November 2015 NEWS UPDATE

November and December are holiday seasons; hence, it has been extra quiet here on this blog and it will continue to be so until next year. It’s too bad, because every topic I’m covering this month deserves it’s own post but I could only manage to put them in one. If only I could take my own personal computer with me while I travel. No worries though, because our hearts are constantly thinking about Wallace. We still have our Facebook and Twitter account. So join us there if you as Wallace fans need to spazz!

Endorsement Overload

The big news that dominated headlines throughout the month of November is Wallace’s endorsement deals. As of now, he is a spokesperson for 7 different brands. Below are some of the latest video released.


Wallace Feng Qu ads on the subway

Magic Blade

How’s this for a throwback?

The present Wallace in the same character

Xiang Piao Piao

Board the Wallace train. Initially commencing on November 30, it will continue to run for a month in Hangzhou, China.

[Note: Xiang Piao Piao, or “Wafting Fragrance”, is a milk tea drink brand that Wallace Chung endorses. The company claimed that, when lined up, the cups they sold would circle the Earth.] credit: Haha

2015 Asian Influence Awards – Oriental Ceremony (2015-11-03)

It’s near the end of the year, which means it’s the season for award shows to review all the big names in movies and dramas. 2015 Asian Influence Awards Oriental Ceremony brought Wallace the first win. He won the Drama Influence Award for his performance in My Sunshine. Unfortunately he had the Bounty Hunters commitment in South Korea and could not attend. His My Sunshine co-star Tan Kai did attend the awards show and walked away with the breakout star award.

I love it when awards ceremony reward entertainers who are very good at their craft and very deserving of recognition. In this case, both Wallace and Tan Kai deserve the awards.


King of Pop

If you missed Wallace’s performance on King of Pop, below is him singing “A Simple Man” from Vicky Zhao’s movie Hollywood Adventures. Peanuts had already translated the lyrics to English here.

“Sandglass” Big Announcement (2015-11-25)

Following in the footsteps of Vicki Zhao and Alex Su, Wallace has taken on one of his biggest challenges which is to direct the eponymous Internet novel-turned movie Sandglass. No actor has been attached to the project yet as they are still looking for suitable leads. Most likely newcomers are going to be cast. Sandglass is a coming of age youth romance novel focusing on 3 young troubled girls. It consists of 3 books and if all goes according to the plan, it will be made into 2 movies.

I’m both sad and happy about this news. I am happy that Wallace gets to direct a movie to his content and sad we’ll get less of him on the screen. Vick Zhao spent a good year on her directorial debut So Young. If this novel is made into 2 movies, are they going to be filming back to back? In that case, fans like us will have to be very patient.

Here’s the full recording of the press conference. It was reported that during the entire run, there was a total of 2 million hits. I did watch this on my big screen and …. oh boy….Wallace was definitely gorgeous to look at.

This article is written in English, go and read more about the film there:
Links : 1, 2

Birthday Fan Meet (11-27-2015)

The big news at Wallace’s B-day fan meet were about his new album announcement, a short preview of the new MV, and his sister Jackie as a special guest to help sing the happy B-day song. Fans are very fond of Jackie as she appeared on The Amazing Race with Wallace.

Himmy: I will write a (slightly more) detailed post about the Birthday Fan Meet in a separate post. So stay tuned.

Awesome fanmade MV in celebration of Wallace B-day

Li Xiao Ran (Too Late to Say I Love You) recent Interview:

Are there any TLTSILY’s fans here? Well, if you are a fan of Murong Feng and Jing Wan, here’s a fun interview.

The leading actress of TLTSILY is happily married for over a year now (sorry for that sinking ship LOL). When the drama first aired, it caused quite a bit of a stir not in how many kiss scenes there were but how passionate the kisses actually were. She was probably the very first actress that fans actually shipped with Wallace. At a recent brand event to help promote the latest release of a new smart phone, Li Xiao Ran was asked who was the better kisser, her husband or Wallace? Like any smart person, she said they were not comparable. Her kisses with Wallace are all scripted and needed to be done based on the characters and storyline. (Well, if I was married, I would say my husband because Wallace and his fans would understand 😉 ).

Haven’t seen the kiss scenes yet? In that case, take a look at the video and see what the hype was all about. Well, both of them are very professional is all I’m saying.

Credit:  1 

Bounty Hunters updates

Wallace leaving right after his B-Day fan meet to the airport for Thailand

“Bounty Hunters” follows a group of different specialized bail agents who work with law enforcement to bring proper punishment to fugitives for monetary rewards. In a recent interview, Wallace was asked about his collaboration with Lee Min Ho (LMH). Wallace said that, although it is his first collaboration with LMH, their language barrier is very limited. They work well together and are able to understand their fight scenes cohesively. He’s happy to get to work with LMH and did not expect him to be quite childish at times.

Wallace spotted in Thailand.

As for your quick Bounty Hunters wrap-up: Fans have noticed that all the 3 leads have decided to color their hair. Filming in South Korea had concluded. Wallace went straight from his B-day Fan Meet to the airport to fly to Thailand and shooting there has also come to an end. It’s not clear if shooting in general has officially ended. I know for sure Tang Yan is done since she has already started shooting her next big budget drama this month.

Raymond Wong visited the set of Bounty Hunter in South Korea

Tang Yan BTS offshoot. There were photos of Wallace filming at what looks like a temple, but I forgot to save them & now I can’t find them. Apparently, LMH’s fans are asking for all BTS photos taken offline.

Producer Raymond Wong visited the set of Bounty Hunter in Thailand celebrating the end of the shooting for Bounty Hunter or Tang Yan’s B-day?

Credit: 1 

Monster Hunt

Back in September, “Monster Hunt” had racked up 2.426 billion yuan (that’s nearly USD381 million) becoming the highest-grossing film ever on the Chinese market. Regarding the latest development, distribution company Film Rise has brought the North America rights to release the movie in early 2016. This movie is awesome and everybody should go see it. Hopefully, it will be screened all over the world.


My Sunshine

For such a low budget and simple drama, it sure has speeding full ahead of any Chinese dramas this year. Since ending its broadcast in mainland China in January, it has already been broadcast in South Korea. Taiwan will start airing it this December 3rd. The latest news is that Japan’s audience will get to see this drama as early as January 2016. It is expected to be on one of the CS Satellite Channels Dramatic TV.

As for other related news, Taiwanese netizens have voted for their all-time favorite Drunken Drama OTPs and our Yichen & Mosheng have come out in third place. Interesting to note though that the drama hasn’t even been aired yet when the poll was conducted.Credit: 1 

Love these MVs:

I don’t know why but I feel very happy watching his MVs.

That’s all folks!



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  1. Thankyou so hard working…i think on wallace fans meeting i didn’t saw any song one day we will grow old..i like that song.wallace look so rush..


  2. Thank you Chewywon for the November Updates and putting these Fan made MVs together. I missed Wallace and his drama so much that I watched these MVs over and over. Happy holidays and have a enjoyable trip.


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