According to our I Go to School expert Himmy, here’s the latest updated MV. Sadly Wallace’s voice is still not a part of the song.

Wallace used to promote Law?

At the beginning of September, students at a law university were seen using a cut out board of Wallace’s He Yichen as a way to convince their fellow students to choose their major.  (LOL) 



These is some of the unconfirmed news that’s flooding on weibo.  I found all those headlines interesting, since, with or without Wallace, I’ll still be checking them out anyway.

Movies News

Entertainment news on Sina has reported that Wallace along with C-actress Ni Ni and Han Xue are set to star together in another novel to movie/drama adaptation. The project is scheduled to start filming next year in June. Since Peanuts reads a lot, maybe she can find out more about this novel. (Credit:

Infinity Challenge

China has finally brought the rights to remake the hugely popular Korean reality show Infinity Challenge. According to the director, popular stars such as Zu Zheng, Eddie Peng, Li Yi Feng, and Wallace Chung have all been invited to be guest stars.  The show is expected to air in November every Sunday night on CCTV. 


Novel “3 Lives 3 Worlds, Ten Thousand Miles of Peach ” Aaptation

News is circulating that actress Liu Yi Fei has already signed on, while the production team are courting Feng Shao Feng to star in the movie version. As for the drama, the ‘it men’ of the moment include Wallace, Hu GeWallace Huo, and Eddie Peng.

You can go to Shusheng Bar to read more about this novel.


Crazy Fan Art: 

54 thoughts on “SEPTEMBER 2015 NEWS UPDATE”

  1. crazy fans edition gif is wow!!!! who made it? best best best!

    please update about the novel adaptation.. since im one of those who loved reading C-novels so i have my own expectation. I hope Wallace will be the part of any good novel adaptation..

    Wallace or Hu Ge or Eddie Peng.. ah.. i cant choose yet i miss Wallace in drama.. im totally in!

    im sooooo happy for wallace. Not many K-actors get support like that. Yups, only the popular ones. And MTE, Wallace, perhaps, the 1st foreigner actor who got it. im so proud *teary eyes*
    i hope he will get moreeeee popular in Korea. Since so many K-actors in C-drama, K production needs to bring C-popular actor to join their drama.. call Wallace. he deserves it 😀


  2. I like..wallace has more endorsement…if they sell it in here and cheap im sure I will buy..and I will trow my broom..ha ha..hope wallace in drama soon.. the crazy fan is quite pretty? im wonder who is she?


  3. Thank you Chewywon, now I know he is endorsing the country Top brand Ecovac Robotic home cleaner. And so happy to hear their Chairman praising our Wallace. 😀

    Since Wallace is acting as a bad person in TikTok, My guess is that Wallace role is an intelligent and good looking psycho. 😛

    I saw in the other blog that the novel “The Pillow Book” had an issue with plagiarism, so does that meant that we could not see the English translation? Or do you know briefly what is the story line. I like the actress Lui Yi Feng, I hope Wallace will do this drama pleasssse!


  4. jona..I think peanuts know the answer..and I miss her..where did she go? and I miss our jokes jona..himmy..when is the next school the episode where I can give answer to MR broccoli fans..dancing. ..!!! MR broccoli cant do that


  5. Yes, where is peanuts, I missed her too! If she don’t response soon, I would think she is really swim to wrong side of the island i.e. North Korea and doing noble task like sharing 1,001 Chinese stories and tales with Mr Kim Jong-Un to keep him busy so that to ensure peace. 😛


      1. Ok, I will be sarong! He will be cover from waist down. Or maybe I will be his candy…hmm so difficult to decide! 😋


  6. Himmy , inn I ransack my wardrobe and found this 👙 both of you can have it because recently I kind of out shape! I think That will catch Wallace attention. Now can I be his only candy!😍


  7. Wallace will think Casper is a girl because I heard that he thought his cat was female and suspect pregnant till the vet told him his cat is actually a he. 😜


    1. why wallace so funny…ha ha ha..I cant imagine that kind of thing. ..
      BTW..i cant find the product wallace have endorse in here.even the new cepathil I couldn’t find it.. so I think the product wallace endorse only around in china..

      I hope wallace will take all the opportunity cames to him..more endorse means more money…


      1. Cetaphil should be worldwide, did you try searching at pharmacy? Cetaphil mostly available in pharmacy in my country. Well you can always buy online 😛


  8. Girls if you have noticed, our chat box might not be working for some of you. I tried to get wordpress support team to fix it. But they had not idea why it happened too, while we’re waiting for their further feedback you can still chat using this link 😉 nothing can stop the fangirl~


    1. Himmy I still can’t post at the chat box. It keep kicking me out every time I tried sending 😓

      Hey inn, take it easy, don’t died on us! we need your motivation :D.
      I was going to suggest that you don’t choose chewy-gum because you will be chew up and then get spit out. Candy lollipop is a good choice! It gave you the feel! You know what I mean….😜


  9. I read in jaynestar..wallaca like to challenge himself..try new thing he never do it before..and willing to workhard to do something to improve his skills…he can live in everywhere. .from hongkong, taiwan, china, korea..that is wallace he live in my heart..I already booking him tonight…ha ha ha


  10. its ok jona..ten handsome man..but I dont think they are sexy like wallace chung..wallace has sexy smile, sexy lips, sexy eyes, sexy nose, everything about him all are sexy.he has different move in every his perform..sometime he has strong move, soft move, girlymove..he so complete…


  11. Yes inn, my view of handsome is both outside and inside. Both in looks and what how real and sincere one is! So far Wallace is more frank and real in my opinion because he will only said and do thing truth to himself. 😍


      1. The rest is not our type. .is not our taste..wallace has everything what we need..he can be serious, funny..never make us boring…my imagination run wild..
        himmy..perhaps one make a post about..our dream land again with .wallace.what are we going to do if we meet him..he give us special time to interview him..what is the question we are going to ask him…I will never ask him about the rumours does he married? he will definitely stop the interview. ..honest himmy…if one day I meet him..I will ask him to read our post and read our comments. ..ha ha..and I will tell him..your are the..most loyal fan..and jona the most creepy fan..ha ha the most trouble fan.ha ha ha


  12. thanks cewywon for the little pink pig so cute but.i want wallace..not the rabbit..
    ya himmy..I still cant see the chat box..and to day the link also an error..


    1. Pig rabbit is popular in Korea. I guessed it may be a gift from a Korean fan. Cute with Wallace. 😍

      Missed Wallace and peanuts! 😞


      1. no lah..jona..this is actually old photo. you read the new articel about pillow book..? go and cek again.i like the picture..and I missed peanuts too..


  13. Read the English summary on Pillow book, find it very interesting but sad too. Hope the story had a good and happy ending. The actress Liu Yi Fei my favourite, she is acting in the movie version and not the drama. The main lead actor, they are looking at Feng Shao Feng, so I don’t think our Wallace stand a chance.

    It is scary to think who is going to be the actress they are going to cast in the drama version. I hope they find someone like Liu Yi Fei or at least one could act very well and not someone who is irritating (sorry for my harsh word) as the actor or actress could be the spoiler in a good drama. When that happened I usually watched it hastily once and can’t bring myself back to watch again. That because I am a person who love watching a good movie and drama repeatedly when I find it worth watching and lol could crying all over again.


  14. Wallace is confirmed doing a movie next year under this 《一路繁花相送> anyone know what is the story line and where can find this translation?


  15. if wallace decided to become movie star .I am happy and always support least he leave his rival one step behind him


  16. Girls, I am back. Sorry just moved houses and had no internet for more than 2 weeks. And I don’t have access to wordpress during office hours…

    I read some news online about Wallace’s next drama with Zhang Han’s girlfriend (or ex girl friend). I also read that she is no good in acting but very pretty. I’d rather see Wallace with a decent actress. Himmy-Peanut are you able to confirm this?


  17. Welcome back comnhomvn! Wish I could said the same to peanuts, she has been missing for a month since her Japan holiday! While you moved house maybe peanuts busy migrating to other country lol! Anyway, hope she will response soon!

    So Zhang Han ex is Zheng Shuang. Ya! I heard her acting is not good! Look like our Wallace need more blessing as his luck with female lead is getting from bad to worse Ha! Ha! Where did you see the news on his new drama?


  18. wah..comnhomvn..we missed you access internet it was too boring..he he..but I think I also need go to specialist doctor to handle my obsession to wallace..ha ha..
    jona..I think peanuts after she go to japan she across to korea to spy wallace there..he he..hopefully when she cameback she will give a great news for us..BTW jona..if I go to see doctor will you missed me too..ha ha..
    I really don’t now with that she natural preety or preety from plastic? being wallace co star they are so lucky. .at least they will have experience with wallace skin..ha ha..and I want it too..#jeoleus#


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