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Another month has passed. Here’s the October updates on Wallace.

I Go to School had ended a few weeks ago, but our recaps will keep coming. Please be patient 🙂

The filming of “Bounty Hunters” had commenced. Wallace, Lee Min Ho and Tang Yan are all shooting the movie in Korea now. According to Lee Min Ho’s fans, they have good interactions and Min Ho is playful with Wallace. Wallace is making everyone feel comfortable around him 🙂

Wallace continues to enjoy himself in Korea. I’m sure he’s eating a lot of delicious Korean food while he’s there. Look at how neatly he wrapped his spring roll. I think by now, I already can recognize him just by his hand lol.

Ecovacs had released their new advertisements with Wallace in them.

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15-second version:

“Let me be your family.”

Himmy: Yes! Yes! Yes!

Peanuts: Unfortunately Himmy doesn’t have money to buy into Wallace’s family 😛

30-second version

“Let me clean the house.”

Peanuts: Yes! Yes! Yes!

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Behind the scenes

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I wonder how many fans will visit their website just to look at Wallace’s face? Here’s Ecovacs’s  China website, in case you want to be one of those fans.

Promotional stills

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The puppies look so adorable and enjoying Wallace’s company.

The online mobile shopping site that was mentioned in our September updates, Fengqu.com also released its endorsement videos and promotional stills.

15-second version

30-second version

According to Wallace in the video, Fengqu sells high quality goods that give great satisfaction.

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Septwolves released behind-the-scenes of their previous endorsements. There’s only a few scenes of Wallace though.

My Sunshine to be broadcast in Taiwan:

Do we have any Taiwanese fans around? Here’s the good news, as My Sunshine will be broadcast on Chung T’ien Television (CtiTV) Channel 36, starting from 9th November, every Monday to Friday at 8 p.m.

Because of this, there are some local articles and entertainment news mentioning Wallace.

They are all in Chinese and nothing new or interesting to talk about. But here are the links if you want to look at them: ETtoday & Gotv (in this article, it mentioned during its broadcast in mainland China, #My Sunshine/Silent Separation# topped the weibo trending topic list.  Related topics were read over 3 billions, which set a new record.)

Wallace’s name was mentioned in actress Yang Zi’s (she is the lead actress in Battle of Changsha) interview. When being asked which actor she most wanted to cooperate with, Yang Zi’s answer is our Wallace. She said he’s sunny and has a warm smile. She seems a little bit shy when talking about Wallace.

Wallace and Tang Yan were both nominated as “Drama Influence of the Year” at the 2015 Asian Influence Awards Oriental Ceremony.  The ceremony will be held at the Beijing Workers’ Stadium on 3rd November, Wallace will still be filming “Bounty Hunters” at that time so we are not sure if he will attend.

Source: ent.qq

Wallace’s weibo update:

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“A top hat and a walking stick. Spinning, dancing in childhood days. Just like going to the market with Mama Chung, where we would weave in and around like the wind. She would confidently flourish her finger and take stock of the fresh seafood there. What dishes should she make? Some tofu, also peas with shredded pork would be good. Always so precise and did not waste anything. [I would] be eating and still want more, only to discover that the plates were already empty. I said that, one day, I would go buy the groceries to let her rest, and she looked at me with wide eyes, terribly touched. Now, we will each hold a large-screened phone and converse back and forth. No matter where we may be, being with you is what is the best ‘food.'”

Once again, thanks a lot to Hoju for the translation!

Wallace posted it while forwarding Fengqu’s advertisement but many fans found it unrelated to his post. According to my understanding, I think he needed to promote Fengqu but did not want to do it just for the sake of promotion. Hence this was what he posted, something totally unrelated lol.

Amazing fan art

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Visit here and here for more fan-art.

PS: We have set up a twitter account, @WallaceChungFan so come and follow us 😉


49 thoughts on “OCTOBER 2015 NEWS UPDATE”

  1. Wallace’s side profile is amazingly breath-taking. 😍😍 Hahaha, we should ask those websites if they’re selling their endorser 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. wow..I really enjoy reading your article…wallace always look so cute..and jona willing to be his puppy. he he ..thanks for the news about bounty hunter..wallace always make every body feel comfortable..I remember when the event press conference for monster hunt movie..he always make a joke and make people around him happy..


  3. Wow! Love the pictures, Love the videos and Love Wallace. I like the banner, he look so cute. May I know if the pictures on the banner was taken recently or it is a older photos?

    And it good to hear Wallace is enjoying himself in Korea!


  4. Himmy..does Yang zi’s has project with wallace chung before?
    I think no only this actress prise our wallace..even jia qing..his patner in DMSD also say wallace has good skill acting..


  5. I really enjoy his romantic films, I don’t like his commercials. This advertisings make me unhappy about him. He should be great actor in romantic films, action films, comedy films… He is always bright, he bring to me warm, kind, ……I love him form there


  6. did wallace ever work with Liu Tao??? it would be great if they play in a drama together.

    the cf.. i wish it airs in my country so i wont change the channel when it’s commercial break, hehe..

    ps : i watched his movie with bolin and fsf. he was a bad guy, haha.. dont really like the movie tho.


      1. i really like her. i watched some of her dramas. so i really hope wallace can work with her in a drama. why wallace always work with tang yan, huft… hahaha…

        emm.. still.. ah.. he was such a messy in that movie, but still hawt. at first, just like bolin’s character, i trusted him too but then.. ah.. he was such a good liar.. hihi…


  7. qiao feng -Azhu is good story lah..

    himmy..what is the title wallace drama with feng qiao feng..I almost didn’t recognise him..at the conference press..wallace chung is the charming, sweetest…wallace chung smile so “WOW”..and when the MC was ask the question to feng qiao feng the audience just quite. but came to wallace the audience so hilarious..


  8. Yui, mentioned above “why does Wallace always work with Tang Yan?” Bounty Hunter will be their 2nd collaboration only.

    Himmy does Wallace repeat his leading ladies often? I don’t watch his older dramas so I’m curious since many famous actors repeats a lot.


    1. No, Wallace seldom repeat his female lead. But there’s some, such as Zhang Ding Han (The Magic Blade & Devildom), both Qi Fang (TLTSILY & Fireline Fighter) and Hu Jing (Secret History of Kangxi & Devildom) are in the same drama with Wallace twice but they are not lover in one of it.
      Wallace also repeat director. TLTSILY & Best Time, DGSD & The Magic Blade, Treacherous Water & The Stand in share the same directors.


      1. I left out Zhang Meng (The Magic Blade & DGSD) & Li Xiao Ran (Treacherous Water & TLTSILY). Well, Zhang Meng was not Wallace’s lover in both drama and Li Xiao Ran barely has any interaction with Wallace in Treacherous Water.


  9. The Vietnamese News just announced that Wallace has confirmed he will take the male lead role for Love Switch, filming for the Drama starts in Dec. Not long ago there is something on his Vietnamese Fan club FB page saying the exact opposite. Not sure what is going on…


    1. Are you referring to the same Love Switch and Switch of Love because I read the synopsis on Switch of Love and did not like it at all! I actually hope Wallace will not do this drama!


      1. If he is going to choose dramas like the rumored ones, then I rather he do movies. That way even if we dislike the plot, actress, or production value it will only be a 2hr movies.


      1. but wallace still look young..
        actually anything his character as long he not being bully..thats why I want him to be hero.no body will dare to bully him..and he will not afraid anything.he only afraid to women he love.modern drama or wuxia im fine.


  10. You guys now, Wallace is so good that he’s taking roles from other actors who are like.. 10-20 years younger than him xD xD xD It’s probably because he still looks young, he’s handsome, he’s good at acting and because he has a VERY good reputation.

    Liked by 2 people

  11. Well said Panda, Really hope to see Wallace in good drama and movie, some good project that had a deep impression that is lasting and not easily replaceable by others for example his role as Qiao Feng was one very memorable ones!


  12. Hey guys ! I don’t know where to post this, so I’ll just post it now. So my friends and I are hosting an “Ancient Series Awards” where you basically come and nominate your faborite characters from any ancient/palace Chinese movie or drama series and then the ones with the most nominations will proceed into a goting system to be named something like “The Most Handsome” or the “The Best Martial Arts.” There’s no special awards for the winners though… Just bragging rights.

    Let’s help Wallace’s characters win a spot ! Haha, I’m trying, but… Idk. I don’t think I can do it alone. I’ll post the name of our site below and check it out okay guys ??? I really want Wallace to win something xD Haha.



      1. Yeeeees !!! Please, please, please do !! Our Wallace needs to win something ! I’ve been running from site to site trying to promote this awards thingy and I’m hoping that those sites consists of Wallace’s fans xD


    1. @himmy I will not fail to remind you ! 👍🏻

      @iin suci Yees !! Haha, put him down for every category too if you wish ! Just be sure to read the rules or the ballot won’t count.


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