As Wallace’s Sing for Life album is available in 5Music, foreign fans can order the album online though its website. So I’ll show you step by step how to order it. Before you start, please read the terms and conditions carefully (pay attention to the shipping rate) and take note that you will be charged in Taiwan dollars (TWD).

  1. First, you need to go to 5Music website.
  2. Click on ‘Member Login’.

3. Assuming most fans don’t have an account, click on the red words below ‘Password’ to create a new account. Don’t worry, it’s very easy.

4. Fill in required information in related fields. Those with the * mark are compulsory information. After you’ve typed your username, click on the grey button below it to check whether your username has already been taken. If your username has been taken by someone else, the system will show this message. If it shows this message, it means you can use your username.

After finished filling in your information, click on the red button below to proceed.

5. A message like the one below will pop up, notifying you that you have successfully registered as a member.

6. You need to re-login. Click on “Members,” it will take you to the member login page. Key in your username and password. Then click “Login” to proceed.

7. After logging in, key in 鍾漢良 (If you don’t already know by now, this is Wallace’s Chinese name) or just copy and paste the words to the search bar and click “Go.”

8. Don’t be distracted by all the other Wallace ‘s stuff. Click on the Sing for Life album. (You can always come back to this page and add anything else you want on the purchase page by clicking the “Shopping Trolley” button before step 11.)

9. Click on ‘Buy it’.

10. A new window will pop up. Make sure you’ve selected the correct album(s) that you want to buy. If you want to proceed to payment, click on the red button bellow. If you still want to buy more, you can close this window first. Don’t worry, your selected item(s) will be saved on your purchase list.

11. Choose the first left button for credit card payment. Then select the shipping method you prefer. On the left side says “normal parcel” and the right side is “express post” which will be faster but of course more expensive. After that, choose your country region. Shipping fees are based on region, as stated below. Then click on the “Next” button.

12. Check to make sure all information is correct, then click “Proceed.”

13. Key in your credit card information and the validation code. Click “Confirm.”

14. This message will pop up, giving you a purchase order number and an email will be sent to you. Congratulations! You’ve successfully purchased the album(s)! All you have to do now, is to wait patiently for the album to arrive at your doorstep.  🙂 The shipping date is estimated to be between 11th to 15th January.

Many thanks to porunacarbeza for providing me with lots of information and instructions.  I hope this post is helpful for those who want to buy original album(s) to support Wallace. If you have any question, please leave a comment.

PS: If you pay attention to the track list, instead of “Camera Cut” (喊卡 ), track no. 4 has been changed to ‘Wanderer at The World’s End’ (浪人天涯). It’s Moonlight Blade A.K.A The Magic Blade online game theme song.



  1. Hi Himmy, thanks very much for your sharing. I’m a Vietnamese fan. I really really want to buy Wallace’s origianl album. But I do not have an international payment card with Taiwan dollar. Can you tell me how to pay for it? Thanks!


    1. You just need a credit card (Visa/Master) do you have one? Depends on bank, if you never make any international transaction before you might need to call the bank to request for your card to make international transaction.


  2. Thank you himmy and por! I going to order! 😀
    Just check the rate today:
    NT$1 Taiwan dollar = $0.0302033 US dollar
    ( CD NT$388 + Estimated Non-express Shipping NT$130 = Estimated total US$15.65). Note: Shipping rate vary one’s country.

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  3. Plz check & help me, if itunes (apple store has it) but only 1 (one) song “Sing for life”. I want complete songs
    Chinese Indonesia is minority so maybe Apple In Indonesia provided only one song??😤😭😭😭


    1. I heard someone bought the song from chinese site and reupload to iTunes, so it’s not from the authorised source. Other songs haven’t release online yet. Anyway, if you want the full track list better buy the album.


    2. me too. since i prefer digital single haha.. im not good in keeping my album collections. but there are many chinese songs in itunes, i wonder if itunes Indonesia is different from itunes Sg. last time i bought Bii and G.E.M songs from itunes Indo too 😀 or perhaps, wallace is more popular as actor than singer, that’s why 😦


  4. Haha I saw my handwriting XD! Btw Himmy I forgot to tell you that ‘Camera Cut’ (喊卡 ) and ‘Wanderer at The World’s End’ (浪人天涯) are actually the same song but different name =). It’s a super incredibly nice *loss of words* song with great melody and fantastic lyrics that makes you feel like crying while listening to it ><! I'm looping it now XD!!!

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