Is Wallace married or is there more to it?

I hate bringing this topic up because Wallace, himself, hates talking about it. However, I feel like I must talk about this big elephant in the room. If you are a Wallace fan, there’s no escaping this news whatsoever. There’s something strange about this recurring marriage news.

Peanuts: So far there is no concrete proof of Wallace’s marital status. Also, Wallace never talks about it as he wants his fans to focus on his acting, dancing and singing, not his personal life. Everything you read here or online is based on hearsay and personal opinions. Thus let’s take all of them with a grain of salt and don’t get too bothered by them. Ultimately, we should focus more on Wallace’s activities, not his rumors.

Every time I do a Wallace monthly news recap for the blog, I realized the more news coverage Wallace gets for his projects/endorsements, the more same old news I see of his rumored wife/kid articles. I wouldn’t be complaining if there are actual new details about those rumors, but they usually stay the same, until this month.

A paparrozi weibo account claimed this is the leaked photo of Wallace’s child (this baby looks like my little cousin also).

There’s a recent article (see links below) I found on weibo and it cleared up 2 things. Qi Fang is definitely not Wallace’s wife and there is something behind those news aricles popping up so often. The rumor started after the airing of “Too Late to Say I Love You” in which they collaborated in 2011. The rumors were so widely spread that eventually, in the early 2014, Qi Fang finally wrote on her official weibo that they are “just good friends.” Sohu news also backed up her statement by releasing their own article stating that she is already married to a wealthy man. As a result, this rumor quickly disappeared right away.

Qi Fang personally clarified the rumors on her weibo

The rumor started circulating again in mid January 2015 (smack in the middle of My Sunshine’s glory) and it’s not showing any signs of stopping. (I did mention it to Himmy, I was getting tired of all those rumors popping up all the time as well). Take for example Baidu’s main search page for Wallace, how come those articles are the top recent relevant news relating to Wallace? This month alone, Wallace’s top 3 news stories should be his “Sing for Life” album announcement, his directorial debut “Hourglass,” and his birthday fan meet.

Unfortunately, the old rumores still manage to sneak behind either the 2nd or the 3rd place, no matter which search engine (I want to remind everyone that those are the same old articles for the past years).

So the big question is, why is it that the same old rumors still manage to beat out all of Wallace’s recent projects and remain “news”? (Does that make sense?) Also, Wallace did you happen to make somebody mad?

The author of this article (probably from a curious fan) seems to suggest that it’s a work of a professional to ruin Wallace’s image. No average Joe will have that much power. I would have to admit that I have never seen anything like this before.

I’ve been so bothered by this discovery, so the November news wrapup will be posted this weekend instead. This is damaging and I hope it will stop soon, because it’s affecting me as well. What are your thoughts?

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18 thoughts on “Is Wallace married or is there more to it?”

  1. Poor guy… I like him as a professional singer cum actor, I saw him in a Hong Kong drama many years ago during his younger days and then lost track on his movement till my craze for C-Drama and C-Novel started late last year where thanks to his wonderful fans who keeps a blog on him as well as Hui3r website, I managed to follow his news and updates once again. Pray and hope that his personal life is as happy and successful as his professional life. I know that he will be a good husband and dad as much as he is a son and brother to his family members.

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  2. That’s really very weird. I don’t want to support the author of those news but maybe there should be some foundation in his persisting on with the articles about Wallace’s marriage. I mean, it does not make sense to continue with those articles after Qi fang has declared that she is already married and that she and Wallace are just good friends.
    As you said, it seems someone is trying to ruin Wallace’s image. I don’t know. I hope Wallace don’t be affected by those news.

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  3. The fact that someone would do something like this to hurt Wallace, hurt me… Whoever behind this is despicable. If Wallace is not married, this is totally unfair to him. Even IF he was married, it’s his own personal matter. If he decided not to let it go public, we have to respect that. Not everyone love that kind of attention.


  4. Wow… These rumors are firing up again ?? Whhyyyy ??? I agree with what you guys are all saying. Someone, maybe a professional, is out there trying to ruin his image since he’s always had a good one. Someone is trying to make him look bad. The thing I’ve noticed about the media, it may just be me, but they LOVE seeing celebrities mess up or hide things. They probably have this vision that celebrities are higher beings, but the truth is, we’re all the same. They just appear on TV. I don’t get why the press much try and dig so deep into Wallace’s life. If he doesn’t wanna share, then don’t push it.

    But on the other hand, round of applause to our Wallace for remaining so strong and awesome despite all the rumors being thrown at him. I mean, I’m sure we will all love him even more if he really did have his own family, but since nothing is of clarity here, it doesn’t matter. Wallace will always be the 小太阳 that he always was and I love that about him. 小哇,加油!

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  5. I never once believed in those rumours! Because based on his character and personality he will not made his love ones suffered by hiding them away!

    If you followed all his past interviews and his beliefs you will know that Wallace Chung is definitely a real and normal male and still available! 😘😘😘

    Based on my own reasoning and imagination why those Rumours kept popping out are because:

    A) Now he is the Brand Ambassador of many Commerical products. And these products have many competitors. One way to tarnish its brand is to target their Brand Ambassador, therefore these competitors are fuelling the group that created the Rumours! But fear not, the companies’ products and brands that Wallace represented will protect their own interest and Wallace as well!

    B) A group of Despicable and irresponsible news makers who moved over to the dark force in disguise that they want the truth! And put the blames on the people who read their articles! So don’t believed in anything they said! (Look out if reporters from the same agency kept asking the same questions! They could be the culprit!)

    C) Rumours created by people he once knew. And they could have done it without considering that things could get out of hand! And till today, they regretted this had hurt him! Therefore, Wallace do not want to comment on it! As there is this Chinese saying ‘things get even more complicated when tried to explain, better let it rest and one day the truth will reveal’!

    Why so harsh to public figure?:
    Because when one is a public figure, what one do or said will had a significant impact! When one had all the advantages and gained from being a public figure, the people had high expectation that you contribute back to the society by representing what is morally acceptable by the majority. That is why being a public figure had to bears heavy responsibility that owe to one’s popularity, and therefore, the consequences is so harsh!

    Wallace you have our support, there is nothing one can do to stop those who insist to create this rumours! And they cannot do more harm if we all simply chose to ignore and not bother by it!

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    1. smart analysis!!maybe somebody mad at Him becoz wallace refuse or dicided to not endorse their product altough they willing to pay high..


    2. Jona, you are always so thorough with your comments!! I love reading them.

      It’s just annoying when I see that same old news overriding his latest news…that’s all. I couldn’t careless who he marries to be honest.


  6. Wallace’s popularity can’t be away from either positive or negative rumors that tend to ruin his reputation, that’s consequences I guess as a top star. However, I truly pity on those 2 ladies that the name linked to him all the time. they got nothing positive out of that rumors, regardless it’s true or not.
    Personal opinion, I’m quite observant kind of person, trust me lol, by looking at WC’s response in many interview until recently, he had serious relationship with women in the past (unsure if it’s married or not), but it’s over now. He is single NOW, but not in the past (up to around 2013 or early 2014)… does it sound Ladies??


  7. Wallace is so engrossed in things that he is enjoying right now! So comfortable and busy that he may forgotten to get married! Lol! 😜 I hope he will come across someone really compatible and happy with! 🤗 I would love to see how his kids look like! 😍


  8. gof..i dont think wallace is married on that year.he too busy with 3 drama..stand in,DGSM,best time.all of us know right.he only do one by one thing for the best result.even so if he already married..maybe he just waiting where the time is right to share with us.wich everyone are ready.he also need his fans blessing.


  9. I don’t care if he is married! At his age, he should be! I like him because he is a good actor who focuses on his craft so he can entertain us. He is entitled to a wonderful though private personal life. If he is happy personally, he will be better in his professional life!

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  10. to let out his personal life isn’t good at all, i advice him to do so everyday, many star link out their personal views and family secret life to public which is wrong. keep on keeping your life secret people arent good. you can lough chart also eat together but their mind thinking bad things towards you. i would encourage you to keep your life day yes they will know your partner, and isn’t must to marry,we have padree’s, they don’t have wives to they not eating ?to they not wearing well? to they not burred when they die. program yourself don’t let people walk on your plans.


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