Peanuts: Hardworking Himmy did this post a long time ago but I was on vacation so no time to edit it. I had a good time but didn’t manage to meet Wallace 😦 It may take a bit longer as I need to catch up on work but we’ll definitely finish the recaps so don’t abandon us or Wallace 😛

This is the episode which everyone has been waiting for. Be prepared to swoon over Wallace’s sexy dance moves 😉 Girls, I also have something extra for you.

Wallace was the first to wake up in the morning, such an early bird.


Wait, how can he wake up with perfect hair? He didn’t wash his hair last night? He applis gel to his hair before going to sleep? Or he just looks perfect from head to toe all the time? It is unlikely that he woke up and styled his hair before they re-shot his wakeup scene… Or is he using some magical shampoo? Can someone help me to ask Wallace?

image host

Of course he needs to make sure he looks picture perfect before stepping out of the dorm. That’s very Wallacian, so nothing extraordinary here. But the best part is, he was using the camera to do it, so we get to see everything up close! I could watch this for 30 minutes >.< But sadly they have to attend classes, sob sob.

While they were walking to school, Sean and Jin Fu wanted to have breakfast before heading to class, but Wallace and Sean needed to be in the class before 7:30am or they will be punished with supposedly 100 push ups. Sean and Jin Fu went to the school canteen while Wallace headed to class first and planned to have breakfast between classes.

Wallace climbed the stairs all the way to his classroom on the 7th floor, while the others took the lift (I thought students can use the lift only after 7th floor?). Our Wallace is such a honest baby, always following the rules. Although he rushed all the way to the class, he was still 1 minute late. When his classmates told him he was late, Wallace gave all kind of excuses such as he reached the class earlier but went out again. He also said their clock was fast.

When the teacher arrived, he said even the teacher was late. But his classmates were all on the teacher’s side saying the teacher didn’t come late. Although Wallace tried to gain the sympathy of his classmates, it was useless. At that moment, Sean arrived and brought breakfast for Wallace. In the end, they cannot escape from being asked to do push ups. The never give up. Wallace still tried to make a last ditch attempt to save himself by saying although he was late, his heart was already in the class.

image host

They needed to do 50 push ups as requested by their classmates. While Wallace was doing the push ups, Sean counted from 200 and jumped all the way to 400. But Wallace being honest again said he only did 34, yet the teacher let him off anyway.

During history class, the teacher showed a picture of Wallace in the Mao Suit (also known as the Zhongshan suit) which I assumed was from the drama Linked in Countless Ways. With that being said, this is one of Wallace’s least popular drama back in year 2003. No, I didn’t watch it because I can’t even find any of the videos on YouTube.

Then, the teacher brought out the real thing and asked for volunteers to try it on. At first, Wallace’s classmates were cheering for him, but Wallace shouted Sean’s name to pass the cheering to him. Thus Sean put on the Mao Suit.

The teacher asked Wallace why there are four outside pockets on the suit. Wallace was able to answer it correctly because he had answered the same question on a television show a few years back.

image host

Wallace’s expression was priceless when the teacher took Sean’s phone .

During the break, Sean suggested all the transfer students joining the Kpop club. Wallace went to Calvin and Kelly’s class to discuss with them. He was torn between the psychology club and the Kpop club. In the end, they decided to join the Kpop club. (Best decision ever, based on what will happen at the Kpop club later)


While Wallace was talking, suddenly someone said, “My mom wants to take a picture with you.” I suggest her getting in the queue first.


Notice Wallace looking at the mirror again?

Their club activities included learning the dance move of the song “Call Me Baby” by EXO. Later the teacher will pick the person with the best dance move to dance solo. Sean said he can already suggest Wallace to the teacher.

image host

Wallace enjoying his “swimming dance.”

Wallace was able to tell that Marina is a ballerina based on her dance moves.


As expected the teacher pick Wallace to dance solo. Damn it, he was so good. He looked like he’s one of the EXO members.

Jin Fu is Wallace’s biggest fanboy here.

Wallace is really talented as he was able to memorize all the dance moves and danced so well in such a short time. I have always thought that if Wallace didn’t become an actor, he might be a successful dancer.


After that, they learnt how to make the Kimchi Gimbap. Honestly speaking, Wallace’s Gimbap doesn’t have a nice shape, but I would love to have a bite nevertheless. (It would be better if the person who made it can feed me lol)


During lunch, Wallace was complaining that even the plain vegetable dishes in the canteen is spicy. The only dish that was not spicy is the omelette, but it was sold out. Wallace was very upset that there was no more non-spicy food for him.

Seeing Sean was sleeping in the class storeroom, Wallace wanted to sleep too. But there was not enough space in the storeroom, so he slept on his table. He woke up after the bell rang, and found his face covered with saliva.

image hostimage host


Wallace was trying hard to cover up and hoped no one saw it. “You saw nothing.”

His eyebrows are still so lively even when he is asleep.


Wallace still has bruises here and there on his elbow 😦

Wallace was sleeping in class again, until the Chemistry teacher came in. Wallace did well when being asked to revise what had been taught in the previous class or to answer question, despite being just woken up.


Then the teacher told them to turn in their homework but both Wallace and Sean had forgotten about it. Therefore they had to follow the teacher to the office to discuss about their punishment.


On the way to the office, Wallace was still able to act cute. (In case you didn’t notice it, Wallace was sticking his tongue out.)

Wallace admitted his mistake sincerely without giving any excuse. He also volunteered to copy all of his classmates’ homework as punishment, which is impractical. Then he volunteered to help the teacher to carry his experiment equipments with Sean. It was settled with a sudden high five.

After school, Wallace visited his classmate’s dormitory and asked them about homework. Suddenly the dorm building manager gave a surprise visit. He scolded Wallace for not wearing the school shirt and shooed him out. Thus Wallace’s classmates went to his dormitory instead, to teach him how to do the homework. See, our Wallace was so hardworking while others were playing games.

Extras for episode 6:

During the placement test, Wallace said he didn’t do those questions which he was uncertain of to let the teacher think that he’s not good at it. So later, he can impress the teacher by making great progress. He was also praised for being so hardworking for having memorized the homework assigned him the day before while many students didn’t even do it. Wallace said that it might be because he likes to learn new things and gain knowledge.

image host

Here’s a fan recording of their “Call Me Baby” performance on stage. I’ll put it here first for you all to swoon over before we post the recap for episode 8 where it will take place. Enjoy~

Full episode 6:


In the next episode, Wallace will kiss Sean! What!?

73 thoughts on “WALLACE GOES TO SCHOOL 我去上学啦 – EP 6 RECAP”

  1. Thank you so much himmy..so lovely. .and I like the first gift..creative. .!!”
    wallace doesn’t look priceless when the theacher take sean phone..I like that expression too..is showing me how his teeth are..is on the right place..no up and down..hi..hi..hi
    yess his dancing are hot and sexy..
    I think this episode are full of entertainment..everybody enjoyed..


  2. Wallace really has dancing talent in him. He did those dance moves with ease and so supple that they are so pleasant and easy to look enjoy! and it end the dance with his own sexy “look at my body movement”, Wow! Bang! that last moves is a killer! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Wallace and his ‘call me baby’, hahaha.. it would be great if they invited Lay adn they both dance to ‘call me baby’ haha.
    Jin Fu’s reaction was soooo hilarious, lols.

    he’s sooo human being.. sleeping and waking up, tararaaaaa.. lols.. his expression was everything there!

    i grin ear to ear reading this. thanks himmy. seems like i miss him so much since i wander here and there to many other handsome guys, haha


    1. I hope we can have a close up and longer version of it 😀 On his next fan meeting maybe he can perform Call me baby for the fan >. < someone should suggest it to him!


      1. Illegal! Sound fun! So we are all illegal fan then! How about named ourselves the Bad girl club? Wild wild club? Creepy club? Obsessive club? Or just illegal fan club???


  4. Wallace has very good taste in many things. Everyone know his dance on shake my butt moves are very popular yet he did not finish off the dance with that and choose the sexy body rhythm instead! I watched many of his pervious dancings on youtube. I also like the one he did it for Chinese new year 2015 “shake it up”. Those dances at the school was the most recent and better than the young pop group! Wallace is always full of surprises!


    1. I want to get that bouquet! He even has good taste in wrapping 🙂 was the bear thing already popular back then? Or our Wallace is extremely creative and ahead of others lol?


    2. shake it up dancing his leg are so energetic. .while call me baby dancing his whole body are moving. .he he he..but wallace so funny.even he was dancing he still got time to make sure his hair are in the right place..did you notice that? but I like and..that is wallace..


      1. maybe his hand really active himmy..I notice his another habbit..he like to rubbing his chest or rubbing his clothes. even during interview his hand still move here move there..

        jona..for the poll wich character you want to be stuck with..lu li cheng still the leading man..please don’t angry to me..is not because of me..ha ha


    3. himmy..I just watch the video. if im not mistaken.that actress is angela chang.
      wallace hand are made for everything and I want the bouquet too.but I think wallace now look more attractive rather than wallace in the past. I think in that era f4 is very popular


  5. Ha! Ha! That poll is nothing compared to ‘which drama made you a Wallace’s fan’ This poll My Sunshine win by large margin over Best Time’ :p


    1. she still hide in somewhere..I just re watch shake it up dance..like him more..and more crazy..but I like his another dancing..he sing Cantonese song..do you know that?


      1. Ahh! That was why she stay in Japan so long for her ninja training! so is peanuts now a legal or illegal ninja! Lol


      2. haaiyo jona.dont think hard about peanuts. .just think about wallace..I just saw this morning..he climb to the car..just want to say good bye to his fans.because his fans keep calling him..no many actor do that.some time he forgot he status..
        and I don’t care people opinion who don’t like him..I only know he means a lot to me.


      3. Aiyo inn, be nice to peanuts, maybe she is trained to be Wallace’s bodyguard, and at the same time she can spy on Wallace too!

        I missed Wallace too! I going to check up that canto song you mentioned.


      4. okay..after you watch you tell me how his perform? and that is wolf or fox? I little bit confuse..
        I just remember comnhown have mentioned wallace photo for 7 wolfes looks wierd..I think I know the answer..is because wolf symbol…wolf eyes..!!


      1. Ohhh that one, he didn’t dance singing that that canto song. I think it’s the song after or before. It’s for CNY concert, not sure I can find that video or not.


      1. Jackie most likely is Sagittarian girl, she is adventurous but poor girl, she took care of WC in TAR like mom taking care of the only son LOLs. I think I act like that a bit towards my only bro (but he is the youngest lol)


      2. And still Wallace claimed that all children in his family have the same treatment XD obviously Wallace is well doted, well can’t blame anyone, if I have such a lovely brother I would do the same too.


    1. when she climb to the high building she like super hero.
      but now I missed wallace.i hope on wallace B.day…he will give us surprise


  6. Thank you so much for recapping this ! Wallace is so awesome 😀 I have honestly never seen another celebrity like him before, but even at that I can’t find the words to really express how he is cause he’s just THAT amazing.

    I’m a newbie btw ! Haha 🙂 I watched his episode of Happy Camp and totally fell head over heels with his personality and then found TAR and omg, that just made me love him even more. And then here I am ! So thank you guys for keeping this page up too ! I will definitely being stalking you guys as that is as close as I can get to stalking 小太阳 !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wao! Another fan that attracted by Wallace’s personality, that’s how wonderful his is. ^^ he is one of a kind. Really, who would not fall in love with this naughty angel?
      Btw, did you watch any of his drama?


      1. Yes, exactly ! Who can’t fall in love with him ???? He’s total husband material 😍

        I have started with 来不及说我爱你 and 一触即发。I started watching Imminent Crisis after I read the review on here and I was like “OMG ! TWO WALLACE’S ???? Yaaaaaaaas ! Win-win situation here !” 😂😂 And then I also started on 四大名捕 and like… ☺️☺️ Zhui Ming is totally taking my breath away. I also watched Drug War and…. *SPOLIER* Omg 😢 I was so sad when he died. Every time he was shot, I felt my heart sink deeper and deeper into sadness and then when he was finally shot… I was just plain, straightup sad. Like, maybe if I watch it again, he won’t die this time 😂

        Would you guys recommend his other movies/shows ??

        Liked by 1 person

      2. If you like Imminent Crisis, then maybe you would like The Stand In too. Oh and Treacherous Water! A must watch for Wallace’s fan, I would say. I think it’s the only drama where he played a true villain and he was being totally smexy doing all the bad stuffs :mrgreen:
        Zhui Ming is such a cute baby 😁 too bad he didn’t get any girl.
        Everyone that knew my obsession with Wallace asked why he always have bad ending in drama/movie…. sigh… hope he won’t die in Three >. <


  7. Oh yes, thank you for suggestions. I will definitely get to it ! 🙂 I haven’t seen Three yet. He plays a villain in there too right ?? And Omg ! He always has bad endings ?????? 😨 我的四少啊….

    Wallace Chung is like… The only person that can make doing anything look all smexy 😂 He looks good at whatever he is doing honestly.

    I’m so happy I found this blog ! I’ve been searching for weeks for other Wallace Chung fans, but I failed miserbly. I don’t understand why not much people like him. He’s so amazing and wonderful and he is literally a one-of-a-kind. His sunny personality just adds onto his handsomeness.

    I remember hearing his real voice for the very first time cause I always knew who he was, but never cared for him much, so I when I heard his voice for the first time, I was literally 😳❤️ He has such am amazing voice when he speaks. I was totally mesermized by his voice, then came his personality. So once again, thank you for keeping this blog alive ! 😀


    1. Three is not out yet, suppose to be next year. 😄
      Well, TLTSILY can be considered as a good ending. But the journey is frustrating… Have you watched Best Time? It has 3 endings, so you can choose whichever ending you prefer lol.

      I know right! You never get boring watching him. Whenever I watch his video, I’ll always have a smile on my face 🙂
      Lol I think the first I heard his real voice was in Secret Garden, it make me laugh so much. He does has a sexy voice, in his younger days his voice sound more cute, now it sound more sexy.


  8. himmy will never forget to recommend best time for everyone..himmy if you ask me I will choose LLC happy ending with su man of course. .BTW fat panda have you watch DEMIGOD AND SEMI DEVIL..is really good story..wallace as qiao feng..I recommend this for you to watch.he he he


    1. Yes, I will get to DGSD too ! Haha, I had this funny instance in my Chinese class. So I only told my teacher that I liked 钟汉良, but somehow my whole class found out. And so one day, while we had free time, a few students decided to watch dramas. And so they suddenly yelled over to me,”梳莲!过来看看!是你的老公啊!” 😂 So I walked over and three studens were watching 天龙八部.

      And I haven’t seen Best Times yet. I’ve heard a lot of good things about it, but I’ve also heard that Janine’s character is super annoying and hateful. Haha, is that himmy’s favorite series ?


      1. I think so is himmy favourite drama..I don’t really pay attention to jainien character..but I like wallace in best time .bring your friends to like wallace too..

        the drama I recommend for you in the end story wallace also die.he sacrifice himself..his love story with the women he love also tragic..he kill the women his like the most..because mistake..if you watch you must prepare a box of tissue. he he


      1. Haha 🙂 You guys are so funny. One likes Lu Licheng and the other prefers Qiaofeng. I haven’t watched enough to know who I prefer yet ! 😂 As of now, I like 小哇. ☺️☺️


      2. Truce ! My Sunshine is the best 😛 After all, WC is Our Sunshine & this blog is called Our Sunshine. It is also WC most popular & successful drama. Thus nothing can beat My Sunshine lol.

        Welcome Fatpanda 🙂 FYI, the persons in charge of editing & graphics on this blog are My Sunshine fans so majority rules 😛


      3. yes..because you are my sunshine peanuts set wallace chung blog..I like yi chen too..and upszzz..I wrong again..
        peanuts finnaly come out..!!.


  9. haha ha..ha.you and me are the same obsessed with those character…haiya himmy..because is the first I found wallace chung.and I love him on that day onward..my true love..


  10. If you like Movie and happy ending, go watch the movie “Fall in Love” Wallace act and sang the ost in this movie! The song is fantastic!


    1. Haha yes, I will go hunt for his movies too. I have to ! Wallace is irresistible ! One of my friends is watching TAR season 1 of China for the first time and I was like “I CAN WATCH IT WITH YOU !!” ✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻

      Alright, 我的师姐们, please help choose an ideal “Wallace” for me. I like guys who are quite the dominant and aggressive type. I also like someone who likes to smile and someone who take charge when he needs to. I like him to be open-minded and speaks what he feels is right. I also likes someone who has a sense of humor, sarcastic humor is much appreciated. And I like someone who isn’t afraid to admit things. I also kinda like someone who can take care of me. Hehehe 😅 And ummm… I kinda like someone who is a gentlemen, but doesnt mind… Ummm… You know, he doesnt mind getting in touch with his naughty side ☺️☺️

      那师姐们你们说呢?Who should I go after first ?????


  11. OMG..are you looking for perfect character..? but not all character are perfect…so just choose wallace chung.not his character…


  12. @himmy Haha, so are you suggesting that Lu Li Cheng matches my criteria or are you suggesting that I should go watch Li Li Cheng ????? 😂😂😂 And yes omg ! I honestly fiund Ah Ci more appealing and more attractive, but Ah Chu’s personality really won me over. Like… I liked Ah Ci at first… But I slowly drifted towards Ah Chu xD


  13. But they made Lu LiCheng into a love-sick pathetic puppy yearning for an unrequited love. And it is so frustrating to watch the silly Su Man bad taste for Alex! 😝 He YiChen is more decisive and firm like a real man! 😉


  14. Fatpanda dont be confused…both wallace character in drama or movie are awesome..

    but Wallace more awesome than his character..he is handsome inside and outside.


    1. Omg ! I agree with you ! Wallace is handsome inside and out. He’s a beautiful being.

      Hahaha xD Uhhh… It sounds like I’ll like He Yi Chen better so far ! Cause I have a thing for guys who are firm. Buuut, idk too. I feel like I’ll like Lu Li Cheng’s sexy nature. According to the picures I’ve seen, Lu Li Cheng looks so yummy. 😍


  15. just want to add..
    once you became wallace fan.there is no cloud day for you.every day is sunny day.because he always smile to his fan..


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