Hi, my name is Sally. I am new to this blog. I have recently became a big Fan of Wallace’s after watching him in Best Time. I almost fell head over heels in love with him through his character Lu Li Cheng. After that, I have been searching everything linked to him. Thanks to Himmy for letting me join you guys here.

Himmy: Yay, I found my Lu Li Cheng gang 😛 This is Sally’s first post,  so everyone please give her a warm welcome.

Peanuts: Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays !

My favorite Chinese drama, Best Time, was based on a novel by Tong Hua, a writer from China who graduated from Peking University and went to live in America in 2005.

The drama was directed by Cang Lai-zan and the main actors were Wallace Chung, Janine Chang and Jia Nai Liang. It is a very touching and romantic love story filmed into a melodrama. The best part of the storyline is the unconditional love of one man, Lu Li Cheng (Wallace Chung). He willingly gave his time and love to a woman named Su Man (Janine Chang). Ever since the first time he met her, he knew she had had a crush on another man, Song Yi (Jia Nai Liang) for 10 years.

Ten years ago, Su Man (Janine Chang) and “Basketball No. 1”Song Yi (Jia Nailiang) were from the same school. Song Yi was a few years her senior. Song Yi exceled in academics in school and his basketball skills were also superb. Su Man fell in love with him ever since.  Many years passed. Su Man never heard news about Song Yi, but he left a deep impression on Su Man. Ten years later, Su Man became the general manager of an Accounting firm owned by Ma Lang Tang, who was her best friend. At this moment, Song Yi (Alex) had returned from the United States to join the MG Group and was about to become a director of the investment company. This prompted Su Man to join the company to be near Song Yi, the man she had had a crush on for so many years.

In the same company, was the Company Investment Officer, known as Lu Li Cheng (Wallace Chung) who was successful. He also has the desire to become the vice CEO of that company, so Song Yi became his rival. Lu Li Cheng had met Su Man earlier, during a prank orchestrated  by Ma Lang Tang. Thus he formed an unfavorable impression of Su Man. Later Lu Li Cheng found out her true identity and motive for joining the company. He threatened her, yet he also appreciated her talent and kept her by his side.

The situation became worse when Ma Lang Tang and Song Yi became a couple and Lu Li Cheng developed feelings for Su Man. Lu Li Cheng was the one who broke the news to Su Man about her parents’ accident while they were on vacation. Her mother died, her father was seriously injured and later had cancer. Having to deal with Song Yi’s betrayal and her parents’ death, she was devastated. But Lu Li Cheng was with her throughout all these, consoling and giving full support to her. He told her gently, “I will always be by your side no matter what happened.” Isn’t this touching?

I love this story because the actors portrayed those characters so perfectly. I almost cried my eyes out especially in the episodes where Song Yi betrayed Su Man and got together with her best friend and during her parents’death. All these while, Lu Li Cheng was there for her, without much rest himself, accompanying her all along.

Food for thought: Su Man has been in love with Song Yi for so many years. He couldn’t forget his former girlfriend who was dead. He appeared weak and fickle-minded towards Su Man. Can it even be considered as love when both Song Yi and Su Man had never even dated? They did not know each other’s personality well. There is also the 10-year gap, with both of them living separate lives.

Song Yi did nothing for her but gave her heartaches instead. He betrayed her trust and love on the day he left her to be with Ma Lang Tang. Whereas, Lu Li Cheng has everything a woman wants—he is successful, handsome, intelligent, mature, thoughtful, caring and most importantly faithful in his love for her. Deep inside the heart of every woman, there is a longing for her man to be there for her in times of grief and sorrow. I am choosing the latter. What about you?

The original novel has an open ending but the director felt that he should satisfy the audience by creating two alternative endings. I dislike the first ending where Su Man chose Song Yi. Instead, I love the second ending wherein Su Man chose Lu Li Cheng. This is a happy ending, at least to me as Lu Li Cheng has done so much for Su Man. I guess the author wanted an open ending or for Su Man to be with Song Yi because of the original name given to the novel, The Secret Burried by Time. It means Lu Li Cheng’s love will forever be hidden in his heart from Su Man. 😢

Himmy: I really like Lu Li Cheng’s character. He’s confident, humorous and smart. He might appear to be mean on the outside, but he actually has a very warm and generous heart. He’s proud of his hard-earned success and never forgets where he comes from. Aiya, not enough words for me to praise him—just one word, perfect!

Wallace Chung as Lu Li Cheng

Janine Chang as Su Man

Jia Nai Liang as Song Yi







Himmy: Lu Li Cheng is so good at posing lol.

Himmy: Two of my favorite scenes 😀

The drama with English sub by Viki.

English subbed trailer

Himmy: Damn you Su Man, damn you!

43 thoughts on “DRAMA REVIEW: BEST TIME (最美的时光)”

  1. Welcome onboard Sally:D
    Wallace has given us so much joy! In return we wish to see him happy and successful! To me this is unconditional Love too!
    Thank you for sharing this love with us! 😍

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  2. Himmy and inn I know both of you are a Great fan of Best Time! After reading Sally recap, I can see why you are all head over heels in love with LuLi Cheng! I too like Handsome, humorous and smart guy like LLC because he is so more like Wallace except Wallace is much better than LLC! Ha! Ha!
    Ok I can’t help it..I still preferred He Yi cheng over LLC! 😂😂😂 😝

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    1. haiya jona..i think i like lu li cheng character bcoz of wallace..his act super well.. i dont really like best time story..lu li cheng so smart.and succesful man..i watch few times..just want to measure..what is the diffrents lu li cheng and your yi chen.
      yi chen always covering his body…
      lu li cheng give me some taste..so complete.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ok that I can agreed, LLC dressed very well and I like most of his outfits in Best Time. While HYC as a lawyer always in white shirt and black suits but Wallace made black suit look sexy too! :p Well! I don’t think we will ever have a chance to see Wallace bear all Lol! But when Ah Si in The Stand-in did the strip dance that sure get my heart racing! 😂😂😂☺️ and temperature raising 🤒 Ha! Ha! Ha!


      2. Well, what can I say. LLC has a colourful life lol, including night life. Su Man once said, she would feel proud to bring him out (to a night club) XD
        That Ah Si striping scene is one of a kind. I laughed so hard watching it, because I was happy! Lol
        Both LLC & HYC are smart and have a sharp tongue. I really want to see them having a mouth fight 😈

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      3. Without saying, HYC will win and in the end both HYC and LLC becomes good friends! because they are both smart and would do anything for their love! And inn you would agreed with me that the best kisses are found in Murong Feng in TLTSILY! 😘


  3. Thank you for the recap and welcome on board Sally. I have been a fan of Wallace since his days as He Yi Cheng… And was told about Best Time which I have yet got around watching though did not know that it was a novel as well. Guess time to check out the novel first… Talented actor indeed 😍 and thank you Himmy and Peanut for recommending such great actor and introductions to translated Chinese novels 😍 Merry Christmas ladies and have a fantastic year of 2016

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    1. Thank you Jona and Mhryu for the sincere comments here. I want to thank Himmy and Peanuts too for giving me the opportunity here to ‘declare’ my ‘love’ for LLC, hahaha..as this is my first public posting. LLC is a great character. Wallace was acting out his own character as well. To all Wallace’s fans, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May all be healthy, prosperous and happy forever. May Wallace be forever healthy, happy and young forever. Always will be his faithful fan forever true.

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  4. Welcome Sally!
    I also became aware of Wallace’s existence after watching The best time. Of all his dramas this is the one I like the most. I started watching it because of Jia Nai Liang but when I saw Wallace…I fell in love with him. *-*

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  5. hello guys.
    i’m new here. thank you for writing about my favorite drama character LLC. LLC makes me love WC more than before.
    LLC is not only my ideal type but also my role model lol. his hard work and dedication inspire me so much.
    and WC is such a great actor. every time i look at LLC and WC photo they look like a different person, a different vibe hahaha.

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    1. Sorry girls..I was supposed to write a review but did a recap instead. I just could not think of any negative comments on the drama at all. I have not watch such a satisfying and perfect television drama before. The casts are so wonderful especially Wallace and Janine Chang. My emotions are so easily stirred just by watching them. Perfect. So much so I just need to share it.


      1. dont worry sally..dont take it seriously about me and jona..he he..we so open mind…i also want to share..the episode i like the most is happy endhing LLC SUMAN..is not bzos the kissing scene but that episode actually the story first time su man lu li cheng meet each other..till they seperate and meet again..so if i want to rewatch best time this is the best way..

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    1. No apology needed when you are in love with Best Times! 😉😀

      If the writer Tong Hua knew that Wallace will be LLC in her novel, she may write the ending differently! 😂😂😂

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      1. hahaha I agree Jona! I also believe she would write the ending differently if she had imagined Wallace as LLC.


  6. Hello Sally, my fellow LLC lover. i admire and love LLC more than Wallace Chung’s other characters. Well, 2nd goes to YC from My Sunshine. But he couldnt beat my LLC. I was surprised that you made this review since most of the people here are YC fans 😀

    im one of the hardcore fan of LLC. i dont care what people said about his ‘fate’ with that stupid shu man, sorry, toward shu man, i have a bittersweet feeling… i wish i were shu man then i would give you guys a happy ending 😛

    i couldnt stop smiling reading your review uhmm.. recap… thank you. i need to re-watch it. ah… i miss wallace chung so much, cuz nowadays i spent a lot of time watching another wallace 😀

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    1. Hi hi Yui I am so happy we share the same love about LLC. He deserves more attention and love than the other Wallace’s characters as he has been giving so much out unconditionally to this one woman Su Man. I never really watch a mandarin drama and this is my first drama review/recap about LLC. Because of LLC I started my first ever post.

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      1. Sally be careful with you word, you might attract some other character ahem HYC ahem fan’s, ahem Peanuts ahem attention. And she might just start to write another post just to praise her bias 😛
        But nevertheless I totally agree that LLC doesn’t get enough attention that he deserves 😙

        Liked by 1 person

    1. LOLs… havent seen peanuts for years 😛 YC hardcore fan, lols..

      i feel you.LLC is ‘my type’. smart, handsome, mature even sometimes ‘childish’, he knows how to love without being pushy… and gentleman… i just love him. i dont like a man who hit a girl.. but i understood why he hit shu man. aish… he’s not perfect. 😛
      i like YC too, but LLC is more.. uhmm.. how to describe it.. aaaahh.. i love him. that’s it! just love him. i dont really any reason to love him cuz i love him lols #crazyfangirl

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  7. As I said LLC deserve some attention, other characters that Wallace portrayed in deserve their attentions as well..just that I am more to LLC thats all but nevertheless I like all the characters that Wallace portrayed in..In short, I just love Wallace…no bias business here.


  8. Lol! Sally you sure covered yourself and LLC well! Look like our Wallace did a superb and fantastic portray of all his characters in all dramas and movies that leave a lasting impression for all his fans. Love Wallace! 😍😍😍

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  9. yeah sally.i understand with your feeling..is the same like..i adore wallace other character..”qiao feng”i always talk about qiao feng all the time.ha ha..i like qiao feng heroisme,patriotisme

    LLC also..for me he is a hero..his sincere his love to suman..acompany her when she was sad ..happy..altough suman didnt love LLC..but LLC always by her side whenever and whatever situation..he is su man guardian angel..love LLC!!

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  10. How does Song Yi betray Su Man?? I’m only on episode 4. Taking a break from his Hotness as CBJ.
    Su Man just had a tete a tete with Ma Lang Tang… detailing how she has been in love with Alex since his basketball days in school 10 years ago. Before he became Alex. This best friend knowing both the names knows all the details… isn’t she the one who betrays Su Man?
    Please pardon my ignorance… I’m too mesmerized by LLC and CBJ.

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  11. Yuck!!! I have to poke my eyes out!!! Why ??? The woman with the short hair. Why are you wearing that dress and doing that dance???? She’s killed the end of episode 5

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  12. i just finish watching the best time special edition for ep 48 & 49 but unfortunately no subtitle in english for both episode. huwaaaa…. i try understand the storyline base on their acting.

    actually i prefer suman & lu li cheng together at the end. maybe lu li cheng is wallace & acting by wallace. i seem like bias. hahaha.

    what i can found from both episode; episode 48 more perfect in terms of storyline compare episode 49. why???? episode 49 just do it for requirement only. pity lu li cheng. hurmmm

    i think script writer plus director prefer song yi instead of lu li cheng. hahaha

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  13. I literally share the same sentiments and have been reading every good compliments and reviews about Wallace Cheung though I am a late and an outdated fan.

    Best Time Series has just finished airing in Singapore Hub 111 channel and I have missed the last Episode after staying up after midnight watching most episodes!

    I have never expected to fall head over heels over a male artist the more I watch his in depth and cool emotional acting skills in this Chinese Drama Series. Wallace is so professional, charming and immersed in every romance series as if he is deeply, truly and faithfully in love with only one female without flirting.

    He is so genuine it is hard to separate his emotional expressions in acting from his real character.

    The sweet memories of his expressions of love is ever lasting and I look forward to watching more of his productions.


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