Our Wallace will officially turn 41 today! Of course, he’s forever 21 in our hearts lol. We wish you more amazing years to come! Wallace, we will stay with you forever. Nothing can change our love for you~

Dear Wallace,

Like last year, I wish you stay healthy and happy everyday. Because that’s the most important thing and I am most concerned about your well being. 🙂

This is our first year celebrating Wallace’s birthday, so of course we gonna do something special 😉 Since I heard that Bounty Hunters might be filmed in my country, I’ve been preparing for a special gift for Wallace. I hope that I will be able to hand it to him personally one day. He hasn’t come so the gift is still with me, but I’ll show it to our readers first. Don’t copy my explosive idea 😛

The song in the background is Maggie Chiang’s ‘Happy Birthday‘ covered by Fatpanda. Sound like a real recording artist right! Wallace has many talented fans 🙂

Here are some pictures to let you have a better look. I’m a bad photographer, I know 😦


Our messages to Wallace:


In addition, I’ve picked some fans’ comments on Wallace and how they became his fans.

I’ve also included some samples of our recaps of I Go to School and The Amazing Race for Wallace to read.

Original link for “The Amazing Race China Celebrities Edition – Greece Athens” recap.

Original link for ‘I Go to School’ ep 2 recap.

Don’t forget to leave your messages to Wallace too! 😀


28 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY WALLACE!”

  1. Himmy, many thanks for representing us – non Chinese speaking fans – who do not have weibo account:)….wish WC a very happy birthday and stay young and cool, and don’t forget to have FUN…xoxo

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  2. Ahhh ! That is such a beautiful and amazing and creative box !! It’s absolutely lovely !! 😀 Happy Birthday to our amazing Wallace and thank you to all for always keeping us in the loop !! 😀 Muuuaaaaah !


  3. i always thought peanuts some country as himmy..now i know already..happy birthday wallace!! i can’t forget your smile.make me happy always.


  4. Hi. Happy birthday to Wallace!!! I like your point that there are quite a few overseas fans who cannot speak Chinese nor have a Weibo account. Add Korean fans to your list, too. As Wallace’s popularity is beyond the national boundary, the fan club organization should go more international.

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  5. i smile ear to ear reading your comments guys… so lovely… i hope he will read it and reply.. oh please.. it’s gonna be awesome 😀

    well, happy bday dear Wallace (just in case he reads this :P) and hope to see you again in drama soon!! pleaseeee as soon as possible 🙂

    waaahh, the gift is so cute… you guys are amazing, seriously!


  6. Very Creative Himmy! Love it! 😍
    Thank you for speaking for on our behalf! Hope the day we can become legal fan! Lol!

    Happy Birthday! Wallace 😘😘😘


  7. Waaa! What a lovely gift! *-*
    Really nice Himmy!
    And Happy Birthday Wallace!
    You’re the main reason I decide to read Silent separation, despite of my poor Chinese. It is very challenging, but to read the book and to imagine you as Heyichen makes worthy the effort! ^^


  8. Happy birthday, Wallace Chung!!! (<– Peanuts forced me to say this. She has too much dirt on me and blackmailing me so I've to do what she wants for the time being, lol.)

    What a lovely gift!!! You did a great job, himmy. My future hubby the other Wallace's birthday is coming up end of December. A handmade gift is desperately needed. Please let me know what I need to do to convert you in a WH's fan, himmy, and I'll try my best! 😛 😀


    1. Thankyou ligde..
      i wish wallace chung and wallace huo can be good patner one day.maybe they play in a movie together..my massage to WH..tell him to smile more.maybe i will consider be his fan too:P


    2. I can’t believed peanuts can force you! Don’t denied that you too like Wallace Chung! Who would not love Sunshine! 😀

      I agreed with inn WH should smile more! 😜


      1. Lidge, stop coming to WC’s blog to spy on us 😛 Nothing u do for WH can top us so stop wasting your time 😛 I don’t censor comment like lidge so I let her post untrue comment. I didn’t ask her to come here to cause trouble. I just told her Himmy made a fantastic birthday present for WC. Then Miss Busybody came to advertise for WH 😦


  9. Hehe, I realized that I forgot to leave my birthday wishes for Wallace.

    Dear Mr. Sunshine,
    Happy birthday to you, lovely ! My friend and I suspect that you and Jimmy Lin found some kind of youth elixir that’s preventing you guys from aging. But whatever you’re doing to look young, keep at it !!
    Anyways, I hope all your wishes come true and I hope that the following year will only bring happiness and good luck !! Keep your wonderful smile on and keep up that positive attitude. It’s absolutely charming 🙂
    I don’t know if this is going to just ADD fuel or lighten the subject, but because of all of your rumors about being married, if you really are then I will clap for you cause I’m happy for you. If you aren’t, then I will clap for you too because…. You know… There’s still a lot of fangirls out there (girls like us here on this blog) 😂.

    With love,
    FatPanda. Heather. Hannie. Han. 熊梳莲. Or whatever you’d rather know me by.

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