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Happy New Year!!! It also means the end of holidays, sob sob….

Wallace didn’t appear much in public this month. But overall this has been a busy year for him. He had done so many things such as holding his first photography exhibition, got loads of endorsement projects, filmed 3 movies, went back to “school”, released his new album, and is now undertaking his first film directorial debut “Sandglass.” Hope to see more of his work in year 2016. 🙂

Peanuts & Chewywon: Happy New Year to all the Wallace Chung fans!

New endorsement video from Trident (with English subtitles!)

I have no idea that you should eat chewing gum after steamboat lol.

Sing For Life Album release date

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After much fighting between fans (mainland fans to be precise, while other fans can only watch them fight) to pre-order his new album Sing for Life, it was finally released online on 31st December together with “Sing for Life” music video.

Overseas fans can start to order it via 5Music now. I’ve done a post on how to order the album online.

Although YouTube is easier and convenient for overseas fans, please support the original source of the music video, as the YouTube version is re-uploaded so the traffic won’t be counted.

Such a meaningful song and music video 🙂 I love it. English translation of the song can be found here.

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Sing For Life Album track lists:

乐作人生 Sing For Life ( Happy living ) 4.42
闲人免进 Authorized Personnel only (No entry for busybody) 3.41
感觉够 Satisfied (Feeling enough) 4.06
喊卡 Camera Cut (Call a Stop, i.e Shouting cut) 3.42
心安 A Peaceful heart (At ease) 4.43
猎人 Hunter 3.42

The Stand In received honorable nomination

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The Stand In was nominated for the Outstanding Television Series award at the 30th China TV Drama Flying Apsaras Awards, also known as the Feitian Awards, that was held on 28th December. Although it didn’t win the award, being nominated is a big accomplishment in itself. Being the longest-running television award ceremony in China, it is the highest government honor, one can receive in the television industry. Feitian Awards, along with the Golden Eagle Awards and the Magnolia Awards, are the three most prestigious awards in China.

Wallace’s hand print in Seoul

He left not only his footprints but also his handprints in Korea, during the Seoul International Drama Award event. I can only imagine all kind of silly things I’ll do to the handprints if I ever go there.

Peanuts: You going to kiss it lol?

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Marriage rumor

On 16th December, a piece of big news was suddenly exposed about him being married and having a daughter. You can read more about it at Jayne. No confirmation from Wallace so far. All I have to say is, it’s his personal life and I’m done talking about this topic.

Cetaphil fan meet in Shanghai on 19th December

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Grand opening of Septwolves branch

Wallace attended the grand opening of the Septwolves branch in Deyang, Sichuan on 20th December and their VIP dinner event on the same day.

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Adorable version of turning around

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Adorable version of walking in front

It was Wallace’s first time in Deyang, thus fans there were very excited. Approximately 2,000 fans were there to feast their eyes on the real life version Wallace.

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Fans climbed up the ladder, trees and even to rooftops just to see him. Those outside of the building window really scared me. It’s too dangerous for them and for Wallace as well.

VIP Dinner event

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Christmas greeting from Wallace

“Clean and safe, Merry Christmas.” Obviously, it was from Trident.

New drama with Ying Er?

Wallace was rumored to be the male lead of an upcoming drama As Long As You Love Me (I’ll just call it ‘Love Me’ for short) for months and a few days ago the production company confirmed about it on weibo. Although no confirmation came from Wallace’s side yet, the probability is high.

The drama was adapted from a novel by Fei Wo Si Cun, the original novelist for Too Late To Say I Love You. It’s a twisted and tragic love story of a pair of step siblings.



With all the upcoming movies promotion, directing “Sandglass”, new drama filming, 2016 seems like another busy year for Wallace. Wishing him all the best !

See you in 2016 🙂


29 thoughts on “DECEMBER 2015 NEWS UPDATE”

  1. Happy New year EVERYONE! 😀

    I wish Wallace has many great success in his dramas, movies and his career as a Director! Always support him! 😍😍😍


  2. i refuse to believe he is 41 years old already. what does he eat tbh. when he was 30s he looked like 20s. and now in his 40s he looks 30s o_o
    and currently, sometimes i find him looks like lee min ho. maybe because of his hairstyle lol


    1. A healthy lifestyle is important together with his cheerful and positive thinking are the secret. I don’t think he looks like Lee Min Ho except the hair lol. But it’s back to black now.


  3. Wallace is just too nice! I also wish he will get good script to act. And able to work with international people like Director Lee Ang and good actor like Chow Ren Fatt! Not too much to ask for as Wallace is too talented to be overlook! 😍😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

  4. thankyou somuch for desember news himmy..i really like his song and the music!!.there is another his talents..photographer.!!i think when he has free time..he will capture alot of things
    about the rumors…your happines is also our happines..i hope to see more his project this or drama
    wallace did’nt smoke thats why he has a healty skin to make him always looks young..


  5. Yes, i read about his marriage in Jayne too but i started to think that it’s his personal life. he has the right to share or not about his status…

    the gifs are everything himmy. especially from Cetaphil fan meeting!!! thank you ^^

    last but not least, his next drama with Ying Er.. im getting bored watching this girl playing the same role. she needs to move on and find another good character. so girl, im gonna watch this drama bcuz of wallace. PLEASE JUST BE GOOD AND NOT AS ‘PLAIN’ AS TY in MS. thank you. lmao

    thank you himmy ^^

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Thanks Himmy for the updates on Wallace. I agree that we should respect him about his personal life. Whatever his marital status is, irrespective of whether he is married or not will not affect how much I like and admire him for himself. I respect his privacy.


  7. No doubt we should congratulate him on his happy family life. But tbh, I’m a bit disappointed the way he admitted in the past, it’s kind of limbo and left fans in questions. It’s not a macho act Dude and lack of confidence. Sorry to disappoint you Ladies with my comment, I said the truth what I felt


    1. As I said before, I don’t want to comment on this topic anymore. But I think I should share some of my thoughts. The reason he acted ‘not macho’ or lack of confidence was because he’s not someone that can lie through his teeth without changing expression. We all know that he’s a terrible liar. But at the same time he REALLY don’t want to share his personal life. So there’s where the lack of confidence act come from. Tbh I rather this is the case than him giving alot of lies to us.
      Not trying to argue with anyone, just my thought 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    2. i got your point. but i dont think, his action bcuz of lack of confidence or not ‘macho’. instead he just disliked sharing his personal life. I prefer him telling the truth, but i respect his decision to not share about personal life stories. it’s about preference. when it comes to preference, it’s neither wrong nor right. 🙂 not everyone likes to be in the gossip/rumor forum. some want the recognition bcuz of his work. and Wallace is one of those ‘some’.

      let’s just hope all the best for him and his family. ^^


      1. Agree. He can just said “i’ll be pleased if you could leave this portion of my personal life as it is and be focusing on my works”, without trying to deny (but in unconvincing way). Maybe this relates to culture thing, the only way I can think of. Anyway, just weird.


      2. Okay, I m here to defend WC 😛

        Technically, I’ve never heard WC saying he is still single or not attached/married. Someone pls show me a video of him saying exactly those words. All I heard was him saying don’t listen to those rumors. Once I heard him said it is a natural progression of his life to get married. Sometimes, he did try to change the topic to focus on his work or didn’t answer. You can see that he behaves in an awkward manner whenever this kind of qns get asked so it is easy to guess he has something to hide.

        As for not coming clean, it is a matter of choice. People like Hawick marrying a big celebrity like Yang Mi, of course have to flaunt it. People like Andy Lau & Wu Chun marrying a common person, kept it private. Hence it is understandable why WC kept quiet. He doesn’t want his family to be disturbed. Also, I read somewhere it is his wife who asked him to keep quiet so as not to affect his career. As a good hubby, shouldn’t u listen to your wife :P?

        Many will say they’ll still support WC irrespective whether he is single or married. Yes, many rational fans think like this. But don’t forget there are also many irrational fans out there who habor hope of marrying WC. When something is vague, there is still hope. Even Won said she felt strange fangirling a married man. I believe being married will affect his fan base to a certain extent.

        Lastly, the press didn’t get hold of a marriage cert so it is not certain that WC is truly married. He could be attached and having a daughter out of wedlock. Thus when he said he is single, he didn’t really lie in a legal sense.

        Let’s not be too harsh on WC. The decision to conceal his marriage might be made by others & not him. Yes, he can be assertive abt it but as u know WC is such a softy so he just followed order. I bet that poor man always feels guilty abt it.

        Liked by 1 person

  8. Ok ok Peanuts, I respect you spent time to write such long letter to defend WC lol. Will not say anything further that might hurt you all lol


  9. Actually, I agree with Peanuts. In this life, we all differents and we always have choices. I appreciate how simple person he is instead of all blessings God has provided him with. I read you all but I will say that ”For sure, It doesn’t matter if he’s married or not, but it’s easy to fall in love with him. He is a kind of man that can have many wives without problems. No woman, no wife will complain about his polygamy status.” So, maybe he’s right to keep it in secret, to avoid seeing him with many children from everywhere. Because, we all know how we (women) are when we want to get something. Frankly,We Terrible. By thinking that he is single, we all live in platonic love with him!!! Sorry for me to live far from your house Wallace Chung.
    lollllllll, I became weird……….
    Just to say that, whatever he does, he always thinks about his fans, it is a privilege for fans. And he’s old enough to do what he wants. I think his wife (if it’s true) is lucky. I really hope that he falls in love to a lovely, sweety & beautiful woman, that we’ll all like too!
    But definitely, the truth will come out, I don’t worry at all, and we shall know!!! hihihihihihihi!
    Hummmmm! Ying Er, I don’t know why but I’m tired about her character too. I don’t know why she’s weird in my point of view. Her best performance for me it’s in ‘Xiaoju’s spring & autumn’, out of that one she’s …… (sorry, I don’t know how to express it).


  10. I am happy if he is really married, because I am afraid of hundreds of rumours about some male artists being gays for their looks or not married. I hope there are not many crazy fangirls.


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